Good news everyone!

We’ve been making rounds through the final stages of testing to ensure you all get the best experience possible and will be out really soon. Keep your heads up for the release date!


2 Responses to “Treasures of Montezuma Blitz just around the corner”

  1. AppTrix says:

    Who did you test the game on brain dead monkeys with deep pockets? Where’s the enjoyment this is like a bad teaser trailer I have to keep putting quarters into so I can get to the end ….. Is this really you’re idea of the best experience possible ? Are you serious do you actually like this? Or wait was this about the companies experience and not the gamer? Where’s the full game -____- I don’t want a teaser trailer I have to pay for ….. I’ll pay you for the game but where is it!

    • tomblitz says:

      But you see, it is a full game. Full and free to play. If you don’t want to pay - don’t, it’s quite easy to earn crystals if you don’t use bonuses,

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