As most of our players who read this blog are well aware, we’re currently in the middle of preparing the next update for the game. Over the last months, thanks to you, we have accumulated a large feedback of features and fixes, but we’re still greedy for more - we aspire to make the game near-perfect this time, so it could be enjoyed in the best way possible, by as many people as possible.

And thus, the days of  active player feedback collection are declared on this blog. Please feel free to leave your comments on the game, however impossible they may sound. Both new features or fixes of old ones are welcome. Don’t be afraid to repeat what you posted previously - you’ll let us know that the request is still wanted.

Please post your ideas as the first-level comments, and use level two to back up somebody else’s idea.

Thank you for your support, it’s a pleasure doing games for you - and with you.

74 Responses to “Treasures of Montezuma Blitz Update Features”

  1. mJ_mSv says:

    I think it’s pretty perfect as it is, but as with others, it annoys me a bit that when you collect time bonuses they uses so long time to count/be added to the time actually.
    (But it’s equal to all and is a part of the challenge thought)
    Maybe more diffrent game modes could be cool for the variety aswell :). But do not destroy the one you have currently, it keeps me addicted and makes me come back time after time :)
    I also would like more stats/highscores as I did see some suggested before. Would be nice if it’s tracked alltime aswell and not just since last reinstall if possible.

    • MartinB105 says:

      The issue with the delayed application of Time Bonuses can be annoying, but it also works to your advantage on the other end of the clock.

      Let’s say it takes one second to apply the time bonus. You activate a time bonus as the clock is at 53.0 seconds. By the time the time bonus is applied, the clock is at 52.0 seconds and increases to 60.0, which is the maximum allowed by the cap. Thus, you’ve had 8 extra seconds instead of the 7 you would have had if the delay was not in effect.

      An extra second may not sound much, but it may very well have been enough for you to snag that extra time bonus at the last minute and extend your game.

      • mJ_mSv says:

        Yes, right enough… just so annoying when you match time bonuses just before time is out and you get game over, but then again, you might not had come so long if not :)

  2. MartinB105 says:

    1. The animation of crystals being rewarded to your overall total at the end of the round needs to be fixed. It looked correct in the first update that it was added, but has looked wrong in all subsequent updates due to missing parts of the animation.

    2. Every day, I still see a message saying that I’ve been “Away for 1 days”, rewarding me with 300 crystals and one life. I’m not really complaining about this, but the nature of the message seems to indicate that it’s a bug.

    3. Trophy progress statistics.

    4. Please allow the ability to disable help for the various components of the screen during gameplay, as sometimes I accidentally hit them with my thumb, which can disrupt the flow and kill a good combo.

    5. Allow simultaneous “stand-by” of two Totems. For example, if Green and Purple Totems are used and the player swaps a green and purple token, causing both to make a match, then both totems should be placed on stand-by. This is because it can be annoying when you want to activate a certain colour, but the other colour overrides it instead.

    6. Add an option to disable input from the gyroscope sensor or use an alternative method to change the token gravity direction (for example, using L and R buttons). Personally, I never tilt the screen during gameplay. The only thing this does is annoy me when the bus I’m on turns a sharp corner and makes my tokens fall in an unexpected direction.

    7. Fix level up crystal and life refill reward when double XP is active.

    8. Fix the “Round Time” at the end of a game to show the actual amount of time played. Right now, it calculates time bonuses on the basis of 10 seconds each, regardless of how much extra time they actually gave. For example, if you receive a time bonus at 55 seconds, the timer increases to 60, which is the maximum cap, but the “Round Time” at the end will say “1:10″ instead of “1:05″, which would be correct.

    9. One personal wish is to be able to place a Totem on stand-by IMMEDIATELY after activating another Totem. For example, in the current situation, if you activate a Green Totem, then quickly make a purple match, the Purple Totem will not appear on stand-by.

    10. Some Totems need to be reworked for balancing. As the situation stands, some Bonuses and Totems are almost completely useless. Most people will only ever use Purple, Green and Orange Totems. The Yellow Totem in particular is almost worthless at its current value.

