Good news everyone! We have been waiting for a while to share with you the list of features for the upcoming update, and now it is ready. Hopefully, everbody will find a good share of things to like about it. Enjoy and keep coming back to the blog for news!

Main update features:

  • Scratchcard will now wield higher winnings more often and, in addition to that, show what was hidden below the other squares which remained unscratched!
  • Easier process of levelling up for new players with a little bit more crystals for smoother ride up.
  • The flow of time will become more forgiving, with time bonuses being added instantly, and game being paused when no moves remain and the board shuffles.
  • From now on, you can switch the gravity off when you don’t want it to meddle with your game while commuting, and switch it back on when you need it.
  • Totems now work much faster - the next one activates right after you use the previous one.
  • New Ziggurat notifications are now removed from LiveArea, keeping it clean for posting new personal score records.
  • Never stop the combo: if the timer runs out, you will be allowed to finish the current combo before counting up the game results.
  • Stack up crystals to get the multiplier twice as high as it was before.
  • More strategic options thanks to updated features of Crystal Score, Color Discard and Score Frenzy bonuses and Yellow Totem.

Lesser update features:

  • Game texts will be updated to reflect all the game concepts, both new and old, better, including ‘near’ sharing details, new bonus functions and a few fixes to translations.
  • Expert Treasurers will now see if their hoards exceed 10 million crystals.
  • Levelling up with bonus XP boost bug is now fixed, giving the full advantage of double XP.
  • Round time is now shown as it should, with maximum available time cap taken into consideration.

121 Responses to “Treasures of Montezuma Blitz Update 1.80 Announcement”

  1. Mitja says:

    Awesome news! Looking forward to it.

  2. DD says:

    What about the Denizen Trophy? I thought that one would be changed?

    The rest sounds great. I hope it releases very very soon.

    • tomblitz says:

      Well, we discussed it a lot, but in the end it was decided to leave the Trophies as they are, to keep it fair for those who have already achieved them.

      • DD says:

        Aww. :(

        Well, that’s fair enough I guess.

        Ah well, to get the Nuclear Blast trophy will at least take another 200 hours, so Denizen shouldn’t be a problem.

      • Andrefpvs says:

        I can’t believe you went back on your word on this…

        • complainer says:

          yah that is ridiculous…shakes head. I can’t believe it. Way to blow the deal on that…..I understand you wanted to make things fair BUT you sit there and make us wait it out this long making us think you will change it and now nothing! You obviously changed the scratch off because you knew that trophy was ridiculous but playing a simple game like this that gets boring after about 20 minutes for 100 hours is ok…

          • MartinB105 says:

            You DO realise that trophies are OPTIONAL, right? You don’t have to get them.

            Personally, I got Denizen in its current form through natural progression and enjoyment of the game, not because I felt compelled to grind through a “boring” game for 100 hours just to get a symbolic reference to represent this fact.

          • complainer says:

            yah well some gamers go for completion…i am one of them. I cant have all 100% and 1 90%

          • Steve says:

            I’m actually glad this didn’t get changed.
            I still haven’t hit it, but it will be much better knowing that when I do, it’ll be consistent with everyone else’s level of challenge.

            I had actually quit trying to hit this goal, until I knew if it was going to get changed or not. Time to get back at it. I’ve spent a small fortune in crystals on this one already, but that just makes me more determined than ever to complete it. I’ve easily got over 100 hours of great play-time in the game at this point.

          • MartinB105 says:

            Complainer, your need to finish all games to completion is called OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). You may want to investigate methods for coping with this disorder rather than complaining to developers about optional features that are beyond your ability or willingness to deal with. It will be more productive for you in the long run.

          • Steve says:

            And as usual I need an edit button. I’ve had Denizen for a long time.

            I’m still working on Nuclear Blast.

      • Andrefpvs says:

        Also, something in this logic doesn’t add up. You obviously had no problems making Fortunate Son way easier, even though that was not fair to people who got it earlier.

        • MartinB105 says:

          The logic is perfectly valid.

          Denizen takes exactly 100 hours.

          Fortunate Son, in its original form, took anywhere between 3 and 1250 days.

          Denizen takes an exact fixed amount of time, which is fair towards all players.

          Fortunate Son takes a wildly variable amount of time that favours players who happen to be lucky, and gives players no ability whatsoever to influence the situation.

