Hello everyone.

We’ve performed some internal researches and can observe that the issue with zero results of friends is not reproduced at all in our environment. So, we created a special email address for reports - tom_blitz@spl.co

If you observe that your friends results is empty but you sure that it’s wrong - then please let us know:

- your PSN nick

- your country

- date of last connection to the game-server

- any details that you think can help in investigation


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  1. tomblitz says:


    We performed service maintenance. Now let’s see at the further behaviour. Thank you all for the reports!

  2. Kevin blake says:

    hi wondering if you can help me since this maintenance I haven’t been able to access my daily scratch off for the past 3 days including today 27th of February 2014. I am worried as I’m working towards fortunate son.

    Kind regards kevin

  3. Kevin blake says:

    Sorry psn is kevnhaze4

    • tomblitz says:

      As we can see on our side, all your sessions were without visible issues and all scratches requests were processed. Could you please exit from the game, restart your PS Vita, and then log in to the PSN, make sure that connection is ok and start the game again?
      After that please let us know if you haven’t received the daily scratch on the next day.

  4. skxnemesis says:

    i have a similar problem however everytime i finish a game my score goes onto the leaderboard then when i close the menu my score resets back to 0 and my friends have never seen one of my scores.

    please help i want my time to be noted not reset every game

    • tomblitz says:

      Looks like issue is that game cannot report tournament results to the server. It can be caused by closing of the game before the next communication session. Maybe you closing the game just after playing the tournament and then switching off the console? Please, try to start a new game session, and make sure that internet connection is active.

      • skxnemesis says:

        hey thanks for the response
        everytime i play i play again i dont quit the game at all.
        and im always connected to the internet and signed in.
        this is frustrating me so much as i am yet to post a score and it stay on the leaderboards.

        even if i stay on the game and then hit leaderboards it instantly resets my score

        thanks for
        the help

  5. MartinB105 says:

    So, any news on new Alawar developments for the Vita? Treasures Of Montezuma Blitz was released almost two years ago, so there must be something new on the way… right?

  6. psn says:

    on my friends list I was the only to play last week ending 3.23.2014. I had the highest score and again was the only one to have a score but you awarded me 2nd place. no investigation was done. if and when you do do one you will see I had the highest and only score that entire week with vs all my friends. who did you rewards the points to?? I got 2nd and no one else even played that was on my psn friends list. please help me now please

  7. Kai Mehrwald says:


    I dont get my daily scratchcard since monday. I restart my psvita and the game. Internet and psn connection is ok. Leaderbord and friends points are ok and getting actualized. My psn is caithsith72.

    Kind Regals

    • Kai Mehrwald says:

      Regards…stupid autocorrection ;-)

      • tomblitz says:

        As we can see on the our side - your account has received the daily scratch for 03.04. Could you please check it again today and tomorrow and let us know if issue is still present.

        • psn says:


  8. ARW says:

    Two of my friends have recent acquired vitas and are playing Monty, but their scores aren’t showing on the main screen.

    Bizarrely the level is being shown (with zero score) However a score achieved this morning from one of them does show on the stats. I note my friend has just this moment gone up a level but still no score showing on the main screen.



    • tomblitz says:


      Could you please let us know your and your friends PSN-nicks?

      • ARW says:

        Will email screenshot



        • tomblitz says:

          Hello, we’ve analyzed screenshot and as we can see on our side, the situation is normal (niks are masked):
          - user “BO***us” was not seen since the end of the March, so he didn’t take a part in that tournament. Thats why he has 0 points.
          - user “S****C**r*****1″ didn’t take a part in that tournament too, so he has 0 points in that tournament. But he takes part in current tournament and already reported 54M points
          - user “T**H****M*****r” posted his result AFTER the time when screenshot was made (36700 points).
          Totally, scores for that tournament is:
          26030600 - F***h
          15281300 - wi*******2
          11511200 - M*_P****
          36700 - T**H****M*****r

          For this week tournament we can see such results:
          54008900 S****C**r*****1
          28660300 M*_P****
          16330600 F***h

          • ARW says:

            Thanks for the update. It looks now that the scores are coming through this week.

            Think maybe issue a one off or periodic. I would say that S****C**r*****1 had played from the day before in order to get to the 54 million score which I was able to take a NIL screenshot although the level clearly was increasing and shows. (I have a screenshot of the stats that show was played for 24 minutes and up to level 13, but NIL score shows on main screen)

            There were weird launch screen notifications same day, although not sure I took a screen shot, confirming that S****C**r*****1 had got new high scores, from friday, even though clearly less than previous notification. I mention this purely on basis it may have been connected to original issue

            Many thanks for your help

            Much appreciated


  9. Heather psn ID:IamTylerDurden1 says:

    I need help I’m not recieving crystals from my friends & I know they’re sending them. I think it might have something to do w/an update. I never had this problem before. I know some of my friends are having the same problem.

  10. Edgar says:

    8/26/14 was last time i got a scratch card. now on every day nothing happens. i deleted the game from Vita and re-downloaded it. the restarted the Vita, same results. No scratch card and all friend scores are 0’s. it’s a shame, i have always enjoyed this little “GEM”. PSN ID : TALLE74

  11. Kai Mehrwald says:


    have some problems with the tournament in TOM Blitz.It shows time of 0:00:00 since monday. Also in the leaderboard every friend is shown with level 0. The world leaderboard seems to work.
    My psn is caithsith72 and I’m from germany.

    Can you please help?

    kind regards

  12. Kai Mehrwald says:

    have the same problems like before on 22.10.2014. No results for friends, same weekly score as last week, no medal, time is 00.00.00.
    Please help.

    Kind regards

  13. giovinco1 says:

    Hi, why can I not join online tournament or see my friends score?

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