Rejoice, Treasures of Montezume Blitz player around the world!

Our latest update, 1.80, is now available in Playstation Network Store both in Europe and Americas. It’s been a long time up to this point, and long since we released the last update, but we sure hope it was worth the wait.

As usual, we’ll be glad to hear and take into consideration any feedback that might follow.

And, taking the opporutnity to say it, it’s a pleasure to make games for such devoted players as you. Thank you for your support, it really kept us going.


137 Responses to “Treasures of Montezuma Blitz 1.80 is Now Available”

  1. Steve says:

    Truly amazing update!

    The smaller changes like the “turn off gravity” box in the options are pretty obvious what they do and how they change the game.
    Some of the other changes are less obvious but they are major game changers.
    Get ready for some crazy new high scores. My previous high was 16mil plus.(sad but true but I blame my medication.) I blew through that high in just my fifth game after the patch, and I have a new high of 22mil and I didn’t consider my game-play in that game all that good. Used to be that I’d see my main game score around the 12mil mark with another 2-3mil for the after-game bonus and multipliers. I’m now seeing that reversed. I hit a game score of 5mil and by the time the after-game bonuses and multipliers were added I hit 13mil. A much bigger chunk of your score may now come after the round.

    The bonuses like extra time are close to instantaneous now so there won’t be any more edge of the seat time extensions.
    I also leveled up very quickly. My previous level-ups took days, and this one was after a couple games with me starting with a new bar.
    There are plenty of other changes, but I didn’t notice them in action yet.
    The ones I listed had the biggest impact that I saw.

    I have had one new problem though. When I hit my new 22mil high my stats showed the change, but until I restarted the game the leader-board didn’t show my new high. A little strange.

  2. Steve says:

    Also in a total of 12 games I’ve leveled up twice. A massive change from once a week.

    I also watched the clock for a game and it had run out, but I still was allowed to play for an additional 1 1/2 minutes. I didn’t notice if that was due to extending my combo, or some other reason.

  3. sarah says:

    It would be nice if you could fix how the scratch card logic works. Basically, I usually play while travelling and I have a hard time ever getting a scratch card coming up. If I start a game and the connection drops for a few seconds when I’m on the train, it asks if I want to reconnect. And then I do either later on the train or when I get to my destination. But in these times I never get a scratch card that day. It seems like the game asks the server for a scratch card first and then realizes I have no connection but it remembers it asks for a scratch card already and then never asks again.

    • tomblitz says:

      Unfortunately, to enjoy the scratchcard without any issues you’ll have to maintain a solid connection with the server. All other possible solutions on our behalf have high chances of being abused by cheaters or cause synchronisation problems.

      • sarah says:

        Requiring a solid connection on a mobile device is kind of funny. And if the vita does not provide a TCPIP stack which lets you find if data is recieved by the client then there are bigger problems than people cheating crystals. But, there are a few solutions you could do:

        The easiest is to not force the scratch card at the first opportunity. Just ask the user: “There is a new scratch card available. Would you like to play it now or later?” But problems can still come up if the connection is not stable when the user plays it so this is only a stopgap at best.

        Better solution is maybe to send a token after the scratch card data is sent to client. Have the client send the data back to the server to confirm it received the data. Then, have server confirm back to client that it knows it has the scratch card data. Only now at this point, it is safe to show the scratch card to the user. (This is similar to how kerberos authentication works). You could even add a timeout or something to make the first data invalid after say 60 seconds if any part of the handshake has failed. Then the client would need to get new scratch card data from server starting the process all over again.

        There are probably other solutions that would be easier to determine for your engineers who know how the software is written, but I hope that you do not blow this off. I am not trying to cheat, I am always dissapointed when I cannot earn my scratch card crystals because I do not get 1000s of crystals per game like some of the people who post here are able. I am lucky if I get 10×3 crystals in a game and it is more normally under 5, I usually get maybe 200 a day so scratch card is very important for me and many of my friends who play the game but are not very good at it.

        • tomblitz says:

          Thank you for the suggestions; we have indeed figured an easier method that should help. Meanwhile, I’d recommend restarting the game anew at the expected scratchcard time and waiting fo it after pressing Play. Sounds tiring, but please bear with it until we work the issue out.

  4. MartinB105 says:

    It’s just typical that today is the ONE day that my commuting route gets a crappy old train with no wifi that I’ve never even seen before.

    Now I have to wait until I go home to try the new version. :(

    Nevertheless, I’m really excited to see the changes. :)

  5. NoOne says:

    Thanks Alawar, Great update. I love TOM Blitz. I want to know that are you working on any other game for the PS Vita?

  6. Slash says:

    I have played and it looks awesome :D I really like this update and even more playing the game.

    Thank you so much.

  7. mk says:

    Limit of max points has been changed?

    • tomblitz says:

      No, it stayed the same. However, if people hit the limit too often, we will probably have to reconsider it.

  8. MartinB105 says:

    Thanks Alawar; it’s an awesome update! I just doubled my previous personal record; 666 million! I’m currently 2nd place on the Global Leaderboard. :)

  9. Steve says:

    I have gone from an all time high of 16mil to over 55mil in one day. I’ve leveled up four times now and at this rate I never run out of lives. Single games are enough to level up with half a bar left over for the next round.
    I’m wanting to check out some other combos of totems and bonuses but I can’t force myself to stop chasing new high scores.
    My youngest boy,(18) decided to get a Vita a couple of days ago, and I’m curious to see what the game plays like at the start with this new patch. It’s got to be so different from the original version at this point that it would be hard to see it as the same game.
    Blitz is too mild of a descriptor now. It’s more like a double-shot of adrenaline, with a heavy dose of caffeine in there to top it off.

  10. Mitja says:

    Just downloaded update and then Vita wanted one aswell… :) So still no play time. Anyways thanks for the update fine folks at Alawar.

