The issue we had with Trophies not being able to sync with PSN is confirmed fixed. Please don’t forget to sync the Trophy utility.

In case of any issues with sync that might be still in effect, you could try reinstalling the game. All the progress achieved at the moment of the last online play will be saved.

If, however, there will still be anything worth mentioning about Trophy sync, please let us know.

88 Responses to “Treasures of Montezuma Blitz Trophies sync issue is fixed in Vita firmware 1.80”

  1. LilMaggot says:

    At first trophies would not sync for me, but after launching the game and playing one round they worked fine. so Maybe try this before reinstalling the game.

  2. MartinB105 says:

    Yes, I also launched the game before syncing.

    I figure the sync algorithm only checks games you’ve played since the previous sync. Since TOM only just became eligible for syncing, I figured that I’d need to launch it to force it to check. I didn’t even play a round; just got my Daily Scratch and then quit the game.

  3. carl says:

    Yes! as LilMaggot and MartinB105 said everybody needs to know that you have to launch the game and then quit out and then your Montezuma trophies will synch when you select to synch trophies on the Vita trophies application!
    great stuff

  4. mk says:

    Now is a good opportunity to unban people wrongly banned in May

  5. jimmyleo says:

    I meet error when I will share crystals via NEAR in v1.8 firmware.

  6. mk says:

    Can i have email to administrator?

    • theycallmejack says:

      Yeah, I’d appreciate that, too.

      Until then, I’m asking you guys: I keep getting this C1-2738-0 error message right after starting the application and while the game is starting behind the message as it should, as soon as I press OK, the screen goes grey and says ‘Couldn’t start application.’

      I’ve tried uninstalling and installing again but the same thing happens every time.

      Any suggestions are welcome. Does this mean my days of playing ToM Blitz are over? It’d be a shame, I love it so.

      • Drano says:

        Press the power button until the Vita asks you whether you want to power off or not.

        Select “Power off”, then press the power button until the Vita starts again.

        That should fix it for most people.

  7. Mitja says:

    Nice of Sony to fix this rather quickly. :) You guys rock for adding trophies to this amazing game. Last week I managed to accomulate 250k and just managed to redo the precious rain. I am so happy to be on 90% and able to sync this progress. Just need to rack roughly 75 hours more to get the last trophy.

  8. mk says:

    Tomblitz do something please. My primary account is deleted from scoreboard. I cant connect to the server.

  9. mk says:

    thank you very much i have connection, this is the best game on Vita :D Greetings

  10. Steve says:

    Just need PR and I’m done.

  11. resetme says:

    Hey guyz, i just upload a video with tips to achieve 100 millions.

    check it out!

  12. udobald says:

    Why not hold a crystal sale to celebrate the fact that the trophies now sync? They are a bit overpriced you know and I got The Treasures of Montezuma 2 free on my iPad.

  13. mJ_mSv says:

    Hello Tomblitz, and thanks for a excellent game, I just came up with a small idea as I did see you state that scrathcards will not be awail in Europe, and only in US becouse of legal reasons. What about making it possible to excange for example 5-10000 Crystals into a new scratchcard ingame instead?, or will that conflict with legal terms aswell?, Would really have liked that oppertinity in Europe aswell! :) and keep on the good work, and bring us more games likes this for the Vita, also intrested to pay for them thought :)

    • tomblitz says:

      or will that conflict with legal terms aswell

      Sad but true, everything that is paid for, but brings unexpected results, regardless of whether it was paid for with virtual or real currency, is considered gambling - not necessary everywhere in Europe, but Sony are being really cautious about it and just block this feature.

  14. Psygnosis says:

    It would be nice if we could see, in the leaderboard, the ranking by number of ziggurats, number of crystals collected or spent, longest combo, or such things.
    Just an idea…

  15. Kuato says:

    The probability to win in the scratchcard is too small, I never earn more than 2000 crystals, and I play every day for months. :(

  16. mk says:

    The old version still allows you to throw the results online. Cool as you would have improved it.

