Weekly Trick 4: Free bonuses

As all of you have most probably noticed, there are bonuses in the game that appear on the board without being selected in the shop. Those bonuses are free, and their appearance is based on the number of matches you make. Unlike paid bonuses, they don’t depend on anything else, and are only upgraded with the player’s level-up. Here they are, what they do and how they level up:

Points multiplier

Looks like several coins flying around the token in circles. The bonus multiplies points for destruction of a token, to which it is attached, whatever these points may be - if the destruction of this token is a part of combo or it hold a crystal, the multiplication result can be impressive.

  • The 1st level – 3 times the initial points, unlocks at player level 4
  • The 2nd level – 5 times the initial points, unlocks at player level  13
  • The 3rd level – 7 times the initial points, unlocks at player level  20
  • The 4th level – 10 times the initial points, unlocks at player level  29

Mass hint

Has the distinct appearance of the magnifier glass. It gives player the hints for all possible moves for:

  • The 1st level - 3 seconds, unlocks at player level 2
  • The 2nd level – 5 seconds, unlocks at player level 10
  • The 3rd level – 7 seconds, unlocks at player level 16
  • The 4th level – 10 seconds, unlocks at player level 22

Additional time

Looks like a clock hands floating in a gust of greenish mist. It is, probably, the most useful of all free bonuses, as it adds several seconds to complete the round.

  • The 1st level – 3 seconds, unlocks at player level 6
  • The 2nd level – 5 seconds, unlocks at player level 14
  • The 3rd level – 7 seconds, unlocks at player level 23
  • The 4th level – 10 seconds, unlocks at player level 32

105 Responses to “Weekly Trick 4: Free bonuses”

  1. Drano says:

    Those free bonuses appear whenever the player matches 4 tokens or more.

    But what if a player creates 2 matches with the same move?
    And will the player receive, like, 2 or more bonuses when matching more than 4 tokens together?

    Is it possible to receive slightly improved versions of those bonuses, when we destroy more than one of them with the same move?

    About the mass hint: Do they add up, or will unlocking one replace the remaining hint time of the previous one?

    About the points multiplier: If we create a match involving 2 or more of those, will the resulting points be multiplied with each other, or simply added together?
    For example: Assuming I have lvl 4 points multiplier boni. If I destroy 2 points multiplier boni in the same match, will I get 10*10*points (= 100*points), instead of 10*point + 10*points (= 20*points)?

    • tomblitz says:

      >But what if a player creates 2 matches with the same move?

      No. But is these 2 matches are both match-4, then yes.

      >If we create a match involving 2 or more of those, will the resulting points be multiplied with each other, or simply added together?


      >Do they add up, or will unlocking one replace the remaining hint time of the previous one?


  2. Drano says:

    I didn’t know where to post this, so I decided to post it on the newest blog post, since it’s probably going to get more attention.

    I found another bug in 1.50, not sure if it’s been reported already.

    While playing, the game paused because my Vita lost connection to the Internet. I received a notification saying “You are signed in [...] but not online. [...] Try connecting now?”
    I chose yes, but my Vita failed to connect.
    After that, I was stuck at the Pause-screen, not able to resume the game or quit it.

    Luckily, by the time I finished writing this, the game recovered and allowed me to resume my current session.
    It would be great, however, if the game wouldn’t leave us hanging for so long (several minutes), when the Vita fails to connect.

    • tomblitz says:

      Not sure why that happens, but connection checks on Vita can be very long. If you’re sure there is no available connection, it’s best to go with No option.

  3. Gamer1st says:

    I seriously hope this is one of the things that gets patched.
    I play hundreds of games of TOMB a week, and get matches of four to eight gems or more dozens of times a day. And yet I rarely see bonuses pop up. And I’m a level 30 and can score 250,000 points in a game very easily, with highs in the million-plus range.
    Also, when they do show, it’s 90% of the time within the last second or two of a game. This makes all but the Multiplier completely useless since play is stopped then.

    • Gamer1st says:

      “Dozens” should be “hundreds”.

    • MartinB105 says:

      It was already patched in the 1.50 update. Unfortunately, only Europe got that update.

      The version you have requires you to create 15 matches of the same colour to activate one bonus, which is why you only tend to see them near the end of a round.

  4. MartinB105 says:

    I’m not sure whether this is a bug or intended behaviour.

    After reaching level 75, my level progression has become extremely slow. Before level 75, a score of say 3,000,000 would have given me a nice big chunky block of green on the level progress bar on the results screen, but now it just gives me a few pixels of green. A more “regular” score of a few hundred thousand can be so small that I can’t actually see it on the bar!

