Hello everyone!

In this post we will cover main points of Online Tournament mode in Treasures of Montezuma: Arena and explain how it works.

Online Tournament is a system, where players can compete with other players for rewards, such as Honor and Crystals. These Tournaments are fully automated, and winners are decided depending on their level, equipment, and active bonuses.

Let’s take a closer look at how our Tournaments work and rewards that are awaiting you.

To participate in Tournament you will need to acquire a special ticket.There are two types of tickets you can use - basic and premium. Those tickets can be purchased with in-game currency(Crystals), simply by clicking “Enter” next to the Tournament you want to participate in. There is also a chance to receive ticket as a reward for winning the Tournaments. Premium tickets cost more Crystals, but the rewards for premium Tournaments are much greater as well. Needless to say, it’s definitely worth taking part in a premium Tournament if you are confident in your strength!

After you’ve purchased a ticket you may enter any available Tournament according to the type of your ticket. Pay attention to the timer in a Tournament window - it indicates when this Tournament will end. If you don’t want to wait too long for the results, than choose the one that is ending soon.


There are Tournament brackets for every 10 levels.  You will enter higher brackets with higher rewards automatically as your character gain levels.

Amount of participants may differ from one Tournament to another. Obviously, the challenge raise as more people are joining the fight. But the more players are taking part in a Tournament - the greater the reward is!

Winners of the Tournament(1st, 2nd and 3rd places) are rewarded with honor and crystals, as well as the chance of receiving a Tournament ticket. While Crystal rewards are decided by type and bracket of the Tournament, Honor rewards also depends on the amount of participants in the Tournament. You can see the rewards by pressing “More” button next to the Tournament.


• After Tournament is finished, rewards are distributed automatically among the winners. You can find results of finished Tournament in your log.

This will wrap up our quick guide for the Online Tournaments. We hope that we’ve shed some light on how this mode works, and wish you best of luck in your battles!

63 Responses to “Quick guide to Online Tournaments in Treasures of Montezuma: Arena”

  1. Samir says:

    Thank you so much alawar. I am really enjoying TOM Arena on my PS Vita. :D :D I hope you will bring more games in future. :D

  2. RashCZ says:

    Super game, keep it up!

  3. Mitja says:

    Thanks for this. I played a bit yesterday and noticed that sometimes when filling more colors at the same time, some totems are not activated. Do they have a priority or is there a limit on how many can act?

    • tomblitz says:

      All totems are activated according to the order of matches you made per turn. However, purple totem will not have any effect unless you have equipped some of the bonuses due to its nature. Btw, don’t forget to check out our in-game “Help” menu with detailed info about totems and their effects

  4. Mike says:

    Lets see

    *Beats 1 player… you have got 35 honor.*

    Hey alright.

    *Sees he was attacked by another player… You have lost 75 honor*

    I think your game has A LOT of balancing problems.

  5. Mike says:

    Ok this is getting ridiculous.

    How the hell are opponents able to take 75-100% of your honor if you lose a defend? Why are they even able to take that much from you!?

    I only had 35 honor on my character… yet the opponent who was over 9 levels higher than me was able to take 75!? How on earth is that possible!?

    It’s the same for every single lost defend, and even if you win a defend or an attack you get nowhere near enough to cover a loss.

    • tomblitz says:

      Mike, RashCZ:

      The stronger your enemy, the less Honor you lose in defeat, and vice versa. Try to fight other players with equal or lower level, than yours. But if you manage to beat player with higher level, you will get more exp, crystals and Honor, than usual!
      When you are offline, other players can attack you. Battle result is based on your characteristics. Sometimes you lose and lost Honor, but don’t worry - you get protection for the 8 hours, when other players cannot attack you anymore. Return to the game, take revenge, beat other players, and you’ll see how grows your Honor.

      By the way, try to complete Story Mode first - you’ll get some experience and crystals, which can be exchanged for useful items and bonuses.

