Early this morning, the 1.50 patch for Treasures of Montezuma Blitz, containing Trophies along with some minor improvements, hit the PlayStation Store and is now available for download - so far, only in Europe. Anyone, who downloads and installs it, gets 5 bonus lives and 15k bonus Crystals.
The patch sould install and run normally, but, [...]

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Today’s Weekly Trick is not exactly a trick, since it is not directly related to gameplay, but still it is “new information” some of people here so ardently desired.
I’m going to tell about how the Ziggurats and Ranks are given. Neither of them is intended to be a competitive title - they are just milestones [...]

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In this post, you can find a pretty accurate collection of tips related to extending the length of combo, provided by your fellow player MartinB105. Here it goes, as is:
These tips are ways to extend the length of a combo.
Assuming you’ve mastered the ability to quickly match gems, you’ll often find yourself in a situation where [...]

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