          The change to Fortunate Son made sense.

          Changing Denizen does not.

          • complainer says:

            ok Martin…understand that EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion. I do have OCD…trophies AND achievements have ruined gaming for me in a sense with my OCD, I play games that I normally would not have AND I tend to stress over a lot of games because of certain trophies. I also steer clear from good games because of that as well which is my own fault. The point is that 100 hours on a game like this is just ridiculous…That would be something for a game like halo or COD which people would hit well over 100 hours and not even stress about it because it is fun. TOM Blitz is a GOOD game. I am not saying it is not. The point is that 100 hours on a game type such as this is tedious and makes most people hate it. I think 25-30 hours would have been a headache enough for me. I am only on 43 or 44. If they wanted to leave the game at 100 hours, then they should have made the rounds more than 1 minute.

          • MartinB105 says:

            As you stated yourself, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

            In my opinion, 100 hours is not ridiculous. I hit the 100 hour mark quite a while ago and yet I’ve still continued to play the game for dozens of hours more purely for the enjoyment I get for it.

            Hitting 100 hours in Halo or COD? That would be ridiculous in MY opinion. Whatever floats your boat though.

            Also, if your typical round time is only one minute, then you’re doing something wrong. I usually get at least two to three minutes per round.

          • mJ_mSv says:

            Agree totally with MartinB105 here, Cod is a game I could not stand 1hrs even, but with blitz I am around 200hrs now! It’s all about taste, in cod there is lots of ridicilous thropies for me, and many other games, we’re all diffrent when it comes games tastes, and luckely we still have alware wich provide us wich dislikes cod like games with games we likes aswell, even we’re a small minority of the gamers. Then I get a bit sad that Cod gamers comes here and complain on the few games wich is not codalike. You have enough games to choose from, so let the minority enjoy some games aswell, variety is a great thing!. I’ll cry the day we will only see FPS releases as it’s only there the big money is! Anyway, my average gametimetime in blitz is far over 10minutes now, more like 30mins I think, with max over 2hrs!, I really would like what happends with the new update as it looks to make it loot more simpler, time will show, but yes, I’m ready for a 4hr game :)

  3. Steve says:

    Christmas has come early!
    Or is it late?
    Either way that’s a bunch of great news!

    Any word on (approx) when it will be available?

    Is there any chance of getting some of the game art posted?

  4. mJ_mSv says:

    Awesome, looks like we can look forward for even higher scores now with scores over even more common!
    Is there any limit here really?, or can the game stop/crash over a set score?

  5. Andrefpvs says:

    Sounds good, thanks for the update! :D

    (even though I’m disappointed you didn’t change Denizen… That trophy IS ridiculous regardless of whether some people have achieved it or not)

    Are corrected trophy statistics part of this update as well?

  6. mysongska says:

    you should make it so you can make moves into open spaces!

  7. blh says:

    To be Honest I’m With mr. Complainer on this one.
    I understand that one of the most dedicated people MartinB105 and steve) dont want the Denizen trophy changed, because basicly they already have the trophy (atleast Martin) and have grown quite attached to alawar.

    But playing this game for 100 hours as a requirment is rediculous. I really want this this game 100% and it could also mean that i have OCD. but seriously why would you care if I get the trophy or not, what kind of disorder is that? you cant say that you earn it because you are better at something, but just spend a whole loooott more time, which isnt really a accomplishment for me. ofcourse if the most dedicated players (possible 0.5%) dont want this trophy changed, then dont change it alawar. but i’m propably one of the few people left that actually still plays this game and checks this forum (from the start), still grinding for the Denizen trophy.

    I even have a group of trophy hunting friends who didn’t even wanted to play this game just because of this trophy. no matter how much i tried to convince them

    • MartinB105 says:

      You are describing this a requirement, when the trophy is in fact entirely optional.

      For what it’s worth, I’m not saying the trophy should not be changed; I’m saying that the trophy does not need to be changed.

      You hit the nail right on the head in your assertion that this trophy does not prove superiority in skill or gaming ability. You are correct. This trophy is merely a representation of the fact that a player who has it has played the game for more than 100 hours. So then why should you care?

      Trophies and achievement systems in general are so severely flawed by their nature as to be almost meaningless anyway. And I’m saying that as someone who has sixteen Platinum trophies.

