A little while ago, by numerous requests from the comments here, we have blocked the ability of Treasures of Montezuma Blitz version 1.00 to post results to leaderboards. The results are still being saved online, but they are now present in savedata to appear only locally.

Dear version 1.00 holders, to be able to compete in Global leaderboards, please update to version 1.70.

71 Responses to “Treasures of Montezuma Blitz v. 1.00 is off the Leaderboards”

  1. Steve says:

    They did an update to the Vita firmware here in the US.

    We’re now at 1.81 Hopefully that will fix some of the glitches that cropped up since 1.80.

  2. mk says:

    I waited 4 months for this moment, thanks Alawar :D

  3. Allisson says:

    Great…. my game only starts in 1.0 version… FW 1.81 don´t fix the error code c1-6427-9… some problem in the FW 1.80… for me, done!

  4. Blh says:

    It could be just me. But everytime i start up tomblitz it crashes when i’m around 50%of the startup. After that i cant ro anytgi g on my vita unless i use the 30 second restart

    • Steve says:

      I had a similar problem but at around the 90% mark.

      Looks like 1.81 may have caused it. I did a complete reinstall of the game and patch to fix it.

      I don’t know if the reinstall is a permanent fix or just a temporary thing. I’ll know soon enough.

    • tomblitz says:

      Is there any error message with it, or just crash? Maybe there are other applications running in background?

  5. arnaud says:

    cela fait trois jours que je ne sais plus jouer aux jeux à cause de cette erreur: C1-2738-0
    le jeux se lance mais je ne peux pas y jouer à cause de cette erreur, en suite j’ai l’indication suivante:
    “La préparation de l’application à démarrer a échoué.”
    Vite une solution !!!

    • tomblitz says:

      Excusez mon pauvre français, s’il vous plaît.
      Nous avons cherché la solution de ce problème, mais n’a rien trouvé.
      Nous avons demandé à Sony pour y remédier dans les plus brefs délais.
      À l’heure actuelle, nous attendons avec tout le monde.

      • Geoff says:

        I also have error C1-2738-0 since yesterday.
        Yesterday my first game of Blitz ran OK. Then later in the day, I launched the game again and got an error “Preparation of lauching the application failed” C1-2738-0.
        Since then, the game cannot launch anymore. And when I launch my trophies on the Vita I also get C1-2738-0 error.
        I tried to delete Blitz, then downloaded it again. It was version 1.00, it worked fine, except that it could not connect online. Then I upgrader to version 1.7 and I get the error C1-2738-0 again and again… Seems that the error occurs when the game launches and is looking for something online (as trophies on my Vita also display the same message, is it related to trophies sync?) I can no longer update my trophies on my Vita…

  6. Psygnosis says:

    When the XP is double (because I miss one day), there’s no crystal reward for a level up. I should have earned about 6000 crystals, but nothing ! :(
    Please can you fix it in the next update ?

  7. mJ_mSv says:

    Agree, thats a bit annoying with the double xp… Would had been better without it as it is currently..

  8. Vitalogy says:

    Hey guys! I’ve out/off for a while due to personal/professional stuff but I recently got back into de game and saw some cool modifications into the game.

    Though I couldn’t help noticed that the 100 hour trophy and the 250k gems are still there, I mean, even if I haven’t had this forced stop and wouldn’t even been halfway through to get those trophies and that frustrates me.

    I honestly think you should really consider a cut into those 2 objectives, the numbers for them are riddiculous.

    Please take this in consideration.

    Many thanks.

    • Steve says:

      I’ve got everything but the Nuclear Blast.

      They can be done.

      • superpatchy66 says:

        Me too. I just cannot get nuclear blast.

        I’ve spend 5000 crystals every day for the past few months trying to get that frophy.
        I use the two bomb type bonuses and try to spread them around. I’ve destroyed every crystal bar 1 or 2 on many occasions. Any other tips dudes?

        The fortunate son and 100 hour trophies were simple in comparison lol.

  9. Resetme says:

    I have a friend that always end in 3th place or second in my friend list But he have 0 silver or bronce medals… Always gold, doesn’t matter if he is last either.. He get gold.

    Why is that? I still get silver or none medals if I lost the tournament, it’s unfair.

    • Vitalogy says:

      That medal system is yet to be solved as it continues to either medal people who don’t deserv to or don’t medal at all even if you’re first on your friends list.

      I, should have at this point around 20 gold medals and still have 10 or 11 so it’s not just you having this problem :(

      Also, as someone already mentioned, a fix is needed for when you level up. I mean, for the last few days I leveled up 20 times more less and got awarded for it a max of 3/4 times at most, this isn’t right either.

      The best thing we can do is keep reporting bugs/glitches to the devs so they can sort things out.

