Here’s a list of what has been done for this update:

The game now features 999 levels – plenty of space for those who love leveling up.

Tournament position is now reflected correctly – with appropriate prize!

Detailed player statistics, including:

  • Total time played
  • Longest game time
  • Most crystals released in a single game
  • Highest score of all times
  • Longest combo
  • Points received for longest combo
  • Most tokens destroyed in a combo
  • Number of times kickout mode was activated
  • Number of times score frenzy was activated
  • Number of times dark mode was activated
  • Most points received, after a game has ended
  • Crystals received from daily minigame
  • Crystals received from near
  • Total number of Ziggurats collected

Artful Master Trophy glitch fixed.

Please note, that not all of the statistics can be tracked from the beginning of time - most of it was only added to the savedata in this update. Therefore, all the counters the Statistics have are started anew, at zero - not to confuse people with stats being filled out only partially.

However, all the data that was previously tracked for the reason of unlocking Trophies is still counted from the beginning of time.

I realise, of course, that for some of you who wanted to know how far are they from getting the Trophies such way of implementing stats has no useful point, but it’s still a good feature and could still be helpful to future generations of our players.

In the next update, we’ll try to find a way to gracefully solve this, probably by introducing different sections of stats.

60 Responses to “Treasures of Montezuma 1.70 is out in Europe!”

  1. Andrefpvs says:

    To be honest, these are the most helpful for me:

    Total time played
    Crystals received from daily minigame

    Since these are already tracked since the beginning, is there really no way to display them somewhere? It would really be appreciated!

  2. MartinB105 says:

    To solve the trophy progress tracking problem, I suggest adding a separate “Trophy Progress” screen dedicated to this purpose. In the screen, use progress bars or percentage values towards unlocking each trophy instead of the real values.

    By doing this, you can effectively hide the conflict between the values shown in the Statistics screen since the 1.70 and the total values that are used to track progress towards each trophy. Anyone who pays close enough attention to notice the conflict will probably be savvy enough to be aware of what causes it.

    The Screen could be used to track several progress-based trophies:

    - Good Start
    - Destroyer
    - Sandstorm
    - Fortunate Son
    - Denizen
    - Armed to Teeth
    - Dark Lord

    Personally though, I’m happy enough with the way it is now.

    The most important thing to me is that there are now concretely defined points at which players can say with absolutely certainty whether a given trophy is glitched or not. The idea of working indefinitely towards a glitched Denizen trophy that never unlocks was rather worrying to me. :)

    • Drano says:

      Funnily enough, I unlocked the Denizen trophy, but never received the notification for it.

      It’s only by chance, that I realized, I had unlocked it.

  3. Andrefpvs says:

    By the way, I’ve always had this question:

    In the global leaderboards, what is the ‘i’ button for? It doesn’t seem to do anything significant.

  4. Andrefpvs says:

    Also, I think something need to be done about sharing the crystals. I have a friend who plays all the time, but never shares anything. At the same time, in the stats screen he has over 4000 crystals (!) obtained in near, which at the moment means over 4000 crystals in 2 days.

    This doesn’t seem very fair to me.

    I think it needs to be stressed that you don’t lose any crystals when sharing. Another option would be for the share to happen automatically, like many other games do.

    Yet another option (and I think this one would be fun), would be to add another stat that shows how many crystals YOU have shared in near. This way we could see who the true sharers are, and maybe even encourage people to share a little more :D

    • MartinB105 says:

      They should have had a “Share 50,000 Crystals” trophy instead of the “Win 250,000 Crystals” one.

      • chalky83 says:

        that would have been a far better trophy, would have got more people sharing. The highest amount I’ve won on the scratch card game is 6k, I nearly always get 200 so the trophy will take me ages at this rate unless I get a bit more luck!

  5. Diogo says:


    How out to USA ?

    • Drano says:

      - By getting an EU PSN account.

      - I have no idea, and it’s quite likely that Alawar doesn’t know either.

  6. Drano says:

    I just wanted to point out this:
    Ever since I got 1.60, the game crashed twice.

    The first time, it crashed as the game ended and shortly before the crystals I’ve earned were added to my current balance with a system message: “Application Error”, or something like that.

    The second time, it crashed during the game with 12 million points and a few seconds to spare and with both totems and all 3 boni equipped. The game just froze (nothing moved anymore) and after half a minute, the screen went black (the PS Vita shut down).

    So far, it hasn’t happened on 1.70, but it’s possible that the bugs that crashed 1.60 are still present.
    I’m just saying this to be safe.

  7. chalky83 says:

    the ‘Precious Rain’ trophy now unlocks properly too, I got it in my first game after the patch.

    • Drano says:

      I can confirm, Precious Rain does unlock.

      But since I was aiming for Nuclear Blast, I can’t say if it unlocked for the right reason, lol.

