We are glad to inform you that after a great deal of time spent, the server issue has been finally fixed. The tournament is now working as intended, and issues with leaderboards and medals are fixed as well.

Also, we are currently working on a new version of the server to reassure that this doesn’t happen again, and will be implementing it in the near future.

Your feedback and error reports we have received from all of you is very much appreciated, as it was a big help in the process of resolving this problem.

It’s a pleasure having such a community as you guys and we are hoping to continue cooperating with all of you in order to make Treasures of Montezuma Blitz a better game!

35 Responses to “TOM: Blitz - Tournaments are now fixed, and more!”

  1. travis m says:

    great, except you dicks quit supporting your own game. i will never download from alawar again!

  2. Max L. says:

    Hello! All ToM Blitz online features don’t work! Leaderboard, tournament and daily scratchcard. Please fix this!!!

  3. Rob says:

    As Max L says: leaderboard, tournament and scratch card are all inactive. Please fix.

  4. Ethan says:

    Hi there it is January 27th 2016 and I noticed that for the past few weeks the tournements are clocked at 0d 0h 0m all m friends levels are listed at 0 and I am unable to see their scores. The daily minigame scratch card is no longer active? I was enjoying my weekly matches against friends. Is this just a problem that will be resolved soon or has support stopped for this game? Any information would be grealy appreciated. Even a comment on your website as a response. Thank you for your time.

    • travis m says:

      they stopped supporting it. I got it straight from their customer service people. I will never download another alawar game!

  5. Vagner says:

    Same as Ethan here.

  6. Stephen says:

    Yep, everything is still broken. Did they really stop supporting the game? Very disappointing. I had 195k out of the 250k needed for the scratch card trophy.

  7. Jimma says:

    Is this issue ever being sorted out. As a TOM Blitz adict, this is very, very annoying!

  8. travis m says:

    guys, i got an email back from their customer service. They stopped supporting this game, so i say we boycott alawar games unless they get it back up and running!

  9. Red 5 says:

    PLEASE, activate this Game again. We want to play and enjoy this great and funny Game. I can’t sync with the Server.
    Red 5.

  10. Rob says:

    Just came back to say thanks for fixing ToM Blitz. Tournament and scratch card are both working again for me.

  11. Stephen says:

    They fixed it! …and then it broke again. I got 1 scratch card and now nothing. At least they are working on it. :)

  12. Rob says:

    As Stephen says: it was fixed, and is now broken again.

    The scratch cards and tournament failed at different times, but both are broken again for me too. Please fix this so that they continue to work in future. Thanks.

  13. Rob says:

    Great response from Alawar. Scratch cards and tournaments are both working again for me today. Fingers crossed that the fix is permanent this time. Many thanks.

  14. michele says:

    i am still not getting the daily scratch card

  15. michele says:

    seems to still be broken. tournament says 0 again any fixes planned?

  16. travis m says:

    customer service said they stopped supporting it. then tournament was reset a week ago and i got A scratch card. now it seems all is as feared. i think alawar doesnt care about Vita people anymore….

  17. Rob says:

    It was all broken for me too but, to my surprise, all working again today - scratch cards and tournament.

    Alawar, please have the professionalism to make this fix permanent and reliable. Thank you.

  18. michele says:

    I haven’t been getting the scratchcard, except one at the end of the tournament last week I will see what happens at the end of the tournament this week Will be sad if it is no longer supported. My Vita is my relaxation tool and the game

  19. Ethan says:

    Seems to be not working again. “Sorry for the inconvenience, but the game server is undergoing maintenance. Leaderboards and tournament info may not be available. We’ll be back up in a few minutes. Thank you for your patience!”

    I keep checking back. Does not look like it has been fixed yet. Why would they say “We’ll be back up in a few minutes.” If they are no lover supporting the game? Can we get an official response?

  20. travis m says:

    not sure if all the server being down mumbo jumbo is code for we really stopped supporting this game…..again….i sure hope not.

  21. travis m says:

    looks like we are done here folks. I personally am done with alawar!

  22. Red 5 says:

    PLEASE, activate this Game again. We want to play and enjoy this great and funny Game. I can’t sync with the Server. This is the second time you did it. I can’t believe you just don’t care your own Game. DON’T STOP SUPPORTING THIS GAME, PLEASE!
    Red 5.

  23. POciSEM says:

    I have 735+ hours.24/7 for 4 years and now its over?Dont stop support this game.Its like taking candy from a baby.

  24. Panic says:

    Love TOMBlitz, but the servers have been down for months. If you want anybody to play this, you need the scratch cards and tournaments back. I’m so close to level 200 I can taste it, but it’ll not happen without gems. Any word from Alawar on this?

  25. travis m says:

    yes. their customer service people said they quit supporting it. i will never give another dime to alawar games….

  26. Daniel says:

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  27. Robert says:

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  28. Richard says:

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  29. William says:

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