    11. Some Bonuses also need to be reworked for balancing. The “Added Crystal” bonus is notably better than the others. The only use of Dynamite, Lightning and Colour Burst seems to be for the attempting the Nuclear Blast trophy (also see the next point). The Bonus that gives more score per crystal stands out to me as one of the most worthless, in the grand scheme of scores commonly in the millions. I also think “Colour Burst” would be more balanced if it would remove 100% of a colour at Level 4, rather than just two thirds, and perhaps the Score Frenzy bonus could also increase the multiplier during Score Frenzy as well as the time, making it more attractive to use.

    12. When Dynamite, Lightning or Colour Burst are in use, the player should not receive less Time, Score and Hint Bonuses. In my opinion, these bonuses actually make high scores much more difficult to achieve.

    13. One for my personal wishlist: Allow more Totems and Bonuses to be used per round. Perhaps three Totems and four Bonuses.

    That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll add more later as I think of them. :)

    • MartinB105 says:

      14. Add “All-time Friends and Global Leaderboards”, in addition to the weekly ones we have now.

      15. Add an option to choose which level of Totem or Bonus is in use. For example, some players may prefer to use the Green Totem at level 1, since it costs 150 crystals less and the only advantage of the higher levels is slightly more score.

      • Grainger says:

        I love idea 15 above, sometimes I’m short on crystals and the option to dial down the totem or bonus level would be great.

    • HD1990p says:

      I aggree with some of the point mentioned above.
      I don’t expect functionallity to be added, because the game is free and it’s fine how it is now.

      1) Remove the “X has won a new reward…” from the LiveArea and replace it by “X has set a new weekly high-score of #.###.###”. And only post it when he actually beat his previous one.

      2) Let time bonusses be added instantly when you get them.

      3) When you get a bonus from a totem and line up some crystals of the same color, set the totem back on stand-by.

      4) Try to fix the stats to show the complete picture and not only the data since the last update.

      5) Make the scratch card to hold every possibility. There are only 9 squares, when you need 12.

      6) When I set a score of 5M for a week, but don’t go online the monday after. If I then set a new score of 12M, it gets deleted when I connect to the server. I want to keep that score for that week.

  3. Grainger says:

    I’ve asked for these before but i’ll ask again here:

    1) PLEASE do not reduce the requirements fot Denizen or any other trophies. Instead add further interim trophies so players are rewarded incrementally.

    2) Remove “Player has a new reward….” spam from Live Area.

    3) Award extra time instantly during a round.

    4) Add option to “Unlock full game” to remove lives timing out. I’d say £3.99 would be a fair price.

    5) Asynchronous online multiplayer allowing players to send challenges to friends to win crystals from them if successful.

    • MartinB105 says:

      PSN games are limited by Sony to ~20 trophy points each. TOMB already has 21 trophy points, so there is no room for Alawar to add extra trophies.

      I agree with everything else except for instantly adding extra time, which I already explained in my reply to the first post above.

      In particular I want to emphasise my agreement in being AGAINST changing the requirements for Denizen, as it is unfair to devalue the trophy for those of us who have already got it.

    • Steve says:

      I’m 100% with this one…

      “2) Remove “Player has a new reward….” spam from Live Area.”

      New high scores, longest play time, and highest multipliers records at the most.

      I don’t see this one as an issue…

      “3) Award extra time instantly during a round.”

      I’m used to the time being different based on distance and either plan accordingly, or just accept what I get.

    • superpatchy66 says:

      I agree about not watering down the trophy requirements. It’s not fair on those who have already achieved them.

    • Andrefpvs says:

      I disagree with not reducing the requirements for Denizen. 100 hours is ridiculous (and it doesn’t even count menu time!). We were also already promised a downgrade of the requirements, so I’ll be very disappointed if they were to go back on their word.

      I very much agree, however, with completely removing the LiveArea “(…) has earned a new reward…” message. It’s destroying the friends’ updates ecosystem, and I’m surprised Sony isn’t regulating it at all.

      I also agree with adding extra time instantly during a round. It’s something that frustrates me regularly.

    • mJ_mSv says:

      2) Remove “Player has a new reward….” spam from Live Area.

      -Agree with that one, spamming so much that the other more intresting posts gets overseen…

  4. Allisson says:

    4) Add option to “Unlock full game” to remove lives timing out. I’d say £3.99 would be a fair price.