      • Forever90% says:

        Playing this game is also optional and no requirement mr MartinB.

        Ofcourse the trophy system is flawed, but i still enjoy getting my trophies for an skill i used to overcome something. this game remains the same from min 1 until min 6000. and trust me I dont give a rats ass if you played the game for 100 hours or even a 1000 hours. i’m talking here for myself.

        It’s partly Sony’s fault for not making it possible to delete a game off of your trophylist because if it would be possible. i wouldve deleted this game after a few hours, and i’m sure i’m not the only one.

        • MartinB105 says:

          Of course playing the game is optional and not a requirement. Technically, pretty much everything you do in life aside from breathing and existing is optional.

          When wrote my response, I figured that most people would be smart enough to recognise that I’m referring to what’s required in the context of playing this game, rather than life in general. The objective of the game is to achieve a high score; trophies are simply a record of certain facts and accomplishments.

          You say that you enjoy getting trophies through skill, yet the trophy you’re complaining about has nothing whatsoever to do with skill, so why can’t you just skip it and forget about it?

  8. Andrefpvs says:

    I honestly wouldn’t be as bothered by you not changing Denizen if Alawar didn’t say before they were tweaking it right here on this site and via Twitter.

    I feel like I was lied to.

  9. Vitalogy says:

    Only thing I have to say is that you’ve lost all my respect. Why? You may ask. Well, simply because when someone gives their word I take it serious and expect that person to keep his word, the second that person don’t keep their word then I have no respect for them, so there you go.

    That trophy is absurd and riddiculous, and if I kept the app until now on my Vita was because I was actually expecting that you kept your word and I was finally get 100% and get over with the game. Now I’m deleting the game stuck at 90% with a riddiculous trophy left because you were’nt serious enough to keep your word and make this stupid trophy actually doable without people loosing any interest on the game.

    Shame on you is just what I have to say. And before you come to me all excuses and theaories deffending them Martin, please just don’t trouble yourself. I don’t care if the trophies aren’t mandatory to earn, I just loike to earn them, I just don’t like to be forced to play 24/7 to get a freaking trophy, doesn’t make any sence. Yes I don’t need to play 24/7, but if I’m going to play 30min a day then I’ll be a damn grandfather by the day I get the trophy.

    Next time try not to open your mouths so that way you don’t disappoint anyone.

    • tomblitz says:

      We are very sorry, that some of our players are having trouble getting the Denizen Trophy. It’s sad to see that this Trophy may have caused negative emotions compelling to abandon the game. We promised have indeed promised to consider revising this Trophy, but it was to consider, not revise right away. The discussion of the update here on the blog uncovered an alternative viewpoint, that was much disputed within the team - and in the end it was decided that if there are people who have successfully achieved this Trophy, it should remain as it is. However overchallenging the Trophy may seem, it still was achieved by more than one person, and that means that putting in that challenge was a right move for the game team. Happy gaming and good luck in earning Trophies!

      • complainer says:

        That is what people are pissed off about….not the 100 hours but the fact that you went back on your word. IF you kept your mouth shut and didn’t make a promise to your followers to change something then nothing would have happened besides people asking it to be changed. It is not trouble to get the trophy..but it makes players not enjoy the game any longer in my opinion. The same goes for games that require multiple plays. The reason why you do not want to change the trophy is so that you could possibly make more money through the market place in hopes of some players getting desperate enough to pay for crystals and lives. Either way you won this time because now I am stuck grinding this game for that last trophy. I will not stop playing it until I get my 100%. I will however NEVER play another game from your company as a result of this matter. Think about this strategy business like. You piss off enough players and word will get around like wildfire. What do you think will happen if Rockstar were to say….ehhhhhhh no more GTA, sorry we as a team were divided on this and the end result was no time for another GTA…sorry. I know they are two completely different scenarios BUT they both have the same result….you piss off a lot of your potential buyers resulting in no gain. Props to those who have already grinded their 100 hours…

        • MartinB105 says:

          You’re comparing the hypothetical cancellation of the entire Grand Theft Auto franchise to a single trophy that you don’t like?


