Good news everyone! Well, sad as it may be, not exactly everyone, but still, we have several good news to share with you.

First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of you who plays our game, and even takes time to comment on our blog. Special thanks go to the people who have encountered bugs in the latest update and posted them here.

And now, good news:

  1. Treasures of Montezuma Blitz releases in Northern Europe, Australia and New Zealand! It will be made available on the next PlayStation Store update next Wednesday.
  2. We have fixed all the bugs encountered in the 1.50 patch, and the 1.60 patch format tests commence today. Luckily, we will have it out in PSN  within two weeks.

And not-so-good:

  1. As for the American release of the patch, unfortunately, we’re not able to influence the speed-up of it’s release. There is some policy-related hold-up at the American Store. Preliminary date is the end of June. On the bright side, American patch will be 1.60 already, and will not have any of the glitches of the 1.50 that were spotted in Europe.
  2. We asked Sony of Europe a question about Trophies not being able to sync with PlayStation Network, and received a following reply, tech specifics omitted:

Trophies will need to be local for the time being - we are currently working to rectify the issue. However, at the moment unfortunately trophies will have to remain local and will not sync with the PSN.

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  1. chalky83 says:

    nice to hear you’ve fixed the issues and the new patch isn’t too far away.

    Any chance you could have a word with Sony and get them to put the trophies on PSN? They currently don’t sync.

    • chalky83 says:

      I see you’ve updated the post about this. I really hope Sony can sort it soon as if anything goes wrong with the Vita and needs to be restored the trophies will all be lost.

  2. Drano says:

    So, what if all my totems and boni are lvl 4, but the related trophy didn’t unlock?
    Is the trophy lost forever, or is 1.60 going to fix this somehow?
    I’m not really a trophy fanatic, but I don’t really like the idea of having a trophy locked out, just because of some stupid bug either.

  3. Andrefpvs says:

    Thanks for the update, it’s great to see that posting about the bugs here was worth it :)

    Thanks for not ignoring the issues and for supporting your game!

  4. Helraiser13 says:

    Yes very good that there is a patch coming to fix these glitches. Hope they will fix some of the trophies not popping up even though i have everything that the trophy says to do.
    -Armed to the Teeth (get all bonuses) is not popping up and i have everything at level 4.
    -Precious Rain (get 25 crystals from one combo) also i gotten this for sure and the trophy hasn’t popped.

    Hope the patch fixes these problems. Thanks

  5. MartinB105 says:

    The “Nuclear Blast” trophy also doesn’t pop (yes, I have managed to clear the entire board :)).

    • Drano says:

      How did you do it? Dynamite?

      • MartinB105 says:

        Here is the combo I used:

        Purple Totem (Level 4)
        Dynamite (Level 4)
        Lightning (Level 4)
        Colour Burst (Level 4)

        The Purple Totem produces one bonus item per level of the Totem each time you trigger it, so a Level 4 Purple Totem produces four items.

        The items are chosen at random from “Extra Time”, “Score Bonus” and “Show Moves” and any other bonus items that you have activated.

        So, given that you have three destructive items and three non-destructive items, you should get two destructive items per Purple Totem trigger in addition to any that you get from normal means.

        The hardest part is not accidentally triggering the items before you’ve got enough of them on the screen to clear everything, since they tend to cause chain reactions that destroy most of your bonuses before you’re ready.

        Even using this strategy, it’s still incredibly hard to pull it off and it’s a very expensive combo to use. I think it costs about 1,400 crystals per game.

  6. Drano says:

    The Ziggurates and Ranks are also bugged (just in case you didn’t know)

    Although it says I have 951 Ziggurates, my Rank is still apprentice and still red, even though I’m sure the most Ziggurates I have are either green (pre patch) or sun (post patch)

    On another notice, it seems that I can’t get any more than 951 Ziggurates. I’ve been stuck at 951 ever since last week.

    • PetitVer says:

      I can confirm there is a glitch to the rank system as I checked regularly the number of Ziggurates I won and some just don’t register…

  7. Stig says:

    I really wish more developers were as helpful as these guys, Well done.

  8. Gamer1st says:

    No US patch till the end of June? That both sucks, and blows.
    Oh well.
    Let the waiting begin…………………………………….

  9. Stig says:

    Just one thing I notices, I had to reset my Vita back to default settings. When I did all my trophies for Tom Blitz was gone, and no trophies showed on the PSN Network, I had to earn the trophies again which some of them worked, but when I go to trophies and Synced with Server, it only shows they are on the PS Vita and Not on the PS Network, Will this be fixed on the next update?

    • tomblitz says:

      Unfortunately, at this time Trophies are local-only for the free games. Hopefully, Sony will prepare another firmware update to fix it soon.

