Leaderboard scores cheat exploit closed

The exploit, used for recent cheat endeavours, was located and closed on the server side of the game. No more cheaters coming from this direction.

Please let us know if you experienced any inconviniences related to the server update, and happy playing!

Thanks for all the feedback regarding all the other possible exploits, we’ll investigate it and close the most troublesome and the most disrupting ones.

24 Responses to “Leaderboard scores cheat exploit closed”

  1. FreedomGirl10 says:

    Why are you supporting cheaters? Messi075 admitted on this forum to getting his scores by cheating. After pressure from legitimate players and others, you stated that you banned him. Everyone was relieved when you did that and took his score down, which was achieved by cheating. Yet today messi075 is back on playing and his score is back up on the leaderboard. Imagine how all of us who work hard to get our places feel. I know that I have spent money to play your game, and I am sure lots of others have too. Do you want to lose business from your legitimate players? That is what will happen when people see that you support cheaters. Why play the game or spend money on it when you allow cheaters, like messi075, to stay on? You should think about your legitimate players or your company will lose everything when people stop playing.

    • tomblitz says:

      Sorry, but we are not supporting cheaters and never will. If you still can see him after the reload of the game, please try to make a picture of it and post it here - this will help us in identifying the problem.

  2. Digital Legion says:

    Dear Alawar,

    How long do you plan to let this situation continue? The community is holding you responsible for this problem. You posted a topic stating that you banned messi075 and his “other accounts” from participating yet he sits on top of the leaderboards at this moment. I strongly encourage you to deal with “this situation” or you will suffer “real consequences”. This is not an idle threat. The community is dissatisfied with your response to this matter and will take action against you.

    • tomblitz says:

      Dear anon,

      Cheaters won’t be tolerated. messi075 is banned and stays banned; reason why you can see him on leaderboard again is being investigated.

      Meanwhile, please reload the game from scratch (i.e. initiate a new connection to server) - you may probably see the last week’s cache on your client.

      If you still see the cheater in the top of the leaderboard, please post a picture here.

  3. santa says:

    booo cheaters suck, they are only cheating themselves i dont understand their weird psychology.
    anyway just wanted to wish all you guys EXCEPT CHEATERS a happy christmas and hope that we will hear of more Montezuma Vita games in the new year such as treasures of montezuma 1-4 hd editions and treasures of montezuma blitz II !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Vitalogy says:


    The guy is a cheater he admited and you condemn, all good so far, yet you have him in your friends list which makes me wonder hmm…

    Just my two cents.

    • tomblitz says:

      Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, they say. Easier to keep track of him, makes sense =).

      • mk says:

        Each console has a unique addresses. eg. MAC.
        If sony makes it possible to find and block his address then you can easily solve the problem. We dont need to worry about number and names all accounts he owns. This is no longer valid. Caprico will be forced to buy a new unit,if he still want to cheat in Montezuma Blitz. His work can bring console sales improved slightly,some positives.

        If you want to eliminate the danger, you need to track it down and neutralize.

        • Vitalogy says:

          Only sony can mac address ban in order to prevent a certain user to access online no matter what game’s playing.

          Even if alwar bans the guys Vita mac address he would only be prevented to play that game not other because alawar has no power to block a sony system mac address from accessing online, and I doubt that that user would buy another system just to play tomblitz. They would be blocked in the game though and that’s a good thing.

          • tomblitz says:

            Exactly so. Banning a MAC is a bit too over-the-head and is not likely to be approved, but necessity to buy new memory card and switch account is most likely to prevent most casual cheaters from doing so.

        • tomblitz says:

          That’s basically how the ban works now. We can’t block the MAC, but we assign our own device id on the server - and ban it in case of cheating. Of course, he can buy another memory card to create new account, but that makes cheating more expensive.

          Of course, blocking the console would be even more discouraging, but alas.

          • Vitalogy says:

            He doesn’t have to buy a new memory card because you’re just banning his SEN ID not the card.