  11. mJ_mSv says:

    Awesome update, only one of thos fixes would had been awesome, but all those in one is amazing, before I used almost a hour to get 250mill, now I used less than 10 mins!, I wonder what the score will be if I will manage as long games as with the previous version :)… Anyway I really hope you earn some well deserved money on this game, I am ofcourse happy its free to play, but I would really liked to buy it aswell… But I am sure you do know best what to do with you’re next relase… I will definitevely buy it if I have to :)

  12. Vitalogy says:

    I’m sorry I’m curious, did you actually fixed anything with this update? Let’s see:

    - keep having serious problems with taps not registering the game (not it’s not my Vita’s problem, it works perfectly with other games;

    - having the gems bonus is now a waste of… emm… gems. Why? Because it ads almost next to none when before added quite a few;

    - time extend bonus, either unlocking with orange or specific gems, are still not added instantly, still takes time and guess what? Time is precious in this game;

    - the end of the game chain not always work, sometimes it does sometimes don’t;

    - also, wasn’t this supposed to let both totems on stand by? I made a purple chain of three but then I went for an orange and then went again for the purple (I could swear you said that we could have them both at the same time on stand by, but I guess you’ll deny like with the 100h thing, even though there’s posts of you with it *sigh*)

    Overall I see no improvements at all, in fact I saw more of the same on some things and on others I saw downgrades, so congrats for keep ruining the game. I haven’t deleted it because I had a tiny bit hope you would do it right this time, gladly I learn with life with should never hope higher things and so no disapointments here, I was expecting this.

    Have said.

    • MartinB105 says:

      Q: Taps not registering.

      A: I’ve had no problems with input either before or after the update.

      I believe that you can’t move any token that has just fallen until EVERY token during the same “fall phase” has completed its fall.

      For example, if there is a column of tokens falling one space and another column falling five spaces, the first token column will land sooner than the second, but you still cannot move anything in the first column until the second column has also landed.

      This is a minor bug if my theory is correct.

      Q: Gems bonus adds less gems.

      A: I assume you mean crystals. The description still says up to eight, which is the same as it always was. I haven’t noticed any change. As a rule, it seems that any crystals released will be replaced from the top of the screen during the next “fall phase”, so a full beard will always contain eight crystals.

      I would be interested if you can show a screenshot of a full board that contains less than eight crystals.

      Q: Time still not added instantly.

      A: The update allows you to continue your game indefinitely as long as you have an active combo, so I don’t see why the delay should be an issue.

      Just keep your combo active - do some “swap juggling” if necessary - and you’ll get the time bonus no matter how long it takes to be added. It even works if you get time bonuses when the clock has already run down to zero.

      Q: End of game chain doesn’t always work.

      A: I assume you mean combo. I haven’t had any problems. I believe the game will end if you have made less than two matches for the current combo. For example, you can’t make only one match and then stop the game from ending via swap juggling.

      Q: Both Totems on standby?

      A: I was the one who asked for this, but I do not believe Alawar ever promised to add it. I welcome links that prove otherwise if you have them, but I’m pretty sure such posts don’t exist.

      Your example of how this was supposed to work is wrong anyway. The proposed method was to swap a purple and an orange token TOGETHER so that both created a match SIMULTANEOUSLY.

      As it currently stands, if you do this, only one Totem is put on standby (chosen randomly), and sometimes it is not the one you want. I proposed the idea to solve this issue.

      What you seem to be asking for is an arbitrary change to the normal game rules for the means by which a Totem leaves its standby status - exempting matches of the colour matching the OTHER Totem, which doesn’t really make any sense if you think about it.

      Q: No improvements overall.

      A: My high score and level progress says otherwise.

      You can’t really argue with 666 million on the day of the update when my previous personal record was less than half that.

      This is not a fluke either. I’ve been scoring over 100 million regularly since the update, whereas before I would typically average about 10 million. I’ve also advanced about six levels in about one hour of play.

      Are you sure you got the same update as the rest of us!? ;)

      • MartinB105 says:

        “board”, not “beard”, lol. I use Dvorak keyboard layout, on which the letters ‘O’ and ‘E’ are next to each other. :p

      • Vitalogy says:

        I don’t remember filling a questionaire with my comment, I was stating facts of my experience with the game. And just to be clear, I played over 2 hours straight just to make sure it wasn’t random.

        My very best score was made before the update and here’s the stats:

        - 89Mil something
        - 14min something
        - around 250 crystals
        - longest chain 60
        - 9Mil something combo

        Now let me compare this with a friends stats made yesterday after the update, he made:

        - 132Mil something
        - 7min something
        - around 150 crystals
        - longest chain 63
        - 6Mil something combo

        So, basically he made a whole lote more points in less time with less crystals, with less points with his best combo. I wonder how can you expla in this Tomblitz.

        • tomblitz says:

          This is easily explained - after the update points accumulate more easily due to various reasons. Several bonuses and totems that were complained about as useless (longer score frenzy, yellow totem, etc) now wield much more points, time bonuses and totems now function faster, there is no penalty for forced shuffle, etc. In overall, the update shifted the balance a bit from time-centric to score-centric - not completely, but focussing on the score has become a real option, unlike the previous updates.

          There seems to be no reasonable explanation why you were unable top top your own old score. Maybe bad luck, maybe something else, but higher scores after the update are normal.

        • MartinB105 says:

          I have no idea what you’re trying to prove with those stats. it sounds like you’re grasping at straws for something to whine about (again).

          I don’t see why you have any problems, since you deleted the game after your little rant about the Denizen trophy at the end of January. So how exactly are you still playing it?

          Oh, let me guess… You never actually deleted the game, and you just said that to get a reaction? Yeah. Typical Self-Entitled Gamer Syndrome - all talk and no follow-through.

          I think people would be wise to question the value of your complaints, given the circumstances.

          I’m not saying that you don’t have a problem with the game. But notice how you’re the ONLY person complaining about the update? I’ll leave you to figure out the rest.

          • Vitalogy says:

            See, again you talk too much. I did deleted the game. Just installed yesterday after knowing the update was up to test and see any real changes.

            Typical sad person that really talks not knowing the facts and goes out pointing his finger. Shame on you.

            Again, you have NOTHING to do with “my complains”, as there not even directed to you and, again, I never asked you anything so please mind you own business and stop acting like a smart ass.

          • MartinB105 says:

            Firstly, you posted your complaints on PUBLIC forum. Your comments are therefore directed at everyone who chooses to read them.

            Second, my posts ARE demonstrably relevant to your complaints, because I play the same game and am therefore able to test your complaints, share my own experience and contribute relevant information relating to your complaints.

            And since you’ve decided to start hurling insults, I guess you give me no reason to hold back and call you out for the lunatic that you are. People are too polite to say anything, but it’s easy to see through your blatant lies. Pathetically weak-minded self-important little maggot with no balls to admit when he might have made a mistake. Attacking anyone who dares to make the slightest little contradiction to what he believes.

            Even when offered methods to generate indisputable evidence that proves beyond any doubt that an assertion you made was wrong, you still refuse to admit to your mistake and continue to insist that you’re right just because you think you are. Hard evidence apparently isn’t good enough for you. Apparently you’re delusional to the point where you believe that only the pure enlightened conclusions that spew fourth from your broken mind are enough for us to see reality for what it really is.

