However hard would I like to greet you all with ”Good news everyone!”, the status of the Trophies-not-syncing-to-PSN issue is still the same:
We can’t fix it in any of our updates. It’s a systemwide problem for all early-released free games. Sony is aware of the issue, and they recognised it as their responsibility to fix it [...]

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Here’s a list of what has been done for this update:
The game now features 999 levels – plenty of space for those who love leveling up.
Tournament position is now reflected correctly – with appropriate prize!
Detailed player statistics, including:

Total time played
Longest game time
Most crystals released in a single game
Highest score of all times
Longest combo
Points received for [...]

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Activated bonuseshave, basically, the same means of activation as the free ones (i.e. based on number of matches and after exceptionally long matches), but are, in genereal, much more useful.
Explodes the tokens around itself. It is available for purchase after gaining the first level. Dynamite requires activation: it appears on the screen after combining [...]

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