  17. mk says:

    Its annoying, that player like caprico will cheat all the time right now and ruin scoreboard only beacause Alawar dont block uploading online results of 1.00 Version.
    So he know how to reverse level,reset it to 0, and what levels are good to play infinity in ver 1.00.
    Players playing fair on 1.70 have no chance to win global leaderboard.
    Its sad.

  18. MartinB105 says:

    What are you talking about!? Most people got much higher scores after the 1.50 update than before. Version 1.00 is slow and hardly gives any items, so you’re lucky to even get over one million most of the time!

    • MartinB105 says:

      Oops, that was supposed to be a reply to mk. :p

      • mk says:

        On 1.00 for most of the levels, you have a low ratio appearance bonuses, but on the final levels ratio increases rapidly.
        These bonuses is so much that even a weak player as caprico can make a huge score playing infinity. Max points in this game is about 2.15b,
        after that negative points are appear.
        To fix this problem need only to block online scoring in 1.00. I asked many times about it but have not received a response.

        • Kuato says:

          It’s true. On youtube, someone uploaded a video to show a score of 1 billion with the glitchy 1.00 version.

        • tomblitz says:

          It will be fixed today. So far, we have relied on the PSN implementation of the block, but after a round of testing it was found that it’s obviously not working.

  19. Veg says:

    Error C1-2738-0 - I can’t launch ToM anymore ;< Afraid to reinstall, I don’t wanna loose my 40 hours I grinded for Denizen trophy… Any tips?

    • mk says:

      Your time is still count even if you reinstall application. when I received Denizen my time in statistics was 21 hours.

      Try to turn off console if you dont want delete game.

      • Veg says:

        I already found out that this error I got is getting more and more common after 1.80 with different applications, so I hope Sony will fix it soon!

        Thanks for info about reinstalling, not afraid to try this now :D

        Tried already resetting console and launching from recovery menu, but didn’t work ;P

    • Styyxxx says:

      I was experiencing an error with my PS Vita, Error C1-2738-0

      I first experienced it when starting TOM: Blitz “An error has occurred. (C1-2738-0)” if I press “ok” then it says “Could not prepare the application to start.” However the application is running fine in the background. TOM: Blitz goes through the loading screen, game music starts, and main menu appears normal ONLY in the background before I click “ok” on the “An error has occurred. (C1-2738-0)” pop-up.

      Then when trying to sync Trophies it would say “Could not sync with the server. (C1-2738-0)”

      - I deleted TOM; Blitz and re-installed. Problem still occurs.
      - Powered off, remove memory card, boot Welcome Park, Power off, put memory card back in, boot Trophy app then “Could not sync with the server. (C1-2738-0)”
      - Powered off, remove memory card, Power back on, boot Trophy app then “Could not sync with the server. (C1-2738-0)”
      - Deleted new “Treasures” app/game. Error code still appears

      The only “difference” I could think of since this error occured is the Firmware 1.80 update and me getting 1 Trophy in TOM: Blitz. I fear that any game I play now, should I get a trophy, could cause this issue.

      BUT THEN…

      I found a SOLUTION to the error code C1-2738-0 without a full format (Don’t be fooled by my 13 bullet points, I want to be as detailed as possible)

      First I manually transferred everything to my PC (just in case). I didn’t do a “Backup” I just transferred Application Data, Music, Videos and Pictures manually (select all then copy)