            For your own sake and well being, I seriously suggest that you go and seek some professional help. Your mental attitude is not at all healthy.

      • Vitalogy says:

        Oh and by the way, the stuff I mentioned wih the fist comment is better shown on video, not with screen shots, and I don’t have the means to do one.

        • MartinB105 says:

          The only complaint for which I’m requesting a screenshot is evidence that a full board does not always contain eight crystals. That should be easy to do and does not require video.

          You can take a screenshot by pressing Start and PlayStation buttons together.

          • Vitalogy says:

            I know very well how to take a screen shot, please don’t treat people like 2 year olds making them stupid. I do not appreciate your sarcasm.

            I don’t need to prove you anything, heck even to devs, I’m not one of those people that complain just for the sake of it, when I do it I have a reason to.

            I’ve made dozens of games after notice that, played more then 50 lifes for testing and I’m pretty confident to say that there’s always less crystals in the board then there were before.

          • mJ_mSv says:

            I for my point get double the crystals as before, as the multiplier goes to 20x and not 10x as before. Also if you look at the global scoreboard you will notice the game is lots easier now. I guess you had just bad luck, or out of experience. It works just great for me, I’ve spotted 2 bugs maybe, but it has nothing to do with anything written here!, and is just cosmetic ones. Overall its a much greater experience than before, even my lvl up seems around 3x faster now (guessing) It was my best game before, now it’s even better, so thanks alware!
            Also the points/time is random as it depends on how many bonuses you get, and how long the combo is, so complaining that some get more points in shorter time than you is just stupid.

          • MartinB105 says:


            If you don’t want to perceived as stupid, then may I suggest that you cease the childish whining and infantile attitude?

            Your Denizen rant doesn’t exactly reek of “complaining with good reason”, so you’d probably better drop that line.

            And believe it or not, not every Vita owner KNOWS how to take screenshots, and I’m sure those who didn’t know don’t appreciate your implication that they’re “stupid” like “2 year olds”.

            With regards to your specific complaint, I can assure you as a professional software developer with years of experience in game, game engine development and the associated QA process, that making statements to the effect of “I saw this bug!” doesn’t fly in this industry, especially when it runs contrary to everyone else’s experience.

            If you’re not willing to provide relevant details or proof of a problem, then obviously it’s not that important to you. Therefore developers should probably not waste their time on your problem.

            But guess what? I DID TAKE THE TIME TO DO THE RESEARCH! I just took over a dozen screenshots a full boards and counted the crystals in each. EVERY SINGLE SCREEN contained eight crystals, without exception.

            Thanks to MY research, I can say with absolute certainty that YOUR problem is bullshit and a figment of your own imagination. But that’s because I understand software development and maintenance, and therefore actually take the time to properly test for bugs instead of jumping to conclusions with childish whining based on something you just thought was wrong.

          • Vitalogy says:

            Do you even know me from somewhere?

            “childish whining and infantile”

            And then throw me “titles” like “oh I’m this and I do that and blah blah blah”.

            Did I came here saying I have a degree on engeneering? Or that I do am (or not) involved in the game industry? No I came here to discuss the game, I could care less what you do for a living.

            Once and for all, you drop the kiss ass attitude, really you’re making a joke of yourself.

            This wasn’t even about the stupid trophy and yet you had to bring it to the table. Yes I mentioned the 100h thing but between parentheses » ( ) « was something out of contexto and wasn’t even complaining about it.

            Also, please stop replying me as I never asked you anything and if I write something here is for the game devs not for you, so next time keep it to yourself.

          • MartinB105 says:


            After careful thought, I believe that your error is not noticing that the update changes the crystal bar on the right, such that it now requires 100 crystals instead of 50 previously to fill to the top.

            I can understand if you looked at the bar and thought “The bar is not filling as fast as it did before the update”, but I can assure you that the actual number of crystals you get has not changed.

            If you’d taken the time to do some research, you might have figured this out yourself.

          • MartinB105 says:


            I state my profession and experience because those are relevant factors that give me an authority to make assertions regarding the subject at hand.

            You would not consult your car mechanic if you wanted medical advice, and neither do I think that developers should consult you for their QA process, based on your borderline insane ramblings and dismissive “It’s wrong because I say so” attitude.

            In case you missed it, my initial response to your problems was very polite, but instead of being appreciative of the time I took to write it, you threw it back in my face with a sarcastic quip about “not having filled in a questionnaire”.

            And then you’re surprised when I decide to take a direct attitude towards you?

            I understand that my post may not have helped you or given you any new information, but that’s no excuse for your attitude and rudeness.

      • Vitalogy says:

        It gets even better as I just went to check the screen grab I took from my friends stats just to see that his best combo was 3Mil something and not 6Mil like I said. Makes it even more hilarious.

        • Cyberxion says:

          With all due respect, Martin, while it is of course your right to respond to whatever you want, you’re not really allowed to get upset by it when folks pretty much tell you to fuck off and mind your own business when you do so without being invited to.

          See, Vitalogy didn’t ask for your input, and he sure as hell didn’t ask for you to take apart his post in what he may have percieved in his hightened emotional state to be an attempt by an ass-kissing sycophant to dismiss his concerns. His issues were between he and Alawar, and it was from Alawar whom he wanted to hear, not you.

          You may have meant well, but that’s clearly not how he perceived your input, and that should have been glaringly obvious to you after his first rather heated response to you. After reading it you should have just dropped it and bowed out, but instead you continued to push the matter further and further, becoming more and more of an asshole as the situation escalated. You are either cripplingly inept when it comes to social interactions, or you’re just kind of a dick.

          Whatever your problem is, and regardless of whether or not Vitalogy was wrong to be upset in the first place, it’s pretty-much entirely your fault that things progressed the way that they did. To the casual observer such as myself, YOU come off as the antagonist here. I think that if you want to avoid meeting with this sort of reception again in the future, you’ll learn how to be a great deal more considerate of people. Which contrary to what your behavior here suggests that you most likely believe, doesn’t actually include continuing to force your “help” on people once they’ve made it clear that they’d much rather you keep your well-intentioned but entirely obnoxious mouth shut. Again, it was clear to me that Vitalogy didn’t appreciate your attempts to help. If you weren’t so far up your own ass, maybe it would have been clear to you as well.

          • MartinB105 says:

            My posts were made for the benefit of Alawar, not for Vitalogy, so his wishes are not of concern to me.

