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We are pleased to announce that the update 1.91 was released in Europe. All bugs were successfully corrected, so please test, play, enjoy.

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  1. Daniele says:

    After this update i’ve got 500.000 gems and 15 hearts, the game tells me that i’m the global leader with 6034858547634463 points. I did a screenshot. Ciao.

  2. Greg says:

    I had the same message pop up for me and I’m in the U.S.

  3. Ziggy Stardust says:

    Why doesn’t the “?” button stop a combo ? People are doing billions by hitting it all the time !
    And why the stats of the beginning of the game doesn’t count ?

    It would be great if you could fix this issues. ;)

  4. SuperConnard says:

    Yeah, I saw on Youtube people doing at least one billion by pressing the “?” button all the time. This button should stop the combo, or should be removed !

    • MartinB105 says:

      This was asked for a long time ago on the basis that the help button is provided for those unable to find their next match, which implies that their combo SHOULD have ended at that point.

      Not sure why Alawar didn’t bother fixing it.

      • tomblitz says:

        This feature is available constantly. That’s why it cannot be removed at all.

        • MartinB105 says:

          That doesn’t explain why it cannot be modified such that the combo is immediately terminated when it’s used.

          To be honest though, I don’t care too much either way as I just realised that I haven’t played TOMB for almost two months now, since Persona 4 Golden took over my time. 170 hours was a good run though. :)

          So personally I’d prefer you to focus your efforts on your next Vita project. :)

          • mk says:

            You shouldnt talk about Tomblitz if you stopped playing it. I dont remember that you complained
            using question mark, maybe because it were helping you in huge combos. Now when you stopped with tomblitz you should just concentrate on other things than conversation here.
            A lot of changes in new patch are “thanks” to you, and you leaving after spoil that game.

            Question mark have his abilitis from begin, a lot of people using it to help. Anyone can use it so they are equal opportunity,it make game more fluently.

            I dont know whether it makes sense to change it for few people who cannot adopt to the system, helping a handful of few people to harm the rest of players who played with it.

          • tomblitz says:

            Excuse us but we wouldn’t like to change basic functionality.

          • MartinB105 says:

            My suggestion regarding the hint button was made almost a year ago in the Europe version 1.70 announcement comment thread in response to another player who suggested implementing a penalty for use of the hint button. Here’s my full quote:

            “You could just break the current combo. Someone who’s looking for a hint should not be doing so in the middle of a combo anyway.”

            The fact is that such abuse of the hint button runs contrary to its suggested purpose. The idea of the hint button is to assist players who are stuck, but a player in the middle of a combo is clearly not stuck. In retrospect, a better solution would be to disable the hint button for the duration of each combo and only enable it when the combo is ended.

            And Alawar might dress it up as “basic functionality”, but in the eyes of good software design, an input that alludes to one particular function, and yet has an undocumented and unintended side-effect is known as a glitch. The fact that Alawar are unwilling to fix the glitch promotes it to the status of “ascended glitch”, but it still remains a glitch nonetheless.

            And tell me, which of my suggestions ruined the game? Most of my suggestions appeared in version 1.80, including at least one positive change that Alawar never officially documented (two simultaneous standby Totems, try it out for yourself!). This version was very well received by most players judging by responses to the release announcement thread.

  5. chimique42 says:

    bonjour, je pense que spammer le “?” n est un probleme que pour ceux qui n y arrivent pas, car il ne suffit pas de faire cela pour parvenir a faire des milliards!!! encore faut il arriver a poursuivre le combo en meme temps qu on spamme! ces videos sur youtube sont la, au contraire, pour vous apprendre a jouer a tomblitz! il faut donc suivre l exemple si vous souhaitez faire partie des meilleurs, puisque le jeu est ainsi fait! les meilleurs joueurs au monde spamment ce “?”, mais, croyez moi, ca n enlève rien a leur mérite! a vous d utiliser toutes les possibilités du jeu a fond!!! entraînez vous et votre score montera. bon jeu a tous!!! go go go

  6. banksycag says:

    I’ve noticed since the update, when playing a tournament, the score that is recorded is the most recent game. Is that on purpose? Why wouldn’t it be your high score for the week. If I get a reccord breaking score early in the week am I supposed to just stop playing for the whole week to keep the score? Also the online leaderboards have not showed up since I installed the update. They are just prepetually blank! Half the time, as well, no matter what I score the tournament friends leaderboards show I have a score of zero…

    Don’t get me wrong I love TOMblitz, these bugs are just slightly frustrating, I’m sure you understand.

    I will be looking forward to a solution, and regaurdless, I have had hours of fun with this FREE game. In gesture of my appreciation my rating on the market will always be five stars!

    • tomblitz says:

      It appears that you are not connected to the server. Please make sure your internet connection is online. If the problem persists, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

  7. loki7777 says:

    It looks like there is a problem with leaderboard - it doesn’t shows up for me - i am online(logged to PSN too).

  8. loki7777 says:

    Or it is taking a while to shows up.

  9. B-AGT says:

    Yes, i also noticed that the leaderboard loads slowly. You have to stay on leaderboard page for like 1 or more mins for it to load. Any solution?

  10. MartinB105 says:

    So… I know a few people are still playing TOMB, but it’s been out now for well over a year. Any chance of seeing Alawar’s next Vita project announced any time soon?

    I know the Vita isn’t doing terribly well right now, despite being a great device with great games, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Alawar have given up on it, but it would be nice to know for sure.

  11. JeffsonP says:

    You have plans on releasing TOM Blitz in the Brazilian PS Store? I really want to play it again! ^^
    (I was using a US account, but since I’m in Brazil, I stopped using it and created a Brazilian account for me.)
    Thanks in advance.

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