Today we’ll be covering everything you need to know about bonuses and their effects.

Bonuses are meant to enhance your strength in battles. They can be bought in the shop for Crystals, or received as a reward for defeating monsters.  You can equip 3 bonuses at a time, and they will expire after the fight is over, so make sure to use them carefully.


We have two kind of bonuses in our game - active and passive. Active bonuses are the ones you can activate, when passive ones give you an improvement for the whole fight, if equipped.


You can equip your bonuses by opening inventory and simply dragging the bonus you want to use in one of the three slots. Note that you can’t equip same bonuses in different slots.


You can see your equipped bonuses in battle under your own avatar. Green border indicates that bonus can be activated during your turn. Don’t forget that you can always replenish your used bonuses during fight by activating purple totem.

There’s 19 bonuses in total:

Restoration - Restores 1% health per move. (Passive)

An effective and cheap way to sustain enemy attacks for more turns

Just Five Minutes - If the player completes the battle in less than five minutes, he gains 33% more experience from defeating a mob. (Passive)

Best suited bonus if you are looking to gain fast levels

Slippery - The player regains 2% health for every successful attack. (Passive)

Good bonus if you don’t want to worry about your health too much and just play aggressively

Weakling - Reduces the enemy’s next attack to 1 when used. (Active)

Great defensive bonus to use if the enemy is about to attack you

Stop - Prevents the enemy from moving skull and flask tokens when activated. (Active)

Good bonus to prevent your enemy making an effective move with skulls or flasks

Dream Catcher - Reflects all enemy damage for 1 turn when activated. (Active)

Great bonus to turn the battle in your favour. Use it if you are confident that enemy is going to attack you in next turn

Hurry! - When you press it, it makes your opponent make a reckless move. (Active)

Use this bonus if you want to make your enemy make a hasty uneffective move.

Vampire - When used, steals 10% health from the enemy and gives it to the player. (Active)

Good bonus to weaken the enemy and gain some health in one click

Healer - Collects all the flasks on the game board when activated. (Active)

Most effective bonus to restore your health when there is a lot of flasks on the field

No Tricks - Removes all the enemy’s resistances for 3 turns when used. (Active)

This bonus weakens the enemy’s defenses and allows you to deal more damage

Bullseye - Deals 10% damage to the enemy when used. (Active)

An easy way to deal instant damage to the opponent

Resurrection - The character returns to life with 15% health after being defeated. (Passive)

Strong passive bonus that gives you a second life

Large Healing Potion - Instantly restores 33% health when used. (Active)

This bonus can alter the tide of battle by instantly recovering a large chunk of your health

Blindness - When used, blinds the enemy and makes him skip a turn. (Active)

This bonus let you to take 2 turns in a row

Chance - Duration: 5 sec. If a match is made with skulls during that time, the enemy takes damage from all skulls on the board. (Active)

Great way to deal massive damage to the enemy if there is a lot of skulls on the field

Leap - When activated, doubles the speed at which  the totem activation gauge fills during the player’s turn. (Active)

Very effective bonus if you prefer fighting with totems

Dream of the Gods - When used, your enemy deals self-damage for 3 turns using totems. (Active)

Strong bonus that combines offense and defense. Can turn the flow of battle in your favour, if used when enemy is about to attack you

Rage - Combinations with skull tokens deal 33% more damage. (Passive)

This bonus that allows you to do massive damage if you prefer attacking your enemy with skull tokens

Bloodletting - Switches the opponents’ health gauges when used. (Active)

One of the most powerful bonuses in the game. Easily changes the whole tide of battle by swapping your health with your enemy

We hope that you enjoyed this guide and wish you best of luck in your battles.

47 Responses to “Guide to Bonuses in Treasure of Montezuma: Arena”

  1. Mike says:

    When are you going to patch this game?

    It’s unplayable, you allow people to have nothing but defensive items so attacks only deal 1hp or in some cases 0hp…

    How much HP do people have? Highest I’ve seen is 250.


    • Roddick Kenny says:

      Developers did not give you bloody oath or something. Stop whining like a girl in every post

      Good game, guys, way to go!

      • Mike says:

        Are you applying to be the defender of the game or something?

        The game is clearly broken, they have set it up so that a player is virtually invincible, when you reach a certain level, nobody wants to attack another player because they don’t want to spend 30-40 min trying to defeat someone due to the poor item balancing.

        If you actually owned this game and were playing to tier opponents you’d know this.

        • RashCZ says:

          Anyone can be beat in half a minute. But you need the appropriate bonuses and tactics. I have no problem with that, I’m currently at 18,000 honors.

          • CPC_6128 says:

            How do you beat somebody who has all the defensive items equipped in half a minute? I see so many players with the Steel Armour, Runic Boots and Jaguar Necklace which means only white attacks can harm them. The game needs serious, serious rebalancing.

          • RashCZ says:

            @CPC_6128 > Study the bonuses, combine with items, choose tactics.

          • cpc_6128 says:

            @RashCZ You must spend a lot of money on these things to sustain that approach.

          • RashCZ says:

            @CP_6128 I do not buy, I earn crystals with weaker rivals, without bonuses. Of course, with strong opponent, I need use bonuses and spend crystals.