          • complainer says:

            I guess RE-READ what I wrote about the analogy since your response made no sense to those who actually read what I wrote……AND martin…you sit there and talk about how it is just a trophy and to just play the game YET I guarantee if they did modify the trophy, you AND MJ would be the first ones crying about boo hoo we earned before this update blah blah, so don’t tell me you don’t care about trophies. What difference does it make if I got a trophy that you already have. I could care less about what other players achieved in a game. Look at escape plan for example. The devs realized the game was too hard with all the gestures counting so what did they do…they changed it to make the players happy…it did not bother them that players already beat the game prior to the update. The devs on TOM should have said hmm the majority of the players probably do not have this trophy so we care more about them then those who already have it. This was all @ss backwards…they majority usually wins but not in this case.

          • MartinB105 says:

            Yes, I re-read you post and I stand by my response.

            Next, I really don’t care weather the trophy is changed or not. I prefer that it stays as it is, and I’ll admit that I do more than my share of trophy hunting, but you’re wrong: I wouldn’t complain if the trophy were changed. I may be very mildly disappointed though, but I would not complain and threaten to boycott the entire product-line of a developer over the matter.

            Finally, you need to provide citation if you’re going to claim that the majority want this change. I’d bet the the majority don’t even care, and I’ve already pointed out once that a significant number of people have already attained the trophy. Just because that number is 1 in 37, does not mean the other 36 are on your side.

        • tomblitz says:

          We are very sorry indeed if you perceived our words as a promise, but we only said that we will seriously consider such option, which we deed. We regret that such a misunderstanding has occurred.

          • complainer says:

            Well apparently me and the other 99.9% of people “perceived” this as a promise to change the trophy….in the future, I would not mention anything else you could “possibly” change that would matter to the majority of your players.

          • Andrefpvs says:

            Well, excuse me, but it definitely wasn’t a “we’ll think about it” — it was a “we will do it.”

            Your company’s words exactly:

            Gosh, I like your game, and I’m thankful that I can play it for free, and I hope many people bought crystals so you made a profit, etcetera etcetera.

            But, PLEASE do not try to twist your words! There is no double meaning to the tweet I just posted.

          • MartinB105 says:

            Sorry Alawar, but I’m going to have to side with Andrefpvs on this one. You definitely should not have posted that on Twitter if you could not deliver the change.

            It may still be technically impossible to make the change though.

          • nauGie says:

            Well, someone posted what you said on twitter on

            >Here is the twitter convo copy and >pasted

            >@alawargames any chance the tom >blitz denizen trophy will be tweaked >down from 100 hours? Seems a bit >crazy! How does 10 sound? Any word?

            >@Grimicyn Sure, Denizen and >Fortunate Son will be tweaked in the >next update - we’ll post the date as >soon as we know it. Stay tuned!

            >If you don’t believe me just look me >up on twitter my id is grimicyn.

            This does NOT sound like “we are considering it”, it actually sounds like “it’s gonna happen with the next update”.

          • tomblitz says:

            We have rectified this issue. This phrase was posted by a person not directly related to the game development, who was not authorized to make such promises. We profoundly regret that this case has occurred. As we have stated before, the Trophies will not be changed.

    • MartinB105 says:

      Wow! Get a grip! It’s just a trophy.

      Do you refuse to play and complain to every single developer that includes a trophy that you are not willing to get? There are MUCH worse trophies around in other games. Try Wipeout HD, Mortal Kombat or Rock Band 2. Do you refuse to play those too?

      Did you also ever stop to consider that there may also be a technical reason preventing the change from being made?

      Do you think that Sony will allow developers to adjust the trophies in their released games on a whim?

      You can argue that Fortunate Son was made easier, but the trophy itself was never changed. To reduce the hours required for Denizen would require a change to its description field, which reads “Spend 100 hours playing.”.

      If the requirement of the trophy was changed to 50 hours, then the description would no longer match the requirement and therefore would make no sense.

      I have never heard of any developer being allowed to change properties of a trophy after a game has launched. Why do you believe that Alawar even has the power to do this?

      I for one don’t believe that Sony are that lenient with regards to their policies on trophies.

      For what it’s worth, 1 in 37 TOMB players have achieved the Denizen trophy, so it is far from ridiculous.

      • Mitja says:

        I had a long post going, but there is really nothing else to add to this one.