    It´s great idea!

    • MartinB105 says:


      I have complained from day one about the pricing structure in this game. There is no comparison I can make in which paying for TOMB makes sense.

      If we use the “Pay-per-play” model, then we must compare the value to arcade coin-op games:

      In the 90’s, arcade games gave us unique experiences with cutting edge games and input methods such as light guns, flight sticks, car cockpits, motion simulators, etc. that were either extremely expensive or completely out of reach of the home market.

      Alawar now want the same payment to continuously play a simple derivative puzzle games on standard consumer hardware that we’ve paid for ourselves. That just doesn’t make sense.

      Let’s look at this from another angle: Compare the crystal price on the basis of what you can get instead for that money.

      The maximum amount and best value of crystals available for purchase is £15.99 for 100,000. Consider that although this is a lot of crystals, it is still a finite supply and you will ultimately end up back in the position you started in, with nothing but possibly a high score to show for it.

      Compare the number of PSN games you could buy and keep for £15.99. Many full games are a fraction of this price. I recently bought Hydrophobia Prophecy for little over £1. I also recently bought Dyad for about £5. Beat Hazard Ultra? £2. That’s THREE FULL GAMES and I’ve still only spent about half of those 100,000 crystals.

      Paying £16 for a finite supply of currency in a simple puzzle game just makes no sense at all.

      The only positive thing to come of this for Alawar is that my exposure to TOMB directly lead me to the purchase of Treasures Of Montezuma Minis game, as well as my parents to buy the Android version.

  5. Kai says:

    I played the game when it was new and made it to Level 4. Now with trophy-support I started playing it again but with a Level of 4. I have since leveled up twice but the trophy for ‘Good Start’ is not unlocking. Any chance to get that fixed in a way that it would unlock once I reach the next level?

    • MartinB105 says:

      Did you receive a lot of extra lives with double XP for being away?

      When you levelled up, did you receive bonus crystals as reward?

      I believe that you may have encountered the bug I described in point 7 of my post above, which is apparently also affecting the trophy.

    • tomblitz says:

      This is most strange, the Good Start should be unlocked by default if you’ve levelled up at least once, before or after the update. You could try deleting your savedata on console, for instance, and start over - the trophy should unlock, and your savedata will be restored from the server.

  6. Steve says:

    A few I just thought of…

    The screen can get busy to the point I can’t even tell what color some of the tiles are with all the various Time Adder, Score Multiplier, and Hint bonuses running at the same time. Add in the glowing edges and chains, (and multiple instances of each when you get a high scoring game going) and it’s too much in too little space. Back some of the animations down or kill some of the glow when there are more than a certain number of bonuses running at the same time.

    Deactivate the help screens when the game is being played. I activate the help screens too often by mistake when I’m trying to mix the board.

    There needs to be some kind of perk to make people share through Near. Or some kind of penalty for not sharing. The crystals aren’t as big of a deal when you pass a certain skill level, but it’s nice to get something for being in contact with others, and adds to the game. Maybe add extra lives or a multiplier boost or some kind of perk for those that share.

    Instead of getting 5 lives in a row, (it’s actually six since another adds while you play) consider switching to 10 plays in a row. I’m afraid if too many lives are given, (or unlimited lives) it will lead to burnout and it will kill the game. I’ve seen this with the old arcade machines when you switch to Free Play on them. Limiting the game in some way keeps you coming back. If nothing is left to work for but a higher score, it may not be enough to keep the game interesting on its own. Maybe add another life if you score over a certain amount in a round.

    Most of the Totems and Bonuses are useless or very near it after you level up very far. I only use the Green, Orange, and Purple Totems, and the Added Crystals and Profit bonuses. Either re-balance or totally change the others. Or change them after you pass a certain skill level. Examples…
    Have one eliminate all chains on the board either permanently or for a few seconds. One could boost your multiplier temporarily or permanently in a round. One could change all the tiles around it to the same color or place gems in them. (and so on)

    I’m not 100% sure I like the idea of these, but different play modifiers that randomly kick in on the board could be slick. Like small fog popups to obscure the playfield in spots, a block of tiles could self destruct randomly or from a set trigger, the tiles could become slow to move, (an effect like they are heavier), a section of the board could temporarily destroy any tiles that land on it. (And so on.)

