In this post, you can find a pretty accurate collection of tips related to extending the length of combo, provided by your fellow player MartinB105. Here it goes, as is:

These tips are ways to extend the length of a combo.

Assuming you’ve mastered the ability to quickly match gems, you’ll often find yourself in a situation where the play field has a lot of empty space in it after you’ve made a lot of matches, but the gems have not yet fallen.

The problem is, gems will only fall when there are no gems in the process of disappearing and you’re not allowing to swap a gem into an empty space.

This can leave you in a situation where there is a lot of empty space and no valid moves left, so the only way to proceed is to let the gems fall.

If you’re lucky, the gems will fall to create one or more matches so you can continue your combo. However, often you won’t be lucky and the combo will finish as soon as the gems fall because there aren’t any new matches.

A good solution to this problem is to leave yourself with at least one valid move near the bottom of the play field. Wait until the gems drop before making this move.

This will guarantee you an opportunity to continue your combo with a new full play field of gems.

Repeat this technique as many times as possible to extend your combo.

The reason to leave your last valid move at the bottom is that it is not possible to swap gems that are falling, therefore you must leave your valid move in a place where the gems will not be falling (which is typically closer to the bottom of the play field).

Here is another slightly more advanced tip:

As long as gems are moving, a combo won’t end, so it’s possible to keep a combo going even when you can’t see any matches as long you keep swapping gems (it doesn’t matter if the moves are not valid, as long as you keep gems moving at all times).

So, just keep swiping to swap any available gems for as long as you need to give yourself enough time to find your next match (watch out for the locked gems).

As long as you did this correctly, your combo will continue when you make your next match.

One warning about this technique: If there are no more valid moves, the gems won’t scramble until you all gems have stopped moving, so it’s possible to put yourself in a situation where you’re searching for movies when there aren’t any available, and you won’t know this for sure until you kill your combo.

If you’re quick enough, it’s even possible to press the hint (?) button whilst keeping your combo going to get the game to tell you your next move so you can continue your combo.

I’ve managed to score 943,100 using these techniques without using any bonuses or totems, by keeping a single combo going for the entire round!

I’m current at position 154 on the global leaderboard. :)

33 Responses to “Weekly Trick 2: Extending the Combo Length”

  1. coolasj19 says:

    Did you seriously make a post that was just someone elses comment? Not only is this not new information about your game, it’s several weeks late. We’ve been lied too twice now.

    • MartinB105 says:

      How is it not new information? I certainly didn’t find it anywhere else.

      • TwoRock says:

        That’s because you can’t find information ANYWHERE on this game, it was never formally released in any kind of manual that can be found.

        Great job, Alawar, on your 2nd Weekly post in the 5+ weeks this game has been available. I’ll expect the 3rd tip in July, right? More like “Weak-ly” post.

        I dare you to post weekly tips

        Gotta say “you get what you pay for” definitely holds true for this company

        • MartinB105 says:

          I’ve gotta agree with you TwoRock.

          It’s not such a hard game to play and figure out by any stretch of the imagination (especially for the kind of hardcore player that typically buys a Vita at such an early point in its life cycle), but that doesn’t excuse Alawar for not doing what they’ve promised.

          Yes, personally, I don’t think it’s such a big deal, but it’s pretty unprofessional of Alawar.

          Console gamers (especially early adopters like Vita owners) expect better than this.

          • AlaWheresTheManual says:

            By the way you know where this tip was previously posted: In week 1 tips comments bahaahah

            Sure put in a lot of effort there tomblitz!!

            Although VERY useful to know about how to extend combos (thanks again MartinB105) this isn’t even a “new” tip!

            Hey tomblitz: still waiting on your pathetic “Ziggurats will be covered next week” article from 5 weeks ago.

            If Alawar is paying someone to maintain/update/provide insider information to this website, they should be fired.

            You suck

    • MartinB105 says:

      Also, I should add that these techniques have landed me at position 21 on the Global Leaderboard, with a score of 2.36 million - without using any bonuses!

      I’m pretty confident that not so many people know about these techniques, otherwise I wouldn’t be so high on the leaderboard by using them.

    • MartinB105 says:

      By the way, I’m not trying to excuse Alawar for not keeping their promise and posting their own tips, but I do think it’s unfair of you to say that my tips are not new information without also telling us where my tips have already been published.

