Treasures of Montezuma Blitz is now available for download in the European PlayStation Network Store - for free! Download it, play it, enjoy it - and share your thoughts with us! Hope this will be an immensely enjoyable experience for us all.


And now the announcement - the American version is taking a bit longer to make it to the Store, but the date is set - April 10th, in the course of the next Store update, Treasures of Montezuma Blitz will land on Vitas across America.

23 Responses to “Treasures of Montezuma Blitz is out in Europe, American version coming soon!”

  1. Kyle says:

    I just downloaded it when it got released in America, it’s a good game. I’m just wondering if you guys are ever going to add trophies to it as that would be great.

    • tomblitz says:

      we are now preparing an update that will make game easier to understand and to get into, and we will also include Trophies. Check back once in a while, as soon as we know the exact date, we will let you know!

      • Kyle says:

        Awesome thanks for replying! I can’t wait for the patch. Thanks for the answer to the post below, I kinda got bummed that I had to buy more crystals to keep playing but now I realize you just have to take off the bonuses. Since you guys seem like great people I’ll buy some crystals just to support you guys. Will there be more modes in the future?

        • tomblitz says:

          Thank you for support! Well, quite possibly, we’re going through with several ideas now. In the next update, however, we will add Tutorial mode that will teach how to play the main one.

  2. Kappakumah says:

    Fun game, but the payment model could use some work. You can’t call this a free game when you force people to BUY crystals to continue playing. Not to mention, nowhere in the game does it actually tell you about the lives and crystals needed to play, or how they are recharged. It’s simply: buy more crystals!

    I would’ve preferred to see the current version as a demo, with the full version being a 10-15 dollar purchase.

    • tomblitz says:

      we apologize for not making it clear enough, but you can wait for lives to regenerate, and you can earn the crystals in game if you play with all bonuses and totems removed from slots.

      To do that, tap the bonus slots right above tournament countdown on the right, and remove everything from them. This way, you can play to earn more crystals without spending them. Once you have enough crystals, you can put the bonuses back is to aim for higher score.

      We are now preparing an update to the game that will have these things explained more clearly.

      Since the game is really free to play, and everything can be recharged or earned, there will be no paid version - but a more clear and readily understandable free one.

  3. kenny says:

    i would like to see treasures of montezuma 2 on vita. i have it on android and love it. would pa for vita port with trophy support

  4. Thomas says:

    It doesn’t show up on my Vita here in Denmark when I search the store. I can see it in the Vita add-ons section, but the section for the game is empty.

    • tomblitz says:

      We are very sorry, but, unfortunately, there were some issues with placing the game in Store in the Northern Europe. It will be out in May, and we’ll let you know about it both in separate post and comment here.

  5. AppTrix says:

    Stop lying this game isn’t out … You forgot to release the full game and gave us an endless trial loop of crap that you never even get to fully play go choke on your money you greedy bastards I’m not paying you for this crap !!!

    • tomblitz says:

      We are deeply moved by the sincereness of your comment, and truly sorry that we have disappointed you to such extent, but the game is actually free and no one can make you pay except yourself. It will be thoroughly explained in the upcoming patch.

  6. AppTrix says:

    Just name the game Treasures of Alawar already And put your fat ugly butt on that pile of gold laughing at the people who actually pay you for crystals …

  7. Nightmare says:

    Hi Alawar.

    Any news on when the game will be out in Northern Europe? :)

  8. dmen1974 says:

    hello, i am from the US, and i find this game wonderfully fun and addictive. the game looks and plays great on my Vita. however i dont quite understand what’s going on as far as the delay for the update for us. i keep reading about the update in Europe and how people are enjoying the improvements over there, but i dont want to anymore. It’s not as if the update has to go through customs first, to check if it contains fruit or illegal substances before crossing the internet border, i mean, its just an update, right?

  9. Richy says:

    Hi dmen1974!

    Yes, it’s passing right now through U.S. Department of Agriculture-Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service ;-)

    In fact there are differences in proceedings between US and Europe – plus upon deployment of the patch in Europe we found more things to improve (many thanks to community for helping us to track them!) so we are releasing cumulative update in US (which is different from EU there we are releasing separate patches).


  10. dmen1974 says:

    Awesome!, i get a great game, (TOM Blitz!) plus a very humorous reply, what’s not to like? Tks, dmen1974 =)

  11. Richy says:

    dmen1974 - we are trying our best! ;-)

    It is possible that US update will be available next Tuesday – but only in case we are lucky with passing through the last (but very important!) issue with PS Trophies. ToM Blitz is the first 3rd party freemium console game – and fist to support Trophies, too. We want to make everything perfectly and make this update really awesome with a lot of cool features added. So really many thanks to you for waiting and support!

    Nightmare - it could be released in NE (plus AU and NZ anytime right now, I’ll be back with TBR date really soon.

  12. dmen1974 says:

    this is not a question, but a request. please God and Alawar, bring the TOM Blitz update to the US. its 1:13am, im going to try to go to sleep and im hoping that later this afternoon i will open the TOM Blitz app and i will see that little yellow arrow update tab, that would just rock my day! =))

  13. dmen1974 says:

    So another PS update has come and gone, but sill no TOM update for those of us living in the US….(sigh)

    • tomblitz says:

      It pains me too, but… Well, SCE of America is reluctant to let the patch out due to Trophy sync issue.

      • dmen1974 says:

        Yesssss!!, 1.60 is here!. Thank you TOM Blitz devs, i just discovered the update like, minutes a go. Now im running around in circles with my arms flailing in the air. It’s a good thing my window shades are closed. Just one thing though, sometimes when i start the TOM app and i barely start playing the game, it crashes along with the system. This was happening before and now after the update. Any suggestions on how i can remedy this problem?

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