    The Green Totem locks the tiles that contain gems in place when it’s activated. Me no like.

    I’m sure I’ve missed some things, but that’s it for now.

    • Steve says:

      The multiplier scale is pretty easy to peg while playing, which makes it impossible to see what you have till the round ends. Have it zoom out to 20x when you pass the 10x mark and so on.

      A small timer that counts down time remaining for Frenzy might be nice.

      Add a mode that has a set 5 minutes of play, with boards for high scores in this mode. Add a mode that doesn’t use any Bonuses or Totems. And so on.

      Instead of charging for crystals and/or lives you could charge to have a set amount of unlimited play. (hours or days) That would still keep a potential revenue stream, and give value to a buyer. You could also let someone pay to add time to a round. You would have to keep their scores from posting on the board if they add time though.

      • Steve says:

        I forgot to mention that I think the game is largely dialed-in the way it is now.

        I fell in love with the game like it is, and all the changes I listed are just things that can be done, but that doesn’t mean they should be done.

        If a lot of the ideas are implemented you may want to have new play modes that are separate from the regular gameplay that we have now. Changing everything just because it can be done isn’t always for the better.

    • MartinB105 says:

      I’ll second some of Steve’s suggestions.

      The glowing bonuses have always been a distraction to me too, as it took me many hours of playing before I conditioned my brain to recognise them as the colour that they are. The grey token in particular is still frequently mistaken for green in my case, due to the combined colour of the token and the glow.

      I also really like the idea of a Totem that removes all the chains from the board. :)

      I don’t know about zooming out for the 20x multiplier. Are you saying the multiplier cap should be raised / removed? In the current situation, the multiplier does not go any higher than 10x.

      Regarding the Score Frenzy timer: Doesn’t the sand on the left drain acting as a timer? I may be wrong as I never really pay much attention to Score Frenzy.

      • Steve says:

        I was pretty vague about the multiplier part.

        It would be great for the multiplier scale to go higher, (up to maybe 15-20x if it didn’t unbalance the game) and to zoom out as you climb higher than 10x. Once you break the 10x mark you never get to see how high over the bar your crystal count goes.

        As for the score frenzy, it kicks in and you see the screen flash when it’s working, but it’s hard to see what the result of it was. After it ends I’d like to see a score pop up like the one for multiple tiles broken and a combo on the board. It doesn’t get much attention because you never really see what it does. That’s also a problem with the Extend Frenzy Bonus. It says it can boost Frenzy to 20 seconds but it never really seems to work, or I just miss the result.

        • MartinB105 says:

          You can already see how much higher the crystal count goes after 10x. The number of crystals is right below the bar.

          • Steve says:

            Your point would be a great argument for removing the bar altogether.

            Since a bar is there I’d like the representation to go as high as your crystal count goes during a game, whether there’s a larger multiplier or not.

  7. natalia says:

    I would like the other montezuma games remastered for VITA! I too have trouble seeing what colour the glowing crystal perks are. i would like to further upgrade my totems and bonuses! sometimes when i level up (currently level 112) i dont recieve my gift crystals.
    sometimes i feel the game is up to something acting against me giving me bad boards, sometimes if i pick the purple totem for instance, there seems less purple gems and then sometimes i feel the game is good to me…

    • MartinB105 says:

      I too had the feeling sometimes that the game is working against me, but I guess there’s no easy way to prove it.

      The thing that stands out most for me is when I’m short on time (i.e. the last ten seconds) and I shuffle the tokens hoping that I’ll be able to get one of the remaining Time Bonuses, most often they seem to end up in inaccessible positions.

  8. natalia says:

    That should read I want TREASURES OF MONTEZUMA 2 !!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS

  9. 08/15 says:

    I would like to see a few more stats after a round ends.
    like i.e. longest combo, points for longest combo, tokens destroyed.

