Update 1.90 is being fixed

We profoundly apologise for the recent update being this buggy and unplayable.

We have tested it before release, and found no problems with either internet connection or XP gain. Apparently, something went wrong during release itself, and we are currently investigating it.

This update has, as of now, been removed, and we are working on fixing it, to deliver it the way it was supposed to turn out first time. Please note, that the current XP behaviour is not a designed one - it should have stayed the same as in 1.80.

Keep faith. We’ll make it right.

10 Responses to “Update 1.90 is being fixed”

  1. Morinkimi says:

    Come on guys! I hope you fix this soon, I need my daily dose! :)

  2. Pawel says:

    I had a problems with TOM Blitz (C2-8282 error) so I decided to reinstall the game. Unfortunately in the PS Store there is only primal version of TOM Blitz. How can I get the version 1.80?

  3. complainer says:

    Speaking of fix….how about you fix that 100 hr trophy and make it easier to obtain. If you want to leave it at 100 hrs can you at least make the time slow down so they are not 1 min matches. Most of my games are around 3-4 minutes.

    100HRs X 60 min = 6000
    6000 / 4 min matches = 1500 matches…..a little absurd agree???

    • MartinB105 says:

      FFS. Can’t you just let this go?

      We’ve been through this discussion extensively already. There’s no need to “fix” it because it’s NOT broken.

      Nor is it “absurd”. I have ~150 hours clocked in TOMB. A friend of mine has ~350 hours clocked. Aside from that, it’s only one bronze trophy anyway that has absolutely zero effect on the game or anything else. It’s really not a big deal.

      Now, let’s drop the subject OK? It’s done and it’s NOT changing.

  4. Dee says:

    Hi second week that I didn’t get any crystals for second place in friends leaderboards? Any one with same problem ?

  5. loki7777 says:

    Remove friends from FL - leave only the ones who don’t play or are worst than you and wait till next monday - you will be more than happy:)

  6. Lano says:

    Hi, last week I was surprised when TOM announced I am 3rd on the global leaderboards and awarded me something around 100.000 crystals. The score was some laaaaarge number which I ofc did not achieved. Today it happened again, just that it was 2nd place on global leaderboards and got awarded 300 or 400.000 crystals. You might want to fix that. Also feel free to subtract the crystals from my account, I dont care about the stuff I do not deserve.

  7. loki7777 says:

    1.91 is live now.

  8. RaineOdanrot says:

    Haven’t had any issues at all and as of this moment I have no complaints. I love it. Keep up the awesome work guys!

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