      Good luck!

  6. godheit says:

    Is there a chance for a weekly tournament like Blitz where the point score counts?
    And I’ve played a few hours, but I couldn’t figured out how to use the bonuses any explanation would be appreciated.

    Anyway it is a great game and you’ve updated Tom Blitz constantly so I have faith in you that Arena get better as time goes by :)

  7. RashCZ says:

    I also have a problem like Mike.

    How I can play defend battle?

    For examle, I win attack battle, I get 35 honors, or if I lose, then -25 honors.

    But after this attack battle I see extra two loses defend battles in my log list, both -75 honors!!!

    Who played these two extra defend battles? Does it play a bot instead of me? I thought that every battle is played by live players.

  8. Slash says:


    I really enjoyed the Story mode and I was a little bit disappointed that there’s no trophy after finishing it.

    The help system doesn’t help much, it doesn’t teach us how to play, I had very hard time to figure out how to use and activate bonuses, and it gets worse on the Items, since they can only be placed on some of the empty spots and not used at the same time, which is not clear at all and made me spend all the crystals I got from the story into items that can’t be used together, which there’s no way to figure that out beforehand. At least a color differentiation could be in place so we don’t fall into that.

    Also, I’m at the point on hating the challenges so much that it’s almost close to the giving up point. I’ll explain why I think that it flawed and what could be done to improve it, or make it more fair for everyone.

    Honor goes down while we are not playing, this is the first flaw I find, how the hell am I going to reach 10.000 honor points to get that trophy if I can’t control the honor while not playing ?
    The matchmaking is not taking into consideration the honor, nor the equipped items. There is a clear disadvantage if I’m only getting same level opponents but with Crown and other steel armour equipped. This means that, skulls are ineffective, red totem attacks takes -1, blue totem takes -2, and it’s virtually impossible to move on, unless you spend about 200 crystals and there’s no guarantees that you won’t get the same type of opponent.
    I understand that buying crystals is what you’re aiming at so people would spend money on them, but making it so difficult to get (apart from the story mode - but once gone, they’re gone forever), takes away all the motivation to keep on playing. Let alone the honor, which with this kind of opponents and hard to get crystals quickly goes down making it impossible to ever go up. At least in TOMB you’d be able to get a nice amount of crystals just by playing.

    All in all, I loved TOMB and I like TOMA but I do think it needs a lot of improvements to make it a better game and above all, a fair game.

    Whenever I find that the game is fair, I’ll support you, until then, I don’t think I’ll buy anything since it doesn’t improve the motivational issue.

    Hope to see these and other stuff addressed in the upcoming updates.

  9. Jay says:

    Hi. I like this new game, but it’s too difficult to earn many crystals and buy powerful items. I finished the story mode, so now I can only challenge online opponents, and most of them have items which make them almost invcible. With the armor, skull attacks are reduced to zero, and with other items red and blue attacks are only 1 or 2. I think those items are too strong and make battles time too long.
    And why the hell does it cost about 200 crystals when I want to change my opponent ?
    In TOM Blitz, we can earn crystals by playing without bonus, but in TOM Arena we have to spend crystals every time.

    • tomblitz says:

      Not all players have these items, because some of them significantly lower owner’s parameters. For example, armor that lowers attack by 66%
      makes its bearer’s offense weaker. Also, there is no items in the game, that make you invincible. Even when you meet players with
      defense orientated items,
      you can win with other totems (try to strengthen white totem with items) and bonuses. Also, don’t forget that you can play with your friends.
      You can check their equipment before battle without spending crystals.

      And even if you lost in that battle or paid crystals to skip an enemy, another victories await you. Remember, the more you play,
      the more crystals and Honor you have. Try it yourself!

  10. FDC1 says:

    What a disappointment. I’m a huge fan of Blitz (got 100% trophies and an over a billion top score) but Arena is just plain bad at this point. I’m sure it’s will be improved by future updates like Blitz was but it starts from so low than I’m not optimist.