  10. Someone says:

    Another glitch:

    So I got double XP and managed to level up with it, the problem is, I didn’t get the crysal reward when I leveld up…

  11. PetitVer says:

    Great to know a new update will fix the latest glitches. Keep up the good work, guys ! :)

  12. Alessandro says:

    I had a pretty sad insue with this game and I’m a bit ashamed to ask for help. I share my Vita with my wife and my son, I play it fairly waiting for more hearts like everyone, but my wife, less patient and more addicted, change the time in the system for instantly hearts. The problem is that my son saw it and tried to make the same, but instead change some minute he changed the year. Now I didn’t receive hearts unless I put my system some years in the future. I tried to delete my copy and download again, but didn’t work. There is something that I can do instead make a future travel to play it wright? I know that this is a bad cheat and I don’t blame you guys, but I really whish this future update prevent players for cheat like this, because my wife always let my Vita’s time a mess.

    • Gamer1st says:

      You couldn’t delete the game, or deleting and reinstalling didn’t fix the problem?

      I know that reinstalling will correct this date forwarding issue with the pre-patched version of the game for sure.
      I’ve done it myself just to see what all could be done in game by going forward and backward in time.

    • Alessandro says:

      Wow! It’s fixed today!

      • Gamer1st says:

        That was probably due to the scratchcard update.

        Any hearts used or added when playing with time, either forward or backward, is corrected when the daily scratchcard is given.

  13. Grainger says:

    Does the patch switch off the “Player received a new reward” messages that spam my timeline? Or at least give us the option to turn the notices off? I spend ages every day deleting them because people on my friends list don’t like them.

  14. bikram says:

    i am annoyed cauz i have not got any trophy which i am supposed to get is it possible to reset my data in your server so that i can get all the trophy which i am supposed to get . if possible please reply me i will provide you my psn id bikramshrestha

    • tomblitz says:

      Unfortunately, this cannot be solved from the server. Patch, that is going to fix it, is already on the way, hopefully, it will be out on PSN soon.

  15. BlackListHunter says:

    I just did the requirment for the 1 mill points, and haven’t gotten my trophy yet. will it pop out randomly? or automaticly (together with all the trophies that i have done, and didn’t get) with patch 1.60?

  16. Nightmare says:

    So, the PlayStation Store has been updated here in Northern Europe today, but still no TOM Blitz… How come?

  17. MartinB105 says:

    Regarding glitched trophies…

    Will the the trophies we should have received pop when we get the 1.60 update?

    I’m asking mainly because I want to know if I should save my ~90,000 crystals for the update to try for the Nuclear Blast trophy again, or if the trophy will pop when I get the 1.60 update, since I already met the requirement to get it in 1.50.

  18. Someone says:

    1.60 is out! (alteast for some regions)

    BTW, tomblitz, is the changelist on the PS Vita the full changelist? Cause if so, there will still be some bugs around :X

    • Someone says:

      Oh… it’s not complete.

      The glitch that if you leveled up with 2x EXP you didn’t earn any crytals is fixed but isn’t mentioned.

      Anyway, good work on the patch tomblitz.

  19. Someone says:

    tomblitz team* :P

  20. chalky83 says:

    Is the fact that the game is free (so maybe the Vita software sees it more as a trial rather than a full game?) the reason trophies are only local and don’t sync?

    Could you not get around that by charging a small fee for a ‘full game unlock’ type thing?

  21. april says:

    i could not sign in for several days how it can be?i could not save the game without signing in

    • tomblitz says:

      Could you please provide us an online id so we could check it? Also, there have been some technical problems in PSN until yesterday.

  22. Morph says:

    No wonder, my leader boards is not updated (friends & Global) hope this issue will fixed and launch in US soon :)

    • tomblitz says:

      Leaderboards should be working fine regardless of patch. Are you sure you are online? And, of course, if you provide me with your online id, we could check if something’s wrong.

  23. Sticky says:

    For some reason, I am unable to view leaderboards or friends scores It was working fine yesterday. My Psn is Stickypower209.

  24. Nightmare says:

    Hi Alawar.

    I’m starting to loose my mind over here. You announced in this blog entry that TOM Blitz was to be released in Northern Europe last wednesday, but it didn’t. Not here in Denmark anyway.

    Today we’ve had another PS Store update and TOM Blitz is still nowhere to be found.

    Is there any update on this situation? :)


  25. april says:

    when will it update in American?

  26. So late June came and went in North America…

  27. meeee15 says:

    Finally! I got the update and it is awesome. So many things changed and made the game so much better and more fun!

  28. pennylane81 says:

    As of last night, I cannot get the game to open. It just says error occurred and then freezes the whole Vita. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the application twice and it still wont work! Is this a known issue? If so I hope a fix comes out soon.

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