    It seems to have taken me forever to reach level 76 and now it’s also taking ages for me to reach level 77 too.

    I understand that the levels become increasingly longer, but the difference between level 74 and 75 seems huge; maybe 10-20 times as much XP required.

    • LuBonator says:

      Yeah ive got the problem too, maybe you know me im LuBonator and had a score of 213.000.000 points last week.i thought alawar blocked me because they thinked im a hacker.in one day after the update i leveled up from 47 to 77 and i thinked its a block when smb. levels up 30 levels in 24hours:)its a very nice game and i played it very much(more than my two right ps vita games:))but the block makes it really boring but i want continue play the game but without that block.i found out that the block divides your normal xp through 1/10 of your level.example:im level 80 so when i would get 8000xp i get only 1000.PLEASE HELP US ALAWAR ITS SUCH A COOL GAME!!!

    • tomblitz says:

      Well, it’s actually both. We now have only 99 levels in game, and all bonuses are upgraded to maximum on 74, so we made a levelling more difficult for remaining level. However, the curve was not intended to be too steep.

      So, next planned update will feature up to 999 levels and a more humane levelling curve.

      • Angel says:

        999 levels! wow im barely level 33 and im going for that max level, will there at least be new upgrades, new totems, or new bonuses? if not then its pointless.

        • tomblitz says:

          Well, to some people it’s pointless, but some people like to level up - and that’s ok. Sorry, no new bonuses and totems due in this upgrade.

  5. mini says:

    Wow you are awesome but i dont remember your score, maybe it was 2 or 3 weeks ago?
    Alawar banned not only you, many points is little risky in this game.

    • Drano says:

      I remember seeing people with points going as far as billions (that’s thousands of millions) pre-patch.

      I understand if those were banned, since the highest score the week before was barely 9 millions and then suddenly you had like a dozen people with billions of points (nr. 1 even had over 100 billions).

      Even as patch 1.50 came out, the highest points only barely scratched the 100 millions and getting high points has never been easier since 1.50 (my own scores skyrocketed from an average of 100k to around 1 million), so it’s easy to think those billions were done through hacks, cheats or bug-using.

      Right now, the nr. 1 has a little over 200 millions, which seems quite legitimate in my eyes.

      I’ve never seen those guys ever since then (but maybe I simply don’t remember their names anymore), but although I assumed it was possible, I never thought Alawar could actually ban people.

      • tomblitz says:

        We have not yet banned anybody. It seems, that, unfortunately, they scored too much, levelled too fast and now do not visit the game as often as they used to. The other option is some of them being from America, where the patch is still not released.

  6. LuBonator says:


  7. Drano says:

    I just managed to score over 2 million points and received over 20k exp, even though I’d normally only get 2k for the same score.

    Can anyone tell me, why the sudden change?

    • Drano says:

      I think I have a theory, as to why we suddenly got an exp block:

      Alawar probably noticed how fast people were lvling up since the patch and decided to brake our progress, to see who among us cheat (those will probably continue lvling, as if nothing happened) and who don’t.

      It’s just an assumption though, so I have no idea if it’s true or not.

      • tomblitz says:

        Not true, we don’t go around blocking people. We used to have more complicated levelling starting with level 75 to keep the challenge up, but it appears it was too much. The levelling curve will go up again at level 90, but we’ll also prepare a new update that will allow smooth levelling till 999.

  8. mini says:

    Drano are you a god?
    You dont know this game well you didnt reach 99lvl before patch.
    1 bilion was easy to do after 90.No hacks just easy game.
    Some players reach 99lvl, so on 90-98lvl they got about 1 bilion full legally.
    After 99lvl game throws error if you didnt put in the slot
    dynamite,lightning or color burst. With 99lvl players were able to do 20-40 milions.
    Locke1850 and muckPoland were permanently banned.
    Now they cant login to the server on those nicknames.

  9. MartinB105 says:

    1.60 bug report:

    The animation for adding crystals at the end of a round does not appear correctly. Often I only see the end part of it as the crystals hit my account in the top right corner.

    The “Precious Rain” trophy is still glitched, as I was able to reach 8x multiplier in my first chain of a round (over 35 crystals), yet it did not unlock.

    I also got the “You’ve been away” message again, saying that I had been away for… one day. :)

  10. mini says:

    bug not fixed:

    Still in the title is a mistake since I have the most Sun Ziggurats should preferably have a “Sun” title but it displays a “Moon” title.

  11. Drano says:

    1.60, new bug:
    Touching the hearts display normally shows how long it’ll take to recover a life. The timer is locked at “0:00 minutes” but the lives recover properly, so it’s not an urgent bug.