    Blitz 2 please.

  11. Mike says:

    This is fun…

    Every player is using defensive items now… So fights are lasting sometimes 40 min…

    Seriously who did balancing testing on this? Was there any?

  12. Grainger says:

    I was attacked by a player and lost 75 honour.

    I then asked for a re-match and lost but only lost 8 honour.

    How come when he attacked me he got 75 honour?

    In fact, whenever I am attacked I lose around 75 honour, sometimes more. Whenever I attack (and win) an usually get about 35 honour. It all seems so wrong and unfair and I’m not playing any more until it’s fixed.

    • tomblitz says:

      We will be lowering the amount of lost honor in situations when you’ve been attacked by another player in the upcoming updates.

      Also, don’t forget that you cannot be attacked for 8 hours after being defeated by an attacking player. And if you want to avoid losing honor altogether, you can purchase a special shield that prevents other players from attacking you

      • Gregory says:

        Is the special shield to be included in an upcoming update? I’ve double checked the items and bonuses in the shop, and the real $ items on PSN and don’t see anything that has that ability.

        Like many others have expressed, losing large amounts of honor when I’m not even playing is definitely the most frustrating part of ToM:A so far.

        • tomblitz says:

          Shields are sold for crystalls. You can find them by navigating into Tournament mode -> Duel. There is a Shield icon on the top left corner of the screen. You can purchase shields by tapping on that icon and choosing the shield that suits you the most

          • Gregory says:

            Thanks for the clarification! From the way your prior comment was phrased I assumed the shield would be an appropriately expensive permanent item, like the Crystal Crown.

            Bit disappointing to see that the temporary shields are quite pricey for their duration, but it is a F2P game after all, haha.

            Since you’ve already said that you’ll be addressing honor loss in a future update, I’ll just say that I’m looking forward to that and hope that it’s a significant reduction.

            Thanks for your work on the game thus far; it’s a really fun addition to Blitz :)

  13. Thomas says:

    I, too, think the balancing is absurd. I also don’t see why the game keeps matching me up with opponents I have already played against and I then have to go back and forth to get another - sometimes several times in a row.

    ToMB rewarded skill. ToMA rewards payment in cash. At this point the only thing I would be tempted for is the thing you do not sell: Energy refill. Heck, level up doesn’t even refill it.

    I beat story mode which was both boring and easy after playing tournaments. I have competed in tournaments but lost interest as there is no way to see how you are doing while it is on. That leaves endless mode which is relaxing but ultimately boring compared to Blitz as you can’t lose.

    I only spent so much time with Arena because Blitz was so good. It needs a lot of fixing to make me return to it, though.

    • tomblitz says:

      We are gathering players feedback as of this moment, and will consider releasing a patch with balance and some of the mechanic improvements in the future.

  14. quickz345 says:

    there are 4 item slots. i equipped 1 item. i tried to equip another and see that the slots have locks on them. can they be unlocked or bought or what. this has sgumped me for awhile now and i just gotta know.

    • carlfriedrich says:

      You can equip 4 items, however items fit only into appropriate slots. E.g. shoes bottom right, rings right top, masks top left, cloak bottom left. Took me a while (and a lot of jewels) to figure that out as well.

      Could someone explain the -No Tricks- bonus??
      When I use this I can see no difference in damage.

      • tomblitz says:

        No tricks bonus removes all resistance from your enemy. So for example, if your enemy has a resistance to Red Totem, you will deal more damage to him with that totem after using this bonus.
        Note that this bonus have no impact if your enemy has no resistances and is only useful against enemies with high resistances to one or more instances of damage

        • carlfriedrich says:

          Thanks for your reply!
          However I did not notice any change in damage when I challenged a “no skull/no red/no blue” player. That’s why I was wondering.
          Will try that again an have a closer look.