            As a software developer myself, I don’t care to see users wasting developer time and resources by posting bogus, misleading and lacking bug reports, so I decided to address the matters he brought up myself using my own knowledge and experience for the benefit of Alawar.

            At the end of the day, if I must weigh the benefits of helping developers against the possibility of negative perception from a few random people on the Internet with ill-judgement that I’ll never meet or care about, then it’s clear to me that I made the right choice.

  13. MartinB105 says:

    I have a small question about the “selection process” for determining which tokens fall from the top of the screen.

    As players, we presume that these tokens are selected purely at random. When TOMB was first released, the game would sometimes continue by itself for quite a long time after the timer ran out, via natural occurrences of matches resulting from tokens that fell from the top of the screen.

    However, one of the earlier updates seems to have changed token selection process to significantly reduce the amount of these natural matches. This only seems to affect the end of a round after the timer has ran out. It’s not that these matches never happens, but the selection process for tokens seem biased towards making them extremely unlikely.

    I understand the motivation behind this, since you don’t want players getting huge scores just by getting lucky with falling tokens at the end of a round.

    Anyway, with the new update, I’ve started noticing the same behaviour DURING GAMEPLAY when the timer has reached zero, but I still have a combo active. It gives me the feeling that the game is TRYING to end itself by forcing me into a situation with no more moves.

    I should emphasise that this is NOT a complaint, as I understand the motivation behind it.

    I am just hoping that you can confirm this behaviour and maybe provide more details about it so that I know I’m not either extremely unlucky or crazy. :)

    • tomblitz says:

      Well, it appears that you have been extremely unlucky, because we did not change the logic of token appearance since day 1. =)
      It is still absolutely random - and this random is sancta sanctorum for us. Meddling with token logic can bring about unexpected results, so we just don’t do it.

  14. PortableNuke says:

    Didn’t get my mini game when I played this morning, first time that has ever happened. I had a hotspot connection which is what I always do.

    • tomblitz says:

      Hi, we have just checked the minigame and it was received all right. Are you sure that the internet connection was up at that time? Maybe you were connected to hotspot, but not to internet? It is not necessary the case, just one of the possibilities.

      • PortableNuke says:

        Yes I had internet, as I do the same thing every day before I play, and it worked yesterday. I’ll see what happens tomorrow.

        Really like the update though, especially the instant time bonuses, this always annoyed me!

    • MartinB105 says:

      I second this issue. I don’t play the mini-game often, but decided to do so this morning by connecting to the wi-fi on the train during my commute. The connection seemed OK, but the mini-game never appeared.

      This is the first time for me that the mini-game has failed to appear.

      It is a very minor complaint to me, since I earn way more crystals in the update from just playing the game than I could ever spend anyway. :)

  15. cg says:

    THANK YOU GUYS IT IS A WONDERFUL UPDATE Very Appreciated, makes a fun game even better! love the better animation and the time pausing while gems remix it makes the purple totem so much fun..LOVE IT

  16. Vitalogy says:

    @tomblitz I would be really appreciated if you could email me some feedback email address, you can send to the email I use here is legit, as I would prefer to further discuss game matters directly with you like grown up people not having people around pointing finger calling this or that thowing titles thinking they’re some kind of “gods”.

    I would really like to point a few things about the update, that I’ve seen while testing it but unfortunately I don’t want to do it here, I’m done with it here, still I would be glad to assist any information through email.

    • MartinB105 says:

      I do hope that you understand that making stupid complaints privately won’t magically make your complaints any less stupid.

      But if that somehow makes you feel more “grown-up”, then good luck to you. :)

      • Cyberxion says:

        And with that you’ve made it clear that rather than being helpful, you’re just kind of a self-important prick who thinks that he knows it all, and who likes flaunting his imagined superiority over others at every available opportunity. A troll, in other words.

        Go you?

        • MartinB105 says:

          I would have left it had he simply requested private contact with Alawar, rather than taking the post as an opportunity to make superfluous, unfounded and ironic implications of childish behaviour against me, but since he decided to go that route, I made a decision to call him out on it.

          Since you brought it back up, you might want to check out the previous thread containing Vitalogy’s ridiculous childish whining about the Denizen trophy so you can get a complete view of the situation leading up to the posts here and the irony of his claims of wanting to be “grown up”.

  17. Stranger_Eddie says:

    Simple to explain! The game gain more competitive fans!

    I tested yesterday, and in fell minutes i did a High score against my friends presents in my list!

    Few minutes after this, a person with low score, passed me! … I played one more time and I was the first one more time… few minutes later another first place was changed again!

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH TOM BLITZ! The game is awesome and very competitive now a days!

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I´ll insist one more time for you developers think about to create new game modes in a kind of payed DLC (I am a full potential buyer). <<<<<< ;)

    NICE JOB! =D

  18. MartinB105 says:

    I have a small question that is not directly related to game mechanics: I am interested in what the purpose of the update is from a business perspective?

    If I understand correctly, Alawar is a business with the ultimate goal of making a profit. Whilst the update has been well received, it also seems to remove any incentive to spend real money on the game.

    To be more specific, the update practically gives players an infinite crystal supply. As far as I can tell, it has become impossible to spend more than you earn. I am already spending the maximum possible crystals per game with all five slots filled and I still went from 60,000 to 230,000 crystals in less than two days since the update release.

    The same is also true of lives. I never run out because each round lasts so long that lives have regenerate by the time I finish. Typical scores are so high that the frequent level ups restore lives before they ever run out anyway.

    As a player, I love the update, but I just cannot comprehend how this makes sense from a business perspective. It worries me that Alawar has put so much effort into something that will do them no favours towards their ultimate goal of turning a profit, as this might reflect badly on the prospect of future Vita projects.

    I would also like to hear if anyone else has a take on this.

    • mJ_mSv says:

      I am also a bit conserned about this, but I hope alware know what they are doing and earning their well needed money, I was one of the lucky ones earning far too many crystals before this update, now I earn way too many… I have no idea what is more profitable, but in my mind I think you would had made more money by selling the game at a very low amount of money, 3-4 dollars/2-3 Euros, and then sell crystal packs at the 1/10th of current price. But I suppose alware is finding out their best solution until next game release, Maybe it’s a success as it is already hopefully :), I am atleast very thankful for realeasing their game totally free but I understand nobody can make a living of that if not enough pays their bills..

    • tomblitz says:

      Well, it appears that you are too kind in estimating the majority of players’ skills =). Not too many people are able to return the crystals invested into the game, yet alone top this number significantly.