  12. Drano says:

    Suggestion for next patch:
    A page that will display player statistics, such as:
    - total time played
    - longest game time
    - most crystals released in a single game (without multiplier)
    - highest score of all times
    - highest number of tokens destroyed in a single matching
    - highest number of crystals released in a single matching
    - highest points achieved in a single matching
    - longest combo
    - number of tokens destroyed during longest combo
    - number of crystals released during longest combo
    - points received for longest combo
    - most tokens destroyed in a combo
    - most crystals released in a combo
    - number of times kickout mode was activated
    - number of times score frenzy was activated
    - number of times dark mode was activated
    - most points received, after a game has ended
    - crystals received from daily minigame
    - total number of Ziggurats collected (how many of each colour)

    I could go on and on…
    I think that would make a nice little feature.

    • yermin5000 says:

      i was gonna suggest these as well as i am a complete stat and leaderboard junkie
      they need to explain how to do the near app for sharing crystals that info is non existing
      a stat for how many crystals garnered from the near app would be the best

    • Angel says:

      yeah, this is a great idea, AGREED. full stats. will be way better, and for that daily mini game the most i have gotten is 6000, i always get like 1,000. is it just bad luck? does the game not like me? or is it a bug? i seem to get 1k every time, like for 1 week straight!

      • tomblitz says:

        Well, I’ve rarely gotten more than 2000 myself, and 1k for a week straight is not bad - I usually get 200. It’s not a bug - just the chance-based pseudorandom result. Similarly to poker - statistically, chance to get any of the hands is equal, but Royal Flush is seen much more rarely, than Two pairs.

  13. Mitja says:

    I can confirm stuff reported before:
    - I am also moon emperor, would say I should be sun, unless patch changed the level or I really badly spent 60k crystals. Well it’s true that I play horribly with powerups, but surely I would remember getting moon zigurats.

    - crystal rain did not unlock (did around 26 crystals in a combo)

  14. MartinB105 says:

    More 1.60 bugs:

    Still not receiving Crystals and lives sometimes at level up (I just went from 78 to 79 and the screen did not appear).

    My XP is also still staggered to about 1/8 of what it should be.

  15. Vitalogy says:

    Haven’t noticed much since the update though I haven’t had the opportunity to play much. A few trophies poped already which is something good but I had to work for them and it will be a pain to work again for the 25 crystals in one combo :S I got the one where you have to clear the entire board though, pure luck XD

    There should be an option to check how much time played we have just for the sake of stats (and trophy :p)

    Something I noticed with the tournament medals is that I should have now 9 golds and I’m still stuck with 7 (missing the last 2 weeks golds, meaning that tomorrow probably will miss this last week gold aswell (I’m leading in my friends list).

    Now about the rank, it says I got 1005 ziggurates and that the most popular were red? Hmm I have to disagree with this one, I’m pretty sure that since the 1.50 update I won way more sun ziggurates than the reds I had before it, I’m ranked as Red Emperor -.-

    About gameplay, noticed that like before sometimes does not respond well, specially the bottom of the screen.

    I’ll report more if/when I find more.

    • MartinB105 says:

      “it will be a pain to work again for the 25 crystals in one combo”

      I should have got that trophy, but it still seems to be glitched, since I definitely got over 35 crystals in my first combo of a round and it didn’t pop.

      Thanks for letting me know that “Nuclear Blast” is working now; I’ll be going for that one tomorrow. :)

  16. Naralya says:

    There’s a tournament related bug.

    You are now ranked 8 among your friends!
    You have also ranked 12 in the Global Leaderboard!

    I can tell you now, that none of the people in my friends list have ranked anywhere near the top 100, much less the top 10.

    Last I checked, it was 2 hours before the end of the tournament, and I was still first among my friends with 69 millions versus 5 millions from the second placed.

    Ever since 1.50 I have not once received gold, even though I have always been first, simply because people who had sent me a friend request that I haven’t looked through or accepted yet, somehow managed to get on my friends Leaderboard.
    Now I’ve lost gold, and I don’t even know the reason for it…

    • tomblitz says:

      Thanks for feedback, that’s yet another glitch. We’ll fix it soon. Stay tuned, there will be a separate post announcing a coming update.

  17. mini says:


    Instead retrieve the value of your place in local ranking it takes the value of amount your friends.
    This bug does not have a connection with the medal award.

    • Naralya says:

      It’s probably not related, but I definitely haven’t ranked 8th among my friends.

      2 hours before the tournament ended, I was 1st on my friends leaderboard and 12th globally.

      Unless someone hacked the leaderboard, or said leaderboard is buggy, I can’t have dropped 7 ranks on the friends leaderboard while maintaining my global rank.

