The development goes on full ahead, and we are also keep dreaming and adding new features too the game. Thanks to Vita capabilities, it will be nowhere near traditional Match Three. Where else can you possibly see with a casual game of this genre, that utilises gyro, microphone, geolocation, cameras, and many more of the [...]

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Treasures of Montezuma Blitz has taken a tangible shape, and is being demonstrated live in the first video of gameplay process. Fresh and bustling with sound, visual effects and a good deal of action, it is already promising an uncompromising addictive and fast-paced experience that you [...]

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Our team is now working hard to put together a demo that will show a formidable degree of the actual gameplay experience, and it already looks great, packed with drive and awesomeness. You shall see and hear how all of the helpful bonus items look and feel, and how excitingly fast the game is played. Those of [...]

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Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the striking new casual game that is going to redefine the common view of PlayStation Vita - Treasures of Montezuma Blitz! Familiar and well-loved classics of Match Three casual games is back to engulf you and your friends in a new wave of social gaming joy.
Here in this blog we will share [...]

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