The exploit, used for recent cheat endeavours, was located and closed on the server side of the game. No more cheaters coming from this direction.
Please let us know if you experienced any inconviniences related to the server update, and happy playing!
Thanks for all the feedback regarding all the other possible exploits, we’ll investigate it and [...]

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Yesterday we came across an unfortunate incident, with user IDs
apparently belonging to the same person, achieved incredubly high scores through cheating, using a possible exploit that is now being fixed. Those user ID were banned. Please, play fair, and if you find any possible wormholes, let us know instead of cheating. Thank you!


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Thank you for all the valuable feedback you provided. We’ll now close the survey and start processing it. Most interesting, valuable, and demanded features are most likely to make it to the update.
Once again, thank you for all the support, and for playing the game, making it better.


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