Recently we’ve been getting complaints about “Armory” trophy not working correctly, and decided that we should clear things up as much as we can.

“Armory” trophy is rewarded when you have obtained all available items in game (29 in total). You can either buy them in in-game shop or obtain some items by completing story mode. Bonuses and avatars are not required.

Now we’ve heard that some people are not getting this trophy even after obtaining all the items. We did a full check on the trophy and as a result we were able to obtain it after purchasing all items from in-game store on our PSVita in live enviroment.


We have also made sure that trophies synch correctly between PSVita and PS3 platforms, so if you have this trophy on one platforom, it will be synched to another one.

This is all we can do for you guys. If you are still having problems with the trophy than i’d suggest you to re-install the game and purchase all 29 items at once.

We hope you guys will continue to cooperate with us as we really appreciate your feedback. And good luck in arenas!

Today we would like to shed some light on daily rewards system, and explain how does it work in details. And yes, it’s not that simple as it may look to you at first glance.

You have logged in for the first time and recieved your daily crystals for the first day. Simple enough, right? To continue receiving crystals for the next days you have to make sure you are following these simple steps listed below:

  • Log in atleast once after the first login within 24 hours
  • Log in one more time after 24 hours since the first login

Seems alittle difficult now, doesn’t it? Regardless, following these simple steps will assure your daily crystal rewards. Or you can always log into the game as often as you possibly can. That way you won’t miss the daily reward for sure!

Hope that helped, and good luck in arenas!

We are happy to announce that we have added 3 additional tournaments in TOM: Arena

Daily free tournament - free daily tournament for players of 1-100 levels

Daily premium tournament - premium daily tournament for players of 1-100 levels

Weekly masters tournament - free weekly tournament for players of 100-150 levels

Those tournaments will greatly assist you with earning “Elite” trophy and additional crystals for yourself! We want to thank you guys for continuing giving us your feedback as it helps us to improve our game.

We are glad to inform you that after a great deal of time spent, the server issue has been finally fixed. The tournament is now working as intended, and issues with leaderboards and medals are fixed as well.

Also, we are currently working on a new version of the server to reassure that this doesn’t happen again, and will be implementing it in the near future.

Your feedback and error reports we have received from all of you is very much appreciated, as it was a big help in the process of resolving this problem.

It’s a pleasure having such a community as you guys and we are hoping to continue cooperating with all of you in order to make Treasures of Montezuma Blitz a better game!

Today is the day for big news!

Treasures of Montezuma: Arena is now available on PlayStation 3 in Europe for all of you to enjoy! All of your previous progress and achievements will be kept in the new version, so feel free to continue your adventure and redefine your experience on new platform. If you havn’t tried the game yet, now is your chance to feel the thrill of arena battles and exciting story mode in PS3 version!

If you are an American resident, don’t worry. American version is on the way as well and will be available for download in early 2015.

Hey everyone,

We have recieved feedback from some of you, concerning scratch cards not working correctly.
We are happy to announce that this issue has been resolved, and scratch cards will be rewarded correctly now.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Today we’ll be covering everything you need to know about bonuses and their effects.

Bonuses are meant to enhance your strength in battles. They can be bought in the shop for Crystals, or received as a reward for defeating monsters.  You can equip 3 bonuses at a time, and they will expire after the fight is over, so make sure to use them carefully.


We have two kind of bonuses in our game - active and passive. Active bonuses are the ones you can activate, when passive ones give you an improvement for the whole fight, if equipped.


You can equip your bonuses by opening inventory and simply dragging the bonus you want to use in one of the three slots. Note that you can’t equip same bonuses in different slots.


You can see your equipped bonuses in battle under your own avatar. Green border indicates that bonus can be activated during your turn. Don’t forget that you can always replenish your used bonuses during fight by activating purple totem.

There’s 19 bonuses in total:

Restoration - Restores 1% health per move. (Passive)

An effective and cheap way to sustain enemy attacks for more turns

Just Five Minutes - If the player completes the battle in less than five minutes, he gains 33% more experience from defeating a mob. (Passive)

Best suited bonus if you are looking to gain fast levels

Slippery - The player regains 2% health for every successful attack. (Passive)

Good bonus if you don’t want to worry about your health too much and just play aggressively

Weakling - Reduces the enemy’s next attack to 1 when used. (Active)

Great defensive bonus to use if the enemy is about to attack you

Stop - Prevents the enemy from moving skull and flask tokens when activated. (Active)

Good bonus to prevent your enemy making an effective move with skulls or flasks

Dream Catcher - Reflects all enemy damage for 1 turn when activated. (Active)

Great bonus to turn the battle in your favour. Use it if you are confident that enemy is going to attack you in next turn

Hurry! - When you press it, it makes your opponent make a reckless move. (Active)

Use this bonus if you want to make your enemy make a hasty uneffective move.

