Good news everyone!

Today, we are happy to present our recent update to Treasures of Montezuma Blitz.

We have implemented a number of new features and improvements, both of our own and of those that were suggested by the community feedback. Among them:

· New, unreachable heights of experience and scores, which allow players to keep on improving indefinitely.

· Improved rules of minigame appearance, tackling the possible issues of poor internet connection.

· Faster update of the current scores upon connection to server after playing offline for a while.

· The issue, which some players had with restoring the game after a long pause, was successfully dealt with.

· Although in previous versions some players reported receiving incorrect tournament position at its end, this issue is removed now.

In addition to that, we performed some behind-the scenes adjustments to improve the performance of the game. Overall, it is an update, that does not change the game drastically or speed it up, but rather answers the demand of players for general improvement.

24 Responses to “Treasures of Montezuma Blitz 1.90 is out today!”

  1. loki7777 says:

    I just checked it and the totem activation error is still there:(
    Second thing is when you see your final score and press something - for example scoreboard(leaderboard) you will lose all your crystals and score.
    Third thing when you scratch scratch card and not wait long enough but press close you want get reward.

  2. mJ_mSv says:

    youre lucky to get it work at all, here it crashes instantly now, getting C2-12828-1 error, the game loads 100%, connects to the network screen comes up, goes away and crashes instantly everytime now at same place, tried just to delete the game, and redownloaded everything from store but the same result occured :(

  3. chalky83 says:

    the update has broken the game, error on start up

  4. MikaylaVita says:

    Game crashed after update, also tried to redownload still crashed!
    now I can’t play at all! FIX IT TOMBLITZ!!!! :( :( :(

  5. Elvinastar says:

    I’ve got a error with this update and re installed the game to which I got the error again… Error code C2-12828-1 ..Think it’s lost all my stats because it says I’m playing the game for the first time!

  6. bluelightning76 says:

    Just go to wifi and put it on manual. then put it back on auto and the internet connection problem is solved. it worked by me.

    My problem is the XP. I had a score of 9.656.600 and only got 965 XP???? This is everytime i play.

  7. MikaylaVita says:

    TOMBlitz is working again :) but what happend to the XP???now it’s almost impossible to level up because it simply does NOT ad what’s up TOMBlitz?

    • mJ_mSv says:

      hmm, still same error code for me :(, also tried diffrent internet connections/settings with no luck :(

    • tomblitz says:

      Well, I do not have the details to post it here, so “working on it, and working hard” is all I can say so far. Please, be patient, hope it won’t be long.

  8. MartinB105 says:

    No offence Alawar, but this update sounds like a trainwreck from the comments being posted here. This is what I’m hearing:

    - Game crashes a lot when trying to load.
    - XP progress has been crippled.
    - The totem issue has not been fixed, despite being one of the biggest complaints in the previous update.

    Sorry, but I’m not updating the game until these issues are fixed. Aside from the minor totem issue, 1.80 works fine for me.

    • tomblitz says:

      No offence taken, that’s completely justified. The update worked perfectly in test, so now we’re investigating what went wrong in production. For now, update is recalled.

  9. mrgod19521984 says:

    game crashes
    Getting next to no xp despite getting over 100 mil points
    fix now fix now fix now please

  10. loki7777 says:

    F*** i just scratched 60000 and i didnt get it - i am preaty sure i didnt press anything and i just saw loading and crystals wasn’t added.

    • tomblitz says:

      Strange, there shoud be no loading in this place, you just get crystals. Please let us know your online id, please.

  11. PanikJimma says:

    I haven’t even been given the option to update the game to the new version and it now crashes just after loading every time. How am I going to get my fix of TOM Blitz now? Please try and fix this asap. Many thanks.

  12. PanikJimma says:

    It definitely crashes when the game tries to access the internet. With wifi turned off the program boots up fine but as soon as you switch it on again and try to connect to PlayStation Network the game crashes once again.

  13. MartinB105 says:

    I’m guessing the XP was crippled due to no-one buying crystals as a result of the previous update, which is something I expressed concerned about before (Alawar dismissed my concerns however).

    I amassed over two million since 1.80, and I would have earned a lot more if I hadn’t stopped playing TOMB several weeks ago (I’m currently ~56 hours into Persona 4 Golden, which is why I haven’t been playing TOMB lately).

    • tomblitz says:

      XP gain cut is a bug, it was not changed as per design. It would be hard to make people buy crystals if they don’t level up at all, with or without them =).

      • mJ_mSv says:

        I just want to add that the prices for crystals is pretty step, for the cheapest pack you can get one full “cheap” psn game, and let you only add all bonuses once for one gameplay wich might only last 1 minute if you’re a beginner, for the most expencive you pay up to double price as a full retail game!!, I think more would bought if it was around 1/10th of the price, but luckely for my part I have no need to buy now as it’s luckely easy for me to earn the crystals, but I would maybe bought in my early days when I struggled more if not., but refuced becouse of the high price. But I suppose alware know what they are doing… Maybe not 10x or more packs would be sold if the price was lovered?

  14. Cannonball says:

    Can not fine the first tom blitz.

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