Weekly Trick 1: Earning Crystals

Good news everyone! Here it comes, the very first post of Weekly Trick for the Treasures of Montezuma Blitz. We will be posting this kind of stuff on a weekly basis, so check back soon!

Today we will cover the biggest topic everybody is interested in. The majority of the players are deeply concerned if there is a way to live without crystals.  It is hard to really tell, but, since they are so helpful and add much of the spice to the game, most players would answer no to that question, there is no true living without them. So, now we will tell you how you can get them in game.

In ToM Blitz, you can obtain crystals in a way more than one, regardless of the first impression; purchasing them is not compulsory. So here are the several ways to get them:

1. The daily minigame where you get a chance to win up to 100000 crystals. Well, as it is often the case with the real-world bingo counterparts, most of the wins are humbler, but it’s still good – those crystals are free and provided on daily basis, what’s not to like?


2. You can share 20% of yous crystals with friends through “near” application. Remember, that you are not even give away your own 20% of crystals, they are just free gift bonus for your friends. So tell your friends not to forget sharing crystals with you too. Open “near” each time that you won some crystals, check “near” for gifts of your friends. If you’re not lazy enough, it will bring you quite a share of crystals in no time.

3. Just play without using any of bonuses or totems, and all the crystals you freed from the tokens during the round will stay with you. It may be a bit hard to earn significant amount this way, but still, it’s better than nothing, and together with other methods may prove quite a good way to accumulate wealth. To play without bonuses or totems, go to the shop and tap all the slots that contain bonuses or totems to remove them.

And the last, but not the least is the most obvious way to get crystals – purchasing them in the PlayStation®Network Store.

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  1. Stephen says:

    I love the game! I’m looking forward to some new tips too!

    I’m curious to hear about any special strategies regarding combinations of bonuses and totems.

    (Which ones work best but cost the least?)

    Thanks! ^_^

    • tomblitz says:

      Thank you!

      Well, there are quite a number of them, and some might just not exactly suit you personally, but we’ll start uncovering the strategies one by one and there may be something that fits you perfectly.

      We’re now in process of doing a new strategy tip, which is going to be posted next week.

    • MartinB105 says:

      One bonus combo that I like is the Green Totem + Extra Crystal on the board.

      I have Level 3 for Extra Crystals, giving me seven in play at once.

      The Green Totem releases all seven in one go, so all I need to do is match up two successive green lines to rack up a lot of crystal and increase the multiplier.

      Not only can I get some pretty high scores with this combo, I can occasionally get enough crystal in a round to fully recover the cost of using the power-ups!

      I’m thinking about adding the Orange Totem in for extra time in order to get the multiplier even higher, but I haven’t unlocked the second totem slot yet. :)

      Also looking forward to seeing what improves for the Level 2 Green Totem when I reach level 19 (currently at 16).

      On a side note, I agree with others that the game should have been a one-off payment rather than “free-to-play”.

      I haven’t spent any money on the TOM Blitz because the idea of putting money into a game that’s going to cut me off from playing every five minutes just seems like a joke.

      Most arcade machines cost less than TOM Blitz back in the day, and those machines had expensive custom and unique hardware to justify such costs (not to mention atmosphere) compared to playing a simple puzzle game running on a personal system that I own.

      Alawar, please consider releasing a pay-to-own game on the Vita in the future!

  2. Velberan says:

    Very good, waiting more tips.

  3. Someone says:

    Can you tell us more about the Ziggurats in the game?

    • tomblitz says:

      Sure, that will be the topic of the next tip.

    • Frank says:

      From what I can tell - Red if you break 50,000 points, Green if you break 100,000 points - I haven’t broke 150,000 so I don’t know what color that one is. It’s considered a “reward” and your 3 highest rewards seem to be remembered in your “stats” so that others can see. I don’t think they do much else yet but I have a feeling they will be tied to trophies in some way.

      • Someone says:

        Thanks, that seems just about right.

        @tomblitz: Can you tell us when the patch is comming?

  4. Frank says:

    I really enjoy playing this. It’s a very fluid experience. There’s clearly been a lot of thought in the design. The combo system is a nice touch because I feel I have a bit more control over it compared to other gem matching games. Being able to continue matching before gems fall is a lot of fun and requires some quick thinking. The crystal multiplier is a neat concept too. It would be nice to have some sort of combo number indicator (or a voice counting every 5?) to track how many you have going. I know you have the sound cue (which is pretty awesome when you get to the higher number combos btw - nicely done!) and I know you show the combo score at the end of a combo but a lot of times I miss that score because my eyes are still scanning for the next match :)

    Anyway - just wanted to say that you guys have done a fantastic job.

