In this comprehensive article we will sum up most of the points that people find confusing or unclear about Treasures of Montezuma Blitz. While the essence of game is quite simple, at times it can be hard to get to. So, we’ll start with the basics and then continue on to the more detailed Tips and Tricks, which will be published every week from now on.

Well, for starters, when you first launch Treasures of Montezuma Blitz, your Vita will need to be online. Most likely it already is, if you have just downloaded the game, but I will point that out just in case. If you don’t connect at the first launch, no save data will be created, and the game will go on in Demo mode.

If you are online, then the first thing you’ll see after a bunch of PlayStation Network connection screens, will be…


Daily bonus minigame. It is similar to a lottery with scratched layer (scratch-cards, like Bingo and the like). There’s a field of blocks (3×3); scratch them and they will reveals various icons of coins, goblets, daggers, fans etc. These icons form a combination of three, and the player receives a certain amount of crystals – corresponding to each combination.

Daily minigame is called up according to the time data sent by the server. If it’s impossible to check the time (when there’s no connection), the bonus game screen is not displayed, so come online a least once a day.

There is more to the minigame, but we will cover it in the future articles.


Now, it’s time to get down to business and learn how the game itself plays. To start it, press Play on the main screen. For a while, it goes pretty traditional: swap two tokens to make a match, and it will disappear with a flash of lightning. Go on like this for a while – typical level time is 1 minute, with big clock on the right counting down the time.

On the right, next to the clock, there are also two useful buttons – Hint and Shuffle. If you see no possible matches, press Hint button to get a peek of the next available move. And if you’re tired of tapping Hint, press Shuffle to rearrange tokens on the game board and get a whole new field of action.


Once the time is up, you’ll get the Results screen. It shows how well you have performed. On the left there are level and Ziggurat rewards, and on the right there is count of score and crystals. It shows, how much have you scored, and how many crystals have you earned.


Now, with some crystals provided by a minigame and the first round, you should try using bonuses. Press the stone plates on the right of the main screen, just below the Leaderboards button. Once the shop is open, tap the Dynamite icon (it’s the one of the most basic and yet quite useful bonuses).


Here you can see the properties of the bonus and its rental price - how many crystals it needs to function through 1 round. If it is not unlocked yet, you can unlock it here, or go back to the game to gain the 1st level. Once the bonus is unlocked, press To Slot to use it. Now, press the Totems tab and tap the Red totem. As with bonuses, totems have different properties and rental prices. Press To Slot to use it. Now, close the shop and press Play.

Make a match of 4 or 5 tokens to make the bonus appear on the board. Then, make a match using token with bonus to activate it.


Totems are activated differently. To activate it, you’ll need two successive matches of the same colour. First, make a match of three red tokens. Once you’ve done this, the totem will be on standby. Now make another match of red tokens, and totem will fire.

Please note, that the usage of bonuses and totems costs you a sum of crystals every round. If you do not have enough crystals to play with the selected bonuses, it is not really necessary to pay for them. If you don’t want to, just go back to the shop and clear the slots by tapping them. After that, you can go on playing without bonuses. Just to reassure you, I’ll tell this once more: when you play, you earn crystals by making matches with tokens that contain crystals.


Also, when you play, lives are spent. When you run out of them, you can wait for them to refill. It takes about two minutes for one life to refill on the first level.

Congratulations, you have just learned the basics of the game. To learn more, you might want to watch the video tips, available in the settings section (the rightmost bottom button) and explore a little. Also, come back to us soon to learn more useful info on various game’s aspects. The first issue will be dedicated to crystals and the ways to get them!

10 Responses to “How to Play Treasures of Montezuma Blitz”

  1. blaqmoney313 says:

    you guys should make the odds of winning on the dailly scratch a little better. No one ever wins the big prizes its like its fixed or something. ive been playing for months faitfully and have never won over a thousand crystals it feels unfair and rigged…

    • tomblitz says:

      Sure, we could try to do something about it in the next update. But that’s pure mathematical probability, no cheating. For last two weeks I’ve been getting 200 Crystals every day. Collected much more from near, though.

  2. David says:

    Is there any way to get someone to explain the end scoring process and how the game allots the experience points from it? It’s very confusing. It shows the level score at the end of the round along with the crystals count/score, then below that total won crystals, actual level time, and XP. Initially the XP score total is one number (usually lower than the level score) but very quickly changes to another score (which is the level score minus/dropped the last 2 digits. Then we see the Rank bar progress increase with the added amount in green.
    I’ve tried figuring out how sometimes a smaller scored round sometimes give more Rank increases than much greater scored rounds get. I just won’t to understand the scoring system and how the XP/Rank is calculated.
    Was that too much to ask and pray for?

    • tomblitz says:

      Not much at all, since you understood it all perfectly correct except for the rank bar increase. Total score is level score + crystal score combined, and it’s conversion to XP is 100 to 1. However, rank bar is not filled at the same speed - it is relative. It shows how much have you left till next level, and this number differs. Each consecutive level up requires more xp, and therefore, bar grows slower.

  3. Mark Johnson says:

    So when you buy a scratch card from the PS store, how do you get it? I bought 2 last night, and haven’t gotten them yet.

    • tomblitz says:

      You can only use scratchcards once a day, when a scratchcard widow pops up. After you played the free one, just press play again, and you will use the one you’ve bought. If the tries you’ve bought did not work, please contact us again and leave your online id: we’ll check it for you.

  4. John Edwards says:

    i bought scratch cards but how do i use them since i accidentally closed it?

    • tomblitz says:


      Please try to press “Play again” after the free daily scratch on the next day. It should let you use the bought one. If not - please, let us know your PSN nick - we’ll try to investigate on our side.

  5. Lena says:

    Hi guys, I play Montezuma Blitz on my Android phone and I really miss some description of rules. Is there different amount of points for different crystals? Ad if yes, how much? How to get the 70K points (cups)? How can I destry the burning stones? Would be great, to get some information on the rules

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