      • tomblitz says:

        I reckoned we solved the medal problem last week. Did you get your medal today or was it still a miss?

        • Vitalogy says:

          Haven’t got a medal (gold, silver or bronze) for months now. Today I should have gotten the gold medal and I’m still stuck with 9 golds (I even thought I had 10/11 but don’t). I got the popup message awarding me with lifes and crystals for being first in my list but that was it, no medal :(

      • superpatchy66 says:

        20 levels in a few days. That is some going. Well done dude.

        Regarding medals. If I don’t play the game within 24 hours of 01:00 Monday morning (when the weekly compitition ends) the medal is not awarded.

    • resetme says:

      my ID is; Daush

      im always like top 15. the other guy in my friend list is: Rush2112fan

      He always get Gold even if i won :/

  10. mk says:

    I wanted to remind that button “I” doesnt work properly.
    Not very important thing but sometimes useful.

    • tomblitz says:

      What seems t be wrong about it for you? It calls PSN, so it may highly deppendent on PSN being available. Or, quite possibly, it is easily missed because of its small size.

    • Vitalogy says:

      This feature never worked for me. I decided to try it now after seeing your post and still doesn’t work even though I just started the game.

      • mk says:

        It probably depends on how heavily loaded it is your PSN account.
        On new acc where you have small amount of friends and games should it works fine.

        • Vitalogy says:

          Well I don’t have more than 45 friends on PSN, and I don’t have a huge game library aswell so I can’t see why isn’t this working at all, like I said, never worked for me.

          • Steve says:

            It’s never worked for me either.

            Not on any of the different versions of the game.

            It changes color but does nothing else.

            I’m a US player with a small to regular size group of friends.

  11. Kermit1970 says:

    The leaderboard system is borked. I know for a fact that only myself and one other on my friends list play the game. Yet on Monday I was ranked 13 among my friends and the week before I didn’t get my Gold medal which I knew I’d won

    • Vitalogy says:

      Yea the system still has problems in that field :( lets hope they can release a fix soon for it and maybe, who knows, some changes on the 2 “I will commit suicide” time consuming trophies :\

      • Kermit1970 says:

        I managed to get the 250k trophy a couple of weeks ago. It’s a pain if all you get from the scratchcard is 200 or 500 crystals, but on a couple of occasions I’ve managed 40,0000

        • Vitalogy says:

          Nice, I haven’t even passed 9k in that one and haven’t reached 7h of play time and my longest play time in a game was 7min something months ago, now I can’t get better than 6min and even 6 I only did once so you see my frustration about these 2 trophies -.-

          • superpatchy66 says:

            I button has never worked for me.

            I have little fingers and all the other buttons work.Just that one does not.

            Is the error region based? I have the latest version, but it has never worked on any version. I just asumed it never worked for anyone.

            Great game though!!!

  12. Vitalogy says:

    @superpatchy66 good point there about region locked, actually makes sense. I’m from Portugal, mind me asking where are you from?

    By the way, I have both game and system software up to date too.

    • superpatchy66 says:

      Vitalogy, I’m from UK, so we are both EU.
      Would be interesting to see if any EU people can access the “i” button.
      Or whether it’s America and/or Asia that can.

      • mJ_mSv says:

        Never beeen working on my EU copy either…., Btw, just got my 100hr trophy :), so it’s not that difficult…. The 250k Is far harder currently…

        • Steve says:

          I’m in the US and it’s never worked here and I’ve tried in all versions or the game.

          Nuclear is my only remaining trophy.

        • Vitalogy says:

          It’s not about difficulty but they (devs)can assume that all gamers are good (or lucky) enough to have 30min. game play per life, probably most of the people playing the game have an average 2/3 min at most per life so it will take light years to reach 100 hours.

          To be honest I think even 50 hours would be too much but if they cut the trophy to 50 hours I’ll be thankful anyway.

          Same goes to the 250k, taking out 200’s and 500’s it’s not gonna take me far in the next year even playing it every day :\

  13. Vitalogy says:

    *can’t assume

  14. JeffsonP_US says:

    Hi Tomblitz, I have a little problem.
    I had a problem with my MC, and formatted it.
    Then installed ToM Blitz again, but my net is quite slow, so I started playing v. 1.00 and all my scores were erased. Even after updating, it hasn’t fixed.
    I mean, about the total game time and the daily bonus. I wasn’t close to the trophies, but again starting from zero is quite frustrating.
    Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.

    • mk says:

      Your time is still count like before, even if you see restarted statistics.

    • tomblitz says:

      so you are now updated to the latest version? The Trophies progress is still counted, but we could check your savedata just to be sure. Could you please tell us your id?
      As for the version 1.00, PSN signs you off when you start it anew without updating, so we’re, normally, unable to retrieve your score data, so this behaviour is expected.

