Trick Six: Totems

Today’s trick is about totems and how they function - for those of us who are not sure if renting a totem is worthwhile.

The Red Totem

This totem casts fireballs. Activated by forming two combination of red tokens  in succession.

The 1st level – 1 fireballs for 2×2 square.

The 2nd level – 1 fireballs for 3×3 square.

The 3rd level – 2 fireballs for 2×2 squares.

The 4th level – 2 fireballs for 3×3 squares

The Green Totem

Green totem releases all the crystals on the field. Affected tokens will not be available for matching till the end of animation.

The 1st level – 600 points for a crystal

The 2nd level – 1000 points for a crystal

The 3rd level – 1500 points for a crystal

The 4th level – 2000 points for a crystal

The Yellow Token

Yellow totem gives additional points and the corresponding amount of sand.

The 1st level – additional 3000 points.

The 2nd level – 5000

The 3rd level – 7000

The 4th level - 10000

The Blue Totem

Blue totem destroys a group of tokens with lightnings.

The 1st level – all above

The 2nd level – to left and right

The 3rd level – left, tight, and above

The 4th level – crossfire

The White Totem

White totem recolours a group of tokens into some random colour (including those with crystals). Affected tokens will not be available till the end of animation.

The 1st level – 4 tokens

The 2nd level – 6 tokens

The 3rd level – 8 tokens

The 4th level – 10 tokens

The Orange Totem

The orange totem gives additional time for passing the level.

The 1st level – 3 seconds

The 2nd level – 5 seconds

The 3rd level – 7 seconds

The 4th level – 10 seconds

The Purple Totem

The ultimate totem of all, it throws a random additional bonus on board.

The 1st level – 1 bonus

The 2nd level – 2 bonuses

The 3rd level – 3 bonuses

The 4th level – 14 bonuses

In the light of all above, it seems that the most effective combination of totems would be green and purple, next most effective - orange and purple, and next - green and orange.

13 Responses to “Trick Six: Totems”

  1. Drano says:

    > The Purple Totem
    > The 4th level – 14 bonuses

    I think you mean 4 bonuses, because 14 seems a bit much, and I’ve never gotten 14 from the Purple Totem.

  2. Psygnosis says:

    Don’t you think that the yellow totem should be reevaluated ? Because 10.000 points is very small, while we can score several millions.

    • MartinB105 says:


      The 1.5 update allowed for much higher scores than before, but the Yellow Totem was not modified to account for this inflation.

      There is also a historical reason too: The Totems were copied from the original “Treasures Of Montezuma”, which was not a free-to-play game. In the original, your abilities just increased as the game progresses, and it’s eventually possible to activate all Totems at once (at no cost), which negates any advantage or disadvantage of one over another.

      It seems that some of the Totem’s did not necessarily translate well to the “Free-to-Play” model.

      Anyway, this got me thinking… It might be nice to have more slots for Totem’s and Bonuses, assuming the balance issues with Totems and Bonuses are fixed. Having more slots would lead to higher scores and more competitive play. It would also enable people to use more crystals, which would lead to more people buying crystals and therefore more money for Alawar.

      And it wouldn’t even affect anyone who didn’t want to use the extra slots. :)

  3. mini says:

    Introducing such changes you can upset the balance of the game. Right now scores are huge. You need more practise…

    • MartinB105 says:

      How would it upset the balance if the changes are available to everyone?

      I’m not even advocating the changes for myself. I can score over 50,000,000 and I don’t think I’d even use the changes anyway. It might be nice for others though.

  4. jimmyleo says:

    v1.8 is updating.
    Is Trophy Syncing fixed?

  5. Psygnosis says:

    As I said in the previous thread, I have made the firmware update 1.8 and there is no trophies syncing. :/

  6. MartinB105 says:

    Trophy syncing is working for me now with the 1.8 firmware update! Yay!

  7. Alessandro says:

    I just want a new payed ToM, with the same system (and price) of IPad, but with the speed of Blitz version. I played in my wife’s IPad and is really great to use all totems and bonuses at once. Me and almost every Vita’s owner just refuse to spend real money in virtual crystals. This Blitz version is a waste of a great game.

  8. Psygnosis says:

    Trophies syncing works for me also, now. Thank you Sony !

  9. Chi-TownRidah says:

    My favorite combination of bonuses are the Extra Crystals, with extended Score Frenzy. I use purple and orange Totems. I’ve been averaging in the top twenty on global leaderboards. Add me, my PSN name is my user name.

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