Well, it may not be that much, but we have added a little something that may be a bit of a pleasant surprise for some of our players. From now, every day will begin with a bit more of shiny crystals than before, as we have raised the amounts of daily minigame rewards. So it goes:

Old - New

40000 - 60000

15000 - 25000

6000 - 12000

2000 - 8000

1000 - 5000

500 - 2500

200 - 1000

Have a nice day!

101 Responses to “Have a richer day with Treasures of Montezuma Blitz”

  1. mk says:

    thx :)
    Is there a limit of the crystals in this game?
    More than 10 milions possible?

  2. Steve says:

    I’ll send this info to all the people on my FL and see if it gets them back in the game.

    I wish there was a way to get Ign to look at this game again. They paned it when it first came out due to issues with lives, crystals, and lack of information.’

    It’s so different now from what it was at launch it’s hard to see how it’s the same game.

    Since they didn’t actually review it the first time, it might be possible to get them to do a real review.

    • Steve says:

      I asked and got a response to my Ign review question for TOMB from one of the Ign reviewers in the comments section.
      My original question…

      “Is anyone going to be reviewing Treasures of Montezuma Blitz? They did a piece when it launched about it being a bad free to play game. But since then they’ve patched the hell out of it and it’s 100% better in every way.”

      The response…

      ” Moriarty-IGN MOD • 4 hours ago

      There’s really no time or resources for us to go back to Montezuma Blitz, but perhaps when the review cycle dies down some.

      The game was an atrocious money-grab when it was released, so I’m glad they’ve at least rectified that. =)”

      There are several people that make positive comments about the game whenever I mention it on that site or other sites, (Just that mention got seven comments/questions) and quite a few that also wonder about a review. So there’s a good chance to get it reviewed after the crazy holiday release/review cycle ends if I continue to press the issue. (I hope) If nothing else it may be possible to get a “before and after” patches comparison piece done.

      There are several people that haven’t updated the game and asked about trophy syncing issues, (still haven’t updated?!?!) and also a few about the current crashing issue. I deal with them as I get them.

      • tomblitz says:

        Oh, that’s capital. We can’t be thankful enough to you for asking them to review the game again. We know we did not do very good at start, but it would be great to know that our update efforts were appreciated by as many players as possible. Thank you again for spreading the word! We will be, in our turn, ready to come up with any useful info or materials if they indeed choose to have another take.

        Trophy syncing issue is fixed, but in some cases it still may require console restore, I’m afraid. As for the crashing issue, we are eagerly waiting for the next firmware update.

    • Steve says:

      Of the eight people that had quit the game, four are back now with the higher scratch-off crystal amounts.
      And one of the eight had quit due to the game crashing, and said he’ll be back as soon and the Vita firmware shows.
      Not bad.

      • Davidiam_17 says:

        Might not work for all, but for some reason when I opened the Trophy app while I was connected to the internet the app had to restore. Afterward I tried this game (after it not starting for 15 days) and it started without any problems. Just thought I’d share.

  3. Vitalogy says:

    This is a good step forward for the game which many will enjoy but what about the 100 hours trophy? I think I’m confortable to say that 95% of the people who play the game still think it’s absurd the amount of time to unlock that trophy :(

    • Steve says:

      I knew I had gotten the Denizen trophy, but didn’t know when, or how long I have played in total.

      I got it on the 25th of July, but have no idea how long I’ve played in total. My stats say I’ve played 29 hours and 36 minutes. But I assume that’s a glitch from one of the patches not keeping my total time right on the system. But I still couldn’t see how I played enough to get the trophy.
      Then I remembered the time-glitch that used to allow you to set the clock ahead and play as long as you wanted. That’s how I did it.
      Without that glitch, I guess it would take around 10 months of very heavy play to put in that much game-time.
      I play TOMB at least 100-150 lives a day, (just a guess but a good one I think) and have only added 29 hours since, (I assume) July 25th.

