Good news everyone!

We’ve just got a word from Sony that existing problems with game launch failing with various error messages will be fixed in the next Vita’s firmware update, 2.00.

If not fixed on its own by update, trying Vita restore should help.

It’s confirmed that the problem exists in firmware 1.80 and 1.81 and is fixed in firmware 2.00. To recover from the situation, you can use the ”Restore the PS Vita System” option from the Settings menu.

Hope you’ll be able to return to our game once the update 2.00 is up on PSN.

41 Responses to “Errors at startup will be fixed in Vita firmware update 2.00”

  1. Grainger says:

    Any word on when we’ll see an update to the game itself? I’m dying to see how many hours I’ve played. I also want to see if you’ve removed the “Player has won a reward” spam from the Live Area ;-)

    • tomblitz says:

      All in a good time, all in a good time. The best time would be, of course, “now”, but… Don’t worry, I’ll let you know as soon as I know the date.

  2. chalky83 says:

    I wasn’t aware there was an issue, the game has been running fine for me, I guess it doesn’t affect everyone then.

  3. Steve says:

    Out of curiosity I decided to ask the people on my friends list why they had stopped playing TOMB. I got the same answer from all but one of them.

    7 out of 8 claimed it was due to not having/winning enough crystals in the daily scratch-off to make the game interesting/fun to them. The other one was having constant crashing problems.

    I personally haven’t seen anything more than 1000 crystals in the daily scratch-off for over 72 days straight now, and counting. There’s a certain amount of chance with this sort of lottery-like game, but even Vegas has a state minimum requirement for how many times a slot machine pays out.

    I also ran onto a glitch yesterday with the tournament. I had five minutes left on the timer, and posted a higher score than my previous for the week. The clock still showed 3 minutes left for that week after my new score posted. When that tournament ended, my score for last week was still showing, and that same score shows up as my current high now.

    It didn’t reset my score at the end of the tournament. Usually the reset of the score is a little delayed, but this is the first one I can remember that it didn’t reset at all.

    • mJ_mSv says:

      Not playing the game becouse not getting enough crystals in the daily scratch off is silly.. I for myself have almost never got more than 1000 crystals a day, and I think once 6000 cystals.. I think I’m around 25000 crystals in total from scratching. But I’m mainly scratching for the trophy.. You should instead learn to play the game, as I have currently over 900000 crystals, and still rising.. :), been playing far over 100 hours thought, experience might help a bit!

      • Steve says:

        Bully for you.
        I can and do play the game daily. I just leveled up passed the 100 mark and have collected all the trophies except Nuclear Blast.
        Are we done measuring our gameplay prowess now?

        The problem is for players that don’t get to play enough with options on. Playing the game without crystals very quickly becomes boring for them and they quit. Just because a group of players, (including most of the people on this board) can have fun with the game in an unintended manner, (without crystals) doesn’t mean the players that can’t enjoy play that way are doing anything wrong.
        The crystals are there for a reason, and they are obviously meant to be used or they wouldn’t be the main currency for the game.
        This is a balance issue plain and simple.

        Will this get fixed?

        I doubt it. And that’s too bad.
        Because as soon as this game looses enough popularity, they’ll shut down the servers and that’ll be that.

        If my mentioning a problem that I’m seeing and hearing puts you shorts in a twist I apologize.

        • tomblitz says:

          Alas, if it was that plain and simple, we’d do that already. It takes some time to figure out the solution, and all that we can do now is half-measures. We can’t give too many crystals to everyone, so we’ll probably just raise their inflow at beginner levels. But that does not solve the fundamental problem - those who don’t like to play without crystals, and can’t obtain them, either way, by themselves, will leave.

      • Steve says:

        It would also be nice if we could give away some of our built-up crystals that we don’t need, aren’t using, to beginners.

      • mk says:

        I remember the times of the first version of game, then it was difficult to obtain crystals.
        Now it is much easier than in the past.
        Most of the writers here, doesn’t know how to play this game and these people are trying to force the changes in the game.
        Its a F2P game, if getting a crystal will be easy for all, how authors will make money on game.
        They are volunteers?

