Today’s Weekly Trick is not exactly a trick, since it is not directly related to gameplay, but still it is “new information” some of people here so ardently desired.

I’m going to tell about how the Ziggurats and Ranks are given. Neither of them is intended to be a competitive title - they are just milestones that measure your history with the game.

In the Stats screen, last three Ziggurates are shown. They denote how much have you scored the last three rounds:

  • Red Ziggurat - above 50000
  • Green Ziggurat - above 100000
  • Blue Ziggurat - above 150000
  • White Ziggurat - above 200000
  • Yellow Ziggurat - above 250000
  • Orange Ziggurat - above 300000
  • Purple Ziggurat - above 350000
  • Moon Ziggurat - above 400000
  • Sun Ziggurat - above 500000

And Ranks, that appear above the level bar in Stats, show how much Ziggurats have you got, and Ziggurat of which colour was the most frequent one.

  • Apprentice – 10 Ziggurates
  • Master- 30  Ziggurates
  • Elder- 50  Ziggurates
  • Chief -80  Ziggurates
  • King - 120  Ziggurates
  • Ruler - 150  Ziggurates
  • Sovereign - 200  Ziggurates
  • Emperor - 300 Ziggurates

19 Responses to “Weekly Trick 3: Ziggurats and Ranks”

  1. MartinB105 says:

    Why does my rank say “Red Apprentice” then? I know for sure that I’ve earned far more than 30 Ziggurates, so I should definitely be higher than Apprentice by now. Is there a bug in the game?

    Also, you wrote “Chief - 800″; I suspect that should be 80.

  2. John says:

    Maybe one has to earn them in a streak?

    Thanks for the great game. like it more than bejeweled blitz, which is also nice.

  3. teddy says:

    I know that it’s not the subject there, but I give you my little tips to have 5 free hearts per day (I don’t know if it’s actualy a tips or a bug).
    When you make your last game of the day don’t quit the game and set your vita on stand by for the night (don’t switch it off).
    During the night you will pass the time when the “free daily scratch” reset (2am for me).
    Then on the next day when you will start the vita you will have 5 hearts (normal until this point) but you don’t have the daily scratch, play your 5 or 6 games then quit the game, restart it immediatly, you will have the “free daily scratch” and when the game finaly lunch you will have the 5 hearts back…. cool!!

    • MartinB105 says:

      Yes, it seems that you’re always given five hearts at the free daily scratch, regardless of the last “time” you actually played the game. ;)

  4. CecilMcW00t says:

    Awesome info! But this game has been starting to bum me out over the last couple days. Every time I start it up, it has an error connecting the network. This wouldn’t be much of a problem usually, but it ends up skipping the daily bonus and I’m not able to get it back until the next day. This has happened 3 times in a row now.

    Also, my tournament information isn’t updating and neither are my friends’ scores… All my other wifi enabled games are working fine so I don’t know what’s going on and it’s very frustrating. I was already low on crystals and now I’m basically broke. I hope that update addresses these issues.

    • MartinB105 says:

      I had the same problem this morning. I didn’t get a scratch card and my friends are all showing up with zero scores even though they had set scores yesterday just after this weeks tournament started.

      For a while, I’ve also been seeing my own name appear in the friends leader boards twice. I appear correctly with my actual score and then again with a score of zero.

      Anyway, I got lucky and won 6,000 crystals a few days ago on the scratch card, although I managed to blow it all this morning during my 45 minutes commute. I did manage to go up level up almost two whole level (from 35 to 37), so it was probably worth it and I’ve still got another 6,000 crystal that I’d been saving from before. :)

      I also got some more upgrades that do nothing too:

      The level 3 bonus that destroys two thirds of tokens of one colour is now upgraded to level 4, which now destroys two thirds of tokens of one colour, but costs 50 crystal extra to use.

      The Purple Totem also finally upgraded to level 2, where it now also does exactly the same thing as level 1, except now it costs a whopping 400 crystals to use instead of 300 - 100 more than the level 1 version which does exactly the same thing.