      • Vitalogy says:

        Well that means it will take years for me to get the trophy as I play at the most 10 lives a day (when I play at all, when I can) so 100 hours yeah, totally off.

        To TOM Blitz staff: I know your intentions are good and that this particular trophy is meant to make people play but if think its heading the wrong direction playing against you, because I know people that stopped playing the game because they love to 100% their psn games and this trophy is absurd so they opted to not play the game. I must admit I’m not that far from going the same way as them, and I play since the very beginning and always helped with bugs/glitchs but this is way too much. All these months playing and I only have 10h if that much so yeah, it will take me years to get the gold, well thanks, but no thanks.

        If you’re gonna review this trophy than great and just let us know, if not, let us know anyway so we can decide wether we continue to play it or not.

        • mJ_mSv says:

          They have already stated that they will make the 100hr throphy easier in next update!, lucky for you!. I for my part is far over 100hr already. after I learned how to play the game better and extended the gametime from average 1min to maybe average 10min now, it’s not that big deal for me. Never out of lives either as they regenerate faster than I use each round in average aswell :) So no complaints from me, the game is just too addicting :)

        • tomblitz says:

          It’s one of the considered features for the update, along with Fortunate Son. Thank you for speaking your mind!

          By the way, a bit of inside joke: some people on the team originally proposed to make it 1000 hours, so 100 seemed like a good compromise at the moment =).

          • Vitalogy says:

            @mJ_mSv I’ve learned how to play and I know the “tricks” but it’s not just about “knowing” it’s mostly about “luck” which I happen to not have much lately so I get frustrated :\

            @tomblitz glad you didn’t took it personaly, it was just that me speaking my mind. And I really appreciate you guys listening to the gamers, not many devs do that and I’ve said that before in this blog.

            As for tor the teams mates that proposed 1000 hours I just say: you guys shouldn’t drink while you work. HAHA XD joking (now seriously, you shouldn’t :p)

          • Grainger says:

            Speaking as somebody who is working hard to get the Denizen and Fortunate Son trophies I am hugely aggrieved that Alawar are making the trophy easier. Stand your ground Alawar! Don’t let those who can’t be bothered ruin things for those with the dedication to grind their way to the trophy!

  4. superpatchy66 says:

    I completely agree with everything that mJ_mSv said

    There are some really difficult, if not impossible, trophies on some games. You only have to look at the trophy lists for your friends to see how few people actually complete games 100%. For my 80 friends its about 5% maximum, so I’m not entirely sure that this trophy is such a big issue that it appears to be.

    100 hours is a dead simple trophy to obtain, albeit it may take a while (100 hours lol). You can be tbe worst tomblitz player and you can still get this trophy in exactly the same time as the best player.

    • mk says:

      Fortunate Son can get worst player but not Denizen.
      Its faster to get 100 hours trophy if your average round time is high.
      Lucky worst player will win a trophy from scratch in 3 days. 100k 100k 60k.

      I asked what is limit of crystals? Because i see that is the place for only 7 digits.

  5. Steve says:

    My 74 day 1000 maximum crystals curse was just broken. I hit what was a 2000, but which now equals an 8000 on the scratch-off.

  6. a person says:

    thanks for increasing the crystal rewards i like playing with the explosions on , headphones and full contrast and volume!!! block the outside world out! Reality sucks, this game gets rid of it! I LOVE THIS GAME…Can we have more treasure of montezuma games on vita???? PLZZZZZZZZ

  7. superpatchy66 says:

    Mk, I’d like to know max_cry_ len too.

    I got very close, so I thought I kill 2 birds by going for nuclear blast. This always wastes scores of thousands of crystals. Finally got NB and getting periliously close to one mill again.

    Unfortunately the mini game has given me six grand each day since the change. I know I could (and can) skip it, but it was nice to know how the change affected me.

