Trick five: activated bonuses

Activated bonuseshave, basically, the same means of activation as the free ones (i.e. based on number of matches and after exceptionally long matches), but are, in genereal, much more useful.


Explodes the tokens around itself. It is available for purchase after gaining the first level. Dynamite requires activation: it appears on the screen after combining 4 tokens in a row (being the only selected bonus, it appears for any combination >3).  The token colour is not necessarily the same as that of destroyed tokens.

The 1st level – destroys tokens crosswise.

The 2nd level (unlocks at level 7) – kicks out a square of 3х3 around itself (exception – if it’s at the wall, the area is 2х3).

On 3rd level (unlocks at level 17) - two cross hits.

On 4th level (unlocks at level 27) - two square hits.

Colour Burst:

This bonus destroys two thirds of tokens of the same colour. Activation: combination of 5 tokens of the same colour.

The 1st level (unlocks on level 5) – 500 points for a token

The 2nd level (unlocks on level 15) – 1000 points for a token

The 3rd level (unlocks on level 25) – 1500 points for a token

The 4th level (unlocks on level 37) – 2000 points for a token

Lightning Strike

The bonus destroys tokens in various directions around itself. Activation is forming a combination of 4 tokens.

The 1st level (unlocks on level 3) – destroys tokens above.

The 2nd level (unlocks on level 12)  – destroys tokens to the left and to the right.

The 3rd level (unlocks on level 21) – to the left, to the right and above.

The 4th level (unlocks on level 30) – in all directions, crosswise.

Basically, all of the activated bonuses are bonuses of destruction, with potential to kick off a great combo. One of the best tactics for getting the Nuclear Blast trophy is filling the field with them as tightly as possible, and then trigger one of them - that would cause the chain reaction to start.

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  1. Grainger says:

    Downloaded the new patch and was disappointed to see it still posts spam about every single Ziggurat a player earns. Really all we need to tell our friends is when we level up, get a high score or earn crystals on the daily scratch card.

  2. Andrefpvs says:

    Thanks for update 1.70, finally unlocked the Precious Rain trophy :)

    One thing I noticed is that in the new stats page every stat begins at 0, even for old players. Does this mean that our previous progress towards the Fortunate Son and the Denizen trophies is lost?

    • tomblitz says:

      No, progress is not lost. As for stats, there may be a lag in sync with the server due to to the slow connection, but I’ll check it anyway and write back to you tomorrow.

      • Andrefpvs says:

        Thank you, I’ll be waiting then ;)

        (For example, it says I’ve only played 14 minutes, which is the time I have played since downloading the update)

        • tomblitz says:

          Well’ on follow up the info is: all the stats tracked from the beginning of time are still tracked, but not shown, since having only a partial statistics (where most of the articles are tacked from 0) can be confusing. We’ll separate them in the next update - in the meanwhile, sorry for the inconvinience. And you can still track new records!

      • Grainger says:


        Been playing most of the day and my stats have not downloaded from the server yet. I’m only getting stats from the point I installed the patch

        (If it helps, my PSN ID = CPC_6128 )

      • MartinB105 says:

        I also have stats that begin at zero.

  3. Mitja says:

    Awesome update. Also my stats run from the installation of patch. No big deal, we’ll play even more. :)

    • tomblitz says:

      Thanks! Well, they are still counted from the beginning of time, but start at 0 in the stats screen - strange, but we figured that having stats half filled, half at 0 would be even stranger. Alas, the idea to separate old and newly tracked stats only came after the update left for tests.

  4. MartinB105 says:

    I tend to avoid using the Lightning Strike bonus because it can easily break a chain.

    The problem is if the Lightning Strike activates at the bottom of the play field at level 2 or higher, it leaves a space across the whole bottom row causing every remaining token to fall. Since you can’t swap falling tokens, it becomes impossible to use the technique in Weekly Trick 2 to ensure continuation of the chain. This means that if the falling tokens fail to naturally create one or more match, then your combo will end and there is nothing you can do about it.

    Anyway, I’m just downloading the 1.70 update and looking forward to trying it out tomorrow. :)

  5. MartinB105 says:

    Here’s a tip regarding the 1.70 update: Don’t install this update if you want to compete for leaderboard high scores!

    To explain, the 1.70 has increased the game speed even further than the 1.50 update, making it much more difficult to keep a combo going, particularly when trying to use the “Weekly Trick 2″ technique. This was fine in the 1.50 update, where the harder gameplay was more than counter-balanced by the increased number of bonuses, but here there is no such advantage to be had.

    The 1.70 is useful if you want trophies, since the Precious Rain trophy now unlocks (I got it this morning) and it’s possible to see your progress towards Fortunate Son and Denizen trophies, although it seems you’ll be starting from scratch on these, since all the stats are set at zero after the update.