    And maybe a Combo “Leaderboard”

  10. alby says:

    hmmm things to improve my favourite most addictive game ever ..I have difficulty differentiating between the orange and yellow jewels and the glowing jewel bonus causes my eyes problems as well, i cant tell the colours very well. Also i play this game a load since it came out and since the stat tracking patch i have 40 hours logged so hopefull to become a denizen soon!!!!!!!!!!!! my biggest ever round that was in the 90,000,000s was before the stat patch so that kind of upsets me that its not recorded oh well what can you do except cry or laugh or give in to despair. i still dont exactly know what triggers dark mode or what score frenzy actually means or sometimes i think the dark mode cloud could be a little more responsive to back rubbing the vita, the clouds which i think of as depression will not clear very well could that be made a bit better maybe? also sometimes when i play i find my finger doesnt slide too well on the screen so i wash it in soapy water. and still get finger prints everywhere which is the curse of touchscreen for someone with OCD i have 10 microfibre spectacles cleaning cloth to try to keep my vita fingerprint free, they are regularly washed in a light soap solution to remove the grease caused by the finger prints eeewww. sometimes it upsets me when you put the purple totem on and you have to get 2 colour chains i refresh the board sometimes to get my second purple hit could that spinning board animation go a bit faster and also is this cheating? i would love extra modes especially an endless mode that would be cool, i would love more montezuma games from u guys i hope this game has been a success for you its the best match x game ever cant play any others except this will you be making more montezuma titles soon?

  11. RaineOdanrot says:

    This may be petty, and others may not care but I feel like if the player clears out all matches and the board auto-randomizes, a time bonus should be implemented. Even if it is just 5 seconds. The randomize takes about three seconds and I feel a little jipped when my time runs out.

    I also like the idea of in-game challenges to be rewarded with more crystals. For example - “Match 10 sets of Red gems” and the reward be like 50-100 crystals.

  12. Steve says:

    One other thing that’s not an in-game suggestion.

    I’d like to see some high-rez pictures posted of all of the different colored tiles.
    There’s some very detailed art used for the patterns on the tiles and for the tiles themselves, that you can’t see very well on the screen at normal play distances.

    I’d love to be able to use them for backgrounds, an avatar, and maybe a screen saver that changes like the board does during gameplay.

  13. somasun1234 says:

    I’d like to see a new gamemode but i dont have any idea!:DDD

  14. Steve says:

    They just released another firmware update. It’s up to 2.01 now.

  15. Tenerife Toby says:

    I would like it if every player got 1 000 000 crystals on chrismas day and birthdays, just imagine the joy on their faces :)

  16. Jim says:

    The game stops in the middle of loading and i have to restart my ps vita.

  17. Charlie says:

    I had the same problem, delete ToMB and redownload it (sync trophies first if you haven’t before).

    I missed out on my win bonus for last week but other than that it worked fine.

  18. Charlie says:

    Are we going to get a fix for colourblind people in the next update? I really struggle with blue and purple gems, I need blue to be lighter blue and purple to have more red in it. However this will fix it for me but maybe not other colourblind people.

  19. Stranger_Eddie says:

    … Possible to change the background music during gameplay! I told it before, the “credits” song is much better than the original.

    … Create a kind of “single player” with new levels after increase level…

    … Open the “doors” presentes in the begining >> inside this doors, is possible to see “new backgrounds and stone colours”

    ………….. No suggestion here >> My difficult: The developer of The Nuclear Blast Trophie are the encarnation of Evil!… God of mine! I´m trying this coursed Trophie for months! Everytime rest one or two gems to clean all. T.T

  20. tDl says:

    As other have suggested, and my own single point of change I want to see; Please get the “Lives” thing.

    If you make it a $4.99 unlock, fine. I can live with that. I’d happily pay you guys that, but in my honesty, I refuse to pay for refills.

    Really, I just want to play your game. That’s it. I would love to do so without the Facebook pay for more ‘energy/lives/plays/moves/turns’ kind of set up.