  19. MartinB105 says:

    YAY, I finally broke into the billion club! 1.19 billion to be more specific. This update is totally awesome! Round time was 5:18. :)

  20. MartinB105 says:

    I also have a minor problem that the “players list” on the right side of the screen is showing my previous best score for this week instead of my newest better one.

    In this case, it is showing ~717 million instead of 1.19 billion.

    I achieved the 1.19 billion score whilst playing offline. This score was displayed correctly until I got home and connected to my home wifi, at which point it changed to the previous 717 million.

    The Global Leaderboard however DOES show the correct 1.19 billion score, so this score has definitely been registered.

    • tomblitz says:

      Thanks for pointing out, it’s a minor flaw in “players list” caching logic. It first uses actual offline data, but upon connecting requests the latest data from the server. So, basically, the score on the right will be the old one until next re-caching. The easiest way is to get rid of it is to restart.

      • MartinB105 says:

        I restarted this morning (offline) during my commute and the wrong score was still displayed.

        There also seems to be some problem with this comment system on this website recently. Sometimes my replies get placed as new comments, and comments are not always being placed in the correct chronological order.

        • tomblitz says:

          As for the comments - replies sometimes get posted as new comments if a repy thread is too long. We’ll try to make something about it.

  21. PortableNuke says:

    I didn’t get the minigame again today, but did get it yesterday. I think I know what the problem is.

    If I leave the game open and put my Vita into standby mode (I do this a lot as I like to open the game immediately and it doesn’t affect the battery) when I connect to the internet and play a game I do not get the minigame.

    If I open the game from scratch and connect, I get the minigame. This never used to be the case, and will be a problem for me as I like to leave the game open almost all the time.

  22. unleech says:

    nice update. got a bug with totems like martin said.
    and what does the totem activates right after the previous one was activated mean or something like that from the changelog. does it mean that if i match of the same color 3 times i will get 2 times its effect? or it just speeds up the effect/animation?
    good job on making us addicted!

    • MartinB105 says:


      “Totems activating right after the previous” means that when you’ve activated a Totem, you can immediately put a Totem on standby again without needing to wait.

      For example, in the previous version, if you activate a Purple Totem, then make a Green match within a second or so after activating the Purple Totem, the Green Totem would not be placed on standby. You always had to wait a second or so before making the match.

      I suspect the new bug is caused by the above change being overly aggressive. They probably just made the game *always* put a Totem on standby, no matter what, but this is causing Activated Totems to be cleared before their effects have been carried out.

      • tomblitz says:

        Yes, that is basically so. We realise that the game heavily depends on time, but we can’t get rid of the animations completely, which sometimes result in fetures like this.

        • MartinB105 says:

          I know you can’t remove the animations, but the gameplay logic shouldn’t be dictated by them, especially when that means the game doesn’t behave in the way that players expect.

          The problem could easily be solved by adding a second invisible totem slot where the next Totem is invisibly “queued” to appear once the first has completed its effect animation.

  23. mJ_mSv says:

    looks like there is a 4 billion score cap in the game, can you confirm this as the no.1 have exactly that number now and I think this is no coinsidence? I for myself have just 3.3 bill but I would actually be sad the day I get past 4 bill if it stops counting, then it would be better to lover the scoring possibilities again so its more unlike somone can reach such numbers. as it is now I think its pretty likely somone will reach that target every week now.

    • mJ_mSv says:

      Still I got 1st place for global today, I think the Blitz servers got too kind, or was the 4 Bill score removed?, a friend of me also got 1st place out of friends even he was not, so I suppose it’s just the Blitz servers is confused?

    • tomblitz says:

      The score does indeed end at 4 bln. It appears that we have underestimated the abilities of the top players to increase scores over time. If that issue shall occur repeatedly in the future tournaments, we will consider taking the appropriate measures to deal with it.

      The same goes for receiving the supposedly wrong tournament place. We tried to track down this issue, but were unable to do it. Please keep us up to date if you encounter it again.

      • mJ_mSv says:

        Thanks for the heads up atleast!, I also got a problem with you’re game pausing it, I was pausing it today with over 1 Bill score, becouse I had to eat dinner, Around 30 minutes later I start again and it immedatly freezes, so nothing can be done, also have had the same trouble in earlier updates so it’s not only this, looks like it occure more often if the Vita goes to sleep mode before you start it again. I hope there might be a future solution for this aswell, as Many of my games gets over 1hrs so sometimes I need to take a small break.

        • tomblitz says:

          Well, this is new to us. The game had a freezing problem in the first version, but we deemed that long fixed. Did it return an error message or you just had to restart the Vita?

          • MartinB105 says:

            The game occasionally freezes for me too. Usually it freezes just as it is about to start though, so it’s only a minor annoyance in my case. The problem seems to be extremely rare - about once every two months or so.

          • mJ_mSv says:

            No there is no error message, the game freezes just totally, and I can open and close the blitz screen on the vita but it remains “freezed”, I can just close the blitz app and then restart blitz and it will work fine again, but ofcourse I will loose my paused game then. It seems to only accure when the Vita have been in sleep mode and logged off the net during the pause time!,when I repause the game it will come alive in a fraction of a secound before it freezes totally. It might be the vita hardware wich is the problem aswell, as it could easily be solved probably if sony could had a feature where you could choose to never go into sleep mode, wich I would had utilized a loot actually :) Anyway, I have to try to stay away from pausing the game too long than, but not always so easy with wife and kids around, and other disturbing people :)

          • Steve says:

            I have it freeze every so often when I hit the Share Through Near button. It seems to happen more if I don’t allow the crystals going into my bank animation to finish.
            It’s pretty unusual, but it will happen once every 10-12 days, (approx).

        • MartinB105 says:

          It’s very surprising to me that some of your games are longer than one hour and yet you haven’t yet hit the 4 billion score cap?

          My best score isn’t quite as high as yours, at only 1.2 billion, but it only took me a game of about five minutes to get it.

          • mJ_mSv says:

            I suppose Its becouse I am playing it the wrong way, or atleast the longest, as my goal with the game is to collect as many time bonuses as possible to almost never run out of time, resulting in many smaller combos, when you goes for only one combo I suppose, wich results in a much higher and faster score unluckely for me, but I kinda like it anyway, there is clearly diffrent strategies to reach the highscore out there :)

          • MartinB105 says:

            Well, I guess I can’t really argue with your strategy, since your best score is considerably higher than mine. :)

            Since the update, I felt the time bonuses have become much less important though, since the game doesn’t end anyway until you finish a combo, which usually only happens when there are no more moves left for me.

