Hey everyone,

We have recieved feedback from some of you, concerning scratch cards not working correctly.
We are happy to announce that this issue has been resolved, and scratch cards will be rewarded correctly now.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

50 Responses to “TOM: Blitz - Issue with scratch cards resolved”

  1. Sebastian says:

    Now my scratch game dont apear anymore^^

  2. Marcel says:

    Problem is back AND the Tournament don’t sync AND my hearths also

  3. Sebastian says:

    Seems like its working again fine:)

  4. leo says:

    tournament imer has been at 0days,0hrs,0min for 2 days. Scratch cards still not working. N. America

  5. Travis says:

    tournament timed out at 0. been this way since sunday. makes me mad . gonna stop playing if it doesnt get fixed

  6. DKNoko- says:

    yeah what to the tournaments !?

  7. Travis says:

    my tournament was fixed last night. will see if it stays fixed in 4 hours or so. lets hope….

  8. Travis says:

    ok, that is fixed, but now my experience points no longer match my score. i am getting screwed . if my score is 1528609 i used to get 15286 experience points towards next level. now i get about 13000 for said score what gives?

  9. Travis M. says:

    ok, that is fixed, but now my experience points no
    longer match my score. i am getting screwed . if my score is 1528609 i used to get 15286 experience points towards next level. now i get about 13000 for said score what gives?

    any help?

    • tomblitz says:

      Experience points never intended to match your score. The final value of experience points is determined by factors such as your level, your score and a double-experience bonus. So there is nothing wrong with the amount of experience you are receiving. Hope that helps, and good luck!

  10. tob says:

    four straight days and on multiple times per day and no scratch card yet. just want to clear that trophy!

  11. Arik says:

    Bought my Girlfriend around 10 scratchcards only received about 4 of them. :(

    • tomblitz says:

      Could you please tell us your PSN ID so we can look what could’ve caused this?


      • Arik says:

        Arikaen is my PSN id.

        • tomblitz says:

          1. Have you bought scratch cards for that PSN ID? If not, also provide the PSN ID for which you’ve purchased it
          2. Can you specify the date of purchase
          3. Did you buy them all at once or did you use each one after purchasing and havn’t received 6 that way?


  12. Travis M. says:

    scratch cards stopped working, AGAIN! not happy about this!

  13. Travis M. says:

    what is up with scratch cards? aren’t they supposed to be a daily thing? every other or every three days sucks. u people need to get it together

  14. travis m says:

    scratchcArds not working…again!

  15. travis m says:

    still not working…4 days in a row? do you guys still support your software?

  16. travis m says:

    wow, is this company still in business?

  17. travis m says:

    scratch cards STILL not working….. are you guys on vacation?

  18. travis m says:

    customer service, we have a problem… still not working…

  19. Stephen says:

    Scratch cards haven’t been working for over a week for me. I have a North American account.

  20. Flo says:

    Scratch cards not working for one week already! Did you decide to stop servicing or supporting TOM Blitz or what?

  21. luke says:

    scratch card not working… nearly two weeks and nothing

  22. travis m says:

    tournament timed out, no scratch cards for weeks….someone is asleep at the wheel…

  23. travis m says:

    i just got an email back from their support line. they stopped supporting this game. no more scratch cards, no more tournament. what a bunch of asshats

  24. Max L. says:

    Hello! All ToM Blitz online features don’t work! Leaderboard, tournament and daily scratchcard. Please fix this!!!

    • travis m says:

      read my post, just above yours. They stopped supporting this game. I won’t download anything else from them because of it….

  25. NebuLaTeK says:

    Online feature don’t work anymore!
    ID: NebuLaTeK

  26. travis m says:

    scratch cards still not working. id:Tadisbad67

  27. Ethan says:

    “Server maintenance”? What is the status? Will there be an official statement if you guys stop supporting the server?

  28. filip says:

    What’s with that server maintenance, game not playable any more like this?

  29. travis m says:

    if they quit supporting it, we need to stop supporting them. Ban all alawar games!

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