    • tomblitz says:

      Dear coolasj19!
      I hope you would be a bit more attentive when posting such rebukes.
      First of all, I never promised it to be a “new” information, insider data or some exploits that you might use, etc. The weekly tricks are gameplay tricks; and in this case, any player can contribute. If you have something that you are ready to share, I would gladly review it and, if everything is accurate (as it is with MartinB105’s tips), publish it.

      As for the miss of one (not several, as you chose to put it) weekly tip, for that I profoundly apologise. Last week has been very busy for us, as we strived to deliver the Trophy patch to you as soon as possible. In addition to Trophies, there is quite a number of little things we fixed as well.

  2. CecilMcW00t says:

    This is an excellent tip! I will definitely be practicing these techniques tonight! Can’t wait for the trophy patch and the other tweaks. Gonna be awesome.

    • CecilMcW00t says:

      I’m having trouble keeping the combo alive swapping gems while looking for moves. Is the timing really tight or something? I’ll be swapping gems and the combo just ends.

      • MartinB105 says:

        There may be an element of timing. I’m not certain, but it may also be possible to be too fast!

        I usually get a rhythm going - about two swaps per second, or 120BPM if you prefer music terminology.

        The rhythm should be fast enough to keep the combo active, but slow enough that it allows you to sustain the combo indefinitely using only two pairs of gems - in other words:

        Swap pair A…
        Swap pair B…
        Swap pair A again just as it’s moved back from the first swap…
        Swap pair B again as it moves back…

        (using only two pairs is rarely necessary, but it can be useful in a tight situation).

        I should also mention that I’m using the touch screen to play. I don’t know if this makes any difference because I’ve never tried this technique with the button controls.

        I’m not really sure what else to add, but if you have more questions, I’m happy to answer them.

        Maybe I could get a video up to show the technique in action.

        • AlaWheresTheManual says:

          Thanks for the tip(s) Martin! Just got my first 400K score using the swaps to continue the combo for the whole round.

          Maybe the only tip that should be put out is that you should run your own forum!

  3. Wasa says:

    It is really a good news for the trophy i hope that the trophie will be easy :)

    The Patch for the trophie will be free ??
    We can earn all trophie for free ??

  4. MartinB105 says:

    With regards to the trophy support, I know this almost definitely won’t happen, but it would be really cool if you could negotiate with Sony for inclusion of a Platinum trophy (or maybe a new type specifically for free-to-play tournaments?), which you can only earn by being in the top X (e.g. 50) Globally ranked players when a tournament ends.

    I think it would be win-win for both Sony and Alawar; it would encourage people to spend money on Crystal to get the trophy - something I don’t think people would be willing to do if it was only a Gold trophy.

    And it would not devalue the Platinum trophy because it would pretty hard to get into the top X players. Of course, this should be something that can be included in any free-to-play game that has weekly tournaments with global rankings.

    I don’t know what the limits are for trophies in Free-to-Play games, but I’m assuming they’re the same as normal PSN games, so I’m guessing this probably can’t happen.

  5. MartinB105 says:

    Hoorar! I’ve managed to reach 5th on the Global Leaderboards! :D

    Scored 3.7 million! I was using Green Totem (level 2) and Added Crystals (level 4).

    I ended up with 46 * 10 (460) crystals too! It only cost me 450 to use the bonuses, so I even made a net profit of 10 crystals. :)

    I did manage to trigger the Green Totem about four times and sustained the combo through the entirety of dark mode, so I guess that helped too. :)

  6. Michael says:

    looking forward to the trophy patch, too! :-)

    Martin, congrats! Would be great, if you could upload of vid with your strategy, as I also don’t really get it going.

    An idea for everyone: I often play together with my girlfriend, it is a lot of fun and much easier to get higher scores. We once reached 2 million.

    Love the game! Great work, alavar, keep on making us happy! :-)

    - @ALAWAR: You should set up a twitter for this game (or at least for the sum of TOM games) or something; there is so much communication and information potential, especially as there is no real manual and on the other side so much to explore.

  7. AlaWheresTheManual says:

    I’m sorry but Coolasj19 has a legit point.