            With the update, the “swap juggling” technique has almost become a game-breaker; given that you can prolong the game indefinitely whilst looking for valid moves.

      • MartinB105 says:

        I definitely think the 4 billion cap is too low; I can see myself hitting the cap at some point in the future too.

        Just change it to a 64-bit int; no-one will ever exceed that. :)

      • mJ_mSv says:

        looks like you managed to remove the 4bill limit without even updating the program? great in so case :)

      • mJ_mSv says:

        Worked fine since last time, but this week it “glitched” again, got first place globally even I was only 3rd, I know some of my friends got first place locally aswell even if their not, but I guess nobody is sad thought :D

  24. Slash says:

    Hi guys,

    I don’t know if this was referred before, but I think that there’s something about gameplay that it is not right.
    Assuming I’m using the Purple Totem bonus, if there’s already a bonus (time, help, extra value) on a item in the board, sometimes while activating the purple totem, that bonus is replaced by another bonus.
    This is something that shouldn’t happen in my opinion, mainly because most of the time, we’re strategically playing to get that time bonus and it changes to a help bonus or extra value bonus, and it messes up with the strategy.

    Also, I’d like to give a few suggestions:
    - Please allow chaining within the same totem - i.e. don’t deactivate the totem as soon as it is used, if you make 3/4 matches in a row, let the totem give 2/3 bonus in a row as well.
    - Totems should also be activated when the pieces drop and make a match - if there’s a vertical line with: orange, orange, blue, orange, if , horizontally you match the blue, the orange totem should be activated when the 3 oranges are matched as well.
    - The HINT system should be more intelligent, by providing hints on matching 4+ pieces it seems to me that hints only work for 3.

    And that’s it for now :) Thank you for this great and addictive game :)

    • tomblitz says:

      As for the first issue, we intend to fix it. Thank you for suggestions, we’ll be sure to use them in our new games.

    • mJ_mSv says:

      I guess the Hint systems works as it should, will give simplest hints first, and then 4+ hints when there is no 3 matches left, if not it would be far to favouring using the hint button.

      • Slash says:

        Yes, but you spend precious seconds pressing the hint button, and realizing where the hint is pointing within the board. So it is a compromise.

        • MartinB105 says:

          The hint is a last resort when you fail to find any matches yourself. It’s not supposed to help you play using the best options available - that’s your job. I agree with mJ_mSv on this one.

          Also, if it’s taking you “seconds” to use a hint, then I think you’re doing something wrong. :)

          • Slash says:

            Of course that seconds is a figure of speech :)

            But I wasn’t referring to the hint button system, but the hints you get from the bonuses, but once again, I totally understand your concerns and are valid :) Nevertheless, I still think that there’s room for improvement in this area.

          • MartinB105 says:

            As far as I can tell, Hint Bonuses reveal all available valid moves. I wasn’t aware of them behaving in a selective manner, nor do I ever recall encountering a valid move within the active duration of the Hint Bonus that wasn’t marked in the 150 hours that I’ve put into the game.

            I would love to see a screenshot showing otherwise if you can get one though. :)

    • MartinB105 says:


      I strongly disagree with your suggestion on making incidental matches affect the status of Totems.

      In your example, lets say you’re using the the Blue Totem instead of the Orange. You horizontally match the blue, which puts the Blue Totem on standby, then the orange tokens falls and match, which deactivates the Blue Totem. Imagine how frustrating that would be!

      That’s why the game is designed so that only deliberate matches affect the Totems.

      • Slash says:

        Hi Martin,

        Your point of view is valid and I agree with you, but imagine that you weren’t using the blue totem and after a blue match, it comes down to have a orange match because of that move, it would be nice to have the orange totem activated. It could be activated if another totem isn’t activated in between.

        It was just a suggestion, there is certainly flaws in it, but it’s always something to start to work from. My suggestions goes on the attempt to increase the possibility to perform good games and high scores, as it addicts people to beat their previous score if the game went good :)

        I’d also like to have a Bonus, which would increase the chance to have more bonus of a kind in the board. For instance, more time bonus, or more hint bonus, etc etc.. so for instance if we’re going for an high score, we could use the “increase value bonus chance” bonus, if you’re going for Denizen trophy, use the “increase time bonus chance” :D

        Once again, just suggesting :) Nothing other than that.

        • MartinB105 says:

          If you see a match that is about to be created by falling Tokens, you can force it to activate the Totem by making an invalid move on one of the tokens involved in the match.

          In your example, after you make your blue match, you would move one of the orange tokens in a deliberate invalid move so that it returns to its original position AFTER the fall has completed (obviously you can’t do this on the ones that are falling).

          If you do this right, the game will register the orange match as a deliberate match rather than an incidental match, and will thus activate the Orange Totem.

          This should mostly solve your problem. The only time it doesn’t work is when you can’t move any tokens involved in the match (e.g. because they’re locked or surrounded by locked tokens or empty space).

  25. cg says:

    I just got spectacles, for reading, and OMG ToMB is so much better with reading glasses!!!!! Its like a new game !!

  26. sarah says:

    So I finally saved up enough crystals to do a few rounds using totems (orange and green), and I noticed that if I make a match too fast after two orange matches, the time never gets added. Same for the green one. Make two green matches and immediately make another match and the vines never come take away the crystals. I have to slow down in order to get this to work.

    I don’t know if this is a new bug introduced with this patch, because I never used totems before, but it is very annoying…

    • MartinB105 says:

      Yes, this is a new bug; a few of us have had the same problem. It’s been reported in these comments somewhere already along with details of the suspected cause of the issue.

  27. sarah says:

    Also, since last time I have tried turning off wifi on the vita so to workaround the problem with scratch card, but every time I do this, the game refuses to start with application error. C2-12828-1. Unfortunately, I cannot report it because wifi is off, and when I go to settings to turn on wifi to report it, the crash dialog disappears.

  28. don says:

    Got a question how do you get the 250000 trophy in a daily bonus game when the max is 10000 need some help here please email me


    • tomblitz says:

      Max number to win at once is 100000, not 10000, and the Trophy is cumulative - you have to get 250000 over time, not at once.

  29. Stranger_Eddie says:

    ====== > BUG ???

    TOMBLIZ, …

    Scratchcard: I notice 3 bugs after this update. When I won the prize and try to send to Near, my Vita freezes (all functions and buttons) aleatory, and only came back after forced turned off/on…

    … It´s strange, because it never happened before the 1.80 update =/ … And this situation happened 3 times after the update!

