However hard would I like to greet you all with ”Good news everyone!”, the status of the Trophies-not-syncing-to-PSN issue is still the same:

We can’t fix it in any of our updates. It’s a systemwide problem for all early-released free games. Sony is aware of the issue, and they recognised it as their responsibility to fix it in the next Vita firmware update. When exactly this firmware update is coming we are yet unaware, but keep asking them from time to time.

If we could safely fix this problem by ourselves, it would have been delivered in update 1.60 already, but alas, we have to wait just like you do. Thank you all for understanding, I’ll keep you updated on this.

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  1. skippycue says:

    Since we are still waiting for trophies to sync I wanted to ask a question about the daily mini-game. Are the symbols completely random every day or do some days give you better odds of doing well? I notice there are 4 symbols and 9 squares so it seems like there wouldn’t always even be 3 golds guaranteed in the game, right?

    • MartinB105 says:

      Does anyone else get the feeling that the scratch-card is just for show and the actual result is predetermined before you even start to scratch the panels?

      Obviously impossible to prove one way or the other, and it wouldn’t really make much difference either way anyway.

      They could at least reveal what’s under the remaining panels after you’ve received your winnings.

  2. Drano says:

    I just encountered a bug.

    Yesterday, I wasn’t playing TOM Blitz and today I just received the message “You have not been around for 1 day”.

    I click on “Close”, then “Play”, then the message reappears.

    The extra lives and crystals stack up, so I could easily abuse this bug to amass a huge amount of lives and crystals.

    Choosing “Play” instead of “Close” resolves the issue, but I didn’t get my daily scratchcard :(

    I just finished playing a game, pressed “Play” and received that message AGAIN.
    It seems that the only way to play a game, without this message appearing, is to press “Play”, when the message has appeared, making it impossible, NOT to bug-abuse it.

    PS: Because of this bug, I neither got my scratchcard, nor my Near crystals.

  3. Wedgie Tom says:


    I got my scratchcard and the “not playing for 1 day” bonus and am getting the same bug listed above.

    As with the previous poster, I’m afraid too that I’ll be flagged as abusing the system; but I’m playing the game in the same legitimate manner: I’ve gone into the game, press PLAY, play a round of the game, and then the message appears again.

    I’ve also found that if you touch any one of your bonus icons then press PLAY from that menu that the same bug appears without even having to play a round of the game I’ve timed this and it’s do-able within a few seconds.

    Severak weeks ago when the scratchcard concept was added; it’d told me I hadn’t been online for 183 days or something and gave me bonus lives, double XP, and a shed load of crystals; could this be related to the earlier bug?

    Note: I hope I’m not breaking any TOS or rules by posting about this; if so, please remove this post and I offer my apologies.

  4. Wedgie Tom says:

    Additional: I’ve recorded a video of the bug if you’d like it uploaded incognito.

  5. Drano says:

    I’m afraid the bug I and “Wedgie Tom” mentioned can only be fixed through an update.

    Restarting TOM Blitz does not resolve the problem (I still get the endless “You have not been around for 1 day” messages.

    The only way to actually play the game, is to click on “Play”, when the message is shown (any other “Play” button will display the message and add lives and crystals to our balance). So it’s impossible to NOT abuse the bug, unless we’re willing not to play anymore until the bug is fixed (which I personally am not).

  6. Psygnosis says:

    Why is the purple totem so expensive ? It costs 600 crystals a round, while the others cost only 250 or 300 (at level 4). So I never use this totem.

    • Drano says:

      Because it’s the most powerful totem ;)

      Without the purple totem, you have to match 4 tokens to get 1 bonus on the grid.
      The purple totem, when activated, creates four bonuses.

      Among those bonuses are time bonuses, which allow you to play for a longer amount of time.

    • MartinB105 says:

      I agree with Drano; the Purple Totem is awesome and I use it all the time.

      If you use the Purple Totem WITHOUT any other bonus items (Dynamite, Lightning, Colour Burst), you can net yourself a lot of time extensions and make the round last a pretty long time (using other bonuses will dilute the number of time extensions you receive).

      I’ve had a round last 7 minutes doing this! 2 to 3 is more common though.

      I combine with the Green Totem and Extra Crystals. Total cost is 1,150 if I remember correctly. I can sometimes even make that back by releasing enough crystals during the round.