      - I turned off my PS VITA
      - I pulled my Memory Card out
      - I turned on my PS VITA (without the Memory Card)
      - I went to Settings > Format > Restore the PS Vita System
      - It prompted me to Deactivate my PSN account before restoring, I said “yes” and it deactivated my account
      - I proceeded to Restore the PS Vita System
      - Once complete, I turned on my PS Vita (still without my memory card) and went straight to Trophies
      - Clicked on PlayStation Network Trophies (no error code)
      - I then turned off my PS Vita, re-insert the memory card and turn it back on
      - After the “Updating Database” I check the Trophy app again (no error code)
      - All my information from my Memory Card was still there so I booted TOM: Blitz (no error code) game started, got the the main screen, played 1 game, at the end of my first TOM: Blitz game, I received the last Trophy I got before the error code issue (which never got synced because of error C1-2738-0)
      - I immeadiately went into Trophies and synced my Trophies (no error code)
      - I restarted TOM:Blitz just in case and everything works great (nothing lost in-game)

      Hope this helps those that didn’t want to do a full format. Remember to go to Settings > PlayStation Network > Activation to re-activate your PS Vita.

      Hopefully the new update will fix this and no one will have to go through those steps.

      Back to Gaming!

  20. Superpatchy66 says:

    I have had the c0-2738 error for a week. Obviously means i cannot play this game anymore. I was third on the leaderboard too (level not score), and had 125 hours play.

    I have raised it on the forums, and am awaiting a reaponse that works. There are loads of people that have this problem.

    I’m linking it to the recent firmware update, as problems started arising soon after 1.80 was made available. I would recommend that you dont mess around with your vita until we know what the problem is. I’ve deleted the game, and re-installed it, as well as reloading the database. The only thing i have not done is reinstalling the vita - which would lose all my data. Besides until sony fix it the problem will only return.

    • Steve says:

      There’s also a major slowdown in the speed of Near.

      I used to be able to share from start to finish in less than 10 seconds. It takes well over a minute now and 8% of the time it ends in an error and a loss of the crystals I’m trying to share.

      The scratch-off, (while not 1.80 related) is skewed so bad now I’m beginning to think it’s un-winable. I used to pick up 6000 or more at least once a week. Haven’t seen anything in weeks from it.

      • Steve says:

        It should have read 80% of the time.

      • MartinB105 says:

        And I thought I was just unlucky!

        I have not won more than 2,000 since the stats update. Before that, I often won 6,000 and occasionally 15,000 or 40,000 too.

        I started to assume it has something to do with how many crystals I have now. I just never seem to run out, since I’m getting over 8,000 per level and several thousand each week for leaderboard positions.

        I really don’t care about the crystals though, I just want the Fortunate Son trophy. Aside from trophies, I’ve pretty much done with TOMBlitz now I’ve got FF7 on my Vita. :p

        • tomblitz says:

          I started to assume it has something to do with how many crystals I have now

          Well, this is not the case. It’s just pure math: the chance, in percentage, of minigame result being 200 is 55.7%, the rest being distributed between other values. So it’s really just luck. However, we’ll increase the chance in the next update.

    • pennylane81 says:

      Is there really no fix out there for this problem?

  21. mk says:

    I made photo how looks gameboard in 1.00 on my test account.
    I hope Alawar will improve it and we will be able to play online only the latest version of game.

  22. Allisson says:

    Hi, I have error c1-6427-9 , I can´t play anymore… Vita USA FW 1.80 … If open Trophy sync in Montezumas Blitz, I have same error… c1-6427-9

  23. pennylane81 says:

    Since last night I have been getting this error code: C1-6446-0 and then when you click ok it says that the application could not be started and takes you back to the main menu. The thing is the game will have loaded in the background and you can hear the music from the game. As of right now I still cannot play :/ Is there a fix for this? I have already deleted and reinstalled the game multiple times. This is the only game that is giving me this error so I do not think it is my device.

  24. Superpatchy66 says:

    Pennylane81, As stated above I’m getting error c0-2738, but my scenario is exactly the same as yours - i.e. app could not be started, the game in the background and the music etc.

    Like you I cannot play the game, and also like you this is my only game affected.

    There needs to be a fix for this.

  25. Superpatchy66 says:

    I have the latest version.

    This issue occured within a day of the latest firmware update.
    Dozens of other people were affected within a week of the firmware update.