        • mJ_mSv says:

          Yes, it’s quite balancing, The makers need to make money somehow aswell, but I think the crytsal packs is too expencive, I think more would had bought them if cheaper (Atleast 1/2 price or even less) It keept me away buying them in the beginning when I neeeded them the most, now I earn more crystals than I use each game anyway (use all 5 slots), so I’m quite happy afterall. Maybe they could add more slots so I might start using more crystals than I earn thought :)
          I think Alwar is doing it very right with this game, and I’m very thankful for getting it all for free. But I think maybe there should had been a option to unlock it completly forever for a set price, might had been attractice for some at the right price point… I wonder how many bought the 1.000.000 Crystal pack in usa, it’s price is far beyond what I would had paid for a full unlocked version!, But “free” games is surely the future if the microtransactions is right!…I’ve spend far too much on Ecolibrium becouse of that!

          • Steve says:

            That’s the point. They need to give enough away to keep people playing and occasionally buying.
            They won’t do either if they don’t get into the game.

          • tomblitz says:

            Aye, it would probably be good to keep the prices lower, but there is also a consideration of minimum pricepoint in PSN. We’ll try to think of something in this aspect in the next update.

        • Grainger says:

          Yes, it is free to play but I will never pay for a pack of crystals or extra lives. Never. So the F2P model for this game, for me, is poor. However, give me a game like the excellent Montezuma PS Mini (or the iOS game) then I’ll happily pay for it. As soon as I get the Fortunate Son and Denizen trophies I’ll pretty much delete the game and never go back to it….there will be nothing left to play for (I’ve admitted to myself I’ll *never* get the Nuclear Blast trophy).

          • tomblitz says:

            Well, ideal F2P is something of a dream we aspire to, and probably will even achieve yet; but if you don’t want to pay, that’s still fine. We respect the opinion on all players, whether they pay or not. We hope you still had some good time with our game, and that’s what’s important.

        • tomblitz says:

          Not quite exactly volunteers, but every comment that could help us find balance between those who are willing to pay for fast results and those who want to play on their own is very much welcome.

      • tomblitz says:

        Well, from now on, you’ll get at least 1000 crystals a day ).

  4. Psygnosis says:

    Did Sony say when the firmware 2.00 will release ?

    • Steve says:

      Not that I’ve heard or found anywhere.

    • tomblitz says:

      Nope, hopefully, soon enough. Those elusive, impossible to reproduce errors that we ourselves cannot help anyone with, are quite a bugger.

      • Dave says:

        How is it Sonys firmware?
        I was playing for weeks ,then the update came,1.70, as soon as game updated, start up issues started happening, if dont update to 1.70 and play without signing in to psn the game runs, update it to 1.70 and sign in to psn, you cant play it.
        Surely that means its your game update that is faulty? And not psvitas firmware ?

        • tomblitz says:

          Well, the update for the game came out almost simultaneously with the Vita firmware updates. If the problem was in our own update, crashes would occur on all Vitas and be easy to reproduce, which is not the case here. We have tried to catch the problem many times, to no avail - everything worked perfectly. Therefore, we asked Sony for help and they told us not to worry and wait for the next firmware update. So it goes.

  5. BB-GP says:

    @tomblitz, Thank you for an excellent game, i struggled with crystals in the beginning but this is no longer a problem, so for now im patiently waiting for 2.00 as i started getting errors after the 100% trophy completion

  6. superpatchy66 says:

    The issue is that when first playing it is hard to earn crystals, and later on you have too many. I have nearly a million crystals which I will never use.

    The other issue is that you reward people for not playing for a few days - with double points for x number of games.

    My solutions are:-
    1) Allow mini game wins of 1000 or less to be shared point for point via near. At the moment you can only share 20%. Increase this to 100%for <=1000.
    2) encourage people to share via ‘near’. Excluding mini games I earn at least 20,000 crystals per day which I could share to all my friends on near. However it is time consuming and I do not benefit because I have nearly a million crystals.
    If you can share your game crystals once per day rather than after every game, then it is less hassle.
    If you can have a trophy for giving away 250,000 points, then there will be an incentive

    3) Reduce the price for buying crystals on a one-off basis. Allow each customer (based on playstation id) to buy as a once-off 15000 for 50p.