Vampire - When used, steals 10% health from the enemy and gives it to the player. (Active)

Good bonus to weaken the enemy and gain some health in one click

Healer - Collects all the flasks on the game board when activated. (Active)

Most effective bonus to restore your health when there is a lot of flasks on the field

No Tricks - Removes all the enemy’s resistances for 3 turns when used. (Active)

This bonus weakens the enemy’s defenses and allows you to deal more damage

Bullseye - Deals 10% damage to the enemy when used. (Active)

An easy way to deal instant damage to the opponent

Resurrection - The character returns to life with 15% health after being defeated. (Passive)

Strong passive bonus that gives you a second life

Large Healing Potion - Instantly restores 33% health when used. (Active)

This bonus can alter the tide of battle by instantly recovering a large chunk of your health

Blindness - When used, blinds the enemy and makes him skip a turn. (Active)

This bonus let you to take 2 turns in a row

Chance - Duration: 5 sec. If a match is made with skulls during that time, the enemy takes damage from all skulls on the board. (Active)

Great way to deal massive damage to the enemy if there is a lot of skulls on the field

Leap - When activated, doubles the speed at which  the totem activation gauge fills during the player’s turn. (Active)

Very effective bonus if you prefer fighting with totems

Dream of the Gods - When used, your enemy deals self-damage for 3 turns using totems. (Active)

Strong bonus that combines offense and defense. Can turn the flow of battle in your favour, if used when enemy is about to attack you

Rage - Combinations with skull tokens deal 33% more damage. (Passive)

This bonus that allows you to do massive damage if you prefer attacking your enemy with skull tokens

Bloodletting - Switches the opponents’ health gauges when used. (Active)

One of the most powerful bonuses in the game. Easily changes the whole tide of battle by swapping your health with your enemy

We hope that you enjoyed this guide and wish you best of luck in your battles.

Hello everyone!

In this post we will cover main points of Online Tournament mode in Treasures of Montezuma: Arena and explain how it works.

Online Tournament is a system, where players can compete with other players for rewards, such as Honor and Crystals. These Tournaments are fully automated, and winners are decided depending on their level, equipment, and active bonuses.

Let’s take a closer look at how our Tournaments work and rewards that are awaiting you.

To participate in Tournament you will need to acquire a special ticket.There are two types of tickets you can use - basic and premium. Those tickets can be purchased with in-game currency(Crystals), simply by clicking “Enter” next to the Tournament you want to participate in. There is also a chance to receive ticket as a reward for winning the Tournaments. Premium tickets cost more Crystals, but the rewards for premium Tournaments are much greater as well. Needless to say, it’s definitely worth taking part in a premium Tournament if you are confident in your strength!

After you’ve purchased a ticket you may enter any available Tournament according to the type of your ticket. Pay attention to the timer in a Tournament window - it indicates when this Tournament will end. If you don’t want to wait too long for the results, than choose the one that is ending soon.


There are Tournament brackets for every 10 levels.  You will enter higher brackets with higher rewards automatically as your character gain levels.

Amount of participants may differ from one Tournament to another. Obviously, the challenge raise as more people are joining the fight. But the more players are taking part in a Tournament - the greater the reward is!

Winners of the Tournament(1st, 2nd and 3rd places) are rewarded with honor and crystals, as well as the chance of receiving a Tournament ticket. While Crystal rewards are decided by type and bracket of the Tournament, Honor rewards also depends on the amount of participants in the Tournament. You can see the rewards by pressing “More” button next to the Tournament.


• After Tournament is finished, rewards are distributed automatically among the winners. You can find results of finished Tournament in your log.

This will wrap up our quick guide for the Online Tournaments. We hope that we’ve shed some light on how this mode works, and wish you best of luck in your battles!

The game was released today!

We are pleased to let you know that Treasures of Montezuma Arena, our latest and greatest Treasures of Montezuma game, is finally coming to PlayStation Vita as a downloadable free-to-play title, and we sure hope you have been anticipating it as much as we did.

Discover the thrill of survival in the perilous Arena in battles against friends and random strangers, and aim for the top in Tournaments!

Whether it is a single battle against random player, a battle against friend (ah, that sweet feeling of triumph over someone you know well), or participation in a weekly tournament to win a prize, the excitement of clash with a cunning human opponent still has a grip even over most seasoned players, and will at times require a deep insight into the essence of all of the game bonuses, items and totems to prevail.

And, however keen we may be on the online play, there is much more to this game to discover - new Story and old good endless mode. Stay tuned for release date!

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