    I’m not spending money on crystals because I’m not a big fan of this business model and it would seem to be a very expensive game if I was to get all caught up in that. I earn enough crystals each day to use my bonuses / totems once and a while. But I’d love to use them way more and experiment with the different complementary combinations. To be honest I’d prefer to buy this game outright, earn all the bonuses/totems by leveling up, and leaving it at that.

    One concern I have is that people willing to spend more money will use better (i.e. upgraded) bonuses / totems and use them more often. This results in a leaderboard balancing problem. You don’t show what bonuses were in play when the leader got his/her score, but I know that this is probably intentional on your part.

    I don’t want to make this a negative post - just trying to provide some constructive feedback. Looking forward to the trophy patch!

    • tomblitz says:

      Not showing the bonuses used in the leaderboards is indeed intentional - some people perform better with different kinds of bonus combinations, there is no universal solution that suits everyone (though there sre some very profitable combinations - we’ll tell about them in the further tricks).
      Anyway, thank you for the feedback, it’s always great to know what our players think.

  5. Kinoko says:

    Where’s the next tip???

    Love the game… Super addictive, fun to pick up and play for 5 minutes here and there.

  6. MartinB105 says:

    If Alawar won’t provide new tips, then I have some of my own to share:

    These tips are ways to extend the length of a combo.

    Assuming you’ve mastered the ability to quickly match gems, you’ll often find yourself in a situation where the play field has a lot of empty space in it after you’ve made a lot of matches, but the gems have not yet fallen.

    The problem is, gems will only fall when there are no gems in the process of disappearing and you’re not allowing to swap a gem into an empty space.

    This can leave you in a situation where there is a lot of empty space and no valid moves left, so the only way to proceed is to let the gems fall.

    If you’re lucky, the gems will fall to create one or more matches so you can continue your combo. However, often you won’t be lucky and the combo will finish as soon as the gems fall because there aren’t any new matches.

    A good solution to this problem is to leave yourself with at least one valid move near the bottom of the play field. Wait until the gems drop before making this move.

    This will guarantee you an opportunity to continue your combo with a new full play field of gems.

    Repeat this technique as many times as possible to extend your combo.

    The reason to leave your last valid move at the bottom is that it is not possible to swap gems that are falling, therefore you must leave your valid move in a place where the gems will not be falling (which is typically closer to the bottom of the play field).

    Here is another slightly more advanced tip:

    As long as gems are moving, a combo won’t end, so it’s possible to keep a combo going even when you can’t see any matches as long you keep swapping gems (it doesn’t matter if the moves are not valid, as long as you keep gems moving at all times).

    So, just keep swiping to swap any available gems for as long as you need to give yourself enough time to find your next match (watch out for the locked gems).

    As long as you did this correctly, your combo will continue when you make your next match.

    One warning about this technique: If there are no more valid moves, the gems won’t scramble until you all gems have stopped moving, so it’s possible to put yourself in a situation where you’re searching for movies when there aren’t any available, and you won’t know this for sure until you kill your combo.

    If you’re quick enough, it’s even possible to press the hint (?) button whilst keeping your combo going to get the game to tell you your next move so you can continue your combo.

    I’ve managed to score 943,100 using these techniques without using any bonuses or totems, by keeping a single combo going for the entire round!

    I’m current at position 154 on the global leaderboard. :)

    One more final tip:

    Don’t upgrade the Green Totem! I recently got mine to level 2, and as far as I can tell, it’s no different from the level 1 Green Totem except that now I have to spend 200 crystals to use it instead of 150.

    I got the upgrade by levelling up, but I really feel sorry for anyone who paid crystal for the upgrade, only to find that all it does is make them have to spend more crystal to use it!

    It’s asking 21,126 Crystal for the level 3 upgrade (or reach level 42), and I suspect that the only difference will be that I need to spend 250 crystal instead of 200. I’d actually rather pay crystal to downgrade it back to level 1 (and keep it there).

    • tomblitz says:

      Thanks for sharing!

      Would you mind if I published this as a new tip? Naturally, referring to you as author.

      • MartinB105 says:

        Sure, please do. :)

      • MartinB105 says:

        Also, could you please clarify if I’ve missed something with regards to the upgraded functionality of the Green Totem?

        • tomblitz says:

          Thank you, will post it soon. As for the green totem, it may be hard to notice on the high game speeds, but each crystal scores more with every level of the totem. Up to 2000 on level 4.

    • yermin5000 says:

      wow awesome game best thing on vita yet:)
      that muck_poland almost clears 10 million??????
      there are some super good dudes already:)

  7. Aqua says:

    I have one question about crystal sharing,does my new share overwrites the old one,for example i sended 5000 crystals and after 5 minutes i shared again 2000,the number i see on my avatar on near(psvita) is 2000,does it mean someone got the 5000 crystals,or it simply overwrites them if nobody gets them?


  8. Aizel says:

    hey how do i get unlimited gems in treasures of montezuma arena

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