Early this morning, the 1.50 patch for Treasures of Montezuma Blitz, containing Trophies along with some minor improvements, hit the PlayStation Store and is now available for download - so far, only in Europe. Anyone, who downloads and installs it, gets 5 bonus lives and 15k bonus Crystals.

The patch sould install and run normally, but, if you experience any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Please note, that if you get the following message:

You are signed in to PlayStation®Network, but not online. Some of the game features can be unavailable. Try connecting now?

It is not really necessary to connect. The core game functionality will function normally. The message above is just a reminder that you cannot access Store or update leaderboards when offline.

If, however, you are getting the following meassage:

You have to be signed in to PlayStation®Network to play the game.

Then, most likely, you have been signed out of PSN and have to connect back to it. This problem can occur if you have turned off your Vita and then turned it on somewhere with no network connection. The possible workaround for this is not to turn off your Vita, but let it go to sleep instead. When it wakes up from sleep, even if there is no connection available, the PlayStation Network will still be signed in and the game will be playable as usual.

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  1. B-I-Z_mk2 says:

    has anyone got the precious rain trophey?, i cant see how to get this !,since when has there been 25 crystals on the board at one time? ive cleared the board ,but ur combo is over when the next gems fall
    also the typical other trophy glitches is frustrating me now
    plus ive earned more yellow than red ziggys but yet im still red apprentice
    Im level 75 and not prepared to reinstall the game for the fact ile more than likely start from level 1 again

    Tom Blitz ,get it sorted guys

    • Vitalogy says:

      You don’t have to get 25 crystals at once on the board, you have have to get them in one single combo and this is doable I did it but because of the trophy glitch I haven’t got the trophy unfortunately. Still I admit this one is pretty hard to be honest and I’m not sure I will be able to pull this one off again, like the Nuclear Blast (Destroy every token present on game board), I was never able to do this one and I also think that for a “mini” game like this it has too much very hard trophies.

      Let’s just hope the guys see it and make it a bit more accessible for us.

    • MartinB105 says:

      Falling tokens do not end your combo, so it is not necessary to have 25 crystals on the board at once.

      You should take a look at “Weekly Trick 2: Extending the Combo Length” for details about this.

      That said, the trophy has been reported as glitched anyway, so I would not waste time on trying to get it until we can confirm that it actually works.

      For the record, the Gold Trophy “Nuclear Blast” is also glitched. Yesterday, I did actually manage to clear every single token from the board, but the trophy did not pop. :(

      • Vitalogy says:

        And speaking about glitches, and because not all are bad lol, I decided to turn ny Vita on and play a bit TOM Blitz like I do every day and I got this » http://i669.photobucket.com/albums/vv60/VitalogyPJ/2012-06-08-114618.jpg « the image says it all. I remember you guys that I play every single day probably a dozen times per day if not more, still I’m greatful for the goods XD haha (tok that screenshot about 5min ago)

        • Vitalogy says:

          Sorry for the double posting but I can’t help myself, today I’m having more luck then since the day I play the game. First it was the bonus/glitch on the previous post and after that I went for my dayly scratch and for the first time I pulled the 100000 crystal bonus XD what a morning this is XD

          My friends on near are having brithcakes also as I share all my winnings ;)

        • MartinB105 says:

          I’ve had the “You have not been around…” glitch three times now.

          The number of days is different each time. For me, first was 137, then 103, then I think 137 again.

          So I’ve had almost 400 free lives with double XP and ~100,000 free crystals so far.

          I’ve never won more than 6,000 on the Daily Scratch though.

          It’s good to get confirmation that it is really possible to win 100,000, so it’s not fixed to always give less. :)

          • Vitalogy says:

            Believe it or not I won the 40000 on my very first daily scratch, ever since then I never took more than 6000 (few times) and had plenty the lower ones. So this was my very first time to win the maximum prize :p

            It’s all great and stuff but we have to be honest, the “you not been around” thing is a glitch doesn’t matter that its beneficting us its still a glitch and if we want the game fixed that will have to go away too so that way it can be fair to all.

            This is an addictive despite what many gaming sites said in their very poor reviews and the best part is it’s FREE! :)

          • tomblitz says:

            It’s possible, just the probability is not very high. The chance of getting prizes is not equal - higher amounts come less frequently. But I’ve seen a couple of people on a certain Russian Vita forum, and Vitalogy here was that lucky as well.
            And the top of my own winnings was 15k.

          • MartinB105 says:

            I’m surprised that TOM Blitz is getting poor reviews. Even the original version was not really difficult to understand, and I hadn’t played or even heard of any of the previous TOM games (although I did buy the original TOM “Minis” game after playing TOM Blitz :) )

            My friend who also has a Vita downloaded Blitz, played it once and just deleted it. I don’t think he even knew how to play it ’cause the friends leaderboard says he only scored 5,900 points.

            I think a lot of people take one look at TOM and think “Bejeweled ripoff” and then forget about it, whereas in reality TOM actually plays a lot better than Bejeweled.

            For the record, I really didn’t like Bejeweled at all, but I love TOM and TOM Blitz (I don’t have any systems that can run TOM 2 or TOM 3, otherwise I’d try those too).

  2. ocean breeze says:

    I LOVE TOM BLITZ!!!! Alawar please release TOM 1,2 and 3 for vita!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. quemadre says:

    Hi. TOM BLITZ is awesome… But I have one question. When will you make the update for America Store? I’ve seen some updated game pictures on google and it looks great but… Please, make the update for us XD

  4. dani says:

    I’ve got a issue with TOM Blitz.

    Don’t know if anyone had the same, but I only get 0,1% exp points since 3 or 4 hours.

    I tried to redownload it but the same probleme still occurs.

    Thx for answers.

  5. aubrey says:

    I played this game over and over again and got some trophies from it, but the problem here is, those trophies won’t sync to my PSN account, you can only see it from PS Vita system but not on Playstation Network. How can we fix this? Please help. thank you.

  6. Myx23 says:

    yeah. the not-synching-trophies situation is really annoying. finally we got trophies which makes the game all the more enjoyable and then they are broken. sigh. this game would have had a much greater acceptance when the trophies already came with the release and if they actually worked.

  7. Kvkbones says:

    I purchased 4 scratch cards today after my first scratch card while still on the mini game screen. No problems there. After that, pressed close, tried to push the PS store button to buy another one. After the purchase was complete, NO Scratch card! Anyone else run into this problem yet?

    • tomblitz says:

      This is not a problem. You see, the minigame is only initiated once a day. If you go into the game for the second time, it is not brought up. Tomorrow, you’ll be able to play it again, with all your purchased cards still present.
      We are planning to make the minigame session accessible at any time in the next update, but it requires an additional approval from Sony due to policy restrictions - that’s why we have not done it yet.

      • kvkbones says:

        Thank you for the quick reply. Glad to know my purchase on the PS store will show up tomorrow. I tried to look for a FAQ or support section first then posted here.

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