          • carlfriedrich says:

            I just played another round with “No Tricks” and confirm that this bonus does NOT work! Opponent’s avatar has a pinkish shimmer, but he still has resistance against skulls/red/blue!

            Can you please let me know why this bonus has no effect?


  15. quickz345 says:

    not sgumped

  16. Theophobos says:

    Solid game so far, haven’t played much Blitz so I cannot compare. But to all finding the game unfair, just hang in there. Complete story mode first to get a nice batch of crystals to be able to buy some equipment. Once story mode is done, try finding easy opponents and battle them. Chances are you win these battles. As mentioned before by the devs, you can check an opponent’s equipment prior to starting a battle, so you know what you’re up against. If you find someone easy to beat, you can usually fight that opponent again 8 hours later. This way you slowly rack up crystals to buy better stuff. Just beware that if you keep fighting/beating opponents, you lower their honour score. So be fair and don’t pound on these guys too much. Especially if they are on your friends list…

    This game takes patience and a few weeks/months of playing. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t invested a single cent, but only trophy/achievment I’m missing are the 100 tournaments. I lost a lot of honour in the beginning, and was wondering myself how to get 10′000. But if you keep playing patiently, you will lose less honour as you progress in level and acquire better equipment.

    Here’s to the devs: is there a possibility to check on tournament progress? I.e. how many tournaments one has already participated in. Would be nice to know where I’m standing trophy-wise.

    Thanks for this game. It’s a freebie and as such no person on this planet has a right to complain. Either play and enjoy, or don’t. That easy.

  17. papobetun says:

    I purchased 3 tickets for three different tournaments. How do I start the fight.

    • Theophobos says:

      The tournament battles are automated, i.e. you don’t participate actively. Once you’ve bought a ticket, you just have to wait until the tournament is over. There’s not much you can do to influence the outcome. Once the tournament is over you’ll receive a message showing your result (that is your rank). Results are influenced by your gear, your equipped bonuses and your level.

      So it’s rather a passive gimmick that does the fighting for you.

    • tomblitz says:

      It’s just as Theophobos said. Once you’ve purchased tickets and entered the tournament you can only wait for the results. For more information check our Tournament guide =)

  18. Aizel says:

    Hey tomblits how do i know how much honor i have right now???

    • tomblitz says:


      Tap your character on the fight screen (where you can see your enemy) and check the medal icon. Also you can check leaderboards menu.

  19. Aizel says:

    Hey tomblits how do i kill my enemy with poison in treasures of montezuma arena to complete the challenge????

    • tomblitz says:


      Buy and equip Serpent Bracelet in the shop. Then you have to poison an enemy with it (there 20% probability to do that with every hit) and wait for enemy death from poison. Good luck!

      • Aizel says:

        I bought it and put in in my fight now how do i use it

        • Theophobos says:

          Once you’ve equipped the Bracelet you have a 20% chance to poison the enemy. You cannot activate the poison yourself, however. Just wait for the poison to become active. This should automatically happen in your first fight after having put on the Bracelet.

  20. RashCZ says:

    Hello, when do you plan fix problem with Online Tournaments?
    I do not see new tournaments since last update. Thx.

  21. icarr500 says:

    “• Winners of the Tournament(1st, 2nd and 3rd places) are rewarded with honor and crystals, as well as the chance of receiving a Tournament ticket. While Crystal rewards are decided by type and bracket of the Tournament, Honor rewards also depends on the amount of participants in the Tournament. You can see the rewards by pressing “More” button next to the Tournament.”

    Ok but where can I see who is in and the results or stats of the tournament?

  22. immo says:

    I have a problem:

    1st I can’t find the game in the PS Store, only if I search for “Treasures of Montezuma Arena” I can find it.

    2nd, when I download the game, appears an error with the update, I can’t download the update, so I can’t play vs other players, I reset my router, modem, (yep resetted akk) and this is not fixing the problem… Any ideas?

