Some of our players have reported that the 2.00 Vita firmware has not yet resolved the game startup  issues, including error C1-6427-9, and therefore they are still having trouble starting up the game. We have, yet again, conducted the extensive testing and research regarding this problem, but have been unable neither to reproduce the error, nor track it down code-wise. Everything is working perfectly correct here.

Right now, we have contacted Sony once more to try and work out a solution together with them. Any further information regarding the issue (videos, screen captures, links) and all similar issues in other games that you might be having would be greatly appreciated.

We’ll keep you updated on every progress, however little, we make in investigating this matter.

24 Responses to “Treasures of Montezuma Blitz Startup Issues in Firmware 2.00”

  1. David T says:

    I have a fix solution for this problem, and I don’t believe it has anything to do with what firmware you have or don’t have. After reading how someone had gotten it to load/work by loading Trophies first, I loaded it to try it. I found the same error code when it tried sync’ing Vita Trophies with the network. Then it all made sense on why I could see and hear the game loading behind the initial error pop-up. The game calls and loads Trophies during loading and because there is/was a problem within the system software in regards to Trophies, caused by what I suspect from those of us who rebuilt our Vita databases after the system froze and we hard rebooted. I found that if you restore the Vita system (don’t) select format memory card unless you really want to, then go thru the steps of the initial system setup and then activation, I was able to load the game and even resolved a couple other issues with other programs on the Vita. All of this would explain why this issue isn’t affecting everyone and some.

    I hope this helps! It certainly worked for me!

  2. superpatchy66 says:

    I had error c1-2738-0 a few months ago, and had to restore my vita (which was a right pain). It happened again a week ago, and I assumed that fix 2.0 would fix it. It hasn’t, and there is no way that I’m wasting hours restoring my vita.

    This is the only game (twice) that has this problem, but I also cannot access my trophies. I have no idea how the issue occurred, as nothing ever crashed or failed whilst playing.

    • mJ_mSv says:

      I think asking montezuma blitz developer to fix a problem wich seems not related at all is asking too much… If you’re trophie app does not work it definetly shows something more is wrong with you’re system, so the restoring time will definetly be worth it… Do it while you’re watching TV or something :)

    • David T says:

      Sony needs to own this fault and work out a patch to be included in a future update. This isn’t SPL’s fault and they’ll never be able to fix it themselves unless they are willing to drop all trophies and remove them from their games, which I really doubt will ever happen as everything is trophy-centric.
      Plus, resetting only took me 15-20min to do. You don’t have to redownload or reinstall anything. You are simply deleting the corrupted registry and starting over. When your Vita see’s your games on your memory card, it’ll automatically add the necessary db entries. So you shouldn’t have to spend hours walking thru the initial setup screens. If answering your time zone, what wifi network you want to connect to, what your PSN account is does take you hours to run thru, then there’s definitely more wrong than just with your Vita.
      I have also reverified this fix solution on 7 other Vita’s that were having this problem or something similiar. The more I think about this issue, all it would take is an erroneous db entry in Trophies or something, so your Vita doesn’t necessarily have to lock up, freeze, or hard reboot or whatever. Microsoft had a similiar issue on the Xbox years ago.
      So if you don’t want to fix the problem on your Vita, then stop complaining to the game developer demanding they fix it. Call Sony and complain to them.

      • MartinB105 says:

        How do you know his trophy issue and the game error messages are related? It speaks volumes that this error only seems to be occurring in this game.

        • David T says:

          Every system in the office that had this problem and error when running this game, all had issues with Trophies and could not sync the local trophies with the server. You could still see trophies in your PSN account, but not the local list. 8 out of 8 Vita’s all unable to load this game and all unable to sync or view local trophies… hmmm… let me see… makes sense to reason the local trophy db is corrupted or something…
          I thought I’d pass on what I found and learned on how to resolve this problem and point out that there wasn’t a problem with the game itself (as everyone seemed to be screaming and blaming Alawar for this) and seeing how they were scrambling in trying to fix it and knowing what its like and how issues like this can cost someone their job. But hey… if you don’t want to fix it and wait for Sony or Alawar fix it for you, then fine. I’ll keep my mouth shut from now on.

          • MartinB105 says:

            Sorry, I missed the part that this was occurring across eight separate Vita’s. Yes, that makes sense now.

            Personally, I play my Vita every day, I have over 100 hours clocked in TOMB and I’ve never seen this problem.

            I have no idea what I do differently than you and the seven other people you know.

          • tomblitz says:

            That’s really strange. There a few Vita’s in the office, and also a few private ones, and not one has ever encountered this problem. Maybe there are some particular steps we have to make to reproduce it effectively?

        • tomblitz says:

          Over the web, there were reports of the similar problem with MGS HD, Ridge Racer, FIFA 13 and Ecolibrium. Maybe some other games too. But the error code seems related to Trophy system.

    • tomblitz says:

      That’s a shame, but that’s the only solution we have so far. By the way, we were not told, what could probably be causing the problem, and if there was a fault in our game. My guess is on the Trophy system, but it’s only a guess.

  3. Steve says:

    Now that the new firmware is out, do you have an approximate time for the next patch?

    1-2 weeks or will it be less or more?

  4. mJ_mSv says:

    Just thought I should report another bug in case others have it and it’s not only here. I think it’s related to Blitz, but it might be “near” aswell for what I know. The bug is that when I get the daily scratch card I scratch it, and then decide to share it on near, If I press the sharing prosess too fast when the winning animation is not finished it will freeze my Vita everytime now on the blitz screen(Not only pressing share, but coming to the point where blitz should open the near application before the winning animation is over in blitz), forzing me to take a hard reset of the vita. If I wait to the winning animation is done in blitz before sharing it works perfect, so it’s not a big deal as long as I know about it. But every bug wich can taken away is a good thing! :). It might be only my system for what I know, but it should be easy to reproduce on others.. After I reboot the gift is not avail in near either so it have not gone that long in the prosess. Except for this Blitz is never freezing on me anymore, it did some random freezes ingame in the first months (not that often, maybe couple times a month), they seems to be gone now atleast!

    • tomblitz says:

      Thanks for pointing out, I’ll try reproducing it and, if confirmed, add it to the list of fixes.

    • Steve says:

      I’ve had that problem a few times as well.

      The thing is, sometimes it does it and others it won’t when I do the exact same things.
      I’ve learned to let the animation complete before starting the sharing process. But that’s not a real fix.

    • mJ_mSv says:

      Funny thing I thought I would use this to force a crash today, as I wanted to restore my database, but it did not crash my vita, so it seems it’s not crashing on me everytime afterall!…

  5. aiden says:

    if i reinstall tom blitz will i lose all my progress on the game as i am thinking of doing this to see if that fixes the problem

  6. Jason says:

    maybe if sony wasn’t ran by idiots, shit like this wouldn’t happen… would of been a hundred times smarter to just integrate the vita into android os than to make this dumbed down version with issues every update… pathetic attempt to “stand out”

  7. JondalarLP says:


    I didn´t play MB for Vita for a month and when i came back (after upgrading it) the clock for time played went from 30+ hours to 55 minutes, and the minigame bonus went to zero, which made no sense since in the history it shows that i have 435 gold pyramids. I don´t know if this is happening to most people or if it is gonna be fixed, but i would like and answer and it repared since i spend a lot of hours in the game. Thank u in advance, please answer to my mail too so i don´t miss it.

    • tomblitz says:

      Hi, are you sure you have upgraded your game client to the latest version?

      We have double-checked the statistics functionality, but everything was going as expected.
      Also, would you mind giving us your online ID so we could check your data on server, if it was recently modified.

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