  18. Vitalogy says:

    Hey guys! Probably others noticed what I’m going to mention but never too much, that way you can’t take it as a random situation.

    The rank is still bugged. I’m pretty sure I ended last week in first on my friends list still when I launched the game a while ago it was awarding me with silver medal which isn’t right and even that isn’t added to my stats. In fact, with todays gold that I should been awarded, I should have a total of 10 golds and I’m still stuck with 7, meaning that I haven’t been added to my stats gold medal for 3 weeks now.

    Other thing I noticed and wanted to ask people here who also play is, do you still get crystals when you rank level up? Because I haven’t been awarded with crystals since I got to level 70, after that no more crystals for me when ranking up level and I’m on the 75th now o.O

    • Drano says:

      Now that you mention it, I received more than 2 silver medals, but my profile also says I only got 2… I never realized until now…

      I still get crystals while lvling up though, and I’m lvl 91 now, so it’s probably a bug, yes.

    • tomblitz says:

      Thanks for letting us know. We’ve discovered the source of the problem and alas, it would require another update! I’ll let you know with a separate post when I know exact date.

  19. nick says:

    вы понимаете русский язык?

    • tomblitz says:


      • nick says:

        Отлично. Почему у меня самый большой результат в турнире с друзьями, но когда турнир заканчивается, а я на первом месте, всплывает сообщение что я второй. при этом увеличивается счет золотых медалей? и еще, после новой версии перестало считаться время оставшееся до получения еще одной попытки.

        • tomblitz says:

          Спасибо за обращение.

          К сожалению, это ошибка, которая будет исправлена в следующем апдейте. В статистике количество медалей отображается правильно.

  20. Mitja says:

    Yes, the awards at the end of tournament are still wrong. This time I was second with 12million, and a friend of mine was first with 20million. It said I rank 5th among my friends, even-though up to this week I was always first. This would be my first silver medal, but it did not get awarded.

    I also got reward for being in global leader boards which is strange as I had a shitty score.

    • Drano says:

      I think the global leaderboard reward is awarded, as long as you’re among the global top 1000.

      Ever since the patch, I’ve always been among the top 200, so I can’t confirm if it really goes down to 1000, though.

      As for the friends list: you probably only get rewarded for being top 3.

      I can confirm the bug in the friends list. I also ranked first, but was registered 10th…

  21. Greg says:

    As there’s no “contact us” section on your page I figured I’d post this here.

    To start, I love your game! I own pretty much everything for the Vita, even Beta access to other things, but find myself playing ToM Blitz the most. I’m a US player & understand that trophies, more lives, easier ability to score, etc. will come here when the 1.60 patch is released. There’s just one thing bothering me. Why as your level increases does it take longer for a heart to restore?

    Obtaining a higher level reflects the fact that a person has either paid you for it, or played your game as much as possible to earn it. Why should that player have to wait longer for a heart to restore than someone at a lower level?

    When I was at a lower level I’d play my 5 games and by the end have 1 heart restored. Taking roughly 5 minutes for a heart to restore that meant I could play 6 times every half hour. Now at my current level it takes about 7 minutes for a heart to restore. This means I have to idle after my 5 games for a bit before the ability to play my 6th.

    Now I know this “shouldn’t” be a problem once given 15 hearts, as by the end of that I’d have 3 or so more hearts in one play session. I just don’t understand why an obvious lover of your game, evident by the fact they’re at a higher level, should have to wait longer than someone who rarely plays the game, evident by the fact they have a low level.

    That’s all, just my 2 cents on the situation. I don’t know if that is addressed in the patch, but hope it is. All being said I’m still a huge fan, keep up the great work!

    • tomblitz says:

      Thank you for feedback! As for the problem you are experiencing, this was done on purpose. Generally, on higher level user tends to get more bonuses or use totems that add more time to the round, so the life cooldown time is longer as well - to keep the number of consecutive rounds roughly the same is on lower levels. We’ll test it again in the focus groups, and if regeneration is indeed too slow on higher levels, we’ll update it.

  22. MartinB105 says:

    Yay! I finally got the “Nuclear Blast” trophy! :D

    I used Purple Totem (L4), Dynamite (L4) and Lightning (L4), and spent around 60,000 crystals in total.

    The best way seems to be to trigger the Purple Totem as much as possible to produce dynamite and lightning, then once there is a lot of it on the board, just let the time run out, so all the bonuses get triggered at once. This is because the trophy still counts even if the board becomes empty after the time is up.

    You’ll probably need at least ten bonuses on the board to pull it off, but obviously the more you have, the better. Of course, as you get more bonuses, the risk of accidentally triggering them and setting off a chain reaction becomes higher.