    First of all, MartinB105, congrats, and wow, keep up the good work! Now, I think what all of us TOM Blitz players actually want to know are the inner and outer workings of the bonuses- Why? Because all the “instruction” manual talks about is a bunch of disclaimer empty information that says nothing about the actual gameplay mechanics.

    I think Coolasj19, like myself, want to know more about VERY basic info, like, what does leveling up the green totem do? How much extra time does the orange totem grant at each level? Should I waste my hard earned gems to find out? I can’t undo it if I don’t like it. Or maybe I can but no instructions have been provided!!

    Since my real goal aside from getting a highscore is also to reliably reimburse my gems spent, I need to know what bonuses do to maximize this. I regret powering up my green totem because now it costs more gems while apparently only giving out more points, not snaring additional gems. It feels like the in game description of what bonuses do was written by someone who ran out of steam.

    You post a thread about how to become number 5 in the world (by the way it is factually correct that the best tip you’ve put out there includes NOT using bonuses- why do they exist then?), you need to slow your roll, ALAWAR, and tell us what stuff does first. I want to increase the number of gems on the board at once, but will it cost too much to be useful? I have no idea.

    • AlaWheresTheManual says:

      Sorry, I think I meant “Crystal” for every time I mentioned “Gem” in my previous comment!

      • AlaWheresTheManual says:

        AND I apologize for mistaking number 21 in the world with NO BONUSES whatsoever with number 5 in the world (using green lvl 2 plus added crystals lvl 4).

        I’m clearly confused

    • MartinB105 says:

      I entirely agree with AlaWheresTheManual.

      It’s pretty frustrating to not know exactly what the value of the upgraded bonuses and totems is, and I hope this issue is addressed in the upcoming patch.

      Worse yet is the fact that we PAY crystal for bonus and totem upgrades only so we can pay MORE to use them! This notion is absolutely ridiculous as far as I’m concerned.

      Not only that, but the cost to upgrade bonuses and totems doesn’t even decrease proportionally to the amount of experience required to reach them naturally. You may be ONE round away from that “Added Crystal Level 4″ upgrade, yet it will still cost about 19,000 crystal if you want to upgrade it manually. This is just stupid.

      Now… Don’t get me wrong; I like the game but there are definitely flaws that need fixing and things do need to be explained better than they are right now.

      Anyone who has spent REAL money to upgrade the Green Totem, only to find that there’s no obvious benefit and an increase cost of usage has every right to be majorly pissed, and will likely avoid your games in the future (I sure would). I’m pretty sure that the current ratings for buying Crystal on PSN are a good reflection of this kind of issue.

      Alawar, once again, I want to emphasise that I’m having fun with your game, but even though I’m enjoying the game and even achieving pretty high scores, I don’t really feel that I am within your target demographic, because I haven’t spent a penny on it.

      I am a game developer myself, and I don’t know how the game is doing for you financially - and I predict that the Vita is not popular enough with the target demographic to make this game a financial success - but I really do wish you success and hope that you will endure to find a happy medium that can satisfy the more “core” Vita players that likely have bought the Vita and also bring you financial success.

      Please resolve these issues and consider them for your next project, because these things ARE quite important!

      Thank you,

  8. CecilMcW00t says:

    I’ve been thinking that maybe the game would be better if it was $0.99 or $1.99 and rebalanced to give out more crystals for playing without bonuses. In it’s current free-to-play state though, those totems definitely need to be tweaked. Especially the green totem.

  9. MartinB105 says:

    There are some things I’m still trying to figure out (maybe these can be covered in future tips):

    What is the determining factor(s) for the number of locked gems on the board, and is it possible to influence it? Lately, I’ve been frequently seeing boards with maybe up to ten (!) locked gems, which is making my games a lot harder than they used to be.

    Is it just random?
    Is it based on your level?
    Is it affected by which / how many bonuses and / or totems are in use?
    Is it affected by how much crystal you have?
    Are the ratios of locked gems determined by the server and the same for everyone?

    I really hope it’s not solely based on level because it’s counter-intuitive to punish players who reach higher levels by making it more difficult for them to achieve higher scores. This would also not make for a level playing field if lower level players have an advantage.