      The Purple Totem was one of the few I’d considered using (mainly for the potential bonus score items), but the cost is rather prohibitive.

      I tried Profit Crystals (level 3), but it seems like a waste. It gives 700 points per crystal instead of 300. If you do the maths, you can figure out exactly how many extra points you’ll get based on how many crystals you release during the round (crystal * multiplier * 400), thus:

      5 crystals == 4,000
      10 crystals == 12,000
      15 crystals == 24,000
      20 crystals == 40,000
      25 crystals == 60,000
      30 crystals == 84,000
      35 crystals == 112,000
      40 crystals == 144,000
      45 crystals == 180,000

      Note that 45 crystals is a best-case scenario, which will probably only occur if you’re using the level 4 “Added Crystals” bonus AND the Green Totem AND you get very lucky and manage to trigger the Green Totem four times in one round, which is dependent on how generous the game is feeling with regards to giving you enough green gems to actually do that, and of course, requires slightly more skill than regular play.

      I guess 180,000 points may seem like a lot depending on what your highest score is. But, to me, 180,000 wouldn’t be much more than a scratch on a 2 or 3 million score

      I’ll admit that an extra 180,000 could have probably pushed my 3.8 million high score to 4 million, but the difference is maybe only one place on the global leader board.

      AND… Without using bonuses or totems, 10 crystals is a more typical number, which only nets a mere 12,000 points! 15 if you’re really luck, which is still only 24,000.

      Profit Crystals is simply not worth it. At least, not unless the value raises significantly on level 4. But I think we can all guess what the value of level 4 will be:

      Level 1: 500
      Level 2: 600
      Level 3: 700
      Level 4: ?


  5. MartinB105 says:


    DO NOT download the 1.50 update! This update will CRIPPLE your game by making it UNPLAYABLE.

    That’s all you need to know right now, but I am providing further information below for those who are interested.

    Here’s the story: This morning, I loaded up TOM Blitz for my free daily scratch-card before work. The first thing I noticed is the notification that an update was available. I clicked on the update and read through the whole list of changes for 1.50. There is a lot of good stuff on the change list, so of course, I hit the download button and left my Vita for a few minutes whilst the update downloaded.

    However, it turns out that Alawar failed to list one critical change in this update.

    After the update completed, I loaded the game at home. Looks good. Ten lives now instead of five, and for some reason, I’ve been given a good ~15,000 crystal. Fantastic stuff. I switch off my Vita and leave for my morning commute to work.

    So I’m sat on the train and I load TOM Blitz as per my daily routine. I see the usual “Connecting”, etc. screens, followed by a new screen that I’ve never seen before:

    “You must be connected to PlayStation Network to play this game”

    … What?

    I did a double take. I pressed “OK”, hoping there was some mistake. The whole process looped and the message appeared again. “You can’t be f*****g serious!”.

    Like many people, I own the Wifi only Vita, so I can only connect to the Internet (and thus, PlayStation network) from home. However, I typically only play my Vita when I’m AWAY from home. After all, that’s the point of a portable system, right? To play games when you’re NOT at home where you have real games systems with real games to play?

    Frantically, I searched the Vita settings and game data for a way to remove the update, but to no avail. The PS3 had a way to remove version updates from games in order to revert back to the original version, but it seems that the Vita doesn’t support this feature, leaving me with no way to play TOM Blitz.

    So, in conclusion, now I can’t play TOM Blitz in the ONE time and place that I’m most likely to want to actually play it.

    Seriously… WHAT THE F*** Alawar!? I am F*****G FURIOUS with you right now.

    In response to this change, I am issueing the following statement to Alawar:

    Alawar, I want to know why you have crippled your game and I want to know what you plan to do to address this issue so that players may resume offline play in Treasures Of Montezuma Blitz.