  8. mk says:

    I wonder if the authors predicted that people will exceed 9999999.
    Scenarios possible:
    -counter will stop at the maximum value
    -value reset to 0
    -negative number(like when you reach max points 2.15b) of crystals
    -or it can be more than 10m(value will not fit in the screen)

    Superpatchy what did you use on Nuclear? I prefer only dynamite from explosives.

  9. superpatchy66 says:

    I’m was quite worried that it would reset to zero, or perhaps crash the app.

    However in the shop you can buy one million crystals for between £55 or £65. I can’t recall exactly.
    Therefore if Tomblitz are selling one million crystals (and a dozen have bought them), the application must hence be able to handle it. Safe to continue!!! (BTW is this good value as my friend is pondering the purchase next payday?).

    I used the dynamite, extra crystals and purple to get nuclear blast. I sometimes added lightning, and frequently mixed any combination of the 4.
    Dynamite was definately the most effective, and I thought the purple’s bonuses would prove useful.

  10. Landon Hoffart says:

    hello, im sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but i purchased 2 scratchcards for this game for .99cents each, ive contacted sony and they said to contact alwar, they want to give me a refund, but i would really prefer just some help on how to actually use them? is there something simple i am missing? if i go to the “services list” from the vitas playstation store i can see there it says that i have 2 scratchcards left, but just no idea how to use them.. please any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    • Steve says:

      There’s no way to just do the scratch-off at any random time.
      You can buy them whenever you want in the store, or just after/before you do the scratch-off.
      To use the extras from the store, you have to use them when the daily scratch-off is up, and click the lower button.
      It says “Buy” if you haven’t got anymore chances, or will switch to “Use” or “Play” times(x)however many you bought. Either way, your next chance to use them will be when todays Scratch-off pops up.

    • tomblitz says:

      Steve’s reply is correct - unfortunately, there is no way to call up a Scratchcard game at any random moment - only when it shows up once a day. After you play the free one, you can go on and play the remaining two you purchased. Not the most convenient way to do it, but that’s how it is for a while.

  11. MartinB105 says:

    Did the odds of receiving the higher prizes also go up or did I just get lucky?

    I just won 60,000 crystals this morning and finally got my Fortunate Son trophy! :D

    Now I only have the Denizen trophy left to get.

  12. neoprime33 says:

    Been addicted to this game for a few weeks now and just now found this site (AWESOME)! I can’t wait to try some of the new hints/tips I’ve been reading about on the site. The highest I have gotten on the game is 400,000+; I want to get over a million, so, I will be studying everyone’s hints as much as possible. :)

    Thanks for the site Alawar!

  13. XcaliburOne says:

    Hello there. Could anyone please tell me where TOM Blitz save data is stored? I’m curious to know if it is contained on my PS Vita memory card on in TOM Blitz’s servers. The reason i’m asking is because I am having some issues with the app launching and I would like to delete it and reinstall it but not lose all my data at the same time. So which is it memory card or TOM server? Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide. Have a nice day.

    • Steve says:

      It’s on the server. So delete away if you need to.

    • tomblitz says:

      Both. There is a copy of your savedata both on memory card and on server. In case you format your card, or restore your vita, as long as you log in with your PSN online ID, everything will be okay.

      • Ghost13CK says:

        That isnt true because i was really close to the “DENIZEN” trophy and now i have to restart all the way from 0 but everything else stayed the same

  14. MartinB105 says:

    Finally got Denizen! :D

    My stats have recorded just over 45 hours of play time, so I must have clocked about 55 hours before the update, which is surprising to me, since I thought I played the game much more after the stats update. I guess I was wrong.

    I suppose it’s finally time for me to play some other games on my Vita. I hope Alawar makes more games for the Vita in future. :)

  15. mk says:

    Point of view depends on the place in the ranking.

    • Steve says:

      Not for me.
      I’ll never get very far up the list due to my medications. They just keep me too fogged mentally to be able to play this at my best.
      If I’m very lucky I can beat my score by a few million every few weeks, but that’ll be it.
      It doesn’t make the game any less fun though. Trying to beat my own score, or weekly friends-list players scores is enough to keep the game fun on it’s own.
      I also play it about a dozen times a day grinding just to add crystals when I know I won’t be scoring very high, and have a lot of fun with that. It’s oddly calming.