      • Slash says:

        Hi Martin

        That’s also one of the reasons I think that this would never be changed, because I don’t think Sony would allow anyone to change the description, thus requirements, of a current trophy set.

        Although, I think that this new patch update could bring new trophies :) It would be fun to go after new ones.

        • tomblitz says:

          Alas, the number of Trophies is limited and we already have the allowed maximum, but if Sony ever lets us to make more, we’ll be glad to - and ask here what kind of trophies you’d like to see.

        • MartinB105 says:

          Unfortunately, I don’t believe that Alawar would be allowed to add new trophies.

          Sony places restrictions on the number of trophy points allocated per game. For downloadable releases, the limit is around 20 points, where bronze is one point, silver is two and gold is six

          TOMB already has 21 trophy points in total, which means the game is already at the limit for a downloadable game.

          • Slash says:

            You’re right, this was already discussed here on the blog, and I totally forgot about it.

            Thanks once again.

      • complainer says:

        yes I did refuse to play any of those titles because of their trophies if you were asking a serious question…..

        • MartinB105 says:

          If you really did refuse to play those games purely on the basis of their trophies being too difficult or time-consuming for you to obtain, then perhaps you have more serious issues to be worrying about than a single silver trophy in a free downloadable game?

          Sorry, but I really can’t think of any better way to put this matter in proper perspective for you.

          • complainer says:

            nope…that trophy is my only else can i express that?

          • MartinB105 says:

            I really wonder how do you deal with problematic situations in real life?

            Your obsession with this trophy tells me that you seriously need to consider seeing a doctor or a psychiatrist or something.

          • blh says:

            i dont understand why you always have to insult people who want the denizen trophy to change.

          • MartinB105 says:

            I don’t think you quite understand the ridiculous nature of this situation.

            This is NOT just about a trophy change. It’s about repetitive whining, threats to boycott a developer and an admission of refusal to play any game that contains any trophy thatss too difficult or time-consuming. If that’s not suggestive of some kind of disorder, I don’t know what is.

      • nauGie says:

        >For what it’s worth, 1 in 37 TOMB players have achieved the Denizen trophy

        lol, most of them have used quite ridiculous methods in order to obtain this trophy. the threads are full of them. it all boils down to poor trophy design. if there were a couple of trophies which kept ppl going I wouldn’t complain, but you can achieve all the others in about 15-20 hours. after that, there isn’t much incentive in playing this game. sure, it’s a nice little snack of a game for in between, but I don’t spent more than 15 minutes a week playing it nowadays. I’m 35 hours in but I guess I will get bored out of it before I get anywhere near this trophy. the only incentive left is the weekly tournament, but more and more of my friends stop playing this game for one reason or another…

        • MartinB105 says:

          Who cares what methods they used? They GOT the trophy instead of WHINING about it.

          You know what else? I’ve clocked 143 hours playing TOMBlitz. Yes, I’m almost halfway to a hypothetical SECOND Denizen trophy. Why didn’t I stop at 100 hours? Well, maybe because I play the game for enjoyment rather than just so I can show people that I have some kind of endurance ability.

          • blh says:

            maybe because you have somekind of addiction. i suggest seeing a docter/therapist. :)

            out of the 500 players maybe one person checks this blog. and your one of the few blogviewers who is siding wih alawar. which means your a rare case of the comunity and probably the weird one?

            but now that think of it, if alawar didnt have his dirty ridiculous trophy, almost nobody would check out their blog. even bad publicity is publicity. good job alawar.

          • MartinB105 says:

            Maybe I have an addiction… Or maybe I have 90 minutes of commuting time each day? I never play TOMBlitz at home. :)

            With regards to opinions, perhaps the majority who have no problem see no reason to post here? Perhaps you’re in a vocal minority? We can’t prove any kind of statistics by what’s posted here.

  10. Slash says:


    Well, I was looking forward to this update mainly due to the “promise” to revise the conditions of the Denizen, but after all, that’s just a trophy and in the long run we’ll get there. I’m currently with around 45 hrs, there’s a long time to get there still, I’ll keep on playing.

    I have one question, will this update make it “easier” to have more playtime in each run ? Because if it does, I guess it eases the “pain” to lose a game and realize that only 1 or 2 minutes were added to the lump.

    Thank you.