      • JeffsonP_US says:

        Yes, I’m with the latest version already. My ID is JeffsonP_US
        So you mean, even if I can’t see my “real time” I’ll still get the trophy once I reach 100 hours of gameplay?
        Thanks for the quick response!

  15. jimmyleo says:

    thank you for privous reply. I also wonder what the detail about two trophy’s change? 100 hours & 25w ==> what?

    thank you,
    best regards

  16. blh says:

    Still waiting for an update.

  17. MartinB105 says:

    I’m just pondering out loud here, but does anyone actually use the tilting mechanic when playing TOMB? How about Kickout mode?

    Personally I don’t use either and actually find them more annoying than useful.

    The former is annoying when sitting in a car or bus that turns a sharp corner and the game misreads the force of the turn as the Vita being tilted and makes my tokens fall to the side. Sometimes it doesn’t even reset to falling down again until I tilt the Vita sideways, then back again.

    The latter is annoying because sometimes I accidentally touch the back panel and remove tokens I want to keep. Additionally, you can’t release crystals this way, as they just disappear.

    Does anyone actually use these techniques to useful effect? It would be nice to hear some tips and tricks on their use if anyone has any.

    Also, has anyone else noticed the tendency of the bonuses from the Purple Totem to replace existing bonuses on the board rather than add more? It doesn’t always happen, but it seems to happen more often than it should, and it can be really annoying when you lose Time bonuses that get replaced by either Score or Hint bonuses.

    • Steve says:

      I use rear touch to destroy the occasional time adder bonus block, since it adds it to the clock and doesn’t just kill it all like it does crystals.

      Other than that very rarely on a board with too many locked blocks.

      Tilt is just too much of a hassle. I have tried to use it a few times, but having the Vita upside down or sideways is too confusing for regular play.

    • Vitalogy says:

      Hey Martins, long time no see ;)

      I used to use the rear touch pad at the beginning but I actually found out it’s a waste of time though it can be handy at times to release gems with lockers.

      As for tilting, I’ve tried it but I usually play the game with my Vita laying down on my computer desk either at home or work (oops, hope my boss doesn’t come and read this last bit LOOL).

      Yea you’re right about the purples, they can be very rare at times when playing. I noticed that all the bonuses and/or tokens you add to take advantage during the game it will reduce the amount of gems of that color but the purples you can clearly notice because it’s also the more importante power-up in my opinion.

      Still, last night, I was able to break my very own personal record of 21Mil in 6min. something with an *cough* outstanding *cough* 69Mil something in 4min something, but I’m still very far from the 100 hour trophy, only have 7 hours and less than 15k crystals from daily scratch :(

    • tomblitz says:

      Thanks for the heads-up on purple totem, we’ll check it and fix it if the bug is confirmed - for it is clearly a bug. By design, purple totem should have just kept adding bonuses on free tokens.

      As for the kickout and gravity, I’ll tell about them in a separate post.

      • mk says:

        That “bug” is protection. If you change it, board will fill up too quickly with bonuses. It will be similar effect like on 1.00.Please dont simplify the game.

    • JeffsonP_US says:

      Like Steve said, I use kickout to get extra time breaking the clock bonus.
      About tilting, I use when I have a bonus I want to use on the bottom line, doing so, it “falls” up, making easier to match.

  18. mk says:

    I think purple totem is enough powerfull even if sometimes new bonuses replace old bonuses. Slight decrease its power is well thought.
    So please Alawar dont change it.

    I would see a new option in the game something like that.
    Change direction of falling tokens by:
    -turn off

  19. Vitalogy says:

    Today I scratched 40k and guess what? I won the trophy for the 250k which means that those scratch bonus you got before the trophy update will still count (hope it goes that way with the 100 hour trophy aswell)

  20. Psygnosis says:

    I’ve just won the Lucky Son trophy too ! I scratched only 500 crystals and the trophy unlocked. My stats show 64900 crystals, so the crystals earned before reinstalling do count.
    Now, I have got all the trophies, but I will still play. :)

    • Vitalogy says:

      Yeah I have 59k something at the moment but I knew I had won 100k once and 40k twice before the trophies, I guess the server saved the data and made it count. Hope this goes for the 100 hours trophy :)

      Oh and well done!

  21. Psygnosis says:

    Thank you. ^^

  22. jimmyleo says:

    server is broken ?

    leaderboard & tourment don’t work now this week.

  23. Vitalogy says:

    Funny thing is, this week my position in my FL’s was second and guess what, I got the silver medal. I wonder where the 7/8 golds I should have got in other weeks before :(

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