      Even knowing my scores will never be very high, I still play this more than all my other games. And I have a lot a games on all the systems. This one just hits a nerve.

  16. Vitalogy says:

    Geez how the hell you score 300MIL :S I need a dozen of those scores to add a good amount of “play time” to my counter XD

    • MartinB105 says:

      I used Purple Totem, Green Totem and Added Crystal Bonus.

      My round time was 5:50, but the entire round consisted of a single combo that I managed to keep going for the entire duration.

      You’ll need to activate a lot of Time Bonuses to keep the round going for that long, and some Score Bonuses wouldn’t hurt either.

      Your score will go exponential as long as you keep the combo active, and the longer the better.

      • Davido says:

        Martin take a screenshot with your game stats and put it here on the forum, I want to see it. Gratz for your score.

        • Davido says:

          I mean that stats where you see game time etc.

        • MartinB105 says:

          I have posted my stats below as text because my Vita does not work with my Linux PC to transfer data such as screenshots, etc. (I don’t have any Windows or Mac at home):

          Total time played: 51:21:00
          Longest game time: 08:20
          Most crystals in round: 202
          Best all-time score: 307,131,700
          Longest combo: 216
          Points for longest combo: 303,902,200
          Most tokens destroyed in combo: 700
          Kickout mode activations: 347
          Score frenzy activations: 5736
          Dark mode activations: 312
          Most points received after the round time is over: 20,116,000
          Crystals received from daily minigame: 124,000
          Crystals received from ‘near’: 0

          If you add me as a PSN friend, you can verify this data and view my live stats from within the game itself. My PSN ID is MartinB105

          • Davido says:

            Thx. Most points received after the round time is over: 20,116,000.
            First time i see some many points in this stat, normally people have about 1-2 milions.

          • MartinB105 says:

            Yeah, I’m not sure when and how that happened.

            The most interesting stat to me is the last one:

            Crystals received from ‘near’: 0

            The reason this is interesting is because I have around 25 people on my PSN friends list who are playing TOMB, and I check Near fairly regularly. People just do not share.

          • Davido says:

            1 gift = 1 friend
            they nothing share or you are too slow

  17. warturtle16 says:

    Any possibility you guys will make it a tad bit easier to get the Nuclear Blast trophy? I seem to always get suck with one or two tokens hahaha

    • Steve says:

      They said as much for the next update I believe it was.

    • MartinB105 says:

      I didn’t think Nuclear Blast was THAT difficult.

      There’s definitely some luck to it, but it’s really just a matter of using the Purple Totem to get a lot of destructive bonuses (Dynamite and Lightning - don’t bother with the Colour Burst) on the board, then shuffling the tokens until the layout of the items looks like it might destroy everything.

      Once you’ve done that, just let the timer run down so everything gets triggered at once.

      You’ll probably want around 10 destructive items on the board, but the more the better.

      It only took me an hour or two to get the trophy when I really started trying. The biggest hurdle is having enough crystals, so you’ll probably want to do it after a big scratch-card win (or buy some crystals if you’re so inclined).

      Also, don’t even think about trying it until you’ve got the bonuses and Purple Totem to level 4 (level 70 by natural progression); you’ll just be wasting time and crystals.

      • Vitalogy says:

        Nuclear Blast is 100% luck based. I tried to do it lots of times and always got close but never did it and then some day I was simply playing to pass some time and boom, got it.

  18. MartinB105 says:

    Hello everyone.

    I’d like to share another trick that I’ve learned and been using recently. This trick is relating to activating Kickout Mode (and therefore also Dark Mode).

    In order to activate Kickout Mode, the game requires six or more tokens of the same colour to be removed simultaneously, and that these tokens must be adjacent to each.