    Thanks <3

  21. PK says:

    I would like to request an iOS version of TOMB to go alongside TOM 1,2 and 3 I already play and love (since I don’t own a Vita and have issues with the small screen) on my iPad, and hubby (who plays TOMB on his Vita) would like to see TOM 1,2 and 3 released onto the Vita, please :)

  22. mJ_mSv says:

    I know it’s too late for a update, but maybe for a new version of the game or for a future sequel…
    I would love when time goes out, you would be allowed to continue until you’re combo is finished, in other words you could extend the gametime until the current combo is broken, what would be even more cool is that you could maybe also collect timebonuses during the last combo wich could add the time back again wich let you continue even if you break a combo if you get time back… I suppose it would fit better in another gamemode or in Tomblitz 2 or something? :)

  23. complainer says:

    I think that the round time should be longer than 1 min considering you have a 100 hour trophy. That is the only trophy that will make people NOT want to play this game. I was having fun up until now. It is the only trophy I have left and I only have 34 hours completed. I think 25-30 hours would have been realistic in terms of what players would do. I personally have friends who are avoiding this game because of that one trophy.

    • mJ_mSv says:

      The first time I played the game I also complained about the timer on just one minute, but I luckely discovered that it’s just not so, My average gametime is now normally between 10-60 minutes by collecting the timebonuses from the purple and orange tokens. So try expand the gametime to use the game to you’re benenfit instad! :).. Now I almost complain that it takes too long time, lol.. Also you will be lucky to hear that the new update coming soon will most probably only require 50hrs for that throphy, but I’m still playing far over 200hrs now.. It’s a damn addicting game, probably the game wich I have spent the most time on ALL time, so thanks Alwar!

  24. says:

    what ifi want to start over from lvl 0

    • says:

      like what if my lil sister wants to play for a bit but i dont want her to use my lives so could there be like a three diferent game files to choose from also this could help with waiting for lives to restore and help you introduce your friends to the game, cause im sittin here with the volume up getting “score frenzy” every few sec and people around me are all like “what casino are you playin, and can i try that” an i only got 2lives left payin mad rent per game, Would really help with marketing i thikz

    • tomblitz says:


      The game is linked to the PSN account. So the only way to start a new game - is to log into the game under the other PSN account.

  25. War says:

    I have been playing this game for quite a while now(actually since its initial release). I have taken breaks and returned multiple times. It gets boring sometimes due to lack of spice. I was thinking maybe daiky goals maybe a good addition to the game. I play other block games and that seems to keep me going back to those. Another thing could be new totems. More time extenders, multipliers that have new requirements to activate, etc. Just wanted to put that out.

  26. carlfriedrich says:


    +++ TOM Blitz - Playstation Vita +++

    the PS Network outage / Ps Vita FW update messed up my highscore of over 3 Billion. The score has not been transmitted online. The game was offline and when I wanted to transmit the result I was forced to update to new firmware & restart the system. I have screenshots showing this as my all time high.

    Can you please help me?! That score took me over 170mins, I don’t want that to lose it. I’m devastated…

    Большое спасибо!

  27. kevin blake says:

    Hi, for some reason since the latest maintenance that has taken place i havent been able to access my daily scratch off card for the last three days. as im working towards fortunate son im now concerned i wont be able to achieve. PSN Id is kevnhaze4

    kind regards Kevin

  28. Maria says:


    I also no longer get the daily scratch card. I got a new, larger, memory card for my Vita so I copied all my games to my PC. Since then I don’t get the daily card. I tried removing TOM and re-downloading fresh, same result.


  29. Travis says:

    the tournament timed out last week and says 0d 0h 0m, and just does nothing. just like your programmers….. wow. great support for your products

  30. Travis M. says:

    still messed up…

  31. Travis M. says:

    final score 2058400. experience points 19237… i used to get 20584 for same score… THATS what im talking about…. and can you fix this please?

  32. Travis M. says:

    ok, but what about the thousands of points i’ve been shorted in experience points?

    • tomblitz says:

      Experience points never intended to match your score. The final value of experience points is determined by factors such as your level, your score and a double-experience bonus. So there is nothing wrong with the amount of experience you are receiving. Hope that helps, and good luck!

  33. Travis M. says:

    it used to be 10% of my final score

  34. travis m says:

    now scratch cards quit working DAYS ago…anbody still work there?

  35. Braden says:

    I am also having issues with scratch cards not showing up, as well as not getting the prize for the weekly friends challenge. Has the server been closed? I understand it’s an older game now, but that’s kind of a bummer.

  36. Ethan says:

    Any response would be greatly appreciated. As I too would like to know more information.

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