    The Vita is a portable system and most Vita owners are “core” gamers who own other systems, which suggests that most typical Vita gaming is done away from home. The Wifi-only Vita - which accounts for 80% of Vitas sold in the UK - has no way to connect to PlayStation network when away from home, which essentially makes your game worthless to the majority of Vita owners in the most typical scenarios in which players might want to actually play your game.

    Additionally, I hereby revoke permission to use my comments in your blog article “Weekly Trick 2: Extending the Combo Length” until this matter is resolved. You MUST remove this as soon as possible. Failure to remove my comments in a timely fasion will be considered an act of copyright infringement.

    On a personal note, if you fail to provide a satisfactory response (within one week) or an update/solution to address this issue (within one month), I will make it my duty to damage your reputation and sales via any means that I see fit, starting with scathing user reviews of TOM Blitz AND any further Vita games from Alawar.

    The ball is in your court now, Alawar. Do the right thing and fix this broken game.

    • tomblitz says:

      If you are offline, every time you go back to the game, the following message should appear:

      >You are signed in to PlayStation®Network, but not online. Some of the game features can be unavailable. Try connecting now?

      It is a recommendation-only message designed to remind you that you are offline and can’t use Store or update Leaderboards. The options are available to user, whether to try connection or not.

      We do not, never did and never will require a compulsory connection. We do not even have such text in the game as “You must be connected to PlayStation Network to play this game”.

      If, however, it does appear, please specify the precise text you see along with an error code (if any), and we will request an explanation from SCE on that matter.

      As an owner of Vita with updated copy of Treasures of Montezuma Blitz, I get the message specified above, which, I repeat, does not require a connection, and is recommendation-only.

      We’ll be eagerly awaiting your reply. Meanwhile, as per your request, Extending the Combo Length tip has been removed from the blog.

      • MartinB105 says:

        Thank you very much for your fast response. Very much appreciated. :)

        I’m sorry for the harshness of my post if it wasn’t your intention to block offline play. As you can imagine, I was feeling pretty enraged this morning when I found that I wasn’t able to get the game working as usual after the update.

        I will take a screenshot of the message I see during my commute home later today and post it when I get home.

        I have one question regarding your post. You say the message I should see is the following:

        “You are signed in to PlayStation®Network, but not online. Some of the game features can be unavailable. Try connecting now?”

        How do I sign into PlayStation®Network when I’m not online? The problem seems to be caused because I CAN’T sign in to PlayStation®Network. This message seems to contradict itself.

        I may be wrong about this and I’ll apologize if that’s the case, but I must wait until this evening to check for myself.

        • tomblitz says:

          Unfortunately, this is most likely caused by the Vita software. We’ll do our best trying to promote a fast fix, but in the meanwhile, the only workaround I can suggest for this is not to turn off the console, but let it go to sleep instead.

          • MartinB105 says:

            I will try this tomorrow.

            Unfortunately, there are situations where this isn’t possible. For example, on Friday I am flying to visit family and devices must be switched off during take-off, so I won’t be able to play TOM Blitz on the plane if this is the case.

            I hope a fix is released soon.

            If you want to restore “Weekly Trick 2″, please feel free to do so since you have explained your position on this matter now, and I trust your word that a fix is coming. :)

  6. AlaWheresTheManual says:

    Can you completely delete the game from your vita? I’ve done this before, and when I redownloaded it from PS store, my in game stats were still there e.g., number of crystals, my level, and unlocks. Perhaps this (plus not updating to version 1.5) could subvert this new problem.

    I too get the stupid circular “you are not signed in etc.” message.

    idk but this is what I tell my friends about the vita: Graphics are good. Everything else about the system sound awesome ON PAPER. The execution fails at every level of the system though.