    If you can get a lot of bonuses on the board quickly enough, you can keep shuffling the tokens and checking where the bonuses are until you see an arrangement that looks likely to clear the board.

    Another tip: If you get the Purple Totem on standby but you can’t see any matches to activate it, you can keep shuffling the tokens until you see a match. There is no limit to the Totem standby time; the Totem will just stay on standby mode as long as you don’t make any more matches (this is true for all Totems).

    This is obviously more useful when there are a lot of purple tokens on the board, since shuffling them is more likely to give you an arrangement that can produce a match. If you only have four or five purple tokens, you’ll waste a lot of time shuffling the tokens before they arrange to give you a match.

    Now I just want to hear from Sony or Alawar when we’ll be able to actually sync the trophies to the server. :(

    • tomblitz says:


      Now I just want to hear from Sony or Alawar when we’ll be able to actually sync the trophies to the server.

      Well, no news from Sony on this one. A firmware update for Vita is required for sync to become available, and they don’t seem to be eager to share info with us on when it may be released.

  23. Drano says:

    Now that’s funny.

    I was a “Red Emperor” a little while ago, now I’m a “Moon Emperor”, and I’m fairly certain the Moon Ziggurate is among the Ziggurates I’ve received the [b]least[/b].

    If anything, I should be “Sun Emperor”, but I guess “Moon Emperor” isn’t bad either ;)

  24. Gamer1st says:

    I have run onto something that is in dire need of fixing. I have no problem paying for games that I enjoy, even free games that require the occasional purchase of an in-game currency like this one.
    A short time ago one of my kids had seen me playing this game and decided to buy 100,000 crystals for me through the in-store system.
    A nice Fathers day gift. Unfortunately you have no system to prevent accidental upgrades on the totems or other power-ups. While adjusting my seating position I managed to tap the upgrade tab on the green totem by mistake, instead of the to-slot one, and had over 20,000 crystals drain from my account.
    You have no “are you sure” or other type of safety check in the game to prevent this type of mistake.
    I know one thing for sure, there will be no further money spent on this game if this issue isn’t fixed. The thought of having a large chunk of crystals vanish like this again will keep any money, from me or anyone I know, far away from this game.

    • tomblitz says:

      We understand your predicament, but we did not put a confirmation in, since we figured that confirmations like that would annoy players. We will discuss it internally and, hopefully, put it in. It would be a shame to lose users over such a trifling confirmation.

  25. Vitalogy says:

    Frustration has taken over me as I’m pretty sure I did the 25 crystals (again) in one combo and still no trophy :(

    I whish the next update make the trophy pop because this one is very tricky to get and I managed to do the thing twice after many lifes and crystals spent and got no trophy as reward.

    Also, I still think that the gameplay before 1.50 was better, the swap was a tiny bit slow which I still think is better and the bottom of the board is still a problem also not registering the moves/touches lots of times making me lose combos.

    • MartinB105 says:

      I did warn you in reply to your previous post that the Precious Rain trophy is still glitched.

      I had 35 crystals in one chain and it didn’t pop.

      • Vitalogy says:

        I know you did, but this game game is so addictive that I can’t help myself playing it and going for the “objectives” LOL only to get frustrated after -.-

  26. Mitja says:

    Hello, some 50 minutes ago I started a game after yesterdays PSN failure and got a notice I was away for a day and got a reward of 1 life, 300 crystals and dobule experience for the next round. The later however was not awarded.

  27. Seksi says:

    I wasn’t sure where to post this, or if there is anything you guys can do about it, but here goes…

    I won the 100,000 crystal scratch off prize. I uploaded it to near twice. When I initially won it I shared it, and 12 hours later I did it again. I messaged my friends to be sure to grab their 20k gift. Thanks to the server resets or whatever the * happened last week a couple of my friends have reported that it wasn’t there for pick. I’m sure there is an older post of me stating the server issues. It hasn’t been more than 14 days. Any help would be much appreciated. THanks.

    • Vitalogy says:

      That happened to me too, also other thing happened which was I posted my share and I the same minute a friend went to near try to get it and it said it had been already taken. I don’t think there’s people refreshing near like you’re on a pc webpage hitting F5, to get them shares.

      • yermin5000 says:

        i got 105k gems off near last night i cfouldnt beleive it????
        the only problem is they never told us that you have to hit share on the scratchcard to get near functionality i just finally figured it out but nobody ever posted instructions or tips in the game on how to use this most awesome feature???

        • Andrefpvs says:

          Yeah, it should be stressed in the game that you should share as often as you can.

          A friend of mine said he didn’t share because he thought he would lose the crystals, which is not true.