      Now I only need Nuclear Blast and Fortunate Son, the latter being just a matter of time :D

      • chalky83 says:

        I need those two as well along with playing 100hrs. I’ve been very close to Nuclear Blast quite a few times but it really is down to luck.

        • Drano says:

          The closest I’ve come to Nuclear Blast was: 1 token remaining.

          I was THIS close to smashing my Vita…

  8. mini says:

    yes 1.70 crashed sometimes

  9. MartinB105 says:

    I’ve also had a crash in 1.70 when starting a round, between the empty grid appearing and the tokens appearing.

    In 1.60, the game would occasionally freeze at the end of a round. I could press the PlayStation button to get back to the OS, but the touchscreen would no longer respond, making it impossible to switch the Vita off properly. The only way recover was to hold the power button for ten seconds so the recovery menu comes up on next boot.

    It’s too early to tell if this bug is still in 1.70 though.

  10. Psygnosis says:

    Can you make something for the trophies appear in the PSN ?
    Thank you.

    • tomblitz says:

      Unfortunately, we can’t. The only thing we can do now is wait for the next PS Vita Firmware update by Sony.

  11. Diogo says:

    I’m still missing 2 gold medals that I won and then disappeared after I exited the game.

  12. Gamer1st says:

    The patch is out in the US also.

    It did the update today, (Thursday) and is now at 1.70

  13. rascheran says:

    This update is great!:)
    And the game is very good too but i think it is need more
    game types!

  14. skippycue says:

    I think it would be nice if you could somehow earn chances to play the daily mini-game instead of having to wait each day. The only way to play it more than once a day is to buy more chances and that can get expensive! Perhaps reaching 5 million gets you a shot at the mini game or something? Otherwise I could see this game taking me 2 years to complete because I always end up with a measly 200 crystals in the mini-game… sigh

    • Grainger says:

      You can still play games even if you have no crystals. You only need crystals to arm yourself with upgrades.

      • skippycue says:

        I realize this, but that’s not at all what I’m referring to. I only care about the crystals from the mini-game because of the trophy for getting 250,000 crystals from the mini-game. Sorry, I forgot to mention the trophy in my first post.

        • Drano says:

          Yes, if you only get 200 crystals a day, you’d need to play every day for 3-4 years.

          Fortunately, even if it’s rare, you do get more than 200 from time to times.

          I’ve earned 50k crystals once, and some have even managed to get 100k twice (lucky bastards…)
          You will definitely gain 500 and 1k crystals relatively often, and chances of getting 100k at least once in 3 years aren’t too bad either.

          I’m not too concerned over the Fortunate Son trophy, since I often find myself playing TOM Blitz every day in between two sessions of hardcore gaming ;)

  15. Grainger says:

    Here are my suggestions for the next patch:

    - “Extra Time” bonuses take too long to take effect. So many times I’ve managed to snag one just before the game is ending but the animation to sweep the time over to the click means I run out of time which seems unfair.

    - Remove the notification of every ziggurat on the game timeline.

    - Have a trophy stats page which shows progress on each of the trophies.

    - Make it clearer that sharing crystals via Near does not actually take any away from you.

    - “Dark Mode” seems like a punishment for doing well in a game (you get it if you achieve Kickout Mode and Score Frenzy during a game). Maybe have an alternate mode that is more rewarding rather than punishing. Or make it possible to avoid Dark Mode if you, say, collect 5 crystals in 5 seconds or something. As it is it just feels wrong to be punished for doing well.

    • Drano says:

      Dark Mode adds an extra 20 seconds to your game.
      It is therefore actually a “last chance” to snag a few more points.
      Though it might be cool, if the Dark Mode had an exclusive bonus, that enables people to temporarily clear the fog.

  16. mini says:

    I agree with the idea to enter a message that the gift was sent by near - correct or not. I dont know whether people received the crystals.
    I like. Dark Mode as the extra time , I think this game is quite simple, and this mode variety to the game.
    If you link a combo of regular and extra time you can count on a very high multiplier.

  17. skippycue says:

    I think I’m just about done with this game… I can’t stand the business model and it’s really starting to upset me! I’ve been trying to set up my bonuses to clear the board to get the Nuclear Blast trophy so I’ve been going slow and methodical. The problem is there are not a lot of points this way and I run out of lives fast. I then either have to buy lives or wait an hour to play again… what a load of crap this is! Why can’t we just pay for a version of the game that has infinite lives? This game could be so much more fun for me than it is… I’m really struggling to want to play it anymore.

    • Grainger says:

      Yes, the option to buy a version of the game that is not life-limited would be awesome. Any chance of this in the future? Also if it wasn’t a free to play game maybe Sony would allow the trophies to sync with PSN.

      • tomblitz says:

        No, Trophies-not-syncing issue is a firmware problem - formally, there is no reason why we can’t sync.

