Some of our players have reported that the 2.00 Vita firmware has not yet resolved the game startup  issues, including error C1-6427-9, and they are still having trouble starting up the game. Therefore, we have contacted Sony in an attempt to work out the solution for this, and they have replied us that the problem is fixed, but it needs the Vita restore to go into effect.

To recover from error C1-6427-9, the user must restore PS Vita settings via “Settings->Format”.

Let me remind you, that your savedata remains safe and intact on our server, your progress will not be lost. We know, that it is probably not the most graceful solution, but the only official one we have, so please bear with it - and have a good time playing our game again!

4 Responses to “Treasures of Montezuma Blitz Startup in Firmware 2.00 - Fresh News”

  1. Grainger says:

    Any news on the forthcoming game update? I check every day but it never arrives.

  2. aiden says:

    i reinstalled the game and it has solved the problem

  3. superpatchy66 says:

    Thank you for confirming that Sony have fixed this bug. It’s very much appreciated.

    I’ve missed this game. It’s my most played vita game by a mile.

    It’s good to know that this should be my final system restore :-) It takes nearly 2 hours each time. Does anyone know a quick way to save and restore browser bookmarks? I have around a hundred and it takes ages manually typing them in each time.

  4. dikins says:

    formating vita is not mandatory - in my case updating trophies (synchronizing with server) did the trick

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