          I share as often as I can.

          • Vitalogy says:

            @Andre Ohh you big fat liar, shut up and give me my crystals HAHA just kidding’ :p

            I think it should be a message poping up after the scratch saying “Share your crystals with your friends without losing any”, something like this. People will stop thinking they will lose goods and share more ;)

          • yermin5000 says:

            i personally thought it meant share to facebook i had no idea until yesterday im ticked man:)
            question though???
            do you have to hit share everyday on the scratchcard or just the once???
            please guys for your next update on this blog make it all about near sharing crystals and stress that you dont lose any and i gaurantee a lot more people will start playing this sweet game:)
            BTW you guys have made the best use of the near app out of any game so far

  28. mini says:

    I would change Local Tournament Medals to Global Tournament Medals.
    This system makes people begin to remove friends from “Friend list”.
    The value of medals is dependent on friends right now
    so for me these medals doesnt matter.
    I propose thresholds:

    Platinium - top15
    Gold - top16-100
    Silver - top101-300
    Bronze - top301-1000

    • Vitalogy says:

      Completely against! Would I want someone on my list that will remove me just because of a virtual medal for a game? Hell no! People like that better remove me otherwise I will be fast to remove them, don’t want and don’t need people like that on my list.

      This is for fun, you’re not gonna win the lottary for being first or whatever, it doesn’t gonna give you more health and a better life so, think of this as what it is, FUN!

      You actually worried about being removed from someone’s FL for a game? A true friend, someone you actually know in real life will never remove you, those so called friends you just met online and that’s it… those are not Friends, there just people you met online that’s it.

      In conclusion, I like very much how the medals are making it a healthy challenge between friends.

    • tomblitz says:

      This system makes people begin to remove friends from “Friend list”.

      I don’t think so. If a person removes a friend to win in a one, single Vita game, he probably never needed that friend anyway. Besides, friends give some other advantages - shared crystals in ‘near’, and a bonus for amount of friends - even if you are not even the bronze in the tournament, but have many friends, reward would still be rather handsome.

  29. mini says:

    Im not worried about being removed, i just mean that system with Global Tournament Medals would be a greater measure of your abilities than the current Local. To prevent from people who specifically remove friends to have a lot of gold medals.

    • Vitalogy says:

      Still can’t see it as a valid reason to change the current medal system to be honest but I do understand your point.

      To support my opinion, about being better to keep it like it is, I’ll say this: the moment they change the system to “global” and not “local” they will lose lots of players because its always easy to “fight” for a good result within your friends list than the global boardscore and that will make players lose interest.

      • Drano says:

        Actually, if I’m not mistaken, the reward you get from ranking at the top of the local leaderboard depends on the number of friends you have.

        One fact I know of, however, is that if you remove someone from your friendslist, that person’s score will still be taken into consideration when determining your local rank.
        It happened to me, when I refused a friend request from someone and he somehow still ended up appearing on my local leaderboard.

        For example:
        - You score 1M points, Friend A scores 2M.
        - You remove Friend A from your friendslist and as a result are now nr. 1 on your local leaderboard.
        - You will receive a silver medal and the appropriate reward as the tournament ends.

        Unfortunately, since the local leaderboard seems buggy, you might still end up being 8th or 13th, despite being actually the first and not removing anybody from your friendslist.

        • Vitalogy says:

          It’s buggy indeed as I ended up first in my friends list and got a message telling I was awarded silver for being second lol but the funniest thing is I got a gold medal actually. Anyway, just like the previous 4 gold medals I won, that one won’t last long on my stats, it will disappear like the rest :(

          Today, in one of my daile plays through the game I got 25 crystals again in one single combo and no trophy popped, I now this one is still glitched and I wasn’t playing for it but still I got frustrated because even not playing for it I made the objective done and should have got the trophy. Oh well…

          • tomblitz says:

            We’re preparing one more update now, and will address this problem. Are all the other Trophies working fine with you?

          • MartinB105 says:

            I have every trophy except for “Precious Rain”, “Play for 100 hours” and “Win 250,000 crystals on the Daily Scratch Card”.

            The reason I don’t have the latter two should be fairly obvious.

            I hope you guys can do some internal tests to make sure these two trophies are working, as it could become very frustrating for players if either one fails to unlock, given that we have no means to see how far we have progressed towards earning them (and therefore whether we should have earned them yet).

            Of course, it’s not really practical for us regular players to test these trophies for you. :)

            Maybe you could also provide a “Time Played” statistic somewhere so we can see the progress towards the “100 hours” trophy?

      • tomblitz says:

        >its always easy to “fight” for a good result within your friends list than the global boardscore and that will make players lose interest.