    4) Allow unlimited crystals as a ‘one day pass’. Charge 50p for unlimited use of totums and bonuses on a daily basis.

    • mk says:

      Unlimited lives for 24 hours, I thought on this proposal. I would give up with the “Refill lives”.
      They will renew faster than you buy it.
      Also price must be 1/3 of what is now.

      Only a few people see the gifts that I send once a week from “Award for the week” via Near.

      • mJ_mSv says:

        If I understand how near works now, I think only it’s first come first serve with gifts. In other words the first one which searches up you’re gift get it, and nobody else… I think that so many think near is faulty, becouse they does not get the gifts they thought they would, myself included. Have not seen any response on this officialy thought, so Anybody who knows for 100% sure out there?

        • tomblitz says:

          Exactly so - for the moment. The first one to see the gift takes it. Also, you can only have 1 gift per game at the same time, i.e. You can’t post both minigame bonus and return bonus to ‘near’ - only one of them.
          We see good room for improvement in ‘near’, though. It’s a useful feature, greatly encouraging friendly communication between players, and we will continue to track all the improvements to it and use them in our game.

          • mJ_mSv says:

            Thanks for the heads up confirmation!, I suppose it’s sony wich limits the near usage thought (Only one person can get the gift you share) I would ofcourse have prefered that everyone could get the gift once before I update next gift, but I suspect that will be impossible to technical issues on sonys side on how they have made near to work. Hopefully they can prove me wrong thought! :)

    • Steve says:

      Excellent ideas.

  7. mairh says:


    Suddenly without any system update the latest 20 days the TOM BLITZ game freezes when the green bar is being loaded..

    Shall i format my card?
    The big question is:
    If i reinstall the game will i loose my points and crystals that i have already gathered?

    Thank you.

    • tomblitz says:

      It is ok to reinstall the game. As soon as you log in with the same online id, your scores, experience, crystals and lives will be downloaded from server.
      Strange that it should freeze now, though. Any error message? If not, formatting the card is likely to help.

      • mairh says:

        thank you very much for your reply…
        well my vita freezes very often after the last firmware update.. but this kind of freeze (where tom cannot load) is different than the others..

        there is also NO error at the “error log” of the device.

  8. Aiden says:

    I am having trouble with the game starting up can you let me know when the update js as i am missing playing the game.

    • mJ_mSv says:

      My guess is when the ps+ for Vita is officially unveiled, the fw update will probably come same day as it goes alive… Hopefully next week, atleast this month sometime! :)

    • tomblitz says:

      Still waiting for next firmware update, I’m afraid, that should fix it.

  9. Davidiam_17 says:

    I suggest running your trophy app while connected to the internet, then try starting this game. This worked for me twice when I couldn’t start the game. You should get a message on the trophy app that it is being restored. Not a good bugfix, but it worked for me.

  10. kels.gz says:

    the PS vita 2.00 firmware update is in the PS store(US) but the tom blitz still doesn’t load up. any fix or other suggestion?

  11. Glenn says:

    i get the same Error C1-6427-9 the app failed to load

    this is one of my fav games, if anyone can help, it would be great.

  12. David T says:

    I’m afraid I’m another person who has this c1-6427-9 error on loading. The game ran fine up until my Vita locked up one day a couple weeks ago and I choose to rebuild the Vita database. After that event, the game just would not load normally. Behind the error screen the game does appear to finish loading as you get a glimpse of the home screen and hear the music playing, but you can’t get the error screen to go away. I tried reinstalling the game, but no luck. Even after updating the Vita firmware today to 2.0, all I get is the error screen. There has to be a fault in the game itself if its THAT fragile.

    • David T says:

      I found the solution! Simply restore your Vita! You don’t have to erase your memory card, thankfully, but you do have to go thru setting up your Vita again and reactivating under PSN.

      The problem is all due to our Vita’s locking up on us and after hard-booting and choosing to REBUILD VITA DATABASE, it some how corrupts our Vita Trophy entries and prevents sync’ing. Since the game during loading calls on Trophies, we encounter the C1 error (which I have just learned is a system error), so the Vita doesn’t know how to procede since this game made the call and the system can’t finish the request.

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