Yesterday we came across an unfortunate incident, with user IDs




apparently belonging to the same person, achieved incredubly high scores through cheating, using a possible exploit that is now being fixed. Those user ID were banned. Please, play fair, and if you find any possible wormholes, let us know instead of cheating. Thank you!

20 Responses to “Cheating in Treasures of Montezuma Blitz”

  1. mk says:

    This exploit works on new created accounts. On caprico75fr he also earned huge score(1b) but its only visible local.
    messi075 still appears on Global Leaderboard. People see it.

    His proper PSN ID’s are:

    Im not sure about:
    caprico (Japan account)
    caprico075fr (doesnt exists)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Justice was served. Good for Alawar for showing that they won’t put up with cheaters and hackers. Thanks to everyone involved for getting Alawar to see this guy for what he really was. I know the top people like MK here had good reason to worry. They have real skills and stood the chance to sit below a cheater. By the way MK you should take the time to thank the person who made this possible. Happy Holidays Alawar and all the TOMB players.


  3. mJ_mSv says:

    Thanks for making the compos fair!.. There is also a hole in the daily scratch game wich can give you more than one try, but I guess you know about it if you look on some related forums.. Even easier now with ps+…

    • mk says:

      Yes but another try replacing previous score from scratch. It help you earning for example 5k crystals or more every day from single scratch.
      Same rule like saving level, you need create backup TOM.

    • Ghost13CK says:

      mJ_mSv how do u do it to get such a high score in this exciting game

  4. messi075 says:

    I apologize for my English, I am not going to say to you that I did not cheat? I am little to be a cheater but not a would just like to say to you that I suffer from an incurable disease I made all this under effect of medicament I messed it completely to be world number 1
    It was just for having fun. I apologize once again. And I wish you good game on tom blitz thank you to alawar

  5. Anonymous says:

    messi075 I think you clearly remember we said we were coming for you. You should have Expected Us.

  6. messi075 says:

    I thank you a lot, I say to you my purpose there it was not to to become World number 1, to prove it i tried again to to cheat with the account caprice75FR although I know that that goes to be shown for everybody. My purpose it was just for having friends. And to prove you that sometimes it is necessary to to know how to cheat to reach objectif. icongratulate you on the big efforts that your made to improve your game. And I wish you a good continuation; sincerely Yours ;) merry christmas

  7. Mr. Fluffy says:

    Sir/Madam.. How can i report if i think that, one of my buddies, is cheating!?
    The last time i saw him/her level is LVL24, 2days ago it becomes LVL64.
    Incredubly High Score in just 2days, and he/she only got 1gold and 1silver Medals? is it ok?

  8. Ghost13CK says:

    mJ_mSv how do u do it to get such a high score

  9. Ray says:

    hi ! I think I met a bug today, when I did my first game of the week a pop up told me that i was ranked 4th of the world with more than a million billions points. my psn id is “cyberaymond”.
    Ps: Maybe I was drunk and I really did it but I can’t remember, in that case shoud I get a little million of gems please ? ;-)

  10. christopher says:

    can you please take theses cheaters if the leaderboards please… nd ban their gameplay to cheat.. or fix the dam cheat… it says u get special qwards for being in top leaderboards, but how canwe bw even close ifwe got cheaters

  11. tomblitz says:

    Of course, as soon as we know for sure ourselves.

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