The game was released today!

20 Responses to “Treasures of Montezuma: Arena”

  1. Mitja says:


  2. Andrefpvs says:

    Hey guys, long-time TOM Blitz player here. Wanted to give some feedback!

    First of all, good job on the game, I’m enjoying it much more than Blitz. Tournament mode looks interesting, although I’m still not sure how most of it works :)

    Let me do this in bullet points so my feedback is easier to read:

    • Some of the game’s mechanics are not very well explained, particularly Tournament mode. I can’t tell how tournaments work, the difference between them all, etc.

    • It would be nice to be able to see our stats outside of Story mode (particularly in Tournament mode). Sometimes I want to look at my Honor and I have to quit Tournament and go to Story mode, all while sitting through some long loading screens.

    • Speaking of the loading screens, those are a bit long. Would it be possible to look into them? Maybe some optimizations are possible?

    • The Crystals economy is very tight. I bought 3 bonuses (which I didn’t even get to use, see next point), and suddenly I’m out of Crystals. I understand that this is a F2P game, but as it stands we can’t even experiment with the bonuses, considering how much they cost.

    • Regarding bonuses, I *completely* disagree with them disappearing if you didn’t use them during the match. I think you should keep them unless you used them (if their nature allows it), especially for the reasons I explained in the last point.

    This is everything that I noticed while playing the game. I hope you can address some of these points :)

    Thanks for reading, and I hope the game is a success!

  3. CPC_6128 says:

    The Tournaments mode is unfathomable - I seem to have paid 1000 (!!) crystals to enter the “Daily Quick Free Tournament” (yes, I paid 1000 to enter a free tournament) and then…….what? What am I supposed to do? All I have is a “More” icon where the “Enter” icon used to be. When I tap on it all I see is the prize list. Have I wasted my 1000 crystals??

    That criticism aside, I like the main game. The story mode lets me play for a good while before the energy bar empties.

  4. Oinktapuss says:

    Does anyone know when this is coming to psvita in North America?

  5. Filip says:

    Is it possible to get any crystals in Endless mode? Think about buying, but that would be only reason.

    • tomblitz says:

      Endless is a classic game mode with different mechanics and features. It’s not possible to earn crystals for arena mode there

  6. carlfriedrich says:


    I am wondering if there is something wrong with a challange from a specific gamer when he challenges me. I always lose more than 60 honour points. I have never seen so many points being deducted. Can this be correct? Also in the results screen it shows 0 crystals, 0 experience earned. I always received (a few) points after defeat. Is this player cheating?

    Besides this I like the main idea of this game, however there are quite a bit of issues. I also don’t like that this game is manipulating opponents bonuses and the sequence of colours is in-your-face-obious pro opponent:

    - Friends List
    weeks ago game crashed whenever I chose friends list. Finally friends list was empty and I had to insert some friends manually. Couldn’t find all, though.

    - No Tricks Bonus
    I bought several of those, however when I used this bonus there was no difference in damage inflicted! How does this one work?

    - How come that gamers I challenge have active bonuses? I know that some of my friends and also my son have not a single bonus active. However when I challenge them they always have some annoying ones, all of a sudden. This manipulation makes the match unfair.

    - Bonuses
    They are way too expensive and at least should not be burned up after a match when unused!

    - Tournaments
    still a mistery how these work… last week I noticed that a gamer was top three who was way behind me in daily/weekly/all time highscore

    большо́е спаси́бо! for reading!

    • tomblitz says:

      Hey carlfriedrich,

      We appreciate your feedback on the game

      To answer some of your questions:

      - No trick bonus only has effect against enemies with resistances. If the enemy you are fighting against doesn’t have any, this bonus will have no impact on him
      - When you fight against other players they are given 3 random bonuses from a bonus pool we have made specifically for this scenario
      - You can find all the answers about how tournaments work in this blog. We have made a guide to describe how these works, so check it out, and hopefully you’ll find your answers there =)

      We will also be adressing some of the issues you have mentioned in the future, so look forward to it!

  7. immo says:

    I have a problem:

    1st I can’t find the game in the PS Store, only if I search for “Treasures of Montezuma Arena” I can find it.

    2nd, when I download the game, appears an error with the update, I can’t download the update, so I can’t play vs other players, I reset my router, modem, (yep resetted akk) and this is not fixing the problem… Any ideas?

  8. dirty harry says:

    Hello there, can someone tells me how can I insert more items in my character slots, as the game gives me just one free and the rest appears always locked. I can see other players have all slot full and is a great disadvantage. Do I missing something ?

    • tomblitz says:

      There are 4 types of items in the game: helmets, chest armor, boots and accesory. Each item can be equiped in it’s specific slot. For example, head armor can be equiped only in head slot, and none other. Hope that helps, and good luck!

  9. LiamSully says:

    What EXACTLY do I need to buy for the “Armory” trophy?

    I have all ‘Items’ as well as 1 of each ‘Bonus’ but still no trophy?!

    Any tips?

  10. quauerei says:

    Hi! What is with the daily elite-tournaments in montezuma arena? Please do NOT stop them because im playing for month for the the “100 elite-trophy”. Can you say me anything about that??

  11. Vanzinho says:

    Yes, please don’t stop the tournaments!!

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