    Suggestions? May I need to “re-download” the game???

  30. One says:

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    Whenever I start up the game, I get to the loading screen, the bar gets to around 80% and then it stops moving and the game never starts.

    I’ve tried:

    - Restarting game
    - Restarting Vita
    - Launching with Wifi on and off

    Does anyone know a solution?

  31. One says:

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    Whenever I try to start up the game it gets to the loading screen and then the loading bar freezes at around 80% and the game never stars.

    I’ve tried:

    -Restarting game
    -Restarting Vita
    -Launching game with Wifi on and off

    Does anyone know any solutions?

  32. Slash says:

    Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but I’d like to see some words on this issue.

    When using the purple totem, making a purple match twice the totem activates and randomly places bonuses on the board. But while the bonuses deployment animation is on, if you try to move a piece which was previously selected to have a bonus, that piece doesn’t move before having the bonus placed on it. After the bonus is there, you can move and make a match which was possible to be made before.

    Thanks :D

    • MartinB105 says:

      It’s a known problem and one that has previously been acknowledged by Alawar, then dismissed with a statement to the effect of players needing to learn that tokens involved in animation processes are not usable.

      These tokens also won’t match if you use another token to make a line of three, which can be really infuriating when it breaks a good chain because you think you’ve made a match, only for the game to reverse your move as invalid.

      This bug really should be fixed properly, since there is no technical reason that an animation needs to affect game mechanics like this.

  33. Stranger_Eddie says:


    As I told a few days ago…

    TOMBLIZ, …

    Scratchcard: I notice (NOW 5 = FIVE) bugs after this update. When I won the prize and try to send to Near, my Vita freezes (all functions and buttons) aleatory, and only came back after forced turned off/on…

    I tested the game in 16 GB Memory Stick and 32 GB memory Stick!…

    Bugged: 3 times in 16 GB Stick + 2 times in 32 GB Stick!

    PLUS information: The last BUG happened when I won 5000 GEMS and try to send to Near!(same problem: Vita Freezes and only came back after forced turned off/on…

  34. Stranger_Eddie says:

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TOM BLITZ TEAM… PLEASE READ THIS…..

    I told is at third time…




    Scratchcard: I notice (NOW 6 = SIX) bugs after this update. When I won the prize and try to send to Near, my Vita freezes (all functions and buttons) aleatory, and only came back after forced turned off/on…

    I DOWNLOADED THE GAME AGAIN >>>>>> tested the game in 16 GB Memory Stick and 32 GB memory Stick!…


    • tomblitz says:

      We have tried to reproduce the problem you have described, but were unable to do so, both game and ‘near’ utility worked fine at all times. Could you please check your Location Data and Parent Control Settings, just to be sure. If the Location Data use is forbidden or turned off, please turn it on again. If, despite all that, the problem persists, let us know.

    • mJ_mSv says:

      You might also wait to the winning animation is over before pressing share, made my vita freeze aswell sometimes before the new update, not tried force it to freeze after thought, I’m just waiting to the animation is completly done, it might help you aswell!

  35. MartinB105 says:

    Alawar, I would like to know if there are plans to ever fix the long load times for offline play? This has been an issue since the game released.

    If I’m online, the game will load very quickly. However, most of the time I play offline, so it seems like I always have to wait for a connection attempt to time out before the game tells me that I’m not online and ask me if I want to try connecting.

    Recently, I started playing Persona 4 Golden. In this game, it immediately detects when I’m offline when I start the game with no delay and asks me if I want to play in offline mode.

    If they can do it, I really think something similar should be done in TOM Blitz too.

  36. Chi-TownRidah says:

    Thank you for making my all time favorite PS Vita game even better! I currently reside in the top 50 on the leaderboards every week now!
    But I still have one minor gripe:
    When for example Im trying to keep a combo going, Ill match two quick purple tokens for the bonus totem, then any other match quickly. When I do that, the purple totem will show the throwing bonuses animation, but since I matched something quickly after the two purples(or orange), I wont give me the bonus. Please fix this, because it’s slowing down my combo extending ability. I have a video of it i could send you. Thanks for such a great game!
    PSN ID: Chi-TownRidah

  37. Steve says:

    After as many games of TOMB as I’ve played, I just now finally hit the triple gold coins in the daily scratch-off for the first time.

    I’d hit all the other combos plenty of times but never the trip gold.
    I can’t even imagine what the odds of missing it for over a year are but I’m glad that records been broken.

  38. dmen1974 says:

    It would be great to have some TOM Blitz friends. This is my favorite game on the PSVita. I’m currently lvl 177 with a modest high score of 34 million. I would like some friendly competition, but I dont want to be blown out of the water either. If there’s anyone out there who might be interested, please send me a friends request and I will happily accept. The last update was awesome, great work!

  39. dmen1974 says:

    The update is great. I love the new features. If anyone is interested please send me a friends request. I dont spend a lot of money buying bonuses or totums so my scores are very modest. In short, this is my favorite game on the PSVita

  40. PanikJimma says:

    Someone has probably mentioned this already but this problem has really been bugging me lately.
    Whenever a totem is activated, if you make another move before the animation gets as far as the bonus leaving the hands of the totem, the bonus is not awarded.
    This is very frustrating as this is obviously a very fast paced game and to have to pause or lose your totem awards not in keeping with the style of play.
    I’ve lost count of the times I’ve made a move too quickly and it’s cost me dearly.
    The other thing that is slightly irritating is that when you are trying to keep a combo going and you activate the purple totem to realese bonuses to the board, if you try and move a tile that is just about to change to a bonus, it will not let you until it has done the full animation which sometimes leads to loss of combo or loss of the whole move due to the tiles falling.
    Other than these issues, thanks for making such an addictive game, although it does seem to be sucking up rather too much of my life and preventing me from playing my other Vita games:)

    • tomblitz says:

      Thank you for playing and your feedback!

      We have received many reports of these two problems, and even tried to fix one with the animation speed. It got better than in previous versions, but, it appears, still not good enough.

      Since Treasures of Montezuma Blitz is based off a series of previous games, we are bound to keep the features of series, for instance, the Purple Totem blocking the tile or totem animations, even if it means sacrificing the mechanics speed.

      Believe it, it is as hard for us as it is for you to be unable to make game even faster, but, well, it’s just the way it have to stay, at least for a while. Thank you for understanding.

