Thank you for all the valuable feedback you provided. We’ll now close the survey and start processing it. Most interesting, valuable, and demanded features are most likely to make it to the update.

Once again, thank you for all the support, and for playing the game, making it better.

16 Responses to “Tresures of Montezuma Blitz Update Features - Gathered”

  1. Steve says:

    Ok now you have me excited to get the upcoming version.

  2. mk says:

    Tom Blitz should implement better security, such as level of player stored on the server, to block possibility to back level like user messi075 is doing right now.
    Yesterday he was at level 122, today he backup lvl to 75.
    I’m not sure if he is not using version 1.00.
    Please check it out.

  3. mk says:

    caprico75 and messi075 is the same person I think.
    It seems to me that he has discovered a security vulnerability.

  4. SomeRandomGuy says:

    As far as I know it’s not possible to connect to the PlayStation Network with a previous version of a TOMB update installed. That exploit was covered back in 1.81 as far as I know. I will look into it personally however.

  5. Claude Bawls says:

    Can someone please do something about this messi075 guy? He is ruining the game for everyone. I’m not going to play anymore if this continues.

  6. Anonymous Operations says:

    tomblitz says:
    19 декабря 2012 at 11:39
    We’re looking into it. No need flood with hundreds of messages unless you want to get banned here on the blog.

    That would be a bad call wouldn’t you say?

    • tomblitz says:

      Interfering with other people’s convenience of reading this blog with your spam-type messages is no good call either, so put up with it. One message is enough.

  7. GulfWarVet says:

    Hello there. I have a question of concern regarding fair play in this game. Words going around about a messi075 cheating his way to the top of the leaderboards. It really makes me not want to play anymore if this sort of thing is allowed. I know the game is a free download but I also purchase lives and crystals too so I think that gives me the right to not be pleased that cheaters are allowed to play here. I work hard for my score but it means nothing if I’m still going to be under a cheater. Please keep us informed of what you are doing to correct this matter.

    • tomblitz says:

      By the time you wrote this comment, messi075 was banned for 10 hours at least. You should not be able to see him in leaderboards. Maybe you’re a cheater too, eh?

      Just joking. Try restarting the game anew instead of restoring it from background - the leaderboards should show the absense of messi075.

  8. Play Honest and Fair says:

    GulfWarVet is right. Your response regarding this matter is really substandard. I mean how long can it take to ban a cheater? This messi075 guy came out of nowhere. He didn’t slowly climb up the leaderboards or anything like that. One day he was at the bottom and the next he was number one. You all know that isn’t the way it works. I am in the process of emailing all of corporate at Alawar and I suggest anyone reading this do the same. I will also post this issue to your facebook and twitter accounts to make sure you are hearing your customers. We won’t tolerate this abuse of the system. People like myself work and live all day through hard and difficult times then when they have a moment to themselves they want to sit down and relax to play a game to unwind. They play the game to have fun and to relieve stress but when you don’t do your job and remove people who are not playing by the rules it makes us not want to play. Alawar I’m telling you as a friend and a customer you have an obligation to your customers to deal with this matter swiftly and harshly. We all play by the rules and abide by your standards. Why doesn’t he have too?

  9. mk says:

    Caprico(messi075) has been cheating in TOM Blitz. This is one of his multi-accounts. By not banning him, you are showing that you support cheaters. I had conversations with that guy before. I told Caprico to stopt his practices, but he refuses to listen to me. In the past he used the account caprico75fr to get higher scores in the glitch ver 1.00 and he took adventage of glitches.
    BTW.On version 1.70 his scores are low - around 10 milions.

    I mention that he made few backups of game on different levels. He used it to “level back”. Method that allows single account to multiple use glitch.(lvls between 90-98 ver 1.00)

    I will make his statistics public in the following links.

  10. Jairo Hernandez says:

    Just a quick notice. I have been playing with only the purple and orange totems. When I get two purple combinations in a row (so as to activate the purple totem) and then get an orange combination, the orange totem doesn’t activate. That is to say if I want to active both my rented totems, I would have to do two purple combinations in a row and then three orange combinations in a row. I am pretty sure it is the same vice versa with orange before purple, but I have not tried it with other combinations.

    • tomblitz says:

      Are you sure? If you match totem of another colour while previous totem animation is still being played, it will not activate - this is known issue, we’ll try to find an alternative in the upcoming update. But if animation of the precious totem is over, and the next one still won’t activate, it is a new issue, we have never seen it before. If this is so, could you please try and make the video for us?

  11. Slash says:


    I think that there’s some minor bug but I don’t know if it was reported already.

    When in “Flight Mode”, all network connections are disabled, when starting the game there’s a popup stating that we are in flight mode, but right afterwards Tomb tried to connect to PSN to fetch data.. I think that since it is in flight mode that connection to PSN shouldn’t happen. Am I right ?


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