  7. Gaz says:

    I have posted this on the other 1.70 section but will post it here in hope it gets seen quicker. i have also encounted the bug. only id been away fot three days so i play 1 round i get 3 lives and 900 gems. as nice as it is could you fix this asap?

  8. Лидер says:

    одни глюки правите, другие возникают. поправили глюк со временем, смедалями, но возник новый,- возникает сообщение что меня дань не было в игре и вотвам еще жизнь и кристалы. и сообщение возникает после каждой игры рандомное количество раз. от одного до десяти. хотя мне этот глюк нравится, можно его не править? )))))))

  9. Davidiam says:

    So, the glitch was resolved in my game, but the popup for level up does not appear. I got two levels without the message. Not a big deal with all the BLATANT abuse I did with the glitch, but I’m worried about later levels with the rest of the upgrades.

    Great game, very addicting, by the way. Thanks!!!

    • chalky83 says:

      that’s because you had double XP when levelling up, this bug has been there a long time. Whenever I have had double XP and levelled up I have never received a message or any bonus crystals.

  10. skippycue says:

    In a game where they nickel and dime you for everything, I’m not sure why everyone is complaining when the game gives them free stuff. :) I must not be as scrupulous as the rest of you, lol.

  11. PetitVer says:

    I encountered the same bug yesterday. It lasted about a couple of hours then I turned off the PS Vita and when I turned it back on, everything was as usual again. I have no idea if I did something to make the bug disapear but my guess is that it is more of a network glitch than a software glitch.

    • Drano says:

      No, I think it’s a software bug.

      My guess is that for some reason the game does not reset the inactivity timer.
      When the bug started it said “1 day”, the next day it said “2 days” etc.

      After the end of the week (tournament end), the timer was reset and the bug was gone; until the next day, when the bug reappeared (”1 day”).

  12. mini says:

    This is question to administrator.

    Why glitchy Version 1.00 is still playable? It ruins Scoreboard.

    • tomblitz says:

      It’s highly improbable that it should ruin the board. The updates are compulsory, anyone who has not updated should be signed out of PSN and therefore can only play locally.

      • mini says:

        Its fully possible, in 1.00 I get the message that im offline or something like that, but still my score is placed properly on the scoreboard.

        Im owner of 1.70 but I know what Im talking about, i tested all levels in all version of game, except 1.70 beacause i have about 200lvl right now :]

        To get a good score on the version 1.70 you need skills, but on 1.00 huge results are effect of glitch,which has increases the frequency of bonuses so rapidly that can be played infinity.

        Currently, a person who is first in the global ranking with a score of 1.165 Bilion is an example of user version 1.00
        has benefited from such assistance.

        The only consolation that a person can’t abuse this glitch because interval level to which there are is about 300 millions. Therefore, this
        person only one time can destroy the competition on a single PSN account.

        Main goal should be to enable getting
        results in the global ranking only on the latest version of the game.
        (especially with an emphasis on off 1.00)

        Otherwise it will ruin the competition’s of best players like right now.

  13. Grainger says:

    I see Sony announced Vita firmware 1.80 to be released before the end of August. Do you know if the trophy syncing will be fixed in this version?

    • tomblitz says:

      I saw it as well and wrote them, just to be sure. Possibility is high, and as soon as I know for sure, I
      ll make a post about it.

  14. Veg says:

    I have one question. Don’t you think that Denizen trophy (100 hours played) is a bit… Too much? Like, REALLY too much? 100 hours? Maybe lesser it a bit…?

    • MartinB105 says:

      I was thinking the same.

      I think when I get the Denizen and Fortunate Son trophies I will stop playing the game. I’m on about 20 hours now, plus whatever time I clocked before the update added viewable statistics, so I think there is still some way to go.

      I hope Alawar will have something new for the Vita by then. :)

      That said, I do enjoy the game enough to pursue these trophies, which I probably wouldn’t do in most other games, so I guess it’s not that bad for me at least.

  15. MartinB105 says:

    I just noticed that there have been five “weekly” tricks posted since 28th April. That’s almost 19 weeks. 5 weekly tricks in 19 weeks. Does Alawar actually know what the term “weekly” means?

    (hint: it doesn’t mean one per month)

  16. Psygnosis says:

    I have made the firmware update 1.8 but there is nothing for TOM Blitz trophies. :(
    Have you got informations from Sony ?

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