  41. Joe says:

    Hey guys, ToM Blitz is great! Patch 1.80 has been awesome. Are you guys hiring? I’d love to work for you! Anyway, I just wanted to comment on a few notes I have about 1.80 and the game in general.

    -I noted that gems, lives, and scratchcards were likely your primary means of monetizing ToM Blitz. I would suspect that the release of 1.80 may have had a negative impact on this tactic as it is now far easier to sustain gems and lives through gameplay. Is this true?

    -I have found that there is only one viable “cookie-cutter” strategy in ToM Blitz when it comes to bonuses and totems. Destruction totems and bonuses are vastly underpowered in comparison to the survival “long-game” strategy, which takes some of the blitz feeling away. I think a bit of slight balancing could open many other strategic pathways, which would be really awesome.

    Great game guys, let me work with you on the next patch/installment!

  42. tomblitz says:

    Hi, could you please tell us what kind of bugs did you spot, so we could mark them for future reference?

  43. MartinB105 says:

    I have a minor issue where the Totems sometimes do not activate when they should. This is a new problem that did not occur in the previous versions.

    I don’t have any good theories yet as to the cause or methods to reproduce it, but I will provide more information as I play the game and learn more about it.

  44. tomblitz says:

    Thank you for the heads-up, if you gain any more info please keep it coming.

  45. MartinB105 says:

    I believe I have discovered a method to reproduce this problem:

    1. Make a match to put a Totem on Standby.
    2. Make a match of the same colour to activate the Totem.
    3. IMMEDIATELY make a match of a different colour. You need to do this VERY quickly after step 2.

    If my theory is correct, step 3 will cancel activation of the Totem. I’ve tested this once each on the Purple and Green Totes, and both of them exhibit the problem.

  46. mJ_mSv says:

    You are right, it’s excatly the same “bug” I discovered, solved to slow down next match after a totem match :)(not so slow that you miss the combo thought needed), also you also get bigger endgamescores now than before, but yet in my statistic page it just show my “old” max score wich was far below the new one.
    If there is possible to request new features, I would love if you also included alltime leaderboards aswell, and it would be cool if you included leaderboards with longest gametime, and most crystals during a round, for example aswell (alltime), But I also have to admit that the current tournament leaderboard is excellent aswell, as it makes you come back week after week, but a alltime would be nice addition aswell :)

  47. MartinB105 says:

    I already requested the All-time leaderboards when Alawar asked what features we wanted in 1.80, but it seems that it didn’t make the cut.

    It’s a shame as the idea is a complete no-brainer in my mind.

  48. tomblitz says:

    Well, all-time leaderboard seems to be an obvious idea to you high-rollers, but it won’t be too dynamic and will be a huge demotivator for the rest of us =).

  49. mJ_mSv says:

    Did not mean you should remove the current one, it should be on for default, but you should had the possibility to push a button to see alltime high aswell :) But I agree that a weekly rewarding leaderboar is a very good choice, so pleace do not remove that. And ofcourse there should be no rewards for the alltime leaderboards. If possible it could be also nice to show last weeks leaderboard aswell, as it could be nice to see who beat you last minute sometime if its not too advanced to add such a feature. It would only be a bonus ofcourse, Blitz is excellent as it is today, it’s only requests for making it even better if possible :)

  50. MartinB105 says:

    I completely agree with this.

    For the most part, I’ve always took the attitude that a game that doesn’t record my all-time best score and instead wipes it out each week wasn’t worth my time. To me, it always felt like playing for a very short-lived accomplishment rather than setting a permanent record of achievement.

    My view is carried over from the days of arcade machines, where your scores are kept forever (usually), where it’s possible to compete indefinitely against other players’ all-time best score - where good players can continue to edge each other out over many weeks or months.

    For this reason, I would never touch any of the Facebook games that only had weekly leaderboards and not all-time.

    TOMB is fortunate to be on the Vita where games have my higher attention, otherwise I would have probably ignored it too.

    I’m telling you this because there may be people who share my view and the lack of an all-time leaderboard my be negatively influencing their decision to play TOMB, as it did to me with many Facebook games in the past.

    Having both all-time and weekly leaderboards should satisfy everyone. The all-time should also be available globally and just friends, like the weekly one. :)

  51. Steve says:

    Which arcade games are you referring to? I’ve played them since they made Space Invaders and was lucky enough to own over twenty of them, (not counting the 9 pinball machines I’ve had, including the one I own now) and they all either reset their scores when their power switch is shut off, (which usually happened either nightly or weekly.) or, like some of the newer machines that can keep scores longer, lose their player-set scores when they are unplugged and their backup batteries die. The only scores that are permanent are the ones programmed into the games ROMS at the factory.
    I’m not saying there are none that keep a permanent high-score record, but they would be the exception not the rule.

  52. Steve says:

    After rereading my above post, it comes off as being far more confrontational than intended.

    It was intended to be taken as curiosity since I haven’t seen a new arcade machine in a few years.

  53. MartinB105 says:

    I didn’t play a ton of arcade games, but the ones I did play mostly seemed to keep scores.

    In particular, I remember Ordyne, which was a 1989/1990 side scrolling shoot-em-up similar to Parodius and R-Type. I used to compete on the machine during lunch at my college with some other guy I never met; the scores were never reset over the months that we played it.

    Another one I use to play frequently was Manx TT Superbike. Although I was pretty good at it, I could never get my name on it because the scores boards had long been rendered unbeatable by a few of the real-life bikers who would visit the town every Sunday where the machine was located.

    I don’t doubt you that the majority of early games lost scores when powered off, but most of the arcade machines I played were post-1995 games, around the original PlayStation era - 3D racers, shooters and the like.

    They were also permanent installations in areas where power cuts were very rare, so even losing scores to a power loss would have been rare on those machines. The only time a machine would be unplugged is when it’s being replaced.

  54. Steve says:

    You lucked out with those machines.

    I quit playing in arcades since they didn’t exist around here anymore about 12 years ago. They reset the highs on most machines here and in the other places I’ve lived about every week to keep people playing.

    I’d see resets from moving a machine across the room, after cleaning and/or maintenance (removing coins), at night to keep electric bills down (in some places), and anytime the power blinked.

    I used to qualify the statement “I have the high on that machine” with “for the next week or so”. Keeping a high on a machine for more than a month was unheard of.

  55. TinCannEd says:

    I, still, can not continue my combo when time runs out. All screen interaction stops, wether I am in the middle of a combo or not. Really frustrating that it has not chaged, for me, since the patch.

  56. MartinB105 says:

    This problem will need far more information to solve. Maybe you could show a video of the problem?

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