  23. RashCZ says:

    Two questions about “Elite” trophy (To participate in 100 elite tournaments):

    1. Where to find count of tournaments, where I have participated?

    2. Since last update is available only one tournament per week. Can you publish tournaments more often? I see only premium “Cup of Master” weekly tournament, where are basic tournaments?

    Thank you in advance.

    Thank you in advance.

    • tomblitz says:

      Hey RashCZ,

      You can see the tournaments that you’ve participated in in a tournament history. Currently it’s not possible to see total count of tournaments you have played.

      As for your second question, as i can see you are above level 100. As of now, you are among few players who have reached such high level, so that’s something to be proud of :) On a serious note though, we will definitely look into increasing amount of tournaments for higher level players in the future, so stay tuned.

      Hope that helps, and good luck in arenas!

  24. The22NM says:

    Hey, I also have a question about the “Cup of Masters”.

    Does these tournaments count towards the “Elite” trophy?

    • tomblitz says:

      Hey The22NM,

      To answer your question, yes it does. All premium tournaments are counted towards the “Elite” trophy. And last i checked, “Cup of Masters” was one of em:)

      Good luck with becoming one of the few elite warriors!

  25. Nawaf says:


    I enjoy playing the game a lot. However, what is the deal with the items section?


    PLEASE answer ASAP

    • tomblitz says:

      There are 4 types of items in the game: helmets, chest armor, boots and accesory. Each item can be equiped in it’s specific slot. For example, head armor can be equiped only in head slot, and none other. Hope that helps, and good luck!

  26. CarLBermingham says:

    I played onine verses a player who had a skeleton avatar. I couldn’t deal him any damage except when I matched with the white totem. My question is, if you buy an avatar with crystals, will you have different defences? Eg.if I bought the skeleton avatar will it be harder for the enemy to defeat me?

    • tomblitz says:

      Avatars don’t affect in-game stats. The player probably had items that nullifed skull damage and/or one of the totems damage.

  27. mac says:

    please how to i get to do the following in TOM
    - get a new character and not the default one which is the prince
    - and after i get this player how can i change my characters please someone help
    thanks i am playing on a ps vita

    • tomblitz says:

      You have to go in tournament mode and open “Avatars” tab in the shop. From there you can purchase any avatar you like. To equip the avatar you’ve bought you have to go to inventory and, again, open “Avatars” tab and tap on the avatar. Hope that helps and good luck!

  28. Numbi says:

    This is the biggest piece of S that I have ever played. Money grubbing companies like Alawar should be banned from publishing games like this one the Vita. It was fun at first but quickly becomes tiresome facing enemies with the same resistance items making it only possible to attack with white. If you face an enemy with red, blue and skull resistance it is IMPOSSIBLE to beat them. Oh, of course there is a way. PAY REAL MONEY FOR ITEMS! That or spend hard earned crystals on them which will NEVER put you ahead with crystals. There really is only two ways to feel like you are getting anywhere in this abomination: fork over cash or spend hours upon hours upon hours matching the same…. blocks… again… and… again…. and……… again. I will never give money to this greedy company (except for the $3 I was “tricked” into purchasing Endless mode, thinking it would help me out in Arena but they are considered two separate games). There have been so many matches that, after about a half hour of battling the same opponent, I just gave up and quit the match. Every 8 hours I just attack the same 3 friends who are smarter than I am and started the game and quickly deleted it, leaving them at a lower level with no color resistance. Seriously, Alawar, please consider actually making a good, original, fun game instead of some dated match-3 game that wouldn’t even pass for good on a Sega Genesis (I will take Columns over this any day!) Please take note from such games as Jetpack Joyride, Run Sackboy Run!, and Get off my Lawn!, all of which are free, have microtransactions, but are above all else… FUN!

    • tomblitz says:

      Hey Numbi,

      Thank you for your post, we appreciate all kinds of feedback. Yours might have been a little too harsh, but nonethless it has some points we might consider in the future.