    This points to a problem with Sony’s recent firmware update - Perhaps the bit they changed to allow trophiies for Tomblitz?
    Does this problem happen when we win trophies?

  26. N-BORN-Killa says:

    My game dose not work now either. PLEASE FIX THIS

    • Veg says:

      I’m afraid it’s Vita’s firmware fault, not ToM Blitz :P

      • tomblitz says:

        Unfortunately, seems this way. After 3 days of testing we were unable neither to reproduce the problem on our Vitas, nor find a possible problem in our code, although it obviously exists with many other users. Right now, we are poking Sony with a sharp stick to get a fix for this.

        • pennylane81 says:

          data restore fixed my problem, i can now play after updating the game to 1.70…hope it helps, but if you have other games you play a lot too be careful, it deletes EVERYTHING, but trophies

  27. Grainger says:

    Any hints on what features we can expect in the next update and when it will be released?

    • tomblitz says:

      I can’t give a precise release date right now, but the new update will contain several large features obtained via comments here - and about a dozen more minor fixes.

      • Veg says:

        Less demanding Denizen and Fortunate Son? I love you already :D Getting Denizen will be more pleasant then I guess, after 46 hours played I’m almost puking with blood ;) (don’t get me wrong - the game is really, really cool but I would rather play it casually when I want, instead of trying to force-farm hours right now :)

      • Andrefpvs says:

        This sounds really good, can’t wait for the update :)

  28. mk says:

    I’m not sure if Alawar done that fix or still working on it,
    but i want to report that is not working properly.

    Its good that Score from 1.00 is not visible on Scoreboard in ver. 1.00, but in ver.1.70 its still appears.

  29. 08/15gamer says:

    I’ve a question.

    Is there a chance that we see a Multiplayer mode in a future update?

    Thx in advance

  30. Shmenon-Pie says:

    The game doesn’t let me connect to the server at all, so I can’t make a save or play the game. I don’t know what to do about this.

  31. Steve says:

    What’s up?

    No weekly results or scratchoff today.

    Server issues?

  32. Loupar says:

    Same here. All this past week it seemed that my friends didn’t play.

  33. mk says:

    Please be patient, server is turned off for some reason.

  34. mk says:

    nothing changed

  35. Stranger_Eddie says:

    I was in the firs place yesterday… Today I enter in the game, I didn´t receive ANY gens… I received a gold medal and WITHOUT gens… My friends is NOT connected?

    … ????

    • tomblitz says:

      Try to quit the game completely and start it again. You should receive the tournament reward as usual.

      • Stranger_Eddie says:

        I did this…

        My friends appears now.

        But… I did not receive any reward (gens and life) for the last weekly tournament! I know because i enter inside my friend statistics.

        … suggestion:

        - Create a form to change background music! (for example the Credits song is better than in game music).

        • Drano says:

          At least you got a medal.
          I didn’t get anything, neither gems nor medals nor lives.

          Also: getting “Fortunate Son” will be very time consuming if the game decides not to give me my daily scratchcard every now and then :(

        • tomblitz says:

          Sorry for the hassle. The tournament rewards are being fixed. Please try again after relaunch in about an hour.

          Thanks for suggestion, we’ll discuss it internally, and maybe it will make it to the update.

        • MartinB105 says:

          I loved the credits music too! I’m guessing most people will never click through to the credits to hear it. I’m not exactly sure that it would be suitable to take the place of in-game music though.

  36. Loupar says:

    Please fix it.

  37. Valeriy says:

    So, i am having annoying bug here. I can’t play tom blitz now because of c1-6427-9. There are some hints to reproduce it. I was playing ps3 game, while my wife was playing tom blitz, i received one trophy on ps3 game, she was still playing. Then she closed the app, and after that we couldn’t start it. This is really sucks because it is our favourite game. Please guys help us out. Hope my description of the problem will help. Thank you.

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