            Still, if his gonna try cheating he’ll have to create a new SEN ID/Account and in order to use it on the current memory card he’ll lose all the save games and information he has on that card. Doesn’t lose money but it’s a pain changing accounts on the same Vita, doesn’t pay the trouble LOL

  5. Stranger_Eddie says:

    Thank you for the developers to block the cheaters! … I hate cheats!… But… PLEASE DEVELOPERS SOMEBODY EXPLAIN ME… ALL detail to win the NUCLEAR BLAST TROPHY!

    I´m current playing after 60 Hours (months playing)…

    After use ALL GEMS… Now I am in 124 level…. Used all power ups…

    THIS HELL TROPHY FOR ME IS IMPOSSIBLE!… I have friends who did this in very lower levels (10… 30… in very short period of time playing )…

    EVERYTIME when I “think” going to explode all gems >> rest me one or two gems…

    This is ridiculous! What the hell this Nuclear Blast Trophy can be done?

    • tomblitz says:

      The most common way is to pick up Lightning, Dynamite, And purple bonus upgraded to the maximum. Orange totem might be helpful as well. When you feel like all the destructive bonuses are spread evenly on the board and that should be it, you can stop and wait for end-of round blast - manual triggering can be tricky.

      However, there is an alternative tactics which excludes Lightning (in case of accidental triggering it is prone to mess up the board completely. If you choose to go without lightning, it takes 9-10 well-placed Dynamites.

      And, of course, it can take more than one go. I did mine in couple of dozen tries.

      • mJ_mSv says:

        I found it easiest with only Dynamite Bonus, and the purple and orange totems… Match as many as possible purple totems to gain explosives(atleast 3, but as more as better), and then also collect the time bonuses and utilize the orange totem if possible for even more time if it fits, but consentrate on the purple totem and avoid exploding the dynamites until end (use shuffle effectlivly to make matches, and to avoid some)
        when you think you have enough explosives try to shuffle them around to you think everything will explode, but yes, the time is a factor here so you might ned some tries before you get lucky enough…

  6. Stranger_Eddie says:

    I tried what you explained =/

    I´m using (for me this combination makes a big destroy but everytime rest a few pieces:

    Bonuses (all in maximum level):
    - Lightning;
    - Dynamite;
    - Plus Gem;

    Totens (all in maximum level):
    - Purple (creates others power-ups)
    - Green (Destroy more gems)…

    … I´ll try the alternative tactic about exclude lighting bonus …. And you told something interesting (curious) about the Orange totem… Because this totten only provide more time, but sometimes is very difficult to activate it… I did more time without this, but I will try to use more…


    Suggestion: Create a simple update with a Platinium trophy = Simple = just gave it for all who can won the other trophies!

    Thank you tomblitz! =D

    This game addicted me! LOL

    • tomblitz says:

      You’re welcome. Alas, we can’t make Platinum Trophy - Sony rules do not allow them for so-called “small-scope” games.

      • Vitalogy says:

        This rules makes no sence at all, have you played Trine 2? There’s like 20 trophies in it with a plat and you can plat that game in less than an hour playing with a friend, its riddiculous. I did it that way so… In this game, at this moment, we have at least to play for 100 hours minimum.

        • tomblitz says:

          Right, but it is still considered a small-scope game for some reason - maybe the absence of levels and story does the part.

          • Vitalogy says:

            I know it’s not your fault but sony’s and I guess we’re already used to them not making sence at all about everything being this one of the points.

            Don’t even get me started with the “story” on games because CoD:BOD is the most shittiest games I’ve ever seen and people finishing the story mode in 45 minutes makes it even worst. I guess after this there isn’t much to say about the subject, sony’s screwing you guys that made a great job and even provide awesome support and with it they screw gamers too.

            I guess we can say that the situation stands because you decide to make the game FREE, and this is the central point for sure.

  7. Ghost13CK says:

    Why do people hate Call of Duty games especially Black ops 2. TOM Blitz and Black ops 2 is what I do all day so for You haters on Call of Duty games can go F**k yourselfs because Cal of Duty rules.

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