        • Near River says:

          If all players have these items, no one can advance easily, doesn’t? But I see many people with new hundreads honor points everyday.

          I don’t understand your issues, all players can be beat with bonuses, or you can skip these battles. daily player

          Defence tactics is dull, fights are very long, I prefer attack for good battle

          • tomblitz says:

            We are planning to add some new cool items with an update somewhere in the future. Follow this blog to be up to date.

  2. Jay says:

    I have had daily rewards for connecting for 5 days, but saturday and sunday I got nothing. Am I the only one to have issues with daily rewards ?

    • tomblitz says:

      We haven’t noticed such issue in our builds. If, at any point, this problem will come up, it will be fixed in an upcoming update immediately. We appreciate your feedback

  3. kokof says:

    My last fight : 2h14 (and I quit before the end, cause my HP and HP of my oppenent is still full after 2h!) !!! IT’S SO RIDICULOUS !!! :-( When you’re rebalancing this game???

    • tomblitz says:

      Not all players can be beaten with your current level and equipment. If you can’t win a specific opponent, try to level up or get better items. Also, check enemy equipment before battle, choose appropriate bonuses and avoid stronger enemies.

      • MARLNERO says:

        All players wear the same items: skull and totem protection. so it is not possible to beat nobody when opponent additionally has bloodletting bonus.
        you made very bored game

      • MARLNERO says:

        i found player Voodoo. i play mostly vs him. there are no limitations to play vs him, he dont wear any armor and his level dont go up. wtf?

  4. mJ_mSv says:

    The games crashes several times heres, just like the Other Blitz game, it’s livable, but not so fun when I had leveled up from Lvl 34 to lvl 54, and I was back to lvl 34 again, what about making the game save sometime in endless mode when you play, and not require you to actually quit for saving, atleast learned myself to stop and save the game a bit more often now!… Also agree that challenge mode the fights can be too long at times.

    • mJ_mSv says:

      Sorry, my fault, I thought lvl progress in Challenge and Endless mode was the same!, It was still lvl 51 in Endless mode, so thats good, but after the crash it will not go further, is that a bug or is it intended that lvl 51 is max in Endless? Still say objective are 2470k but not counting towards it at all..
      And are there any meaning with endless mode at all?, except wasting time… Nothing transfer over to challenge mode at all?

      • tomblitz says:

        We are looking into the issue with Endless mode, and will have an answer for you as soon as we have confirmation that this problem exists

        Could you provide us with more information about how this crash occurred?
        How long did you play? What were you doing at the moment of crash? Or any additional information that you think could be useful

        • mJ_mSv says:

          The game crashed not long after I reached lvl 51 in endless mode (While still playing), been playing for pretty long time , but the vita had been hibernating atleast once during that time, so maybe thats why, but my Biggest consern now is lvl 51 max?, or have it crashed here, as I am not able to progress further. I can play, but it will not add points to objective and lvl up more. But then again, the progress in endless mode have nothing to say in Challenge mode at all, no benefits at all?. I guess if not it does not matter at all anyway if it can lvl up more anyway.

  5. cpc_6128 says:

    Any news on when the next update will be released? Any new features to look forwards to?

  6. mJ_mSv says:

    I also have to admit that the way tournaments works now is a bit boring, looks like the one with highest lvl win if they partisipate,(Atleast last tournament no1 and 2 ranked got those places aswell) in the “old” Montezuma you atleast needed to play for real, wich was much more fun, and more random who would win.

  7. saif says:

    i finished story mode they say there will be future updates when when is the update to story mode i played this game for a month and there are no updates

  8. saif says:

    add me saif_fouad

  9. cpc_6128 says:

    It’s pretty ridiculous that the single player game is blocked off when you complete it. If the promised update was only a couple of weeks later it wouldn’t be quite so bad but now, months later? It’s a joke.

  10. dmen1974 says:

    I really like the game. I noticed that some players have four items equipped, how is this possible? I tried dragging items to slots, but the game would only allow me to use one. The other three slots were locked.

    • carlfriedrich says:

      You can equip 4 items, however items fit only into appropriate slots. E.g. shoes bottom right, rings right top, masks top left, cloak bottom left. Took me a while to figure that out as well.

    • tomblitz says:

      Hey dmen1974,

      As carlfriedrich said, there are 4 slots for different type of items. So you can’t equip more than 1 item of the same type at a time.

      We will look to make this more clear for our players in the future =)

  11. cpc_6128 says:

    So long without any sort of update I’m guessing the game is now dead. It’s a shame because with a big imrovement in the balancing it could have been good.

  12. icarr500 says:

    bugged trophies:

    - Lingering death

    - Lethal weapon

    I earned the tropies, but they are locked in “Trophies”, I hope you fix this bug soon…

  13. immo says:

    I have a problem:

    1st I can’t find the game in the PS Store, only if I search for “Treasures of Montezuma Arena” I can find it.

    2nd, when I download the game, appears an error with the update, I can’t download the update, so I can’t play vs other players, I reset my router, modem, (yep resetted akk) and this is not fixing the problem… Any ideas?

  14. Thomas says:

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