        Aye, exactly so. Most players do not care much for Global board, but always willing to beat the scores of friends.

        • Vitalogy says:

          That’s exactly my point :) I couldn’t care less about global but I do keep a friendly contest with my friends hehe :p

          Regarding the trophies, beside the 25 crustals in one combo which is glitched, I’m missing the 100 hours (wish us all luck LOL) and the 250000 crystals in daily bonus mini-game. But the thing is, if the maximum is 10000 crystals, which I got one thanks god, how will we get 250000? o.O

          • Drano says:

            Probably the same way, how you get 100 hours of play time.

            Go get those time bonuses and stop eating/sleeping for 100 hours, boy!

            Jokes aside, it’s a cumulative value.
            If you somehow manage to get 100k, you only need 3 days for the trophy.
            If however you can only get 200 crystals every day, you’ll have to keep playing for 3 years every single day.

    • tomblitz says:

      Well, the more friends player has, the more crystals are received at the end of the tournament - there is bonus for each friend in the list.
      And, Global leaderboard is a great measure of abilities for skilled players (like yourself) who are into this kind of games - but not all of our players are like that. Most of them are having fun with friends only, without even looking at Global board.

  30. Greg says:

    Actually, you do only have to hit “Share” once, on your highest scratch card win. As long as Treasures is one of the last five games played on your Vita the reward will be given to your friends. Every time I’m in Near I see that I gift 8000 Crystals, 20% of my 40,000 Crystal win.

  31. Vitalogy says:

    “If you somehow manage to get 100k, you only need 3 days for the trophy.
    If however you can only get 200 crystals every day, you’ll have to keep playing for 3 years every single day.”

    Ok, then I’m not that far away for this trophy (the 250k crystals one) as I got myself 100k already once and the 40k once too, at least 140k are already there, mixing it with a few 6000k’s… umm… yeah I’m heading there XD

    About the 100 hours, well it will be tough :p

  32. BlackListHunter says:

    Dear tomblitz
    Will there be a way to see your progress in the next update?
    I would love to see
    -how much games i have played
    -how many hours i have been playing this game (i think i’m around 15-20hours now)

  33. mini says:

    I would like that each country had the same patch.

  34. Tear says:

    People in Europe are so, so, so, soooooooo lucky…
    It’s virtually impossible for anyone using the us store (and the very very old system) to keep up with the scores :(
    Since my friend from Europe downloaded the patch, he went from level 12 to 71 in 2 or 3 short weeks. While my max score was 290k, his was 68 million.

    It gives us no mood to continue playing this game, some people have a HUGE advantage over us..
    I liked this game, but.. I will stop playing this game until the patch comes out.

  35. Andrefpvs says:

    Since you’re preparing a new update, I think this would be a good chance to update some of the text strings in TOM Blitz that show grammatical inaccuracies and slight mistakes :)

    Here’s what I’ve found and my suggestions on how to make them better.

    When you tap your rank, and the message “This is the rank(…)” shows:

    Where it reads
    “how many Ziggurates have player collected”

    it should be
    “how many Ziggurates the player has collected”

    Where it reads
    “This means that player has collected”

    it should be
    “This means that the player has collected”

    When you tap your lives:

    Where it reads
    “The lifebar indicates”

    it should be
    “The life bar indicates”

    Where it reads
    “Full heart means one try.”

    it should (but not necessarily) be
    “A full heart means one try.”

    When you tap your crystals:

    Where it reads
    “making matches with crystalled tokens”

    it should be
    “making matches with crystallized tokens”
    (unless you actually wanted to create a new stylized word for the game here, which is fine)

    Where it reads
    “by winning in minigame”

    it should be
    “by winning in the minigame” OR “by winning in a minigame”

    In the tips that appear while the game is loading:

    Where it reads
    “if both Kickout and Score Frenzy were on during round.”

    it should be
    “if both Kickout and Score Frenzy were on during the round.”

    Where it reads
    “Rank shows how many Ziggurates have you collected and which was collected most often.”

    it should be
    “Rank shows how many Ziggurates you have collected and which was collected most often.”

    Also, since the trophies don’t sync with PSN yet, this would be a good opportunity to fix the following trophy descriptions:

    Score 1000000 point during one round.

    it should be “Score 1000000 points during one round.”

    Fortunate Son
    Win 250000 Crystals in daily bonus minigame.

    it should be “Win 250000 Crystals in the daily bonus minigame.”

    Nuclear Blast
    Destroy every token present on game board.

    it should be “Destroy every token present on the game board.”

    Some of these are obvious mistakes, others are just my opinion on how to make them sound better. I hope you can take a look at this.

