Hello everyone!
We are pleased to announce that the update 1.91 was released in Europe. All bugs were successfully corrected, so please test, play, enjoy.


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We profoundly apologise for the recent update being this buggy and unplayable.
We have tested it before release, and found no problems with either internet connection or XP gain. Apparently, something went wrong during release itself, and we are currently investigating it.
This update has, as of now, been removed, and we are working on fixing it, [...]

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Good news everyone!
Today, we are happy to present our recent update to Treasures of Montezuma Blitz.
We have implemented a number of new features and improvements, both of our own and of those that were suggested by the community feedback. Among them:

· New, unreachable heights of experience and scores, which allow players to keep on [...]

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