    • MartinB105 says:

      The update should extend your game time depending on how skilled you are at keeping a combo going, due to the change that prevents the game from ending until your last combo completes.

      That is assuming Alawar remembered to count this additional time into your overall round time. ;)

      The downside is now the game will report accurate round times with regards to the timer cap, which may reduce your round time compared to the current version if you get Time Bonuses when timer is already above 50 seconds. For example, a Time Bonus activated at 55 seconds will give you a round time of 1:05 in the new version compared to 1:10 in the current version.

      For this reason, you should be trying to avoid doing this anyway, so it shouldn’t make too much difference.

      • Slash says:

        Thanks for the information.

        I just enjoy going there once in a while and explode with those filthy gems :)

        The most boring part of the game is when you have to wait, after the time finishes, for all the stats and stuff, so you can start a new one.

        I hope this update doesn’t take too long, looking forward to play it.

  11. blh says:

    Atleast alawar got a person who always has their back AND MOSTLY TALKS FOR THEM. It seems that this person is way more important then 99% of all players. I even have friends who got this trophy and still find this trophy ridiculious and believe me there is no one in his right mind still grinding for this trophy and happy that you didnt tune in this trophy. Ofcourse, i know that you cant change the trophy itself. its impossible to convinve Sony, but you can tweak the game by making it possible to play games of 20 minutes or something. or make it possible to include “X2 timereward for the next 5 games”in the daily scratchrewards so if you play a game of 1 minute you get 1 minute free

    • mJ_mSv says:

      its possible to play games over 20mins currently indeed, and it looks to be far easier in the new update too.. my average gametime is around 30 mins I guess now, with some games over 2hrs indeed.but belive me, I was where you was once aswell complaining on the games beeing too short, ironically I almost complains they last too long now after learing how to utilize the timebonuses and understanding the game.

    • MartinB105 says:

      Even I do agree that the trophy IS ridiculous. But my point is that the trophy is of such insignificance in the grand scheme of the game and it’s overall objective that it simply doesn’t matter anywhere near as much as you and some other players seem to think. As I’ve said several times, the trophy is not a requirement, so if you don’t like it, just forget about it and enjoy the game as it was intended.

      That said, your suggestions of a time multiplayer to achieve the trophy is by far the best and most feasible suggestion I’ve seen yet regarding an improvement for the trophy.

  12. NoOne says:

    Please Alawar remove the Denizen trophy or decreae the hours from it. And please add some more trophies. There’s only 13 trophies. I am very sad.
    And sorry for my bad english.

  13. Droptank says:

    I bought a scratchcard and never received it! What gives?

    • Steve says:

      You will get it the next time the daily match game is On sceen. That’s the only time each day you have access to it. A little strange but that’s the way it works.

  14. mysongska says:

    Yay! Just EARNED my denizen trophy!!

  15. locke2815 says:

    wehrtes team tomblitz
    Wollte gerade zocken tomblitz,bekomme LEIDER wieder keine Verbindung zum Game-server.Würde mich freuen wen der fehler zeitnah behoben werden könnte.

    Mit freundlichen Gruß

    locke 2815

  16. Pio says:

    Yeah, like locke said in his comment above, the servers are apparently offline for German players.

  17. Stranger_Eddie says:

    updates are realy nice! Thank you very much for all. I´m very happy to see my suggestion …

    5 ноября 2012 at 18:22

    in this new update! :)


    “Scratchcard will now wield higher winnings more often and, in addition to that, show what was hidden below the other squares which remained unscratched!”


    Here my considerations.

    1) The fatidic 100 hours playing: This cannot be changed? I don´t have opinion now a days, because I´m near to conquer this. BUT! Next game (I´m waiting new game for this fantastic team), please… DON´T CREATE a kind of “time conquer”… When a lot of people saw 100 hours and the gameplay is ONE MINUTE, people desists!… It´s better to create trophies like “conquer a kind of level (exemple = level 100), or maybe a kind of a high quantity of golden trophies (5… 6… 10)… NEVER about “time played” <>> << magnificent video! Is it possible to put in this game? Think about it!

    3) The game modes presents in Android versions (or Iphone versions)… If you create DLCs with this “New modes” and “new trophies” (please = no more 100 hours trophie) this game will gain more fans… Think about it!