    Thanks :)

  36. Vitalogy says:

    Any news on when the update will be released?


  37. Gamer1st says:

    Finally got the update this evening.
    Bout time!
    Hope it’s good.

  38. Gamer1st says:

    The update just went live and I don’t know what to think of it.
    I went from scoring easy 100,000 to 150,000 scores with no add-ons, to over 2,000,000 with little effort. The game almost plays itself, which is kind of good because there is so much going on with all the bonuses it’s hard to see the tiles.
    It’s also very hard to spend your crystals since they earn so fast now.

  39. cactite says:

    I play ToMB everyday I am currently level 57 I am currently playing with totems and bonuses off to build up my crystals as I blew them before I understood what was going on and I seem to have bad luck on my daily scratchcard.
    I do not have any friends on vita so i was wondering if any other ToMB addicts who see the jewels when they close their eyes after playng it too much happens to see this post if they want to add me PSN- cactite.
    I play every day to make sure I get my scratchcard and try to level up every day which is quite slow going with totems and bonuses off but i need to build up my crystals. I LOVE THIS GAME!

  40. Ryan says:

    thanks for the patch in the US guys. I love that the game has trophies now, and that lives refresh faster. Only one more suggestion to make the game perfect. PLEASE add a section under your stats that keeps your all-time high score in a future patch. For a guy like me, where topping my high score is the sole purpose of a puzzle game, it’s very depressing to see my score wipe clean every week and have no record of my all-time high score.

  41. Seksi says:

    Got the patch last night. Locked up my vita so I had to reboot. Cannot believe the difference in play and scoring. Feel like an idiot for wondering why I wasn’t getting close to the scores on the leaderboards or in these tutorials. A disclaimer would have been nice. Still don’t understand the time it took from the European patch to the US patch. Do you share crystals when you share your results of a game?

  42. MartinB105 says:

    Is the game dead? No updates in over a month. “Weekly” tricks that are anything but. The game still has some issues that I was hoping to see solved - mainly the remaining glitched trophies and trophy server syncing.

    Is anyone still out there?

    • tomblitz says:

      Update 1.70 is still coming up soon, for some reason it is taking its time going through Sony tests. The glitched Trophies are fixed, new levels up to 999 added (though with no addintional content), XP collection curve evened out.

      However, the Trophy syncing is a problem that is to be fixed by Sony, not us - in some of the coming firmware updates.

      Well, I guess I’ll post a tip this week at least. Hopefully, everyone has already installed 1.60.

  43. Simple Question says:

    About the free bonuses that pop up. My question is: When they pop up, is the type of bonus (Point multiplier, Mass hint, Additional time) random? is there anything you can do to make a specific one pop up? Like for example if i only wanted the point multiplier to pop up, is there anything specific i should be doing?

  44. karl says:

    lol mine has glitched at level 19 its keeps giving me not been around for day 300 crystals i got over 140 lives so that times the 300 thats a lot as you get 1 life and 300 points it freezez i go out and start another game it closes i close game go back to montazuma and lets me carry on and still keeps givin points… the is a change date hack where you go to date time change date go to game start pause go back to date change back and get all lives…

  45. Canons_323 says:

    Hi. I have a problem. I was rank 176 in the weekly tournament and first among my three friends. Today when i switched on, I have recieved no awards, crystals or lives. Please help!

  46. tomblitz says:

    do you have to hit share everyday on the scratchcard or just the once?

    Every day. The more you share, the more your friends get, and you can ask them to share as well. Sharing and receiving ‘near’ gifts is an excellent way to get Crystals. I’ve mentioned this in the first tip, but will stress it once again in a new one.

  47. yermin5000 says:

    yeah i got over 100k from 1 near present i couldnt beleive my eyes:)
    this is the best use of near yet and i dont think they will beat this one
    btw any estimates on when usa patch will be out its hard playing on the old system trying to keep up:(

  48. Gamer1st says:

    Not hard to keep up, impossible.
    It was supposed to show by the end of the month according to the last update. There’s only three days left this month now, and the last PSN update came and went on Tues.

    They listed a discount for TOMB this past week in the PSN announcement, but I can’t figure out what it’s for, and they didn’t say what it was either.

    tomblitz is pretty good about answering comments and questions/suggestions here, but nothing about the issue of crystal loss due to “upgrades” I mentioned further up in this section.

  49. tomblitz says:

    Nope, no results so far. I’m pounding the team that deals with PSN every day, to no avail yet. Trophy sync problem is keeping us back.

  50. tomblitz says:

    Exactly so. Well, probably cumulative Trophies is not the best call in terms of originality, but they will, at least, keep the Trophy-maniacs busy =D

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