    The other advantage to 1.70 is that levelling is no longer crippled from level 75 onwards. I was able to go from level 82 to 84 this morning, which would’ve probably taken me a week on 1.60. This makes it possible to earn more crystals in 1.70 for high level players.

    In summary: If you want high scores and easier gameplay, stick with 1.60. If you want trophies, more crystals and faster level progress, update to 1.70.

    Personally, I really don’t like how difficult chaining has become, but I do like trophies, so it’s a tough call for me (or it would be, had I not already updated).

    • tomblitz says:

      Strangely enough, we didn’t do anything that could possibly increase game speed and/or difficulty. The increase in chaining is due to level-ups, the higher the level, the more chains, but it stabilizes on 99. If it becomes too unbearable, we could try to fix the numbers.

      • MartinB105 says:

        What exactly do you mean by “the higher the level, the more chains”? Can you explain this mechanic in more detail and how it works?

        • mini says:

          I agree speed is that same like ver.1.50&1.60.
          Higher level - the frequency of appear bonuses is constant, but the frequency of the chains increases until it reaches a maximum rate at level 99. This means that game is harder on 99 than 70.

          • MartinB105 says:

            I used the term “chaining” to mean the same as extending the combo. I wasn’t referring to the metal chains that lock tokens and prevent them from being swapped - I’m already aware that those appear more as the level increases, and they have nothing to do with the problem I’m having in sustaining combos.

            I still stand by my assessment that the game speed has increased in 1.70. The difference to me is quite significant.

          • skippycue says:

            Why would this make the game harder on level 99 than level 70? More chains would make it easier with higher scores right? Or do you mean locks? I’m confused… What exactly is the benefit of leveling up after you have max upgrades?

          • MartinB105 says:

            I assume he meant locks too. The terminology here is somewhat confusing.

            The only point in levelling after the maximum upgrades is for OCD. ;)

          • skippycue says:

            Hmm, so there aren’t more frequent chains as you level up after level 70 (that’s the last upgrade)? I’m having such a difficult time trying to clear the whole screen at one time… anyone who has done this have any tips? I’ve tried all kinds of variations of bonuses and totems to no avail. :(

  6. MartinB105 says:

    It’s probably worth pointing out that using these bonuses can actually be quite detrimental.

    I’ve been playing with Dynamite, Colour Burst, Extra Crystals and Green and Purple Totems. I was averaging between 500,000 and 2,000,000 scores.

    This morning, I disabled the Dynamite and Colour Burst bonuses and my average score shot up to around 10,000,000, with the odd 2,000,000 and 25,000,000 scores.

    So, what goes wrong with these bonuses? Problem is, the bonuses are not added on top of the free bonuses, but rather, they replace them! This means you’ll get less time bonuses and less score bonuses as a result of using Dynamite, Lightning or Colour Burst.

    Despite what’s written in the trick, it’s very debatable as to whether these bonuses are more useful at all than the free bonuses; and I would personally argue that the Time bonus is much more useful than any of them. After all, what good is dynamite or lightning when you’ve got four seconds left on the clock?

    Personally, I’d recommend just avoiding these bonuses entirely unless you’re going for Nuclear Blast. A level 4 Purple Totem with the free bonuses is a great way to extend each round, giving you opportunities for higher scores. Starting with five lives, I played for 45 minutes this morning without ever running out, and I could’ve probably gone for much longer.

    • skippycue says:

      Have you gotten Nuclear Blast? Do you have any tips?

      • MartinB105 says:

        Yes, I’ve posted tips here before if you want to dig to find them.

        In summary, you want Dynamite, Lightning and the Purple Totem all at level 4. Try to avoid activating the dynamite and lightning, whilst activating the Purple Totem as much as possible; this will become more difficult as the round progresses.

        You can shuffle gems between purple matches for the Totem.

        Once you think you have enough dynamite and lightning (you’ll probably want at least 10 in total, but more is better), shuffle the tokens until they form in a way that looks likely to destroy everything, then wait for the round timer to run out, which will cause every item on the board to activate at once, hopefully clearing the board and netting you the trophy.

  7. ValM says:

    Can’t get the bonuses to unlock so that I can use my stars. I have 12 stars waiting to be used but all of the totems and the bonuses to add the stars to activate their use. It was working at the beginning of the game, but after switching levels, all of the bonuses and totems remain grey and locked on both levels now.

    • tomblitz says:

      Sorry, but we are not really comprehend what do you mean by stars and switching levels. Could you please explain?
      There were stars in Treasures of Montezuma 3, but there are none in Treasures of Montezuma Blitz. Are you sure we’re talking about the Blitz game here?

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