    This is actually quite difficult to do and is mostly dependant on luck to get a situation in which this occurs by chance, or you’re given an opportunity to swap a gem to create a two intersecting rows of 3 and 4 (the intersecting token is only counted once).

    However, there are less obvious opportunities to accomplish this. To be specific, Kickout can also be activated when two simultaneous swaps would normally be required. Let’s say you have the following layout on two rows (sorry, I don’t have proper screenshots or illustrations):

    O O G O Y B G R
    O P O O G Y B B

    In this case, there are six Orange (’O') tokens. However, the tokens cannot all be removed in a single token swap, and the game does not let you use multi-touch to swap two tokens at once, which appears to make it look impossible to activate Kickout mode with this layout.

    What can you do in this situation?

    Well, you can also see there are three Blue (’B') tokens, which can create a match. If you create a match with the Blue tokens, there will be some empty space, as follows:

    O O G O Y Y G R
    O P O O G

    Here’s the trick: Wait until the tokens above the Blue tokens begin to fall, then immediately and quickly perform the two horizontal swaps to create two rows of Orange tokens (G-O on the top row, O-P on the bottom row).

    If you’re fast enough to perform both swaps before the fall animation completes, you’ll get this result:

    O O O G Y R B Y
    P O O O G Y G R

    The game doesn’t care that the two lines do not intersect; only that all six disappearing gems are of the same colour and are adjacent to one another. All six tokens should disappear at exactly the same time.

    The biggest aspect to this trick is timing: If you react too quickly, one (or both) rows of tokens will disappear before the others fall. If you’re too slow, the two rows will not disappear at exactly the same moment, which won’t count.

    Of course, there are other variations to the layout of tokens that can be used for this trick, in addition to the one illustrated above. There are many more opportunities to activate Kickout Mode once you begin to recognise them!

    • tomblitz says:

      Pretty comprehensive hint, it deserves to be published in the Tricks section. Would you mind if we did so?

      • MartinB105 says:

        No problem. That was my intention. :)

        It could use some actual screenshots instead of my crude ASCII depictions to better illustrate the technique.

  19. MartinB105 says:

    Just to clarify on how this technique works, the game will accept matches made before the fall animation completes, but won’t actually remove them until after the fall animation has fully completed.

    This allows you to create multiple matches that disappear simultaneously, where ordinarily this would not be possible.

    Contrary to the example I’ve given above, you’ll probably want to create vertical matches, so tokens have further to fall, giving you more time to create two matches before the fall animation completes.

    • Vitalogy says:

      I already knew this actually and seems pretty good and stuff but lets not forget you have to do this within tens of seconds if not less meaning you don’t actually have time to stare at the board in order to see a chance like this appear.

      I’ve made this “trick” lots of times, in fact almost all the times I play and it’s been made randomly by pure lucky because my main concern when playing is to not lose a chain therefore this happens naturally while playing. I’m sure most, if not all, people have made this without even notice :p

      Time is very precious in this game and we cannot aford to, like I said before, stare the board looking for possible 6 or more matches. Still, good hint.

      • Steve says:

        Ditto, also sliding one over or up at the last second so the game thinks you made the match and gives you credit is a regular play move for me as well.

      • MartinB105 says:

        That isn’t necessarily true. If you notice the opportunity, even in the midst of a combo, you don’t have to react to it immediately. You can always wait until the next “fall cycle”, providing that nothing in the current fall cycle will disrupt the pattern that allows you to perform this technique.

        I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve become sufficiently skilled at recognising when this opportunity presents itself without any extensive staring at the board. I guess that’s a skill that can only come naturally as you play and practice more.

        I can - and often do - make a conscious decision to use this technique in the middle of a combo. I don’t think I’ve ever even done this by chance.

  20. Steve says:

    Here’s a few Dark Mode tips you may or may not know.

    If you don’t do anything with the rear touch-pad the smoke/fog will clear and reform over an area with a tree-way match. Press that spot to reveal it. After the first match is made the clearing moves over another match and so on.