    Best regards for all! :)

  18. Stranger_Eddie says:

    err… there are 3 considerations in my last post.. =P

    1) about the 100 hours…

    2) is about the video. so… the second point starts in the youtube link!

    3) about DLCs.

    sorry for my mistake!

  19. Yak says:

    Wow nice update. What happened to the denizen change? Was super excited for that?

    • MartinB105 says:

      You should read the rest of the comments in this thread, as this subject has been discussed extensively.

      In summary, Alawar decided against changing the trophy.

  20. Steve says:

    I was gifted an Ipad for my just past 45th birthday, and immediately started looking for the other Montezuma games in the app store. I found several of them, but I have to say that after playing TOMB the older games are intolerable.
    You folks really caught lightning in a bottle with TOMB on the Vita. The game even makes the Blitz games from Pop Cap look like they were done by amateurs.

    • tomblitz says:

      Thank you for such a high evaluation of our game. It is really important to us. We’ll continue developing the franchise both on Vita and other platforms.

  21. Desdinova says:

    I’m the mother of a 9 month old and this game has made my nights bearable. I am not a gamer. I don’t play other games. Just this one. And I positively love it! I could care less about the trophies, and I think the whining is all really immature. If you aren’t happy with the game… then don’t play it. Just one request please! HURRY!!! I NEED this update! :D

    • tomblitz says:

      Thank you, pleasure to know we’ve been of avail. Going to be really soon now, just around the corner.

      • Steve says:

        It just seems wrong that I’m looking forward to this update more than any regular disc based game release I’ve bought in the last several years.
        I’m sitting here with over 50 games on my Vita, and I still play TOMB 90-95% of the total time I spend playing my Vita.

  22. 08/15 says:

    any release date info for it?

    btw keep up the good work

  23. BB-GP says:

    Finally First on the Global list ( for now atleast :) ).
    Looking forward to the update! !

  24. Martin_Shout_Your_Mouth says:

    I would never buy crystals or lives but I would buy 50 hours by $10.00. If you can’t change the amount of hours of this stupid trophy, think in some solution.

    • Martin_Shut_Your_Mouth says:

      Shut and not shout :)

    • tomblitz says:

      To good or bad, such in-app purchases are impossible.

    • MartinB105 says:

      YOUR MOUTH! ;)

      Paying for a trophy must be the most ridiculous idea yet in this discussion. Let’s take this idea to it’s logical extreme:

      Imagine if you could buy any trophy in any game for an amount of money that is inversely proportional to it’s difficulty and/or time consumption.

      For example, a “You started the game!” trophy would cost 5 cents, whereas a Wipeout HD “Beat Zico” or a Mortal Kombat “Master Every Fighter” would cost $10.

      At best, it’s blatant cheating on part of any players that uses it, and it completely devalues the trophy system. At worst, it’s exploitation of OCD and players of weak mind.

      Even if a developer wanted to do it, there’s no chance in hell that Sony would approve it anyway, even if was only for a single trophy.

      For Sony to allow a payment option for “Denizen” in this game would set an extremely bad precedent for the PlayStation trophy system as a whole.

  25. Veg says:

    Well, was waiting for the change on Denizen trophy+the whole patch, and I believe it WAS promised to be cut in half…

    Anyway, atleast now I’m not impatient and won’t dl the patch - did in the game everything I wanted in my ~60 hours, won’t spend 40 hours of my life of mindlessly grinding the time.

    Too bad.

    • MartinB105 says:

      So let me get this straight:

      Due to the patch not offering what you wanted, you won’t be playing the game instead of not playing the game?

      Okay then. :)

      • Veg says:

        I liked the game and I played it a lot :) Think it’s pretty awesome.

        Although I also think that small puzzle game shouldn’t have a trophy for playing 100 hours, if there is no content for those 100 hours :P

        When I read there will be a change to Denizen trophy (100 => 50 hours) I was like ‘yay, cool, so I will get 100% after all’.

        Now, well, no need to dl the trophy if I feel I ‘finished’ the game, I kinda choose to play other games for those 40 hours :P Simply not worth time commitment in my opinion!

        That’s all, you don’t have to be ironic and play Montezuma’s advocate on this board, really ;D

  26. Stranger_Eddie says:

    Just thinking here…

    - Is it possible to create a new kind of Time Bonus ONLY to reduce to conquer the Denizen Trophy?

