We are happy to announce that we have added 3 additional tournaments in TOM: Arena

Daily free tournament - free daily tournament for players of 1-100 levels

Daily premium tournament - premium daily tournament for players of 1-100 levels

Weekly masters tournament - free weekly tournament for players of 100-150 levels

Those tournaments will greatly assist you with earning “Elite” trophy and additional crystals for yourself! We want to thank you guys for continuing giving us your feedback as it helps us to improve our game.

25 Responses to “More tournaments in Treasures of Montezuma: Arena”

  1. Smith says:

    So the trophy description says ‘Participate in 100 Elite tournaments’ with no distinction between 1000 and 5000 credits.

    Now none of them are called ‘Elite’ Tournaments.

    Do all these count towards the 100 Elite tournament trophy?

    Or is it just the 5000 Credit ones?

    • tomblitz says:

      Only premium tournaments are counted towads “Elite” trophy. Premium tournaments are considered those with 5000 crystals entry fee.

      • Smith says:

        Wow, what a con, trophy description said it was Elite, so since release date that’s all what people have been doing.

        • tomblitz says:

          We apologize for the missunderstanding with tournaments. It was our mistake to create a free tournament with such name. The problem have been resolved now. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

          • Smith says:

            ….It’s not/wasn’t a free tournament. You had to pay 1000 crystals to enter it

            There aren’t any free tournaments in the game so where are you getting that from?

          • tomblitz says:

            Free(i.e. basic) tournament is just a definition used for non-premium tournaments, entry fee is and always was 1000 crystals. Feel free to take a look at Online Tournaments guide posted in this blog for detailed info about them.

  2. Smith says:

    I’m sorry but that is an amazingly poor response in several areas.

    1: The trophy name is ‘Elite,’ The description is ‘take part in 100 Elite tournaments.’

    You advertised tournaments in the game as being Elite which you had to pay to take part in. Both fees were 1000 and 5000 crystals.

    If you only intended for it to be premium tournaments, why didn’t you name the trophy Premium or give it an accurate description.

    2: You are now claiming that free is just a definition, no, that’s not how it works. The word free means you shouldn’t pay for something. It is given to you without payment… yet this is not the case, you are charged to use/take part in that event.

    You seem to believe that Basic and Free mean the same thing when they do not.

    • tomblitz says:

      We have already admitted that it was a design flaw and explained the current situation in details. We’ve also implemented required changes to compensate for this mistake, as you are now able to participate in premium tournaments everyday which greatly reduces required time to obtain the Elite trophy. Good luck in tournaments!

      • Smith says:

        This isn’t compensation.

        You advertised it as being one thing, linked it to a paid for commodity and then changed it and gave people no compensation at all.

        Unless of course you’re going to reimburse the gems that everybody spent?

  3. Filip says:

    It is really said that standard Elite Tournament are not counted, espeacilly for someone like me and others who earns crystals from fight long time (from release date) just due to participate in this type of tournament to get the trophy. Quite unpleasant finding out that I was spent the crystal all time needlessly. You should really change the meaning of the trophy and count everyone all tournaments that participated to this time in.

  4. RashCZ says:

    If I have understood you correctly:

    Players of 1-100 levels (with “Daily Premium Tournament”) can reach “Elite” trophy after 100 days (3 months),
    but players over level 100 (with weekly “Cup of Masters” and “Weekly Masters Tournament”) can it reach after 50 weeks (approx.12 months) ???

    What does it mean?

  5. Star says:

    So does that mean all the new updated daily premium tournaments count towards the “100 elites” trophy?

  6. spartanalexander says:

    To be sure can u list all the tournaments to unlock the trophy elite?

  7. NOISYBANG says:

    I have totally participated in 106 premium tournaments which cost 5000 crystals(I marked it down on my notebook).But the trophy”ELITE” still does not pop for me!Would you please check out what’s the problem with it?Thank you very much.My PSN ID:NOISYBANG.

  8. Matheus says:

    The trophy “elite” and “arsenal” surrely are the most slow to earn. Does it have a simple way to earn more crystals than just logging or spend lots of time challenging over power players?

  9. cougar says:

    Great. I were buying tickets everyday to participate in daily basic tournaments for about a year wondering why the trophy elite doesnt want to pop. Now i now that i were playing for nothing. Great job guys.

  10. Vanzinho says:

    I noticed, that since 2 days no more new tournaments are showing up. I hope there are still coming new ones, because i’m only away 3 tournaments from ELite Trophy.
    Let me know. Thanks

  11. triplo6 says:

    what’s happening with tournament? it’s been a while that there are not new tournament showing up

  12. Mark says:

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  13. James says:

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