    Also, I know it’s possible to get bonus items (i.e. Show all moves, Extra time, Bonus points) onto the board using the purple totem, but sometimes bonuses appear anyway when not using a totem. Is this pure chance or is there some way to influence this? Most of the time when I see them, they only seem to appear in the last few seconds of a round.

    The Bonus Points item in particular seems to be of extremely high value, and seems to be crucial for achieving the really high scores (I don’t know what its actual value is, but it seems to be high and to multiply by both the crystal multiplier and the combo length - it’s the way I achieved 2.3 million without using any bonuses or totems).

    • MartinB105 says:

      By the way, I’m currently level 32 and I’m progressing at about one level per day (or more accurately, about one level per gameplay hour; I commute daily 30 minutes each way to and from work), so I really hope levelling is not working against me.

    • Michael says:

      Hello Martin,

      bonus items occur on the field, if you manage to get a chain of - i think - at least 5 gems in one (instead of the minimum of 3 gems).
      This is something that is actually explained in the in-game instruction video. ;-)

      Every day one level? wow!

      • MartinB105 says:

        If that’s the case, then I would have expected to see items much more often, as disappearing groups of five doesn’t seem to be that uncommon.

        Nevertheless, I will check today (both the instruction video and trying to actually accomplish it) during my commute home.

        • BubblyWubbles says:

          I agree Martin-

          I’ve played this for 5+ weeks now, gotten many kickout modes (6+ gems at once in a singly related capture) and just yesterday the tip popped up mid game about how to activate a bonus item on the board (insinuating it was the first time I’d ever received it).

          I too, was wondering how I did it and why it took 5 weeks!?

          To spell it out, a 5 gem combo isn’t whats placing the bonuses or I’d have gotten way more of these compared to kickouts. Simple probability.

          But nice guess Michael, since Alawar is asleep at the wheel, all we can do is hypothesize.

          I swear, all Alawar should have done is to point us to a chat forum. I’m getting way more tips from Martin and other players compared to Alawar itself.

          Feeding us the promise of weekly tips is what has me peeved.

          It’s like, I’d be totally happy if someone gives me five bucks- unless they promised my fifty last week

          • MartinB105 says:

            I checked for the tips and I can’t even find it. The closest thing I can find is the one for removing four or more gems at once to activate the Bonus items in use like dynamite and lightning, but I cannot find anything about activating the Hint Bonus, Score Bonus or Time Bonus.

            Which page is it on in the help?

            I’ve noticed I’ve had five in a row several times yesterday and it certainly did not activate any of these items.

          • grilou says:

            It’s 4 gems in a row you need to do to get a bonus.

    • tomblitz says:

      The number of locked tokens is based on you level. However, levelling does not work against you, because free bonuses also appear more often:

      > sometimes bonuses appear anyway when not using a totem. Is this pure chance or is there some way to influence this?

      They appear on the board in 2 cases: after matching 4 or more tokens, and based on the number of matches you make. E.g. each 15 of any matches you get one free bonus on board, and on higher levels they appear more often. The free bonuses also level up - not in the shop, but on their own.

      • MartinB105 says:

        So what exactly do you mean? Do you mean I just need to get 15 matches of one colour? Say, 15 lines of red tokens? Or something else?

        I did notice they tend to appear more often when there’s a lot of stuff disappearing in a round. :)

        Also, I’m not totally convinced yet that more locked tokens for more free bonuses is a worthwhile trade-off. I guess the potential is there, but those locked tokens can become a real pain when trying to maintain a combo - not just because of accidentally trying to swap a locked token, but also because less possible moves results in more frequent shuffles, which ends the combo.

  10. Michael says:

    To “earn a bonus” or - in other words- to let a bonus appear on the screen while playing, you have to “create a chain of four or more tokens”.

    This is actually writen and shown in the “Help”-Video.
    You can find it in-game in the “options”(on the bottom right) and then click on “Help”.

    It is video 8 (of 18).

    Of course, afterwords you have to destroy the bonus token, to activate the bonus, as said and shown in video 9 (of 18).


  11. Michael says:

    oh, you mean when special bonuses appear, which you did not put into the slot before the game, right?! hm, that i don’t know.

  12. 943,100 points?! Awesome! Great stuff. Haha…I’m excited to try this out! Wonderful post!

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