    Though this is now a rant against the vita (not Alawar) the 3g version doesn’t support practically any apps at all. The dumbest part is I can’t watch netflix unless I have a wifi connection. Just as you suggested, when I’m at home I have REAL hardware to watch netflix with. So utterly disappointing. can’t use remote play on 3g. I found it really only supports turn based in-game stuff. Couldn’t locate that crucial detail anywhere, had to find out after blowing 300 bucks

    I also hate how I bought Mortal Kombat directly off PS store, only to find my 4gb mem card needed to essentially be erased to fit the 3gb for my now-paid-for new purchase. Meaning to buy a full game off PS store you’ll have to blow another 26 bucks on another mem card.

    Great job vita

    • MartinB105 says:

      I actually heard that it’s not possible to play online via 3G before buying my Vita.

      I decided to go wi-fi only, on the basis that if I decide later that I want 3G, I’ll just get myself a mobile hotspot to connect my Vita to. This should be even better than the 3G Vita because the Vita thinks it’s using wi-fi and will therefore let me play games and watch videos over the mobile connection. The only thing I’ll be missing compared to the 3G model is the GPS.

      As for game sizes, I decided before I bought the Vita that I won’t be buying digital versions of retail games.

      I don’t really feel too bad about the situation. I got my 8GB card for free in the Amazon UK launch bundle, which was itself discounted from the MSRP and also included 60% discount on a game.

      I’ve managed to cram quite a lot of stuff into my free 8GB, including Treasures of Montezuma Blitz, Treasures of Montezuma (Mini), Super Stardust Delta, Stardrone Extreme, Escape Plan (+DLC), Motorstorm RC, Cliff Diving, Fireworks, Tabletop Football, Tabletop Tanks, Frobisher Says, Wipeout 2048 demo, Lumines demo, Gravity Rush demo, Skype, Facebook app, plus a few dozen photos I took when I didn’t have my proper camera handy.

      Honestly, I think that’s more than enough on my Vita.

      I don’t store music on my Vita because I have a dedicated portable music player.

      I only own three retail games (Uncharted, Mortal Kombat, Rayman Origins); I’m mostly waiting for the prices to fall, as they inevitably will do.

      The download sizes for retail games are actually even bigger in Europe than the US due to inclusion of multiple languages (for example, Resistance: Burning Skies is 2.8GB in the US compared to 3.5GB in Europe).

      In all honesty, I don’t really see the point in downloading retail games. Sure, Sony tells us they’re cheaper, but they’re only cheaper than the MSRP (RRP), they’re not cheaper in practice, because sites like Amazon almost always sells well below MSRP at launch (at least, here in the UK anyway), so retail still ends up being cheaper than the digital version *and* I don’t need to use up memory card space.

      I’ve been pretty happy with my Vita so far. It definitely needs more big games though, but I expect Sony is working on that and will let us know what they’re doing next week at E3.

      Also, Treasures of Montezuma 4 needs to be on Vita as a regular (not free-to-play) game. ;)

      • Gettin says:

        If you have a data plan through your Phone service provider and have Wifi hotspot you can switch on that option and connect your Vita (service charges from your provider may apply) most phones now come with this option built in and is just as good as the upgraded version of the vita (actually better since that is still glitchy HA)

  7. LuBonator says:

    ive got 380 zikkurats and from that sure more than the half are sun ones but my rank is only moon apprentice.why?

  8. Frenzy says:

    How on earth are a couple of players on the leaderboard, getting like 2 Billion score, its rediculous, there must be cheating or glitching going on to get that, there’s only 2 or 3 people seem to be getting that kind of score so something must be up somewhere…

    • tomblitz says:

      We’ll check it, but that can be possible with high-level players from America stuffed with bonuses to the teeth. Once the patch is out in America, the scores should even out.

  9. AlaWheresTheManual says:

    how do you check how many ziggurats you’ve earned?

    On the stats page I can only see the last 3.

    And what determines the rank when you qualify for more than one on different tiers- in another words does an orange king trump a red emperor (Red is lower, but emperor is higher) Is it the color or the title that matters?

    I ask because no matter what I do I can’t get rid of red apprentice. I’d like to know if a more obtainable goal is to earn red master or green apprentice.


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