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Hello everyone.

Some of you were faced with the problem that connection to the game cannot be established after Vita’s firmware update. Thats because this update contain new Terms of Use, that must be accepted before any online activity. So, if you encounter such issue - please go to the PSN settings and accept new Terms, after that you can connect to the game normally.

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  1. Happy-J says:

    Will there be a new update for the increased friend list? I noticed tonight that in the live area, I could see friends of playing, setting scores, but they were not on my local leaderboard. Additionally, the local leaderboard also said I have 94 friends, when in fact I now have over 100. I really hope you guys can fix this, that would be great news.

  2. Jack says:

    My local scoreboard suddenly not working.All of my friends level become 0.The global scoreboard is also not working.So I try to delete the game and then reinstall it.After reinstalling,I open the game.But it says ‘You have to connect to the game server to save your first game.You can try to connect now or continue without saving.Try connecting now?’So I press yes.And it load for awhile.Then the same message popup again.the message keep popup although I press yes.So is there other way to connect to the game server?My level have reach 140+ and my crystal have reach 180k+.I don’t want to lose all of them.Btw,my internet connection are all fine.And I have connected to PSN.

  3. 08/15gamer says:

    I’ve got the friendlist scoreboard problem too all friends are level 0 and have 0 points.

  4. moonloop_ says:

    Same problem for me too. No daily scratch card & scoreboards showing zero. Earlier this week signing out of PSN & restarting the game put things right but today that’ hasn’t worked.

  5. phoenyx9 says:

    hello I’m having the friend list showing zeros scores and I haven’t been getting the daily scratch card all week.

    I’ve been playing ToM every day, but when I return it says I haven’t played in several days and am missing out on crystals, but doesn’t give me my daily scratch card or extra xp and crystals for being ‘away’.

  6. tomblitz says:

    Hello everyone.

    We examined the statistics of game server and can conclude that zero results can be occurred due to the fact that friends did not participate in the tournament.

  7. Jack says:

    Now the tournament is not working.It’s already 0d0h0m.And I’m on the 1st place.But I didn’t get any reward?

    • tomblitz says:


      There should be a data exchange between console and server to get the info about results. But it’s not initiated by time (i.e. console will not connect to server just because the midnight is reached), it need to be initiated by some actions in game (view leaderboards, play some rounds, etc.). The simple way is to restart the application after midnight.

  8. moonloop_ says:

    Game is still not working properly. Started the game twice yesterday. The first time I got no scratch card, no tournament result & the global scoreboard was blank. A few hours later I tried again & the tournament result came up but then the game crashed. I restarted it & I could see the global leaderboard again so I thought it was fixed but today I have the same problems, no scratch card and blank leaderboards. I don’t seem to be connecting to the server.

  9. Vorlon says:

    I also play every day, as do many of my PSN friends, but for several days now, all my friends scores are 0 and TOM does not connect to the internet.

    • tomblitz says:


      Is “Vorlon” your PSN nick? According to server’s data - the last connection of user with nick “Vorlon” was at 26th Jan. So, maybe you saw info about previous tournament.

      Btw, in which country you are located?

  10. manthos says:

    hi i have a problem.
    all my friends are now 0 lvl and no tournament
    also my lives are 0 and they not reload.
    i try re install the game and now i cant conect and my level is 0 plz help me :(

    • tomblitz says:


      Could you please check your internet connection, re-connect to the PSN (and maybe agree with new “Terms” if available).

      • manthos says:

        i do everything but still have tha problem my internet conection
        is ok and i re-conect to my psn.But all not work.also i dont see terms of agreement maybe i need to accept terms but how i dont know.Plz help me to figure this out

  11. Akumatron says:

    I have tried playing every day for the past week, and I am not getting the daily scratchcard anymore. Any reason why?

  12. ARW says:

    We haven’t received the daily scratchcards since Sunday.

    Four Vita users based in UK

    Known issue?

    Kind regards


  13. Cit Mn says:

    i have the same problem here. scoreboard shows zero. 0d0h0m. not getting any rewards. help me please.
    my nick ¦ cit mn

  14. chrissie57 says:

    PS vita Treasures of Montezuma blitz missing daily scratch card. score board not updating not getting rewards

  15. NebuLaTeK says:

    Hi i have a problem with the daily scratch card, the score board not updating and im not getting rewards since 12 days.
    My ID: NebuLaTeK

  16. riam007 says:

    i have the same issue where this message keeps popping up. i went on psn in settings but i dont see any user agreement or terms of use so im really confused. please help

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