Well, it may not be that much, but we have added a little something that may be a bit of a pleasant surprise for some of our players. From now, every day will begin with a bit more of shiny crystals than before, as we have raised the amounts of daily minigame rewards. So it [...]

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Good news everyone!
We’ve just got a word from Sony that existing problems with game launch failing with various error messages will be fixed in the next Vita’s firmware update, 2.00.
If not fixed on its own by update, trying Vita restore should help.

It’s confirmed that the problem exists in firmware 1.80 and 1.81 and is fixed [...]

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This post is mainly inspired by a comment our regular reader, MartinB105, left. As, most probably, he is not the only person wondering at the secret purpose of the Kickout mode and Gravity direction change, I’ve decided to make a post about it.
Kickout mode:
The main idea of it was that the far-sighted expert combinators from the [...]

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