    Like this (it´s only ideas… ): When the game finish, show the Status with:


    Imagine somebody does (Example):

    Time: 2:00 minutes
    GEMs: 500
    XP: 100000

    Wow the Time bonus will work? Just use the GEMS and XP and convert the result number in MILLISECONDS..

    Let see the result based in this example:

    GEMs: 500 <<< Converting in “TIME BONUS” = 500 milliseconds
    XP: 100000 <<< Converting in “TIME BONUS” = 100000 milliseconds

    Total of this 100500 milliseconds = Converting this:

    = 100,5 seconds /// = 1,675 minutes

    So… the final time in this example is :

    The 2:00 minutes + “this 1,675 minutes” … and accumulate in TOTAL GAME PLAYED!


    =P … I create an idea, because a lot of people don´t like to play 100 hours!… With this “new time bonus”, is possible to reduce much more than 50% depending of the performance player!

    • MartinB105 says:

      The Denizen trophy description is “Spend 100 hours playing”, not “Increase some arbitrary value to 100 hours”.

      Your suggested changes would not make sense within the context of the trophy description.

    • tomblitz says:

      Well, yes, that makes sense for this particular purpose, but we wouldn’t ruin the balance of whole game just for sake of getting one Trophy easier. See for yourself:
      Player gets time bonus and plays longer - gets more crystals and points - gets even more time bonus, plays even longer, and so on. It completely devalues progressive level-up (because scores are growing constantly), game gradually becomes impossible to play when commuting (rounds too long), we’ll have to add horizontal scrolling to leaderboards due to ridiculously high scores, and leaderboards themselves woud become useless - the one who started earlier would always be on top.

      Too much hussle to make one Trophy easier, don’t you think?

      • MartinB105 says:

        Couldn’t agree more, especially with regards to keeping the round lengths within “commuter-friendly” limits.

        I’ve been playing a lot of Lumines Electronic Symphony lately, which is a great game except for the one fact that the standard mode (”Voyage”) can last well over an hour for one play, which usually spans two or three days of commutes in my case.

        That’s fine on a home console, but it feels like a lack of design forethought on a portable system.

        Before anyone mentions it, yes, I know some of you have had one or two hour rounds in TOMBlitz; but bear in mind that you’re the exception. My longest round time is 11 minutes and my average is probably more like 3 or 4.

  27. Stranger_Eddie says:

    Ok… not make sense to increase time for all… so… maybe just replace the idea to increase “TIME PLAYING IN NEXT TRY”

    … So, like this: “same i told before”, but the “TIME BONUS” is a kind of “start with more time to play the next game”…

    For example (same as I told = everybody who wants to use TIME BONUS, Get a “reward of the latests games played”. In this example, just increases 1,675 minutes to play a “new game”… So the person starts with 1 minute (default) + the last “time bonus”…

    Suggestion 2: accumulate this to 10 minutes… >> imagine people who wont´ use the bonus at the “new game”, so, this “TIME BONUS” ACCUMULATE” to 10 minutes! and FORCE to people use! …

    … i tried to “imagine” a solution, because a lot of people hates the 100 hours to win a trophy =/ … Sorry for my noobice =/

    • MartinB105 says:

      The nice thing about trophies are that you can fully enjoy the game whilst completely ignoring them if you hate them. :)

      You’re looking for a solution to something that is not a problem.

  28. Wildtoons says:

    Any update on a release date for the update? :)

  29. BB-GP says:

    500000 crystals for 1st place….nice :)

  30. Stranger_Eddie says:

    Waiting for the update…

  31. gteflon says:

    I used a scratch card and won 60,000 crystals, but they are not counted. What’s the problem?

  32. Xian says:

    i wait updating game every day in the life it not come in to vita i grow sad each day in life it passing now

  33. Anakin says:

    mine isnt working you need to make a new udate cuz i download 1.80 in it keeps maseing up my game

  34. FlorisFreakshow says:

    100 hrs is too much!
    There should be trophies every 25 hrs or so, but from 90% trophies to 100% with a gametime diffrence of 80 hrs is a mistake imo.

  35. Luciano says:

    Nice game, but the 100hrs trophy sucks hard..
    I like to 100% all games that i play but this trophy makes me reconsider.

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