    To see more of the screen instead of just pressing the rear touch-pad with your fingertip to clear the smoke/fog, lay as much of the length of your finger as you can on the rear, and roll it across the pad. Think of the way they tell people to do fingerprints in cop shows. It clears a huge amount of the screen.

    If you’re tired of the left side of your Vita screen being constantly smeared from playing TOMB with your finger, get a stylus. It’s just as fast, (or faster) and more precise. And best of all no fingerprints!!!!
    Any capacitive stylus should work fine. I bought a three-pak from Amazon for $9. They are the size of a full sized ink pen, made of anodized aluminum, and have rubber tips that hold up great. They also came with several sizes of elastic lanyards that plug into the headphone port on the Vita to keep them handy. Search “The Friendly Swede” to pick a set you like.

    • Steve says:

      As usual, I forgot something.

      One more point about Dark mode.

      Continue to play as fast as you can while in dark mode. The smoke/fog will start to clear up as you play if you make enough matches, and it will allow you to keep playing the game after Dark mode is over if you keep adding time with bonuses.

      • MartinB105 says:

        It is worth mentioning that the timer is capped at maximum 20 seconds once Dark Mode has become activated, so it’s much harder to keep the game going even if you do manage to clear away the fog.

  21. Stranger_Eddie says:

    Ok… It´s nice to take more crystals!

    But the question is:

    You choose 3 options… And only shows the 3 positions Independent if you win a good or bad prize in this daily minigame…

    Is it possible to create a form to show ALL 9 POSITIONS after you win your prize?


    - First you choose 3 positions…

    - You receive your crystals…

    - (NEW HERE): After you the 3 positions, the minigame JUST OPEN the other boxes (6 positions) open ALL…

    Just to PROVE the REAL DAILY POSSIBILITY to win the maximum prize!

    • Vitalogy says:

      Very good point indeed. Like real life scratch cards we buy, after we scratch the 3 spots either we have prize or not, we ca scratch the rest and see where the prizes were.

      I second this though I think it will never happen.

    • MartinB105 says:

      This suggestion is silly. This is a DIGITAL scratch-card.

      Revealing the “remaining” panels proves nothing. Those “remaining” symbols can easily be just as fixed as the symbols you “revealed” for your prize.

      For what it’s worth, for the sake of the simplicity of the algorithm, your prize is probably already determined before you even start to scratch off your first panel.

      In other words, the three symbols you get are probably the same regardless of which positions you choose and what order you scratch them. The “remaining” six cannot be revealed because there was no reason in the first place to determine what they are, since they are not needed for determining your prize.

      The only true way to tell what’s really happening is to use debug tools, emulators with save states, etc., or to see the underlying source code of the game.

      • mJ_mSv says:

        Or do like some cheat you to more attemts everyday, and they do actually give you diffrent scratchoff… Not bother myself as it’s time consuming, and I will not explain how it’s done here as I do not support it!, But it proves atlest it’s random :)

        • mk says:

          Agree with you.

        • MartinB105 says:

          I’m not trying to say the cards are fixed.

          I’m saying that the algorithm does not necessarily generate symbols for the unrevealed panels, because there is no reason to show them as they’re never used.

          It can still random, even if the prize is just randomly determined before you scratch any panels.

      • tomblitz says:

        The guess is close, but not exactly right. The positions of tokens are determined before users starts scratching off, but only tokens, not combos, and therefore, prize may still vary - depending on which positions are scratched. However, there are only seven combinations that win higher than average for 9×9 board, so it is still pretty pointless to reveal the rest.

    • tomblitz says:

      In the current scratchcard mechanics it, unfortunately, will achieve nothing. The combinations of tokens are randomised each, with different chances for different combinations to pop up. If we opened the all, players could get the wrong impression that chances are low or high, depending on sheer luck - whereas in reality they are neither.

  22. 08/15gamer says:

    I’ve got a issue with the level up rewards.
    In 4/10 “level” up’s (filling the level up bar) I didn’t get any reward for it, has anyone the same problem?