      Best wishes!

      • Numbi says:

        I am sorry to be so blunt but that really is how I feel about this game on a daily basis. I just faced another opponent with 0 color resistance, got them down to less then 10 life and BAM!, he switches life with me and hits me with a white attack, killing me. The cup costs nothing if a bot opponent uses it but if I want to use it I must spend over 700 crystals to use it to earn a measly 180. Then I go to face him again, thinking the cup will be gone because he used it but there it is again. I just closed the game (losing another 60 honor) and am done until my friends are not protected anymore. Guess I will just attack my 3 friends netting around 500 crystals every 8 hours, get my daily bonuses and as soon as I get the ‘Elite’ trophy I am deleting this game and never looking back. ToM Blitz was a joy to play, trying to get high scores in a limited amount of time was fun, but Arena just seems like another dreadful cashin to target the 5% of people (whales they are known as) who will fork over money to get through everything quickly, all the while alienating true passionate gamers like myself. Shame on you for this game. Do better next time, please!

        • tomblitz says:

          I understand your frustration, and there are definitely some flaws here and there. I can assure you that we will do everything possible to avoid these flaws in the future.

  29. Numbi says:

    I know I probably sound like an a-hole for ranting about this. I understand you are a small game development company and only so much can be done on your part. I fully respect game devs like yourself even when a game doesn’t live up to expectations. TxK is a good example. The devs programmed it wrong so 2 of the trophies are impossible and this game will be on my list as incomplete forever. But for some reason I am okay with this because the game was a great experience and the music is downright awesome. But I digress…
    As stated before I am a passionate gamer and love to try new games but the most important aspect of any game is walking away with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. I can claim both for ToMB but neither for ToMA.
    After all of this I offer you one thing, if you would like a new game tester for your upcoming games I would be happy to help you guys out. I would not ask for compensation (unless offered). You can check my trophy log and see I have 100% in ToMB and 71% in ToMA (only missing the Elite trophy) and I like to 100% any game that I can. I do not need to work anymore so most of my free time is spend playing games anyway so this could benefit both Alawar and the gaming community at large.

  30. Numbi says:

    Every time I lose a match because the computer opponent is down to almost no life and then switches with me to kill me with one white attack I am going to post how this is the worst game I have ever played in my life.

    • tomblitz says:

      Try using same bonus on your opponent. Unfortunately, this game is not designed to win everytime you fight against another player/AI, so there will be lost matches =)

      Good luck!

      • Numbi says:

        I think you misunderstand me. I am not complaining about losing, I lose all the time and I am fine with it. The problem I have is how you guys unfairly set this game up with the crystals system. That is the point of this game, right, to earn crystals to enter tournaments and buy items? So how is anyone supposed to get ahead when beating an opponent gives around 180-350 crystals and the bonuses are 130-490?! I can see this working if beating an opponent gives 500 crystals, so using the best bonus will only give 10. Even if I use the cheapest bonus (which is worthless by the way) I will only get around 50 crystals. If I want to buy the blood cup it will put me -300, which is totally unfair, especially when I face opponents and over half of the time they have the cup free of charge because it is a bot. This game was just set up to milk players out of money who feel trapped. For a mobile phone game this might fly but this is on Playstation Vita and gamers like myself expect a bit more from our games. One good thing did come out of this experience though. Now I do research on every game before I start it and if there are any questions or shady practices I will just move on to a different game. Oh, and I love how after beating story mode it says “the adventure will continue with future updates”. We both know what will come of that ;P

  31. Juhanita says:

    Hi! I have a big problem with my friends list ingame for days. When i click on it, the game is crashing down!

    What can i do??



  32. Paul says:

    Appreciating the time and energy you put into your blog and in depth information you provide. It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed information. Excellent read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  33. Donald says:

    Im thankful for the post. Great.

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