    • Drano says:

      You’ve got a free game, that unlike most Free-to-Play games, does NOT require you to pay for anything.
      All contents are available for free, and you’re complaining about having to wait?

      I’m level 116 right now, and my lives recover in a little more than 7 minutes. What level are you at, to have to wait for an hour?

  18. PetitVer says:

    Thank you for the last update. I think it’s great to have stats in this game. Too bad it doesn’t show data prior to the update… So I join my fellow gamer who ask for a trophy progression page.

    I’m only missing Fortunate Son (damn this one !) and Denizen (assuming I won approximatively 2000 ziggurats for an average 90 seconds per try, I think I must have played around 40 hours…) and I would love to know exactly how much I’m missing.

  19. Psygnosis says:

    Don’t you think there should be a penality of points when we hit the “?” button ?

    • tomblitz says:

      No, I don’t think so. Usually, one who hits the hint button has already lost at least half a second looking for matching items, and will lose another quarter of second looking for hint graphic. Losing almost a second is penalty enough to me =).

      • Psygnosis says:

        Yes, but some players beat the hint button all along the round and make great scores like that.

        • tomblitz says:

          Hm, can’t rule the possibility out entirely, but seeing combinations by yourself is still faster, so “we have long dismissed that threat”. I have also known such people, but can’t say they achieved really high scores. But still, thanks for pointing out, we’ll do a focus-test on that before the last update.

      • MartinB105 says:

        You could just break the current combo. Someone who’s looking for a hint should not be doing so in the middle of a combo anyway.

  20. skippycue says:

    Any chance of being able to buy multiple plays of the mini-game for a reduced price? And being able to buy it at any time instead of just after it appears?

    • tomblitz says:

      Well, maybe there will be - I’ll forward the idea to the Store team. As for being able to buy it any time - probably coming in the next update, if there is no legal restrictions. Note, however, that buying scratchcards is US-only feature, in Europe it can’t be done for legal reasons.

  21. Psygnosis says:

    - Temps total de jeu
    - Durée de la plus longue partie
    - Plus grand nombre de cristaux reçus en une partie
    - Meilleur score de tous les temps
    - Plus long combo
    - Points reçus pour le plus long combo
    - Plus grand nombre de jetons détruits en un combo
    - Nombre d’activations du mode dégommage
    - Nombre d’activations de la frénésie de points
    - Nombre d’activations du mode ténèbres
    - Plus grand nombre de points reçus après la fin d’une partie
    - Cristaux reçus des mini-jeux quotidiens
    - Cristaux reçus de near
    - Nombre total de Ziggurates collectées

    This is the correct translation in French, because, in the game, it is not good. If you could rectify it in the next patch, this would be nice. ;)

  22. Psygnosis says:

    There is also a mistake for the trophy Fortunate Son. Here’s the good translation :
    Fils chanceux - Gagnez 250.000 cristaux dans les mini-jeux quotidiens.

  23. Gaz says:

    ever since the 1.70 patch i havent been able to connect to the ps network, it just stays on the screen till i cancel. also ive just recently gone on tomblitz after a three day break and now after every round it gives me the welcome back gifts, my lifes just keep going up 3 lives after 1 round. as nice as it is. could you fix this?

  24. Thomas Igracki says:

    why was the counter for “Received crystals in dayly scratch game” was reseted in v1.70?
    Before this patch, I once won 40k and also 100k!
    And since there is a trophy for dayly scratch game (win 250k), these should have been recorded somewhere.

    I have a screenshot for the 100k crystals, just for the case you can do something so they can be added to my statistics;)

  25. Iain says:

    What is Kickout mode vs Score Frenzy?

  26. Mitja says:

    Kickout mode activates when you match 6 of the same tokens and then you can tap on the back touch pad of vita to destroy tokens. It’s pretty cool to do this with turning vita around so you can remodel the board to your liking.

    Frenzy activates when you fill the left bar doing quick combos and doubles the points while activated. It’s good idea to get to frenzy quick and try to maintain it.

    If you do both in a same game you are greeted with a dark mode after the main timer runs out. In dark mode you get extra 20 seconds but the screen is blocked with dark clouds. You have to move fingers around the back touch pad to clear smoke away. Also, the more quickly you match the more of the smoke goes away.

  27. Doxie_Luvr says:

    My score has not changed in the last 3 days but i have leveled up 4 times. Help!!!

    • tomblitz says:

      Do you mean your total score in statistics of score in leaderboards?

      As for leaderboards, it only records your highest score this week, i.e. if you set the highscore early in the week and continue to play with weaker results, only the highscore will be shown in leaderboards.

      If you mean your total score in statistics has not increased, please leave us your online id and your current total score as you see it, we’ll try to investigate the matter on our side.

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