    • mJ_mSv says:

      If you get doublexp bonus you will not get level up reward.. Quite common problem

    • MartinB105 says:

      I explained this one before.

      If you need 3,000 XP to level, and you earn 2,000, the game doubles it to 4,000 and you level up. But the game does not account for the double XP when determining that the reward should be given, so it effectively says “You needed 3,000, but you only got 2,000, so no reward”.

      This is why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

      That’s my theory anyway.

  23. Slash says:


    First of all let me thank you for this great game, I really enjoy it and it had been great fun to play.

    I’m now pursuing the Nuclear Blast trophy, I’d like to know if you can publish a Trick issue about it :) Using Dynamite and Lightening Bonus and Purple Totem, I always miss one or two items :( it has been so frustrating…

    Also plans on making it a little bit easier on a newer version would be appreciated as well.

    Keep up the good work.

    • MartinB105 says:

      It’s worth looking back over the comments in the previous posts on this site to find some tips for getting it. I and others have posted a few times about this.

      • Slash says:

        Ok, I’ll do that Thanks.

        Either ways, the suggestion for a Tip post remains as I think it should be useful for everyone.


  24. TOMBAddict says:

    muckPoland is a cheating douche. No doubt about it.

    • mJ_mSv says:

      I doubt it, I suppose he is wery good at combos, thats why he get around 1 Bill every week I suppose… Even I wich is not so good get around 200mill every week now, So I know for sure you can easily get that points if you have the skills… :), The reason I do not reach that scores I suppose is that I am not that good at keeping the combos going sadly..

    • Steve says:

      This is more than likely the one thing in life he/she excels at.
      It’s like a college professor. He/she knows every little detail about the subject they teach, but can barely tie their own shoes or drive a car.
      Let muck have that one thing.

  25. MartinB105 says:

    Have Alawar abandoned the PlayStation Vita? If you go to alawar.com , there is no mention whatsoever of either the PlayStation Vita or Treasures Of Montezuma Blitz. Searching there turns up nothing. It’s like Alawar don’t even acknowledge the existence on their main website.

    • tomblitz says:

      Well, it was not abandoned. It is rather the other way around - Treasures of Montezuma Blitz got this separate website on Alawar domain.

      • MartinB105 says:

        How do you expect visitors to Alawar.com to become aware of TOMB if your main site doesn’t even acknowledge it’s existence?

        The decision to isolate this game from the main Alawar website seems very counter-productive, especially as this site is terribly lacking in presentation and polish compared to the main Alawar.com website.

        At the very least, searching for “Treasures Of Montezuma” on Alawar.com should give a link to this site.

  26. Andrefpvs says:

    Hello there, tomblitz!

    Is there any ETA for the new update (the game one, not the Vita firmware).

    Thanks :)

    • tomblitz says:

      So far, no exact date. We know it’s been a while, but as soon as we know for sure, we’ll post the good news here, but that definitely will be after the firmware update. There’s been a number of issues that depend very much on it.

      • Vitalogy says:

        Can you define “after”?

        Is it “after 2 weeks” or “after 2 months”? (just examples)

        I’m ok with not having an exact date but I’m sure you can estimate it, just please don’t use the “soon” word, because if you apply the same definition to that word as sony does, then we’re doomed lool

        Do you know already ho the denizen trophy will be tweaked? Will it be cut in half (50 hours)?

        • tomblitz says:

          Well, the last example is fairly close, actually, maybe a bit more.

          Yes, exactly, it will be half the current time, 50 hrs.

          • Slash says:

            Will there be any tweak/improvement to make the Nuclear Blast trophy a little bit easier ? I’m so tired trying to get it with no avail :( It’s frustrating..

    • Steve says:

      The new firmware will be out on the 19th or 20th according to Sony. It will include email for the Vita as well as other changes.
      The game patch will be after that at some point.

  27. Steve says:

    The new firmware is live now in the US.

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